Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Yes, more autobiographical entries, but really now… I had so much down time that this is more or less all I could do for now…

29 December, 2003, Tuesday:

A day after our eyeball for the Otaku Board, it appears that my mom decided to let all Hades break loose by taking Francis and Jericho, two of my younger siblings, along with her. I initially was asked to proceed to Richmonde hotel with them, and assuming that this was merely a part of the new year festivities, I was packing my stuff in my room after getting home when I realized that something was amiss.

Grace and I just came from a very fun date involving a lot of Dance Maniax at SM Centerpoint when my mom asked me to pack my stuff and head off to the hotel. While the thought that she was moving out of the house for the nth time did occur to me, I thought nothing of it, until I overheard my stepdad asking what my mom was up to during the morning. Apparently, my mom was accusing my stepdad of having an affair, which I find to be an exceedingly laughable allegation, to say the least. As I’ve had my share of these hilarious insinuations hurled in my direction, I must say that my stepdad may have a few faults, but infidelity is one of the most inconceivable things for him to be doing. For one, the events he’s been involved in were all rather accounted for. For another, I was present during one of his events, and the work he’s been doing for these tricycle driver unions is nothing short of phenomenal. For him to have the time to screw around in between all of that is not only hard to believe, it’s simply untrue, given how anyone can check on him any time one so pleases, and everything will tally.

So here we go again with these baseless accusations running around. While it certainly damages the good name of the accused, when disproved, and yes, it will often be so, the only damage greatly done is towards the respectability of the accuser. Or the backbiter. Or the turncouat. Or the Benedict Arnold. Or the Mata Hari. Damn, Marcelle is getting a bit too hyped up at this point. Time to drop the topic, neh (Haven’t found any cause to write a third-person post as of late… hmm...)? Even worse off is the fact that why were Caren and Dondon not even considered? Why is there such a preferential treatment of taking ONLY Francis and Jericho? Oh, right. Because they’re both my mom’s stepchildren. How utterly biased.

My stepdad addressed the situation to me, and I had to make a choice. I didn’t side with him right off the bat in the event that he was actually having an affair, but I was right in assuming he was innocent until proven guilty, whilst my mom was ranting off accusation after accusation while I was talking to her on my dad’s cellphone when he passed it to me. Thus, I didn’t have to side with anyone, I just needed to stay put. My mom took that as an act of siding with my stepdad, but we all know I’d rather be home studying or playing on the console than in some hotel killing my brain with cable television. Knowing my mother, I was willing to bet that it wouldn’t take more than a day before she ended up running back to my stepdad…

That being considered, this is a pretty useless and expensive fight…

31 December, 2003, Wednesday:

And what do you know? I was right! My mom called my stepdad and ended up acceding to letting Francis and Jericho play billiards with us at Galleria. Soon enough, she herself went along with the two on the excursion, which begs the question: what is up with this pride business anyway? So my mom decided to recant and while I am not privy to what will become of the suspected other woman, I cannot help but be completely dismayed at the waste of energy and resources this whole shebang has been. Please. We don’t need this kind of drama. We see it all the time on television already.

We ended up spending new year’s eve at the GMA-7 show over at that Lights and Lanters place. While I kind of liked the whole scenery and all, I guess I’m too out of any holiday spirit to actually give much of a care and actually write up some new year’s resolutions. Nonetheless, it didn’t take long before we finally wrapped things up and went back to Richmonde, where I relished the advantage of sleeping in a place a mere stone’s throw away from RX, as I intended to train on New Year’s day itself.

01 January, 2004, Thursday:

I got to train with Chico for Radio 1 today, and I was pretty glad as I virtually ran the show already. I was suggesting songs for him to play, and ensuring a lot of other stuff. I suppose what made me glad about the whole thing was the confidence Chico had in me by then to actually do most of that stuff and even do the Top of the Hour station ID spiel at one juncture of the show. It was pretty fine, and I can see Chico enjoyed his vacation there quite a lot. He even had the people whom he went with to Sagada inside the booth with him.

Given the fact that I only have a year to get this thing right, I suppose I would definitely want to make the most of my Radio 1 training in hopes of getting a secondary job as a DJ, preferably in RX.

The rest of new year’s day was spent with our grandparents, as we checked out of the hotel before lunchtime. Nothing too interesting, albeit we did manage to catch the Asian release of The Last Samurai, which I do believe merits an A- for its Kurasawa-ish portrayal of Tom Cruise. It was a pretty solid film, and I must say, if only there were subtitles, I would’ve enjoyed it more. I would guess that the camera was focused near the top of the screen in the theater, which explains why the subtitles appeared to be invisible.

