Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"You And Me Against The World?" What's This? High School?!?

.:"You And Me Against The World?" What's This? High School?!?:.

When you love someone, you will fight for them, and you will do anything for them. Yet in the middle of doing just that, sometimes you wonder how insane the people around you can actually be.

And that's what I'm contending with right now, among other things.

Sometimes, people want to see nothing but the worst in you, and the doctrine of charity gets tossed away in favor of the worst possible interpretation of your actions. Unfortunately for them, that says a lot more about them than it does about you. Even then, if it keeps happening often enough to you, it does leave a mark, and it really can ruin your day.

I'm at a point in my life where I should be okay and I shouldn't be bothered by these issues anymore. Unfortunately, they still do, and it never ends, really. From bullies to antagonists, we all have these people in our lives who only ever seem to show up to make life unpleasant and ingratiate themselves towards us.

I've been happy for months with Hun, and yet looking at things now, it seems like there are forces at work that refuse to let that happiness remain. And it drives me insane when I think about it, because I don't even know why there's a bee in their bonnet yet again, and why I have to put up with it when they certainly weren't what I signed up for in the first place.

And in between a major hurdle like that, you are then reminded of people who assume the worst of you, who think you're capable of things you wouldn't dream of doing, all the while oblivious to the fact that they really don't even deserve the time of day but you're just too polite to just tell them to bugger right off. It's exhausting. It's depressing. And yeah, maybe this whole post is indeed becoming a cry for help.

There is something that is patently ridiculous about having to deal with soap opera shenanigans in this day and age, and to have to play along with it. It boggles the mind why I have to put up with it, and why I have to be subjected to it from these people.

And here's the most amazing thing about it: much as I want to be all "woe is me" and think I'm some kind of victim the universe is crapping on at this very moment, I can't help but realize that none of these people who are really stressing me out right now are actively victimizing anyone. They're assholes, yes, but they're oblivious about being assholes, and think that whatever the hell they are doing is perfectly just and normal, even if it is decidedly not so.

And that's why here I am, still having to fight for the love of my life like it's a page taken out of a high school romance pocketbook. This is why I still have to deal with stupid people who don't get it when you want to just let sleeping dogs lie, and are oh so vain, they probably think this post is about them.

This is why here I am, dealing with issues in the most creative of ways: writing obtusely about it, and then attempting to sleep it off.

This is why here I am, still wondering when the peace of mind I thought I'd finally earned from just walking away instead of putting up a fight would ever actually come.

C'mon, guys: you already won. Just leave me be, will ya?