Saturday, January 03, 2004

I’m fairly glad over how my Christmas has turned out, all things considered. In spite of the fact that I didn’t get as much as I did last year, I was hardly expecting anything to begin with, anyway, so I guess that helped a lot. I really was not looking forward to receiving any presents or any other things of the like, and I was simply glad that I was just there with my family for most of it. At the same time, my time spent in the Morning Rush has been more and more worth it, really.

24 December, 2003, Wednesday:

I did manage to get in about an hour of training for today in the Morning Rush, simply because I still needed to play catch-up with all the days I didn’t get to train for Radio 1, what with all the schedule conflicts I had. Chico and Delle were having a ball there, since it was more or less a very fun topic they had for the Hot 10, which was call-in. In a show of confidence, they asked me to read some of the announcements on board while Chico went down to Mini Stop to buy some food. I’m glad I didn’t bungle that up. Scully was there in the station near the end of the show, and it turns out that she wasn’t the one who wanted Lacson as president in my recent stint at Radio 1. Considering how smart that lady is, I guess that made a lot of sense that it wasn’t her.

After the show, I hitched a ride with Delamar to Megamall. While I was greeting everyone still in the office a merry Christmas, Chinggay was talking to me about my being so dedicated to training in the morning and how much she admired that. She even kissed me on the cheek for my trouble. Was I lucky that the mall opens sooner nowadays. Delle had to purchase something (Forgot what, though.) while I had to pay for my cellular phone bills. Yes, my day so far, aside from the Morning Rush bit, was THAT boring, Christmas Eve and all. The only “interesting” thing I did was play a bit in the arcades, but beyond that, nothing really. Things began to get genuinely more engaging as soon as I left Megamall to meet up with Grace at her house.

I suppose I couldn’t really expect Grace to have been finished with the presents already by the time I got to her house, so aside from discovering a very cheap arcade with KOF 2002 near her house, I was more or less focused on helping her complete six packages of pastilles de leche (Milky chews with vanilla.). So there we were, working like an assembly line, and completing those packages so I can give them as presents to my side of the family. An earlier argument did not derail me and her from getting things done. By six in the evening, I headed back home, knowing full well that Grace will be with us on Christmas day.

Nonetheless, it didn’t take long before we finally got things started with an exceedingly sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner: lamb chops, sushi and sashimi, and pasta. It was great, without a doubt. We even played a bit of Taboo to pass some time, and it was pretty enjoyable. To really cap things off, we finally had our present-giving, and the few presents I got, i.e., a camera, a wallet, gift certificates to SM, and cologne, were exactly the things I needed. Couple that with the nice favor Imo did for me by finally giving me the URL for the WAP access point of my Yahoo account, and you just know I’d be exceedingly happy at that point. Things were simply going well, although I was pretty sleepy already around two in the morning.

25 December, 2003, Thursday:

Chico, Delamar, and Bradley were there at the station, but this was one day I decided to not take part in, seeing how I wasn’t going to be able to train anyway, nor did I feel uppity enough to leave the comfort of my bed on Christmas day itself just to meet and greet the three. Besides, instead of a regular Hot 10, they had callers make requests and then introduce the songs themselves on the air. Naturally, I had to join that, although it was too bad I didn’t get to record it because of some absent-mindedness on my part to change the batteries of the recorder I borrowed. I requested for my personal song of the year, Unwell.

Delamar: Good monster! We got here Ertai.

Marcelle: Good monster and merry Christmas!

Chico and Brad: Merry Christmas!

Delamar: What’s your song, Ertai?

Marcelle: Unwell, by Matchbox Twenty.

Delamar: That’s so Christmassy…

Marcelle: Well, yes…

Delamar: I didn’t prep him anymore, because I’m sure he knows how to do this already, since he’s Radio 1. So just tell me when you’re ready, okay?

Chico: Do us proud!

