Friday, December 27, 2002

Just a small, small update...

I wanna buy a Gameboy Advance. Can someone please give me recommendations? What about link cables? Can a GBA link to a GBC? How many cartridges do I need, especially with fighting games?

And to all who greeted me, Merry Christmas, too, jabronis!

Best (material) gift: A Pocket PC! Whoo!

Friday, December 20, 2002

Was there even a single shadow of a doubt who it would be? Without further ado...

The Top 5 People Marcelle Is Most Grateful To This Year!!!

1: GRACE!!! Who else? She's been my girlfriend for the past three years and two months, and I have to say that I couldn't ask for anything more from her! She's been the most wonderful friend I could ever dream of, and the sweetest girlfriend I thought I could only end up imagining. Grace has a heart of gold, and I'm sure every single friend whose life she has touched is extremely grateful. Imagine how grateful I am, in that light.

What else can I possibly say about her that I haven't? Well, for one, I got to know her through pure serendipity. The both of us joined this contest in RX, and we were on at the same time. We exchanged numbers, and from then on, a beautiful friendship developed. Imagine if I didn't wake up at four in the morning to join that contest. Would I have ever known her? Sure, she had another friend I got to go against in the same portion, but even then... I just don't know. The odds of something like that happening to me are simply mind-boggling, to say the least.

Lots of people tend to wonder how peculiar Grace and I happen to be as a couple. Yes, we aren't exactly seen together too often, but you can be quite sure that the both of us are very much together. We've seen the best and the worst of each other, and we wouldn't have it any other way. I guess what makes her a cut above the rest is the sheer amount of understanding she has for me... I don't know of a single person on this planet (Yes, not even my parents.) who can possibly put up with all my mood swings, rantings, ravings, and so forth on a regular basis the way Grace does. I guess I'm grateful to her that to this day, we're still very much together despite all the setbacks, trials, tribulations, and such that we've gone through, including THAT summer...

The both of us have become far better persons by sticking it out with one another. I guess she's a very lovable person, and no matter what anyone says, that will not change. Unlike me, she has very good diplomatic skills, and has relatively few hostilities to deal with (Yeah. I don't think I'd see the day she'd punch a faggot in the arcade... :) ). Yes, we may be two very different people, but together, we are very much there for each other. I'm not the most romantic person in the world, and I'm glad that neither is she. One can only sweep another off her feet so many times... :)

You know I'm grateful for this year and the years to come with you, Grace... and... of course I love you!

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Once again, let's go and take another look at...

The Top 5 People Marcelle Is Most Grateful To This Year!!!

2: Abby! I would have to say this is, without any amount of bias on me, the first time she would be someone I'd have to be grateful for since, I dunno... first year High School, I guess. If you want to talk about a loooonnnnggg history, what went down between me and her is certainly the epitome of that. I was courting her for the longest time, and only this year have I truly come to terms with the fact that I need to move on. I guess I needed some shock therapy to get me going in that direction, but if it finally would make me a better and happier man, I think it was well worth it. I'm glad she finally learned to "express her feelings", as well. Some time ago, she did say that a part of her kept it bottled up because of a traumatic experience... at least now, I can clearly see she's happy with who she's with.

Abby's been my friend for around six years now... I suppose we've been through a lot (One to two big issues a year, so it seems... :) ), but I guess this was the year where I simply owe her a lot. More than ever, she's been a great friend to me, ironically at the point when I gave up TRYING to bring back the time we were really close friends. She was the one who helped me and Grace work through THAT infamous summer, and she's one of the few people I can really count on all the time.

I guess she's also happy about this blog. I don't have to count on her as much anymore, and I recognize that she's going through some tough times every now and then, all the same. Somehow, I hope I can return the favor to her as well.

Abby, it bears repeating: thank you so much for this year. I know this year has made me a better, and stronger person, and you had a lot to do with it... Enjoy your holidays. At least, this year, hindi malamig ang iyong Pasko:)

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Let's bypass the long talk between me and my Philo Prof. Not tha it wasn't important, but I think I'd rather focus my energies on giving the right people the rub (A wrestling term for "A shot in the arm".)...

The Top 5 People Marcelle is Most Grateful To This Year!!!

