Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Randomicity Weekend...

.:Two Weeks... Gah...:.

Feels so weird to not be on radio for two straight weeks, not by choice.

You know, next time I get suspended, I'll make sure it's over something controversial. Ahahahaha...

This is considering there have been WAVE ads lately where finally, you can see all the jocks and their names... ah, well.

.:The Misadventures Of A First-Time I-Blog Speaker:.

So for the past couple of years, I've been attending I-Blog, and it's been a load of fun being there and hearing from the luminary speakers like Dean Alfar, Jonas Diego, Ma'am Connie V, and so forth.

For the longest time, I wanted to be there, to talk about blogging, and how it has been a huge influence on my life for the past five years since Maia introduced me to it. I've been blogging for so long, and it's certainly helped me improve my writing for the most part.

When I was under sir Jim Paredes' creativity class, I learned quite a bit about the Artist's Way, and it's been a constant source of inspiration for me to push on writing despite a bad rash of bad ideas every now and then.

When I arrived at I-Blog 3 last Friday, my talk was almost up next, so I had little time to collect myself. I honestly didn't have much time to fix up my Powerpoint presentation mainly since I use Open Office and it was the first time I made a presentation with it. It certainly felt different from how it usually would be when I make a presentation via MS Office.

Anyways, with little more than three slides and four pictures to help me out, I pretty much had to wing it all the way, relying on the fact that my presentation had more visual aids than just the Powerpoint. I got up there, and I looked at the audience, recognizing more than a few faces and at the same time turning to my Beloved, who was there to give me support.

So I opened with how I got into blogging. I was really just keeping pace because I was worried I'd be horribly undertime if I went ahead with my bit by basing what I have to say off the slides already. At some point, I started bringing up the fact that whenever I have a drought of writing, I just keep on drawing from within, and it may even feel like I'm just drawing from an empty paper bag.

But you see, sometimes, you just have to dig deeper into that empty paper bag, and next thing we all knew, I was pulling boxes out from the paper bag, which caught the bloggers who have never seen me do this stuff completely off-guard.

I moved on to discussing the methods to breed creativity, and then moved onto force of will at some point. The moment I brought out the forks, I got quite a few reactions, and there was a huge uproar when I thanked SM for the forks. They were laughing their heads off as well when at some point...

Marcelle: I will put this fork into your hands, and I just want you to tell me if you're feeling any strange, tingling sensation... *pauses* I'm holding his hand, after all! You never know, right? It's 2007, and we don't judge!

I ended my talk fairly well, even if I missed out on my finale. I then stayed for a few more minutes, then headed out for lunch at Mang Jimmy's with Charo, Jonas, and my Beloved.

All in all, despite my haphazard presentation brought about as a result of my unexpected technical difficulties among other things, I think I did well for a first-time I-Blog speaker. Interestingly enough, I was invited to make the same talk sometime this May by Sister Ding for kids, which kind of flattered me... after all, to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I was up there half the time, and the other half, I was doing magic.

.:More I-Blog Stories:.

After my Beloved instantly bonded with Jonas and Charo, I had my meeting of doom at WAVE, and then called it a day for I-Blog Day 1. That means that for the first time, I missed out on Dean's talk, which is such a shame.

Day 2 was interesting, because I went there to really watch speakers and hear about what they have to say, and it was during the time that my Beloved was on her way home from Tagaytay. During our lunch break, I did a bit of magic for the bloggers while Jonas became my videographer, which really went fairly well. Still, my Beloved was on her way from Eastwood...

Unsurprisingly, I cut out and met up with her at Eastwood when she asked me to, thereby missing the afternoon sessions, but not before I shamelessly plugged my blog and my magic. I then met up with her and spent about three hours in her company, since she'll be having classes in two days, and we wouldn't have the chance to have moments like these any longer...

It was really great, although there's not much to say because all we really did was just spend time with each other. We didn't have enough time to watch “The Reaping”, so well... it was just bonding time...

After hanging out with Row, I went back to I-Blog for the last speaker, and the massive photo opportunity for all of us. I met up with a lot of the other bloggers from the past couple of days, and it's been really cool as we headed off for an after-party at the University Hotel, which had a humorous acronym... welcome to “UH”... which just gave people the wrong ideas.

