Friday, February 28, 2003

What else can I say about my worries that I haven't said?

Let's face it. If my stepdad will be too close-minded to give me hell once more when I try to fix this up with him, then I should treat him no differently from how I treat HER now... with a good degree of contempt.

Nope. No Phenom's Fury or anything. (Somebody teach me how to put a registered trademark label on that, please! :) ) I don't find any urgency to do that, as it's just me. My personal widdle battle. As I keep on reiterating, the last victim I preyed upon had to leave Don Bosco. That was pretty bloody cruel of me, I know.

To someone I know, I hope you're doing fine. I know it's depressing, but you'll be fine. You can't blame yourself for what happened, and you shouldn't be wishing you were there instead of her. You probably aren't reading this, but I still want you to know I'll be around if you'd ever need me again. I leave that all up to you, jabroni.

On Philosophy...

Truth is the agreement between the judgment of a human being and the state of affairs. Truth is NOT relative, in a relativistic fashion, wherein what is true to me may not be true to you, and that's fine. But truth IS relative, in that the truth being revealed has to be revealed in relation to a human subject who will pronounce judgment upon it. There is no truth if there is only a state of affairs, but no judgment. Hence, a tree that falls in the middle of the forest does not make a sound if there is no one there to hear it. Truth, after all, is historic, which simply means that it is an event. An event can only be evaluated in the presence of a human being.

Truth is NOT absolute, in an absolutistic sense, where truth is a Platonic, finished idea, completely unchanging and eternal. Otherwise, there is no more need for Aletheia, as there is nothing to unconceal for us. Truth, while it is historic, is also transhistoric, for truth is revealed to us in temporality. Without temporality, you cannot count from one to ten. You will always count one, then the next moment, one again. Temporality gives continuity for us. Despite that, truth IS absolute, for while truth is an event, it is also a never-finished event, so the truth for today will still carry on for tomorrow, be it in a different shape or form. Truth is absolute for the subject-in cogito who pronounces a truth is ABSOLUTELY bound to this truth he has espoused, and can no longer say otherwise.

The age-old dilemma of the One and the Many, thus, is not a dilemma, after all. Indeed, the Being of beings is NOT itself a being, and this Being of beings reveals itself in temporality. Therefore, anything that is uncovered to us as truth is a manifestation of the One being present in the Many. But unlike a Platonic "participation in perfection", we now see a two-way relation between the so-called essence of a being, and the events in temporality that involves it: from the essence stems the events, and from the events, stems further developments in the essence. It's just like the chicken and the egg, or Theology's Fundamental Option.

Heidegger, you are the man.

I think I'm ready for any oral examination on this now... :laugh:
Let's do the Top Five this week...

But first, next week's Top Five: The Top Five Excuses To Give Your Boss/Prof When They Catch You Sleeping On Your Desk.


The Top Five Definitions Of Love

5. In tennis, it's zero. (From Sexy Germs)
4. Read a romance novel *to find out, I guess.*. (From *jaded*)
3. The most beautiful of all frustrations. (From Boams)
Also: Sad for one, happy for two, trouble for three. (From Black Widow)
2. Love is relative. (From Purple)
1. Love is the sculpture of our hearts, the process maybe painful but it perfects the shape; love is a rare commodity, it's free but costs a lot. (From Ralph Waldo)

Catch you again for next week's top five, jabronis! :)

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Looks like Marcelle's in deep trouble now.

Yep. He texted his stepdad to apologize for not being there at the cremation. Still, all his stepdad could say was a VERY sarcastic. "It's okay... don't worry... we'll be there to visit you when you're dead..." This was followed by, "What can you do to make up for it? Nothing. He's dead. We cremate only once." Then the clincher, "Don't lip-service me."

Bah Gawd, now Marcelle's going to have problems again. Things were really smooth-sailing when he didn't have problems at home. Any problem he might've had with other people where things he can deal with quite easily. This is a very problematic matter to settle, simply because it took Marcelle YEARS to fix this problem he's perenially had at home. Only goes to show that the good times never last, as far as Marcelle is concerned.

Needless to say, he's in no particular mood to review any movies right now. This situation he's faced with calls for some heavy damage control. Marcelle still recalls the misery his stepdad can put him through, from the snide remarks, to the indignity of being insulted in front of his siblings.

It's too much for Marcelle to have to go through again. Especially when a lot of outside issues have yet to be resolved.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I saw Daredevil, and I now owe you three reviews... :laugh:

I finally got Grace's bag. I took her to Eastwood, and she ended up being genuinely surprised, because she never expected me to do that for her. It's not like shopping is one of my favorite things to do...

Ah, well. I haven't much to say right now. I missed my grandfather's cremation, so this calls for a bit of trouble-shooting on my part. Wouldn't want to fall out of grace with my stepdad now, would I?

I'm telling you... it's uncanny. I thought my streak of meeting people I knew everywhere I went would be broken last night, but lo and behold, that wasn't the case. As I was taking Grace home, walking past Centerpoint, I ended up seeing two of my high school classmates who came from McDonald's. The chances of me meeting them were simply mind-boggling, as I conventionally would not have taken that route... it was pretty strange. I also saw John Estrada last night, but who cares? Nonetheless, I really think my streak has been going on since late last year. This is one for the books. :laughs again:

I'll talk some more next time. I'm working on my character for Franco's game. I think he has an idea what the basis for this character is...

Monday, February 24, 2003

I'm going to watch Daredevil tomorrow with Grace... I'm not expecting much, so I'm sure I wouldn't be too disappointed.

While I appreciate the thoughts, Charles (From hereon, Charles Tan is Charles, Charliedoggie is Charlie. Just so I stop getting confused.), I think that for a person like you, who has seen my blog more than me personally, you're a bit out of line in making a judgment of me regarding my situation with HER. It just so happened that I've been talking about HER a lot the past few days, but let's face it: that's what my blog is for. Half of the time, it's for talking about the stuff going on in my life. The OTHER HALF of the time, it's for writing down insignificant stuff I don't have to talk about when I go off the computer. Fact is, while I appreciate your perceptions, they are sadly wrong.