3: Mich! My blockmate for the past two years, and one of my favorite people there. She, like Maia, would fall under the writer type. Unlike Maia, however, Mich is most likely going to be one of the top journalists in the near future. She's an achiever by nature, but at least, she's still fairly laid back in comparison to most other achievers.

Yes, she is a great friend. But I think that her most astounding characteristic is the fact that she is one of the strongest people in the face of adversity I have ever met. I can't help but respect how she manages to still be there for you as a friend, even when to most other people, what she would be going through at the time would cause them to completely break down. I know I've been fairly demanding to her as a friend in that respect, but I'm glad that she lets me return the favor when it's my turn to cheer her up when she's down. Rarely do I get to do that for someone, and I sincerely relish it. I hope she appreciates this blog, because she's been hearing me rant a lot less since the time I started writing here, but... that's digressing. :)

I hope that this Christmas, she'd have a truly merry time. With the knowledge that there's a friend as great as she is in my life, I'm pretty certain I would. :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Here's the next installment to...

The Top 5 People Marcelle Is Most Grateful To This Year!!!

4:Elvin, Ato, Cyril, and the rest of Calf Up! These people have been the only people in my entire life whom I can wholeheartedly consider as my barkada. Of course, being a loner kind of pushes me in that direction, but that's digressing. I put them together because not only will none of them be probably able to read this, but at the same time, they're people who I am happy being with. Of course, there are a few others in the Calf Up, such as Chinese ProspectTM Number 2, Kendra, and Rob, so kudos to them, all the same.

Elvin, of course, is one of the guys I owe big time this year. He has educated me on the finer points on dining (READ: Aling Banang's!!!), and he introduced me to Aling Banang's. Did I mention that he showed me where Aling Banang's is and how good it is? Yes, I was repeating myself, but something THAT good deserves repeating... :)

Ato and Cyril, on the other hand, are the people I would rely on for advice the soonest in school. One's a biology major, the other's a pre-div major. But the quality of their advice has absolutely nothing to do with that. All I can say about these guys would be the fact that they're one of the few people I can really count on. Be it good times or bad, you can be sure they'll be around.

Thanks, guys. I couldn't have chosen a better barkada than you.
This, I suppose, will not be part of the top five... I'd need a separate post for that.

I just don't know what's wrong with her. I really don't. I'm too lazy to put a link so you'd find out who I'm talking about, but I've talked about her a bunch of times already.

I gave her two weeks to cool her jets. She's still as mad at me as ever? Bah Gawd, I don't think I deserve that anymore, jabroni.

Monday, December 16, 2002

After a full week of ranting and actually missing out on writing a shiny new Top Five, I decided to do a weeklong Top Five in anticipation of the holidays. I won't guarantee a rant-free week, but at least they'd be in separate posts. After all, the so-called Christmas Spirit hasn't flaunted its power upon me yet. I mean, just why is the focus so much on Santa Claus? Well, this will hopefully be a positive spin on me (Bah Gawd, I need one!)... so without further ado...

The Top 5 People Marcelle Is Most Grateful To This Year!!!

5: Maia! I've known Maia for only a couple of months, but she's been such a wonderful person in the short time I've known her. Always witty, extremely smart, never at a loss for words, and gifted with extraordinary *ahem* charms, Maia is bound to go a long way. One can say that she's one of the best friends you could ever have, but don't you even dare get on her bad side. Not only will she give you a hellacious time in return, but her friends/groupies/fans will all be at your throat all the same! She's the kind of person who leaves such an indelible mark on you and can make you both humble and proud at the same time. Humble at the thought that there is such a great person like her, and proud because that great person is someone you can call a friend.

Maia also got me into this blogging thing, so you can tell how great that really is to me, that I'd actually be able to blog out my feelings without having to force-feed my negative energy on anyone... :)

I'm glad to be your friend. Thanks, Maia... have a merry Christmas, and enjoy! :)

Friday, December 13, 2002

Will the wonders ever cease, Marcelle? You go out of the library after your last post, with all these dark, gloomy thoughts in your head. You go to Centerpoint to play some King of Fighters 2K1, and after all of that, what happens? You get ganged upon for your troubles! Dammit, how pathetic can life get for you? To get your mind off OB and the trouble, you go there. Then, a reprisal beating for what you did to one of the faggots there last week hit you from out of nowhere.