02 January, 2004, Friday:

Pretty slow day, but in a very magnanimous act, my stepdad asked me to invite Grace on an afternoon stroll in Intramuros with the rest of the family. While Intramuros is far removed from Greenhills or Baguio in terms of prices, there were still some luminary purchases one can make out there. I, for one, ended up with a nice mood ring that actually works for a change. Ah, well. I guess that was all there was to it there. We were just walking around, shopping, and eating. And yeah, it did slow down my progress with Diablo, as it seemed that the CD I had of the game kept messing up when I save my game. Ergo, I had to restart the game when that happens, and the only consolation was the fact that my characters were saved.

I also got to thinking about the whole nomination for the best weblog in the Philippines thing. I’m writing this on January 5, and yet the tallying is still not over. The votations ended with me being in the lead by about 30 votes ahead of the closest contender, but that might change, as IP addresses are being considered in this poll, which I heavily dispute, because the same IP address does not mean the same computer, particularly when the friends who vote for you do so in your school computers, or in an internet café all of you frequent.

While that sure makes this all unrepresentative of who should win this or that, the converse is equally dangerous, anyway, what with some tech savvies who can eliminate cookies and keep on voting away. Come to think of it, voting online just doesn’t seem to be representative in most cases, anyway.

03 January, 2004, Saturday:

Loaded day, to say the least. Grace and I had a very interesting date, and then I had to cut it short after a while because I had a Radio 1 stint that evening. Nonetheless, things were going pretty well for me during the show, as this is arguably the best Radio1 stint I’ve ever had, albeit I’ve only had three.

I started off the day with RX, participating with Chico on the Hot 10, and ended up with some free plugging when he reminded the listeners that we will be on air that evening. That evening, I was both relieved and dismayed that Matrix still showed up along with Trinity to do the show with me. Relieved that I didn’t have to go it alone, dismayed that I didn’t get to go it alone. Nonetheless, Chico arrived shortly thereafter, and we managed to refine our topic for discussion that evening. I originally wanted “New year resolutions you’re bound to break”, but we managed to change it to “New year resolutions a particular celebrity should make” instead. Answers ranged from the majority of people clamoring for Britney to resolve to stop wearing clothes, to an individual hoping that LA Tenorio would resolve to not punch another player next season.

What made the show a step above the previous ones was the energy level of the hosts. Simply put, Matrix and I, both guys who have that laid-back persona on air, would have done better playing Jazz on Citylite 88.3 instead of some pop music on RX. Chico then suggested to Trinity to join the show about ten minutes into the program, and things started picking up from there, although we had a lot of bloopers, such as playing songs on air by accident while we were cueing them, having problems phrasing the topic at hand when going ad lib, and my unforgettable: “Avril Lavayne, I mean, Avril Lavin.” took me two tries to pronounce that bastich’s name right.

Of course, while the show had some bloopers, I think the only thing that hampered the show were the hate messages we were getting through the computer, as Matrix and I had to keep Trinity from finding out someone was calling her an effing B there in the computer. We were even criticized for introducing ourselves on a regular basis, something which we obviously had to explain as procedure. Anyways, the show was certainly great, and we all had our moments there. I’m exceedingly grateful to those whom I know listened, such as Grace (duh.), Tsumenki (Who even texted the show.), Cami (Who was asking me why I was stuttering.), and a few others. Hope you guys tune in again the next time I go on air. IF there will be a next time.

04 January, 2004, Sunday:

Sans a spat with Grace, today was a fairly okay day. We didn’t do much except watch “Crying Ladies”, which I must say was a great film, without a doubt. The comedy and the emotionality of the whole film were all well-placed, and I can’t complain as far as that goes. Nonetheless, I ended up going there after a last-minute change of heart, since I was set on instead going to my aunt’s house to curl up and get some rest. I don’t think I made the wrong choice here, to say the least. I only wish I managed to see this film before I gave out the end of the year awards, because this film rates an A+ in my book, which easily makes it the local film of the year for me had that been the case. Still, what’s done is done, and www.xxx.com isn’t such a bad film to begin with, anyway.

Ah, well. So more or less, that’s all I’ve been up to, really. Nothing big at all, and yes, while the path of true love is never smooth, I may as well keep on trudging along it…

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