Abby has known me for years. Six or seven years, I think. I'm sure by now that she wouldn't ever think that I'd go for her the moment either I or she broke up with our respective significant others. It won't happen. Why not? Because I know better, jabroni. That's the fact of the matter. When I let all my emotions run wild every now and then on this blog, that's merely a catharsis for me. If you don't see it that way, I suppose I can't say it's because we have different concepts of a blog. After all, isn't it Bulaong who said Truth shouldn't be relativistic? :laughs: The state of affairs is how things are. Regardless of your hypothetical scenario, which I have already gone through. Yes... Grace and I are still together despite that.

But hey, thanx for the thoughts. I can see your concern.

In other news...

I spoke to *jaded* again, this time, on the phone. I don't think I've talked to a person not named Grace Apron for that long in ages... not that I'm complaining. :biggrin:

Nonetheless, I'm pretty fine right now, and it's my turn to laugh at HER. The things SHE does to try and incite my fury... it's gotten to a point where I already feel sorry for her... honestly!

Oh. One last thing. If you think you're going to get something good out of that Viva Hot Babes VCD, think again. It's not worth your 250 bucks. Still, if you're gung-ho about buying it, just think that you're doing your part to contribute in aiding our entertainment industry... :laugh:

Friday, February 21, 2003

What's this week's top five?

Well, firstly, let me announce NEXT WEEK'S TOP FIVE. If I manage to hit an all-time high of five answers to this, that'd be great...
What are the top five ways to define love?

As for this week...

The Top Five Things You Don't Want To Hear In An Operating Room

5. Congatulations, miss! It's a girl... uhh.. a boy... uhh.. what the heck is this? (From Joko)
4. Stand back! Nobody... steps... on... the... liver!!! (From Adrian)
3. Doc... doc... Mamaya na iyan. Nakikiliti ako, eh. (From Marge)
2. Accept our offering, O Lord of Darkness... (From Crystal)
1. Said by a burly, muscular nurse in a soft tone: Sir, maghubad na kayo. (From Delamar)
Spoke to *jaded* yesterday. I guess she's pretty happy right now, and I'm happy for her.

As for me, Daddy Pete died last night. He's my stepdad's father, which makes him my step grandfather. He was comatosed due to a stroke, and it just happened. I'm glad my stepdad's taking it well. He was actually the one who asked me why I was sorry about it... it almost sounded as though he were joking.

God rest his soul.

As for me, I'm at this point where I'm depressed with no clear reason why. I mean, sure, SHE was prolly given the special Jim Paredes assignment by now, but it's not like I'm expecting SHE'd make a move to fix the problem. The same thing with another person. I've been giving ample time to people, and I'm still willing to, but I get the feeling that I get completely lost in the shuffle whenever I do. In HER case, she's been at it since November last year. It's not like she still has any clear reason to be mad at me, She's being plain bull-headed already. On the other hand, she doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with me anymore. By now, I'm not one to ask for recognition, but the mere fact that my good wishes still went unnoticed despite letting everyone else know she's grateful doesn't exactly spell good times ahead now, does it?

I actually watched all five episodes of New Angel. Am I the only person I know who gets all giddy over hentai (Of course, given the storyline. I don't think I'd get the least bit giddy with Urutsokodoji... and I've yet to see it. :laugh:)? It was fun to watch, and I trust Ato's taste in hentai all the more now, thanks to his recommendation of this particular title...

Viva Hot Babes? What? That's absobloodylutely piqued my curiosity now... you mean Viva ACTUALLY has hot babes? (I'm mean. I know.)

Ah, well. That's life. Parang buhay.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Despite my sprain, I guess I can talk a bit about Jim Paredes and Jon Santos...

Not much, really. Jon Santos did the usual stuff he did last semester, including repeating his speech from the top at super speed. He was pretty good at it, and his impressions of FVR, Bro. Mike, and Sen. Flavier were very entertaining. He just talked about how his comedy career was akin to the second generation, the first being that of Subas Hererro and company, and the third generation being Michael V., Rex Navarette, and so forth.

SHE was there, and she actually looked like an old friend of mine... Christine dela Cruz. You can tell how fun it was to see them in the same row. It was like spotting the difference, the only two being that SHE's Chinese, and I courted Christine back in the day... :evil laugh:

Hey, Sach. Other than the sky and other literal answers, what's up with you? Teaching? Philosophy? Theology? Any more TV shows I'd end up seeing you in? I haven't heard from you in a while, and I ended up doing a PR paper on Bear Brand and my stepdad since I didn't get to talk to you last time.

Onto the EB last Tuesday. It was pretty fun, to say the least. More than enough food to go around, lots of jokes (Especially the "panget" jokes Shun, Nib, Xellos, and Vash will never hear the end of.), and some all-around fun. The usual suspects were there. I suppose I can't blame certain people for not showing up/not getting invited. Things are still pretty haywire in OB, and allegiances are still far from being forged in finality.

Is it just me, or am I getting my groove back in OB now? I don't seem to have any more capabilities of stepping on other people's toes there while I'm having fun. That's good news...

Grace was sick at the time, unfortunately. She didn't get to go. Still, it's our monthsary today. No problem. She's been such an angel to me, seeing how I couldn't fall asleep with all the pain I suffered from this hand of mine...

In Theology, we had a debate today on whether or not "solo flights" (I hope you know what I mean. I don't want to elaborate.) are morally correct. Because my right hand was bandaged, lots of funny quips came around, the gist of all of them being that my bandage was proof that IT was not a medically sound practice... :laugh:
I have a sprain from excessive computer usage. Maybe excessive Gameboy usage, too. Regardless, I can't talk about last Tuesday's EB yet, sadly... but I will. I will. Same with the movies, same with Jon Santos.

My right hand's bandaged, but I'm still typing away...

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Jon Santos performed today. Guess who was there? Yep. HER. She also has Jim Paredes as a teacher.

Ah, I'm not gonna devote anymore bandwidth to that today. I'm still happy, and she's not going to dampen my spirits. Right now, I'm going to just smile to myself and talk about Jon tomorrow.
Whew. I'm feeling a lot better now, and I can finally bury yesterday's issue, since it had little to do with me...