Sure, they were cowards. They needed numbers AND a sneak attack to get a decent blow in you... if you can even call it decent. But you? You didn't even fight back? You just smiled and walked away? Marcelle, that was plain stupid. Don't go telling me you were too depressed to act. You should've acted. You should've shown them that you can do that and get away with it had you wanted to. But no... you just smiled at them and walked away. I mean, isn't that dumb? You think they'd be afraid of you next time around? Chances are, they wouldn't! Or is this part of your plan to actually get yourself into more trouble by fighting them AGAIN? That, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is pretty dumb. As Abby once said, you sure are a trouble magnet.

And what next? Yipee... you're back as a Rusher? A Rusher? And since when were you wholeheartedly accepted as one, anyway? Wherever you go, Marcelle, you seem to have that sign on your head that says "I'm an irritating nitwit." And sure enough, people read that sign! Take your high school, your block, OB, your CCG group, and even the Rushers once again as history telling you that you're not just going to change, Marcelle. You'll still be as pathetic as ever.

Guess what? When you went back there to be a Rusher, who's there? Yeah... WHO'S THERE? Isn't there some degree of irony in your return to their fold? Don't you think there're some loose ends you'd have to tie up? Honestly, if you make the mistake of not fixing it, you'll get the same result you got from OB just this week... perhaps worse. These people have known you longer.

In the end, Marcelle, you just ought to be thankful your girlfriend is the most wonderful human being who could ever put up with you. After three years and a month of you, it's a miracle she's still there for you. It's a miracle that she understands what in Hades you're going through at this point because frankly, I don't see much anyone else seeing things the same way.

Just be thankful. Count the blessing/s you still have, Marcelle. Just keep on having a reason to live, and maybe, just maybe, your life would be a little less pathetic than it always has been.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

So where do we go from here, Marcelle?

I look at you, Marcelle, and I see a pathetic excuse for a human being. Just look at yourself. May mukha ka pa bang ihaharap sa OB? I mean, honestly. What made you think for one moment that things wouldn't explode like this? You had your chance to shut up, and you didn't take it. Now, even if you weren't to be warned or banned, it sure looks like your pride will not let you darken the doorstep of Otaku Boards again. If in case you actually make the mistake of showing up back there, what next? People are angry at you. The people who run the site are rightfully angry at you, regardless of your denials. People you trusted, people you counted on, all magically turned their backs on you. That's probably because you're not worth it. You never were worth it.

So where are all your so-called OB friends, huh? Did they just leave you to die for your atrocities? Oh, wait... one of them actually wants you dead! And what of the time you said you'd never let that person know your problem? Did you stick to that all the same? Either you did, and you were really stupid to get to this point, or you simply didn't. Either way, you're screwed, boy. You've absolutely no idea what you got yourself into, and whatever you do next, you're damned.

I frankly don't care whether you're telling the truth or you're lying. I frankly don't care whether you were wrenched out of context or not. What bothers me about you, is the fact that you still have so much as an inkling to stay there. There? Where each and every move you make is now going to be very monitored? There? Where one of your so-called friends actually wants you dead? There? Where you're not entitled to your own interpretation? Why? What's there for you to come back to? Your OB friends? Where the bloody Hades are they?!? Are they within the background, just waiting to defend you? Defend you? For what? For making a fool of yourself? What's there to defend?

Oh, are there some of them who still stand by you? Well, where are they? And why the bloody Hades are you looking like there's still anything to live for? It's not like your family life, or your school life, for that matter, is any better. You're the bloody black sheep. You're the frigging perrennial loner. You're an all-time loser!

Tanungin mo lang sarili mo, Marcelle. Kapag bumalik ka doon, ano ang babalikan mo?

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

New link: My really old website that I no longer have any idea to update. I hope I can soon, but I have to relearn how...

I also found Sacha's website, but I don't think I need to link into it... it's fairly nice, though, for a very simple website, but what else can we expect from Sacha, right?
I'm still afflicted with writer's block... why can't I write the way I used to? Honestly, maybe being happy isn't doing my creativity any good... then again. maybe it's just me...

Still, I'm actually surviving Cyril's Dungeons and Dragons campaign, despite being hit by five negative levels... I'm sure lucky, to say the least, that I managed to make all my saves so far... Oh, well...