Marcelle: This is the season’s hottest, Monster Radio RX 93.1, and you are listening to the Morning Menage, ::people laugh in the background:: I mean, Morning Rush. This next song is the personal anthem of those people who are not feeling so well right now, but are not quite yet at their breaking point. This is “Unwell”, by Matchbox Twenty. Keep it here on Monster Radio RX 93.1.

Brad: That’s the way to do it!

Delamar: Whoot-woo!

Christmas day started off with quite a lot of pizzazz there. I sure enjoyed that bit. Not long after, I had to get ready to go to my stepfather’s side of the family for our gift-giving. All things considered, I didn’t have any presents to give nor to receive there, as I was never really accustomed to the people there, much less memorize their names and know what they want. But as I always say, presents are secondary to experience, and the time we spent there more than proved that point. I was pretty happy with how that part turned out, but then we headed off to Robinson’s Galleria right after that. Grace met up with us there, wearing the necklace my mom gave her for Christmas (But thankfully not the rather skimpy halter top…). We just went around the mall, then we grabbed a quick bite at Mr. Donut before going to my grandparents’ house for the main eventof Christmas dinner.

The menu was splendid, to say the least: paella, roast beef, and baked salmon. The biggest surprise, though, was the warm reception they had for Grace, whom I thought they wouldn’t be that hospitable towards, since she wasn’t family, nor would they likely be any fond of any of the respective significant others of their grandchildren. It was a surprise for them to even give Grace presents, which I genuinely appreciated from them. Anyways, things were going quite well there, except for the fact that my aunt’s husband was there to really spoil the fun with his mere presence…

I do believe this is the best Christmas Grace and I have ever had as a couple thus far: not only were we together on the day itself, but Grace finally realized that she’s part of the family now, and I think that was the best present I could’ve ever received.

26 December, 2003, Friday:

I trained once again for Chico and Delamar, this time from the start of their show. There was little to train for, as there were relatively few commercials for them to do, and they were both too hung up on their respective vacations, although Delle was hoping more to actually go and be there where Chico will be having his vacation, had hers not been planned and paid for earlier. Chico was going to be around a few of their common friends, while Delle was off to Germany instead. Ah, well. It looks like the people at the top were forced to let Delle and Chico use up their vacation leaves because of the already-paid for tickets and all. While the official reason is “We don’t want you to lose that much money”, Boom disagreed and called it right: “We don’t want to reimburse you for that.”

There were a few rushers after the show, just like last Monday, I believe, when Ralph came around. This time, Cecil, aka Popeye, was there, along with Bitoy and Apa 7. Well, Popeye was as cute as ever, but of course she has no idea that I had (And maybe still do.) have a yen for her. You can guess how she looks like, I’m sure. Bitoy and Apa 7 are both batting for the other team, and although I’m not a rather homophobic person, Apa just really scared the Hades out of me when he was trying to kiss me and all…

I hitched a ride AGAIN, this time with Chico, who went with Delle, as they wanted to buy some new televisions for themselves. Nonetheless, I had a few golden cracks at Delle, who was talking about not being close to her father’s side of the family, to which, I reply, “But she’s close to the Turvey’s…”eliciting quite a glare from her. Chico was laughing his head off. Still, Delle was very happy about being able to go to Yahoo at will once I taught her how to do it. And she was finally well enough to accept a caramel…

Chico and Delle egged me on to go for post-graduate studies, aside from the teaching and the Unilever option (Which my grandfather posted to me the night before.). Megamall did not open early this time around, so we had to head off to McDonald’s first to eat breakfast instead. By the time we went back, the mall was opened, and then I greeted them a happy new year before I went on my way. I racked up a twelve-win streak on Marvel vs. Capcom 2 before finally making the purchases I wanted to (And running into Boom in the process.), making use of the GC’s I received. I even threw in a Game of the Generals for us, and it was fun.