I've not much to say today, because I don't feel like making my movie reviews yet. I just realized that I'm still glad, despite everything, and I know I can still be a friend even to those whom I've wronged. I hope she reads this, and I know she knows who she is.

I've kept my silence and stayed away from her for a week or so. Still, what can I do? Whether you call it my Atlas Syndrome, or the fact that I'm plain masochistic, I still can't stand to see a friend (Or at least, a friend in my eyes.) getting hurt, or being sad.

Yes, I know I'm STILL persona non grata. Yes, I know I'm STILL meant to keep my silence. I only had to remind her for even just a pair of times that I'm STILL around despite everything, and if there's a last resort (Before selling her soul to Hades.) she can actually count on, then there's absobloodylutely no doubt that'd be me. I've apologized to her already (With all sincerity, as far as I'm concerned.), and if that is not enough for her, if she STILL needs time, I'd gladly give that to her. I just pray I won't fade away in the recesses of friendships failed and memories better left forgotten.

That's because I care, dammit! I went about doing it the wrong way in the past, and even if I'm watching my words and deeds now, I still can't help but feel compelled to be there. But I respect the distance, and I'm backing off again. Only time can tell if the friendship can ever be restored.

Jabroni, the ball's in your court now. I still see you as my friend, but if you don't reciprocate, I respect that.

In other news...

My thanks to a friend who gave me her blog's address. Much as I'd want to link to it from here, she specifically requested me not to do so... ah, well.

Tactics Ogre rules, bah Gawd!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... that, my friends, is true! :cheesy:

Monday, February 17, 2003

The following is a quote from OB... I won't spare her by not mentioning her name, BUT it's only because I'm copying and pasting the entire mess for your consumption. After that, what will follow is my attempt to cut a rebuttal promo of sorts... I suppose the offender fell short of unleashing the Phenom's Fury. Lucky schmuck.:cackles:

P.S. My apologies for the fairly violent words... I've had enough of this kind of stuff... likewise, If certain people will ask me to take this quote down, I probably will.

QUOTED from first impressions thread (Posted: Feb 15 2003, 09:00 PM)

first impression on the ADMINs

sky : she has SKY personality, "ma-ERE".... poodle face at HINDI SYA MAGANDA!!!

fire : she has FIRE personality, "FEELING MAGANDA" Please lang hindi mo kamukha si Maggie Cheung kaya wag kang magFEELING!!!

thunder : she has THUNDER personality,"feeling astig" kala mo UUBRA!!! at FEELING matalino!!!

*RELATED NGA TALAGA KAU! kasi puro mga nagfe-feeling na bobitas kayo!

ichi : he’s a very bad itch "pa under sa SKY na ma-ERE"

NIB, VASH, SHUNICHI, XELLOS : mga LINTA!!! nakakaawa ang ginagawa ninyo!!! ang tatanda nyo na nagpapaUTO pa kayo... isa pa, nagtatago kau sa likod ng COMPUTER ninyo palibhasa MGA PANGET kau!!!

anu??? isnt there anyone who’s gonna agree with me??? where can you find the most honest and reliable wake up call in this *my edit. word omitted.* Board? Oh sorry, it’s OTAkUbOrEd!!!


FYI : I’m THE bad side of HONDA TOHRU!!!

QUOTED from the fate of the social boards thread (Posted: Feb 15 2003, 08:59 PM)

QUOTE (skysenshi @ Feb 13 2003, 11:44 PM)
I understand perfectly how animetric feels because frankly I own the boards and yet I've been isolated from it...for weeks.

I was one of the people who couldn't relate. Imagine...this happened to me, so you can imagine how others who aren't even familiar with the boards would feel.

Kaya naman pala nagpuputok ang butchi mo eh. Kasi na-out of place ka sa sarili mong board. Bakit? Masyado ka bang natabunan?!?!

I don’t give a *my edit. word omitted.* if you stupid admins ban me. For christ sakes, if you think I’m immature look at yourselves... How old are you again people???... GROW UP!!! As for me, I have an excuse to be childish because as you can see I still am young unlike some people… like SHUNICHI, who always kiss your *my edit. word omitted.* just coz you’re admins. Well I think its bullshit coz I believe in democracy. Kung panay kayo na lang ang gusto niyong pag-usapan… e di saksak ninyo sa baga niyo itong Otakuboard nyo! Or do you want me to do it for you!?!?! As for the ever loyal XELLOS, he, too, is a kiss *my edit. word omitted.* like SHUNICHI. How sad for people like you. Ang tanda-tanda nyo na nagpapa-under pa rin kayo!!! Same goes for NIB and VASH.

And as for the cheap dating service thing, I don’t need to look for a boyfriend here coz I HAVE a boyfriend in the real world!!! Tska bakit niyo ba pinag-iinitan yung mga newbies na magaganda?! Oo nga naman….. with JADED’s, SUPERSTAR’s and SHRINK’s looks, they can have who ever they want without resorting to OB. Di tulad NIYONG mga nagmamaganda na nagagalit pag may member na TALAGANG MAGANDA kaysa sa inyo. Palibhasa gusto niyo lahat ng attention nasa inyo!!! HAH!!! Wala na kasing pumapansin sa inyo pag hindi na kayo nakaharap sa computer! Take note ah: WALANG BOYFRIEND MATERIAL dito dahil puro mga isip bata kayo!!!!

As for THUNDER, yeah you have a point kasi panu naman magiging dating service tong OB eh puro pangit ang tao dito! At lalo na ang FEELING MAGANDANG si FIRE!!!! As I have reiterated in the other board topic you do not even come close to Maggie's *my edit. word omitted.*!!! DREAM ON, girl!!!

As for Ms. POODLE SKY, you suck big time!!! You know what I think about you? In OB, you have authority. In THE REAL WORLD, you are just some pathetic little poodle who couldn’t get a home!!! In short, ASKAL!!! You can’t get anyone (EXCEPT yung BF mong under) to bow down to you in the real world. That’s why you feed on those stupid old losers here. And you love it, don’t you??? What a low life. *my edit. word omitted.*!!!