Anyways, I did a bit of magic here and there, and we even talked about how cold reading works, and why it's frowned upon when mediums use that very technique. After a while, we even talked about gay bars, and Mike Abundo actually volunteered the information that they're “overrated”... uhh... okay.

I-Blog 3 was a riot. I wish more people turned out for it, though. Maybe some new attractions need to be set up or something...

.:More Thoughts On Local Television...:.

Who the heck thought that Ariel Rivera doing snake style Kung-Fu was going to be the least bit credible?

Holy crud, watching Ariel Rivera doing Kung-Fu just made my jaw drop last Saturday. It was the point where my suspension of disbelief completely flew out the window, because quite honestly, it was just impossible for me to look at him pretend he's Jackie Chan when I half-expect him to burst into song all throughout.

I don't remember what the show was. I think it might have been “Fantastic Man”, but truth be told, I was just watching the show with much incredulity.

.:More Thoughts On Politics...:.

I am not a fan of Mike Arroyo. I really am not fond of him, but when he was challenged by Alan Peter Cayetano (Or was it Chiz Escudero? I tend to forget.) to waive his rights to his German bank accounts and he did, unsurprisingly, it was discovered that the account was clean. Cayetano then proceeds to demand that Arroyo waive his secrecy rights to all his accounts, which Arroyo naturally declined, since Cayetano's accusations already fell flat.

It's like that rape case in U.S. Where a newscaster was harping on the guilt of the accused only to discover after an entire year that he was innocent...

It's like having someone say you have warts on your back, and to prove you don't, you take off your shirt, then he accuses you of having warts on your butt instead and insisting you should take your pants off to prove him wrong.

The funny thing about all of these things is they have one thing in common: the moment you decline to metaphorically take off your pants, you're accused of hiding something, when quite obviously, you are simply maintaining the little privacy you happen to have left...

Yeesh. This is exactly why I can't fill out 12 names for the Senatorial race.


So near yet so far at last Sunday's tournament! I really tried hard, but I made a bone-headed play during the semis against Mike Juan...

.:Handicapped Humor:.

My only male best friend is politically incorrect...

Elbert and blind people should never be put together. Apparently, El's idea of putting lazy but able-bodied men to use is to help blind people do jobs they normally couldn't, like traffic enforcers, and apparently, call people... gah.

It really disturbed me when he started suggesting they should work for gay bars and that when they get there, they literally wouldn't see it coming...

Agghhhh!!! The images!!!

.:It's Amazingly... Normal:.

My Beloved had her first day of classes yesterday, and amusingly enough, after I ate brunch, she ended up asking me if I wanted to have lunch with her. Ignoring that I was stuffed like a turkey, I still went ahead and met up with her.

After just sitting at McDonald's for a while, I walk her to school, and we just stuck around with each other, simply trading jokes and stories at the library. The really awesome thing about it was that we were just acting like it was something so everyday and something so expected. My Beloved and I enjoyed each other's company, as she was practically craving for a cheeseburger so we went back to McDonald's after staying in the library for a while. It was so funny how she craved. It was almost as if she were pregnant (Obviously, she's not.), and we were laughing our heads off over the whole thing.

And what really made me feel so happy about her all the more was that it turns out that she finally told her friends about us. I'm glad she managed to pluck up the courage to do that... I feel validated, and I just saw a glimpse of how it would be to spend the rest of my life with her. She's already the closest friend I've ever had in years, and it's been amazing how we just managed to spend a simple day and have it become really meaningful to the both of us despite the mundane goings-on around us.

Through highs, lows, and plateaus, Row's still the one I chose...

Rhyming is cool. =P


Raein said...

You're lucky you found someone to spend that kind of day with! :) Rarely do people have that kind of a relationship with another.

Janette Toral said...

Hello Marcelle. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge during the iBlog3 event. You have inspired a lot of bloggers to explore their creative potential.I also bought an Artist Way workbook last weekend too.

Jervis said...

the talk was very inspiring. plus the magic factor made it more gripping for the audience.
cheers! :)