After shopping, I headed to my biological father’s house, where we had a post-Christmas celebration. One of my cousins sure looked pretty mature already, and all that, but I guess I was just glad to be there with them again. It’s a simple life that they have, but I suppose I’m just happy they’re all doing well. And wait a minute… simple? I was playing PS2 with one of my cousins there for a good couple of hours… ah, well. Still, it’s all good.

Started my Diablo game again, as well as played some GG with my brothers. It’s actually fun being an arbiter.

28 December, 2003, Sunday:

Aside from the legaroonie on RAW the day before, Saturday was a fairly blah day, as I didn’t have the energy to go to that rusher mailing list eyeball in Greenbelt. I was way too tired and all, plus, I had that Radio 1 Campus Central to deal with. I was on air from six to nine in the morning, and the fun part was that I was really doing a number on Brian with all those urban legends I was talking about. He was particularly apprehensive about the UP theater urban legend, which is pretty scary, to say the least. I should try to recount those on-air things I said soon enough. Good thing I have it all on tape.

Nonetheless, I went home afterwards, and it didn’t take long before Grace arrived and went to Megamall with the family. We were just shopping with the money and stuff we got for Christmas, and I certainly enjoyed myself there, as I got myself a nice jacket both for rain and for going out. I suppose it was a fairly interesting day, no doubt about it.

29 December, 2003, Monday:

Had to get a new copy of Diablo because the old one is way too scratched, and the game just keeps on hanging. We had an eyeball on such short notice, and it was pretty fun, as Grace and I ended up spending a sleepless night because (It’s not what you think, you jabronis!!!) every single person in the eyeball sans the hosts were too busy telling stories with just about every single topic under the sun, from The Grudge to Shaider. The usual suspects, such as Vash, Snakecharmer, and Thundersenshi were there, but a few very interesting additions, such as Niknok (Who is vacationing here from the States.), and Lune Knight (Who is from Davao.) were there. Lune Knight is a nice guy and all, and I sure can’t help but think that Sacha has found a kindred soul in one particular category.

Unlike most eyeballs, this was one that did not involve truth or dare, so the stories were more scattered throughout. In spite of that, everyone had a good time, and because we couldn’t get a ride anymore, we had no choice but to go overnight at Ichi and Sky’s house, albeit only one of the people who spent the night there actually went and had some sleep. Most of us were too busy conversing, until we realized the sun was already rising, which was when we actually decided to get some sleep.

.:End of the Year Awards:.

I thought I’d start something like this, as I hand out non-prizes in this non-contest to the respective categories, all based on personal taste. I’ll talk about the entertainment side, film, tv, and music, then professional wrestling.


Film of the Year: In spite of Matrix Reloaded and my sentimental favorite Equilibrium, this has to go to Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Local Film of the Year: Err… I wasn’t too keen with any of the local films I’ve seen this year, so this has to go to Bobby Bonifacio’s short film, Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso (When The Heart Beats). If I really had to choose, I’d say, if only for the sheer potential of Juliana Palermo as an actress, and of course, Angelu de Leon.

TV Show of the Year: I watch very few TV shows, but I guess I’d have to give this to Smallville, as I’m devoting a heavy section to professional wrestling, anyway.

Foreign Film Viewed in Fr. Nick’s Class of the Year: It has to be quite a toss-up between Eat, Drink, Man Woman (Taiwan), and Cinema Paradiso (Italy). So help me, I can’t choose which of the two I find to be better.

Song of the Year: Unwell, by Matchbox Twenty. Faint by Linkin Park could also be a contender. I’m more into the melody and the message by making my choice here.

Local Song of the Year: Mariposa, by Sugarfree. A close contender would be The Yes Yes Show, by Parokya ni Edgar.

Artist of the Year: I can’t decide between John Mayer and Jason Mraz.

Local Artist of the Year: This is hard. I suppose I’d go for Kyla.

Band/Group of the Year: Since I can’t say Matchbox Twenty, I guess it’d have to be Linkin Park. Outkast is a contender, but they came out with their new songs so late in the year.