To end this VERY heart warming post... here's to you admins and suckers!!!

KISS MY *my edit. word omitted.*

Mister Vader looks at his monitor in the locker room as he listens to this absolute drivel from the person standing in the middle of the ring. He grimaces and looks intently. The intensity is burning in his eyes, as his smoldering fury begins to boil. For the longest time, he has never felt the urge to stand up and speak against something so deplorable, and he prays that he would not ever have to resort to unleashing the dreaded Phenom's Fury. The last victim of that was terrified out of a year's growth and had to transfer to another school, and nobody could ever suspect Mister Vader to have actually been part of the plot...

In a huff, Mister Vader rams his fist into the telivision screen. He grinds his teeth and walks slowly towards the ring, as the offender hastily retreats. The cameras pan onto Mister Vader as he walks, and the crowd erupts for the man...

Jim Ross: Bah Gawd! Bah Gawd! Mister Vader's making his way to the ring! It also looks like the target is scampering away! Bah Gawd! The fury in Vader's eyes is simply immense!

Jerry Lawler: She didn't know what she was talking about, did she, J.R.? That's what you get when you think out of your puppies! Puppies! Did you even understand a word from that tirade, J.R.?

Jim Ross: No, I didn't. I don't understand monkey-speak.

The pyros erupt and the glass shatters as Mister Vader's entrance music blares over the P.A. He marches down the aisle as the fans cheer for him. He salutes them and even gives a few of them some high-fives. He strides confidently into the ring and asks for a microphone...

Crowd: Vader! Vader! Vader!

He holds up his hand to hush the audience who are going nuts at the sight of the returning Mister Vader. He looks into each and every pair of eyes staring him back in the stadium, and holds the microphone closer as he braces himself on what he has to say...

Mister Vader: WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Jabroni, you come down in this ring, running your mouth off, and you have absobloodylutely no idea of what the consequences would be? Mister Vader looks at your sorry excuse for a face and he feels nothing but disgust at you. WHO THE BLUE HADES ARE YOU, ANYWAY? You're lucky you're female, because Mister Vader wouldn't lift a finger to rearrange your face, even if his life depended on it. Besides, he'd be doing you a favor that way, jabroni.

Crowd: WHAT?!?

Mister Vader: Mister Vader said, he'd be doing you a favor, jabroni.

Crowd: WHAT?!?

Mister Vader: Mister Vader said, you better start looking long and hard in the mirror to think about what you've done. Wait a minute. That's TOO MUCH of a punishment for you! Nobody deserves that! Thank your lucky stars you're a lady, even if you're just a pitiful excuse for one. Thank your parents that they screwed up their birth control that night and they got their "technique" wrong and you're a lady, even if Michael Jackson looks more like one than you. If it wasn't for that fact, Mister Vader would take his microphone, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and shove it down your throat! After that, he'd pick out the microphone, disinfect it until it's free of your virus, then slap you around with it until you can't even rattle that mouth of yours off anymore. Then, he'd get the mic once more, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways and shove it down your throat all over again!

Jim Ross: Bah Gawd! Bah Gawd! The fans are loving this!

Mister Vader: You made the mistake of insulting people Mister Vader deems to be friends. You made the mistake of nearly unleashing a can of Phenom's Fury on your sorry face. Yeah, Vader doesn't have to say "Sorry *word omitted.*". That's the same thing as your face, jabroni. You crossed people Mister Vader cared about, and you didn't even have a single ounce of logic. What the Hades have you been smoking? Your brains? You insult people who mean well? Don't even think for one moment Mister Vader will let you get off easily, you roody-pooh candy-schmuck! Watch your back... IF YOU SMEEEEELLLLLLLLL WHAT MARCELLE IS COOKING!!!

The crowd erupts and chants along with Mister Vader. He then turns around and leaves the arena. The fans know he wanted to say much more, but there's no point in wasting that much bandwidth on her.

I appreciate the windfall of thoughts I've been getting lately...

Well, what can I say? People have been setting me right with every single shout-out (The few that I see...) I've had the past couple of weeks. From Sacha to Charles (I hope it's not Charlie... otherwise, I messed up on identifying who's who again...) to Bernadette (If you don't mind my asking... do I know you by another name? I can't seem to place who you are... I'm really sorry.), I guess all these words of wisdom were instrumental to me. I'm glad I took the words to heart.

Grace and I watched Boyz II Men last Friday, and I must say that even if they didn't stay long, it was one amazing event, to say the least. Grace and I really enjoyed ourselves, and wonder of wonders, my streak of meeting acquaintances every single non-SM place I go to rages on, as I saw Shrink and Superstar from OB. The "luck" didn't cease as the very next day, my family and I watched "Hero" at Glorietta, and I saw Rob's brother on the way, then was seen (The horror! :laughs:) by two former classmates in Economics while busting a few moves on Dance Maniax, and encountered Lala (A friend of a classmate.) as she was lining up for a film.

Needless to say, I owe yet another pair of reviews sometime this week on Hero and Shanghai Knights. Bah Gawd, this blog is turning into a movie review site! :laughs again:

I had to replace my Fire Pro Wrestling cartridge because it ALSO doesn't save, and unlike SF Alpha 3, that's unacceptable. I got Monster Rancher Advance 2, and I'm glad I did. I love this game. I also bought Tactics Ogre just today... pretty great lineup for me, especially once I get a working copy of FPW (Three tries already... all don't save.)

I have a special topic later. Watch out for it, because this will possibly be the first time that the Phenom's Fury will actually be unleashed in this blog... I was praying this day wouldn't have to come, but if it has to be, then so be it.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Singles Awareness Day to all of you, jabronis! :big grin:

Yeah, yeah... maybe that's being a bit mean, but... ah, well. Even if I do have a girlfriend, you can't really fault me for having a lot of shattered illusions about love, anyway. I've been traumatized for years, and at the point where love works for me, it comes when I don't feel so "high" with it anymore. I guess all that stuff in Theology was right, then... love, true love, especially, is more of a plateau than a peak experience. When that plateau keeps on going for you, the small rises and crashes that are inevitable simply make you appreciate the relationship even more.