Saturday, December 07, 2002

I've had it with those faggots at Centerpoint. Dammit.

You see, here I was, playing a game of King of Fighters 2001, and up comes one of the cheap players in the area, who happens to be gay. Hence, he's surrounded by his friends. Do note that I have FOUR RANDOM CHARACTERS. He puts in a token, and proceeds to SELECT HIS CHARACTERS. Yes. Not a single random character. Not one. I beat him the first round, and... guess what? He PASSES THE CONTROLLER TO ANOTHER FAGGOT. This time, the second one is the CHEAPEST player in Centerpoint. Think Marvel vs. Capcom 2 minus super jump... I proceed to beat him. That ought to remind them not to cheat a guy who plays FOUR RANDOM CHARACTERS.

Afterwards, the aforementioned faggot challenges me again. Guess what? Despite being the best/cheapest in the area, HE SELECTS HIS CHARACTERS. He then beats me, then beats me without random characters on my part for a couple of times, but his cheese was still ever-present.

The final straw came when I was Benimaru, he was Kula. He knows that if Kula loses, Whip will not stand a chance against Benimaru. So... what does he do? He hits Benimaru WITH AN INFINITE COMBO. Wow. How... original.

This was when I snapped. I hate having to resort to violence, but I just had to punch his face. And I did. And you know what? If he makes the mistake of cheating Marcelle in the arcades that way again, he will get even more pain coming his way.

I don't care if it's unbecoming of me. I've had enough. Absolutely enough.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

New link addition: the blog I made for the novel I'm writing. It's there in the links corner. Do check it out, and if my shout-out section isn't up there yet, please do use the shout-out section here... Thanx!
The Top Five People Who Better Stay Away From Marcelle Within This Week...

1. The ruddy wretch I've been talking about below.

2. If SHE makes the mistake of getting on my nerves for a perceived fault she can only speculate at, yeah, she better stay away too- for her own good.

3. If my DM at Dungeons and Dragons tries to kill me on Tuesday because of some tripping on his part, I'm walking out of his bloody game.

4. If those faggots at Centerpoint try cheating me at KOF 2K1 today, they might want to care about their personal well-being first and leave.

5. My stepdad. No ifs.

Damn, what a wretched week this has been.
Boy, am I getting really ticked off with somebody. This somebody is really, really testing the limits of my patience...

Dammit, I may joke around here and there and all, but fact of the matter is, there's not a bone of intent in that. I know where I stand. At the same time, I know when someone's got something against me. I don't see an ounce of humor in your snide attempts at subtlety, and I'm just letting you slide. Buddha will forgive you thrice, jabroni.

Just because you're so high and mighty, jabroni, doesn't mean I'm going to take this bull from you. Just because with a click of a button I'd be in trouble, does not mean you're going to get the better of me. I will let all these bloody frustrations blow over, and you wouldn't even know it. That's probably because you don't deserve to know, jabroni. You won't goad me into a position where you can assert your bloody "supremacy" over me. You're not going to get that chance, because I won't stoop down to your level and strike back at you the way you lash out at me so... "subtly". Roll your eyes for all I care, that is, if you're even going to see this.

You mess with me, I mess with you back. But since you decided to play it so insignificantly from such a high and mighty position, well, jabroni, Marcelle will not give you any satisfaction, dammit.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Hmm... there won't be any classes for Friday, so I guess I'd have to make the Top Five tomorrow...

Nonetheless, I'm just tossing these ideas around. Sort of a mini-character guide for me, regarding the Order of the Grecian Urn story I've been trying to write. I'm hoping for some suggestions from some of you jabronis.

Don Honoratio Veracruz: One of the gatekeepers of this plane. He is the one who organized the Order of the Grecian Urn, and little else is known about him. For a vague ideas on planes and the like, refer to Magic: The Gathering.

Fernando Veracruz: (Yeah, the name sucks, so I need something else to replace it with.) The only son of Honoratio. Carries out the orders of his father.

Charmie dela Cortez: The really cute secretary to Fernando Veracruz. I don't think she has powers. But that might change.

Adrienne Davleon, aka Lady Alpha: She's one half of the de facto leaders of the group. I don't know what powers to give her yet, but I think she should be able to combine her powers with Lady Omega to do some really powerful stuff... student.