Local Band/Group of the Year: Uhmm… the Sex Bomb Singers, if only for commercial success. I can’t say Sugarfree, obviously.


Rookie of the Year: I can’t think of any deserving candidate on RAW, but on Smackdown, I’d give it to Charlie Haas, one half of The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Non-Rookie Debut of the Year: On RAW, obviously goes to Goldberg. I don’t recall anyone else with nearly as an impactful entrance as this guy, not that he turned out to be so great. On Smackdown, for lack of a better debut, Ultimo Dragon. Too bad they never used him well.

Angle of the Year: On RAW, I’d say Chris Jericho turning heel IN MONTREAL, and making Montreal chant for Shawn Michaels. On Smackdown, I suppose it was Angle’s impersonation of John Cena.

Worst Angle of the Year: On RAW, I would’ve said “Necrophilia”, but I didn’t watch that. So I can only speak for the angles I’ve seen. I’d have to say it was the segment where Kane tried to connect Shane’s gonads to a jumper cable. On Smackdown, it has to be Vince McMahon bodyslamming Stephanie McMahon, or Vince McMahon hitting Zach Gowen around, or Vince McMahon… notice a pattern here?

Best Turn of the Year: On RAW, I guess it was Jericho’s yet-to-be-completed face turn. The build-up is great, and it’s very promising. On Smackdown, Brock Lesnar’s heel turn, while expected in the storylines, was handled well. John Cena’s face turn was great, but it was rushed.

Most Pointless Turn of the Year: I’d have to agree on this one. Matt Hardy. He was face on RAW after being heel on Smackdown for the longest time, THEN turned heel on Lita on the same night. On Smackdown, I don’t see the point of turning Jamie Noble heel again after being face for only a short while.

Catchphrase of the Year: On RAW, Teddy Long’s “Now belie’ that.” There’s a dearth of good catchphrases in RAW, you can tell. On Smackdown, John Cena’s “You can’t see me!”.

Most Annoying Catchphrase of the Year: On RAW, it’s Goldberg’s “Believe the hype.” On Smackdown, it’s the Big Show’s “I’m seven feet tall, five hundred pounds.” It gets way too old.

Match of the Year: On RAW, Shawn Michaels versus Chris Jericho in one of the television shows. I didn’t see the Wrestlemania match, and at the same time, I can’t recall too many spectacular RAW matches. On Smackdown, Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle either during their Wrestlemania match, which I saw, or their Iron Man Match on Smackdown.

Worst Match of the Year: On RAW, Mark Henry versus Goldberg was plain bad. I have no idea why they keep Mark Henry around. On Smackdown, aside from squashes, I’d say the match between Stephanie McMahon and Sable was really bad.

Most Improved Wrestler of the Year: On RAW, I’d give this to Lance Storm. He had the ability. Now, he’s working on the personality. On Smackdown, I’d say it’s a tie between Eddie Guererro and John Cena.

Tag Team of the Year: On RAW, it’d most likely be Hurricane and Rosey. Very interesting tandem. On Smackdown, it’s the Los Guererros, as The World’s Greatest Tag Team have quite a long way to go.

Worst Wrestler of the Year: On RAW, I’d give this to Mark Henry, hands down. John Heidenreich also grates on me, but more because he injures wrestlers. On Smackdown, this has to go to one of the annoying rookies, Nathan Jones, who thankfully, is gone. A-Train is actually decent in the ring.

Wrestler of the Year: On RAW, I’d say Chris Jericho. He’s the total package, never bores the fans, and is godly on the microphone. The Rock, had he not been out most of the time, would’ve been here. On Smackdown, I’d give it to Kurt Angle, who is more of the same. Brock Lesnar comes pretty close. And just so they don't get left out, AJ Styles on NWA-TNA is the guy who deserves the "superstar who will be misused once he gets hired by the WWE because he's a cruiserweight" distinction...

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