But I guess I'm still a bit jaded.

I have a lot to talk about, but I guess I'll do that when I have more time in my hands. I saw Sach today, and silly me forgot to ask her a few questions for my P.R. paper. Still, I hope she manages to read this, and I can talk to her about it a bit. On the other hand, I actually won tickets just early this morning. Yep, I was using a cell phone when I called Chico and Delle. I have a couple of tickets to Boyz II Men tonight that I may or may not end up using. Grac'es tickets for Freestyle and Side A are prolly not going to be used... Nonetheless, I'm pretty fine. It's a good day, and I'm smiling with my new purchase of Fire Pro Wrestling, which I am fairly satisfied with. The more cartridges I get, the less irritating the Alpha 3 problem (That of its not saving my games and options.) gets.

I dunno. We have debate training today. Big deal. I'm done debating for the schoolyear. I think I got to that point where I got so fed up with all the people who stopped having fun while debating. I wanted to keep that up, but I can't sustain it when people are too competitive. I'm just being realistic. Debating is not my bloody life. I've more to my life than that. Right now, I just want to fix a few problems that have turned up this schoolyear (Not just one or two, mind you.), and hopefully, the persons concerned are reading this (Although in HER case, that's not something I can expect. Only hope for. I don't think she'd read this if her life depended on it.).

My mom's leaving for the States today. Won't be seeing her for three weeks. I pray she'll be fine. I'm at a loss for words right now as far as she's concerned. That doesn't mean she isn't the first woman in my life... I love my mom, no matter how little bandwidth I dedicate to her... :smiles:

As for the top five... I was thinking of a Singles Awareness Day topic... (Acronym for that is S.A.D.? How... appropriate.) Hmm... this might be a negative topic. I'll be uppity and take out the "NOT" in my topic...

The Top Five Reasons (WORD OMITTED) To Celebrate Valentine's Day:
5. It's the perfect time na magpaputok. (Don't even ask me what that means. I don't know, either.)
4. Because it's just a commemoration of a dead saint. (From Sacha.)
3. Because times like these, you need a juicy. (Top one answer in the Morning Rush's first hour, care of Young Indie.)
2. Because tonight, it's eat-all-you-can. (Also from the Morning Rush.)
1. Love is love. If you can forget about romance, even if you're single and all, there's still hopefully some love in your heart.

How about it? Maybe I can solicit Top Five answers from you jabronis? Starting next week, I'd give the topic in advance... it's an Un-Contest, as Barron Vangor Toth would say. You get bragging rights, and not much else for the effort... :)

So there we are. A Happy S.A.D. to everyone!

Thursday, February 13, 2003

What can I say? It looks like next Thursday, SHE will finally be getting the assignment Jim Paredes gave my creativity class last semester... yeah... that one. The one where you have to settle issues, in a pretense that you are about to die. The one where I settled my issues with Abby once and for all, and things suddenly became a lot better for the both of us as friends.

So what's that got to do with me? I'm hoping she'd consider me for that assignment. Let's face it. Whatever issue she has had with me, at this point, is now completely moot. I've said my piece, apologized to her countless times, and most of the things she was pointing in my direction were actually mere assumptions on her part. Yeah, I know I'd be risking her ire again if she ended up reading this, but come on, jabronis! I just want to put the issue behind us and move on already. If we can bring back our friendship, that'd be nice, but if not, at least have the decency to hear my side out. I know that a certain person who's still prolly mad at me did (I'm sure you know who you are, jabroni.). Why can't she? Is it so bloody difficult to open one's mind?

Theology has been a nightmare, but I like my teacher, nonetheless. Fr. Reyes may not be in the league of a Fr. Dacanay, but he's fun, for what he's worth. It's kind of a culture shock for most people to hear Fr. Reyes spouting a lot of vulgar words while lecturing, but what can he do? He's teaching Theology 131 for crying out loud! I can't blame the students who think really funny stuff up about him, but you have to respect how he maintains a sense of decency around him no matter how sensitive the matter-at-hand happens to be. I guess I'll be getting a B from him this semester... that's too bad. I wanted a perfect sem, but if he's the only subject I don't get to ace this semester, I'll be pretty happy already. If I get a B+ from PR, though, that'd make me feel bad, because Mr. Sarmienta is one of the easiest A teachers around. Mind you, he also teaches well, too, and I'm not saying that just because he was friends with my mom or something... in fact, less so should I be saying that due to that fact.

I'm ruminating right now... *jaded* and I talked again, and I finally managed to express to someone who isn't my girlfriend the main reason I sometimes end up being a lousy friend (Despite my good intentions. Bah Gawd, somebody ought to show this stuff to somebody...). That's because I HATE feeling like a useless friend to somebody. It's utilitarian, you might say, but I don't expect the same kind of so-called "usefulness" from others. Just from me. If I feel useless as a friend, that tends to make me try harder to be a good one. In the process, I overshoot myself, and, well... things like last week or so happen.

I wanted to talk about my Philosophy lecture yesterday, but I'll leave that for next time. I also owe you jabronis a new Top Five tomorrow, which I will promptly give you. I still have to do my PR paper, and I can't seem to get a hold of Sacha. I was supposed to ask her a bit about the software for the blind she's been doing...

Ah, well.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I got to see Ring 2 today, before going to school. Let me just say that for a relatively short film, I extremely liked the movie. Since I don't think I can talk about the film without divulging stuff, let me put it this way... SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

First of all, the film, as a whole was kind of murky. My sense of continuity betrayed me, and I cannot, for the life of me, remember who that new female lead character is. It struck me as unnerving to see Yoichi's mother die so soon in the film, because spoilers misled me to assume that she was the sole survivor. Thank goodness some stuff still took me by surprise. Since I already knew about Sadako climbing the well, my favorite scene in the film just HAD to be Shizuko combing her hair in front of the female lead character, and Sadako coming into the picture, stealing the mirror. Bah Gawd, that was great.

Also, the guy who was doing research looked like Quinito Henson to me... but don't take my word for it. The ending for the film was simply SCREAMING for a sequel...