Diane Cromwell, aka Lady Omega: The other half. Same thing here. No idea yet. I guess she'd be a student, too. These two will prolly be the youngest of the lot.

Geneva Mae Silverburg, aka Althena: (Methinks I need a better family name/ code name, or something.) She's got a fairly significant history with one of the male members of the Order... something about unrequited love, or conversely, they could be together... I guess she could have powers similar to Psylocke's Psi-Knife... Oh. She wears glasses. ;) She's a college graduate, and prolly in advertising...

Sandra Jane Chan, aka Keltrice: (Yes. A better code name is needed. I so wanted them to be like Sailor Moon, where evryone had "Lady" at the start, but I ran out of cool words other than Supreme and Ultima...) Patterned after someone I know (A lot more than anyone else in this novel, I guess.), she's the brains of the operation... Internet savvy, Linux, Binary, whatever other computer stuff, name it, she's got it... prolly a resident psychic/psionic... oh. She wears glasses, too. ;) She's a tech consultant.

Fiona Kirk, aka Triona: (YES! A code name change is in order!) Just a temporary character who may or may not make the cut... I'm figuring she'd be like the Flash, or perhaps, an elemental. If it pushes through, she'll be Tyrone's co-DJ...

Cyril Charles Cedric Chester (+ a few more C names, perhaps?) Calloway, aka Nihil: (No, I like this name. I don't think I'd change it.) He'd be a biclops if he were the leader of the group, but no... he's more than that. Looonnngg history with Geneva, and he's arguably the strongest in the group. He doesn't have many other powers, though... not if it's not triggerred. Expect him to be the punch-happy guy with energy-laden fists, or something. Messatsu and Orochi blood is not far off, but I may discard this idea. Since this is my self-portrait to a large extent, expect some friction between certain types of people in the story... ;)

Tyrone Mendrick, aka Maximus: (Name/code name subject to change) The other guy in the order. Playboy type. I'll leave some other details out, but he's a martial artist, a disk jockey, and his powers involve a lot of thinking over. I've no idea yet.

I'll stop here. I've no idea how to describe the main villain yet...

Input? Ideas? Hope this has proved to be a fun read!
OB is not working right now, so I feel pretty cut off for the moment... right now, I have bigger worries....

(The following is an in-character post.)

Marcelle is the Tournament Organizer of RAW Deal in the Philippines, hence, all prize support goes to him. They send prize support via snail mail, and lately, his biggest worry is that he hasn't received any belts in quite a while. There are only two things that could cause this: the stupid postal system, or his parents.

If it's the postal system, then what can he do? But if it happens to be his parents, then we have a quandary here.How can he prove it? You see, they hate playing cards. They thought Magic was occult, and they hate Wrestling. RAW Deal is a wrestling card game. Those are two things they hate right off the bat. Thus, knowing how covert they can sometimes be, Marcelle wouldn't hold it above them to tell the maids to actually intercept THE MAIL. Marcelle hasn't received belts in nearly three months. He's supposed to receive belts once a month. Worse, the commissioner of Comic Images (The company that makes RAW Deal.) isn't exactly tolerant of these occurences. Now that's quite a problem. How does he find out if they've been intercepting his mail without risking their ire? How does he prove it? Dagnabit.

Secondly, ever had writer's block? Despite working on some drawings to get started, that's exactly the problem Marcelle is going through right now with the novel he's been trying to write for years... it's so sad, because the storyline in his head seems to look really good... hopefully, he can get another blog going SOLELY for the novel...

(End of IC post... time to go OOC again.)

Anyways, ideas?

Monday, December 02, 2002

My links section is up now, courtesy of Voltee, but... as you can see, it doesn't look so good yet. Please bear with me... Haha-haha!

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Wow... talk about a wonderful EB... I have to say that this one was great, and we've seen some budding actors/porn stars in OB yesterday...

As for my certain problem, I suppose I was right in letting her cool her jets first...

Moreover, my OTHER little brother got a 3510. Goodness, why? It's not even his birthday. Now, I think that's really unfair to me...

Liz, I don't see why you have such a violent reaction to my last post... my girlfriend didn't seem to mind when I showed her the posters... no harm in looking.