Monday, May 28, 2007

Ummm... Yeah...

.:Ummm… Yeah…:.

So Jonas recommended a new sideline for me, as a message board poster.

I should’ve known there’s an obvious reason why they needed to hire a message board poster.

Anyways, here’s an excerpt from her message for me…

“You will be required to create 75 posts a day. Posts can include carrying various conversations with people on assigned message boards, promoting our content in a not-force-it-in-their-throat manner, asking questions, help carrying discussions on board and giving INTELLIGENT advice. You can even start threads. As long as you can carry at least 75 posts as your daily quota, you'll be fine.”

Okay, fine so far. I guess I can do 75 posts in a forum a day. That doesn’t sound too hard at all…

Then, it gets messier… heh.

“You will represent a porn company. You will not use your name or your nick but a pre-assigned nick/avatar (Oh, thank Gawd! I'd hate for them to know it's me... - Marcelle). As a poster, you are our messenger,disseminating information in our sundry list of messageboards, forums, and even contributing in Wiki boards. You will also upload content on file sharing sites (like Porntube,, etc.) for webmasters and surfers to know what the company is doing. But as a message board guy, this isn't just the messages you can post. When we don't assign you anything, feel free to post INTELLIGENT messages on the boards.”

Ummm… damn. Now, I’m flummoxed.

So I'm going to promote a pr0n website? Well, it's not exactly the nicest thing to add to my resume. Philo teaching assistant? Check. Radio personality? Check. Magician? Check. Marketing director? Check. Segment producer? Check.

Porn Promoter? Uhh... pass. I don't want to... dissemen... err... disseminate information about new products and upload pr0n, pr0n, and more pr0n, since at some point, I know I'm bound to get sick and tired of it.

The pay is actually good, and increases incrementally with each month, but fer crying out loud! I’m going to represent a porn company?!?

Still, if anyone wants the job more than I do, feel free to ask me about it...

Contrary to popular belief, that’s not something I’d be proud of doing, much less on a daily basis. Besides, video sites are blocked here in IAS, so even if I wanted to do the job, well, I won’t be able to.

Gyeh. I cannot possibly just write and write day in and day out about porn, seriously. I’m not into the whole genre, to begin with… I guess with stuff like the latest Heroes For Hire cover, my distaste for objectifying women and completely stripping them of their power is just really something I’m not very comfortable with.

Wow. I'm rallying against pr0n. Who'd have thought they'd see the day?

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