I am sincerely hoping that my palm pilot isn't busted. If it is, then I am certainly in trouble. That's half a semester's worth of notes, all down the drain...

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Hmmm... it's been over a week, but indeed, things are still not moving anywhere. I'm tempted to give it a little push, but heck... it's not a good idea, now, is it, jabronis?

Right now, I'm beginning to feel the crunch of Otaku Board's sudden clamping down on their social boards. Not that I can blame them, really. I think I've contributed more than my share of degenerating OB into little more than a dating service or a completely social board. I suppose it can't be helped if they want to put a stop to them, but I think I ought to do my part at the same time in attempting to cut down on "socializing" with the other OBers, per se. Nonetheless, I've been pretty detached as of late, anyway, thanx to certain things that have happened in my life recently. I know it's not the best way to go about solving my problems, but it's a start, rather than letting the problem sit there and eat away at me.

As for now, I don't think I can sit well with my Alpha 3 cartridge. It's highly illogical for me to be satisfied with the cartridge, given the fact that it simply refuses to save. You mean to tell me I have to adjust my options EVERY SINGLE TIME I PLAY IT? Come on!

I saw Sacha today... nothing, really. She was with Eric Vidal, and I was too busy talking to Lloyd (aka Ato) and making fun of the guy who tagged along, George. I'm telling you: when George tries to make an insult, he has this special talent of ruining himself while trying it... :laughs: Nonetheless, while I did see Sach, I didn't feel too compelled to speak to her. I'm guessing most anything I can tell her, she's read from here already, and besides, she had company.

Grace and I will be watching the Freestyle/Side A concert on Friday. Yep. That's February 14, Single Awareness Day. :evil grin:

Monday, February 10, 2003

Let me just talk about two films I managed to see last Sunday... I suppose I'm not the authority on movie reviews, but heck, I'll still give it a whirl, nonetheless.

First, I watched "I Spy" with the family. Okay. Standard comedy fare. Owen Wilson's main strength as a comedian is his being laid back. He doesn't have to be as hyper as most comedians are, so when the time comes for him to go hyper, it actually counts for something. The storyline for the movie was fun, and even the twists were pretty funny. (Bah Gawd, it's hard to review something in a spoiler-free manner...) Eddie Murphy is one of my favorite comedians, but I can understand why critics label this as his "Third Strike". It's not exactly a masterpiece, and one of the trailers, more than the movie itself, was the one to catch my eye... Rowan Atkinson's gonna star in a secret agent spoof! Now that guy is a comic genius...

Okay. That was a pretty bloody short review...

Later that night, Grace and I, along with her sister's boyfriend, her brother, and her brother's girlfriend, watched The Eye. Bah Gawd, It was one of the better suspense/horror films I've ever seen. It's always good to see a subtle horror flick in the age of those in-your-face scary movies Hollywood never seems to run out of. I'm sure all of you know the premise by now... a girl who's been blind since two years old suddenly gains the gift of sight through a corneal transplant... or is it possibly a curse? Indeed, the film's strong point is the plausibility of the entire premise. Even better about it (Or, conversely, its worst characteristic.) is the fact that unlike most horror films, this one is simply NOT screaming for a sequel. There's more than enough closure for everything, and by the end of it, the supposedly scary stuff will make you feel sorry for the person and not scared...

I think that the film isn't as scary as The Ring, but it makes a lot more sense in the short time that it took to relate the entire story. My only problem with it is that its memorable scenes didn't come at the end of the film but at the middle. Hence, you wouldn't be scared when you leave the cinema. Of course, to keep this spoiler-free, I will have to warn you that I MIGHT be lying about this, and so you'd still have to stay tuned to watch the ending. Trust me. You wouldn't want to take my word for it, lest you miss something important...

Well, I won't be doing a top five today. I did an extra one last week already, so I'm not behind on it...

I'm still a bit down because there's this disease we people have... you know... let sleeping dogs lie, and nobody will bother waking the dog up any longer- EVEN IF IT'S THE RIGHT TIME. But then, I'm not the judge on what this so-called "right time" is. For all we know, heck, I could very well be wrong. Still, as a friend of mine put it. If there's value in it, its claimant will have to come around for it. Otherwise, it's a lost cause to begin with, and no rectification on your part can fix anything...

As for my new cartridge, Street Fighter Alpha 3, let me just state for the record that it refuses to save. Now that's a problem, if you ask me. You mean to tell me that I have to use cheat codes to unlock everything on my game? Dagnabit... I don't wanna do that!

Random thought: Galadriel looks like Gino Padilla. Wala lang.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

I managed to talk to *Jaded* Chibi-Angel today, for a couple of hours. She's also in Ateneo, and she's a very nice person. We talked a bit about my latest misadventure (Please refer to one of my posts below... I don't think it bears repeating.), and I guess the point was clear...

We ended up talking about a lot more topics, actually, but I guess we just really enjoyed each other's company, most importantly. A lot of the details we talked about were told to one another in confidence, so don't expect me to post anything juicy today... as if I ever do that in the first place... :laughs:

I just enjoy the feeling of being the one to actually do most of the listening this time. More often than not, it's me who does a lot of the talking, and while it's something I enjoy doing, there are times, especially when I actually have little of pertinence to talk about, that I'd much rather listen and actually be of utility to someone. Well, I got my chance today, and it's something good for me.

I don't have much else to say. I mean she's been such a great friend to me, and I don't want to keep on repeating the same mistakes that I do... maybe I come off as a bit aloof to some people lately. I just don't want to have to go through this anguish all the time... it's not healthy. Moreover, me and any such friend in question have better things to extend our efforts upon... it'd be mutually beneficial to me and any friends I still have for me to be a little aloof than for me to be trying too hard. I know I've managed to work on "trying too hard" a bit (As the case with Sach, I suppose.), but I still have to get it down to pat. I think with more motivation than ever, such as a great friend like Jaded whom I wouldn't want to screw up with, I'd be able to achieve it with most, if not all of my friends once and for all...

Well, let's just stray off this topic before I end this post... I saw the Loyola Lampoon for the Ateneo Guidon today. It was hilarious, and it looks like they're so heavily into The Ring right now with their references. The humor, while not top-notch, sure did its job. I really found this Lampoon to be the best one I've read in my three years in the Ateneo. It's been a pretty good day, but I still feel like Mr. Angle... wait for pictures to come into play soon. Maybe after I get Street Fighter Alpha 3 for my Gameboy Advance. Of course, that has absolutely nothing to do with my blog, but hey... no problem!

Do you smell what Marcelle is cooking? :cheesy:

Friday, February 07, 2003

An old friend of mine, Ato, seems to have what it takes to be both an excellent ficcer, and writer. Of course, I haven't seen his final works yet, but the ideas he comes up with are so good, it scares me. Have you ever considered Harry Potter, for instance? Yes, the Addava Kedavra spell is "irreversible", but that's following the logic of Western Magic. What if, say, a Filipino Faith Healer somehow ended up in Hogwarts? I won't go any further talking about it, but the premise itself is pretty fun. I hope to read his story on this soon...

Another thing that we talked about yesterday before he went off to watch Hero was the novel I've been trying to write for ages. While I don't expect to be writing much soon, you can still rest assured that I will be making some progress, and most likely accomplish something by the time I graduate. That's just a year from now...

I finally got the powers of the entire Order down to pat, more or less. Some of them already have character names, and I especially like one of the names: Aletheia. By the name alone, I'm sure you can guess what Sandra Jane's powers will be. *I'm sure she'd see this soon enough...*. Likewise, I have a pretty decent idea how to get the team together now. I mean it'd be too weird to just see them all believing that they're part of this Order, right? And there's some talk about two very sinister bloodlines that will flow into the storyline, but I'll leave that out of here, so as not to spoil the plan.

And Sach, thanx for the thoughts. You're right, though. My happiness isn't entirely dependent on one person. I'll keep that in mind next time, lest my "depressed" posts give you that idea again. It's not that I was entirely dependent on the person. I guess I was so down at the time, I was exaggerating a bit, which explains why I posted something even before the problem got solved. And Sach... err... no offense, but... Yoda, you sounded a lot like in that post, no? Anyways... heh.

Current Wrestler: Kurt Angle
Gimmick: Your Olympic Hero
Alignment: Heel

Right now, I feel like this heelish Kurt Angle. You know the way he goes, right? He's not really trying to be a heel, and wants to be a role model and an Olympic Hero and all, but he still ends up being pretty heelish. Unconsciously. Maybe that's the price I pay for losing my killer instinct. While I'm no longer as cruel to my adversaries as I was in High School (Yep. Some of them left Don Bosco in fear. They could never point anything to me, because I was too spotless.), I think that the lack of a killer instinct made me spread some of my heelishness in even my "face" moments. Yeah, yeah. More wrestle-speak. I'll give a glossary at the end for this. So now, I think it's time I regained my killer instinct (Hence, why I was known as The Undertaker before being likened to The Rock.), since I reserve that for the worst of enemies, anyway.

I'll save you the drama of my hidden evil. Chances are, you've never seen it, and even if you try, you'd have a hard time bringing out the Phenom in me... :laughs maniacally, just like Yamazaki:

Face: Good guy wrestler
Heel: Bad guy wrestler

Thursday, February 06, 2003

In other news...

I feel like I want to make a few changes in this blog, content-wise. I actually wanted to write a weekly column on my "Person of the Week", where I'd be talking to that person and posting it here, but I have to put that on hold. I want to cut some promos and see if I can match my old Championship-calibre promos in I haven't been in that E-Fed for almost two years now, but I had a couple of fun runs... one as The Rock, the other as Meriadok (A sorcerer. Would you believe I won the title with that gimmick?).

I guess the soonest I could do is make a mood update, using professional wrestlers as a reference. When I can do that as a section of my blog, I guess I'd be happy. For now, I'll just include it in my posts. Still, I don't feel like doing that just yet.

Go strangle me, but I just realized that a part of me wants to teach Philosophy when I graduate. I guess Mr. Callasanz and Mr. Bulaong significantly influenced me there, and I really wanted to originally minor in Philosophy a year ago, but my parents didn't like that idea. Still, if I suddenly got an invitation to teach in Ateneo in the Philosophy Department, I'd prolly be more inclined to take it than an offer from the Communication Department. I guess I just really enjoy Philosophy. It's one of the few subjects I don't mind having a hard time at (When I DO get a hard time with it... my prof is brilliant at making it understandable.). Nonetheless, we'll see what happens there. Otherwise, I work a couple of years, then see if I can get a Masterals in, say, Stanford or N.Y.U. for Public Relations... that's not such a bad option, either.

One dream job I don't think I can get, though, is a contract in the WWE. Now that's wishful thinking... :laughs:

I played KOF 2K2 at Centerpoint today, and let me just say that I'm glad it's 2K2 now... it's time to say "farewell" to all those cheesy infinite combos/loops that we've been seeing last year. Of course, grapplers like Clark are still scary, but it's a lot easier to take being defeated by a boxing Clark than a scrubby Whip who relies on her throws and nothing else.

Right now, I don't have a standard team. Despite that, I'm thinking that Shermie and Choi Bounge have potential in my eventual main team. Shermie, for one, is a great Grappler, and has an excellent anti-air move. Likewise, she can really confuse her opponents as when she starts rushing towards the opponent, her air-attack priority may not be the best, but it can actually beat out priority-king Clark quite surprisingly often. The number of times they got caught with Shermie's anti-air move is beyond me.

Choi, on the other hand, is irritating because he's so fast, and his jumps are high. No matter how high your priority is, you'd still be hard-pressed to beat Choi at jumping around. That's what makes him so good. He has moves that do good damage and have little lag time, and he has a simple combo into his DM (Desperation Move), though I've yet to master that. Lastly, his Hidden SDM (Super Desperation Move) is so hard to avoid! Because the slashes are random, the attacks can come from in front or behind, so your opponent would have a hard time blocking! I intend to use Choi a lot in the near future.

Other characters I tend to use.

Kula: She's got a nice anti-air normal move, and she has some decent combos this year.

Yamazaki: What's not to like about him? He can grapple, reflect projectiles, and even do nice combos! His "whip" move is one of the most unpredictable moves, and it's easily cancelled. Plus, his HSDM is a sight to behold! He throws his opponent away with his bloody teeth! Yes! His teeth!

Goro: He's one amazing grappler, and his HSDM is really good at confusing your opponent. Moreover, he has tremendous anti-air priority. I never really mastered Clark, so I'd rather use this guy. He can still hit you with his Earthquake off of a foot sweep.

Kyo/Kusanagi: Both are just for fun, especially Kyo, whose MAX mode combo is reminiscent of an FPJ movie... full of punches.

K9999: Very easy to use, wonderful (Especially against jumping opponents.) DM, wonderful HSDM (Even if they block.), and decent to amazing air priority.

Athena/Kensou: My fireball people. They have some good moves, too, though Kensou tends to be played scrubbily, as Kensou players just wait for the opponent to jump. Athena has a few good options, and a reflector.

Takuma: I'm just practicing with him. He's nothing like his old self, but his new version can be fun.

May Lee: Loved her in 2K1. Struggling with her in 2K2, but I still like using her from time to time.

Vice: A very easy-to-master grappler. Not as cheap as boxing Clarks, so I like using her when I go for an all-grappler team.

Chris/Orochi Chris: Quick, easy combos. Either one is just as good for me.

Orochi Yashiro: One of my best grapplers. I was using him in '97 and '98. Lower damage this year, but he's got a powerful and UNBLOCKABLE HSDM. That's more than enough of a reason to fear him when your opponent chooses him. Can confuse opponents a bit, but Chris is better at it.

Yeah, I think that covers it. I might love Iori Yagami's character, but until I get the hang of Max Mode combos, I don't think I can use him too well... :)
It just had to happen.

Bah, Gawd, don't I ever learn? *slaps forehead in disbelief*

Once again, I have worn out my welcome, and it makes me feel pretty much like a first-class heel. Indeed, I'm sure that a lot of people have noticed how much of a pest I can be at times, and I guess what has happened between me and her is a wake-up call for me to work on changing myself. Yeah, sure, so nobody's perfect, but at least everybody else seems to manage to keep their friendships for quite a while. I seem to lack that ability most of the time.

Apparently, my old rant on being a lousy friend was right. I should've listened to myself rant.

Wait... so why am I not in third person now?

Yes, I'm pretty bloody affected. Yes, I'm pretty bloody depressed. But no, unlike the case with the other person, I KNOW I WAS WRONG. And I'm sorry about it. But like always, the apology comes a little too late... but I can't blame her for being angry. She has every right to. If I were the least bit more perceptive, if I were the least bit more sensitive, I could've backed off in time. But I didn't. Why? Because all the stress got to me? It's not much of an excuse, really. I have no right to address this matter in third, much less second person, simply because I am not overtly happy about it (Well, duh.). Neither am I overtly angry with it. I don't have the right. But then, second person is a complete rarity that I pray I'd never have to use again... it's synonymous to the depths of my "despairing" (I use the term very loosely here.).

So yes... this is a public apology to her. I don't have to mention her name. She knows who she is, and in the same way that she has still had the decency not to mention mine, so shall it be with my addressing her. I wanted to be a good, caring friend, but I pushed the envelope way too much. Let that be a lesson to me on how to be a lot more careful about these things. I just hope my backing off now isn't too late, and that I can still salvage what else is actually left with our friendship. No need to come up to my defense. I was dead wrong here, and no matter how good my intentions are, not everyone is Machiavelli. Especially not me. Thus, I don't think my end (To be a good friend.) ever justified my means (Smothering is putting it nicely. Excessively pushing the envelope is still putting it nicely. Even being a jackass is putting it nicely.). Also, out of respect to the person, I guess I'd have to take her link out of my blog for now. It's just the right thing to do.

I hope things can be fixed. However, this time around, if it doesn't get worked out, I have no one to blame but myself.

Only time can tell.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Bah Gawd, I still have no idea how to go about doing my novel. Honestly, while I don't have a problem with the middle to the end of it, a part of me just wants to go "Ah, to Hades with the start!" and go at the story in medias res (In the middle of things.), then just type up a personal profile for each character to indicate how they joined the team...

That's my only barrier. I've no idea how to make each member join the team. They all come from different backgrounds, and some of them are from other countries...

Other than that, I think I can pull through with the novel.

Today's discussions on Philosophy were pretty... well, in a very nerdy kind of way (What's the difference between a nerd and a geek, anyway? Technology?), was fun. We were talking about concepts and judgment, and we had a quiz on "Some Notes On Aletheia", which talked about Truth as the spawn of Unconcealedness or Aletheia, which can be possible only in a free space (A playground is how I analogize it.) known as the Lichtung. No, that's not a Pokemon or a brand of iced tea. It's simply the clearing for which unconcealedness is possible, that is, how can you see the movie in your VHS without a TV or a VHS player?

Lately, that's how I've been talking about Philosophy. There's a mix of heady stuff, in there, I know, but where else can you hear such analogies? Likewise, if you're wondering: isn't Truth the same as Aletheia? Well, not really. You can unconceal something, but what you unconceal is not always "truth" per se. Here's an example. Rica Peralejo. If you "unconceal" her, is what you see "true"? Nope. It's silicon. *Bah Gawd, the censors will have my head for this!* :laughs maniacally, just like Yamazaki:
Let's just say Marcelle's beside himself with joy, and even if he does have a few reasons to rant right now, he'd rather discard them temporarily for this particular post...


It's Marcelle's girlfriend of 3 years' birthday, and well, what else can he say? It's her day, it's her time, and Marcelle is really happy today... how can he not? With everything that matters going his way, there's no reason for Marcelle to be the least bit sad today, all the more that it's Grace's birthday! Marcelle wonders where Grace will treat him... nah! Just kidding!

(OOC) I'm quite sure Grace will really appreciate my present for her... I'd like to say what it is, but I'm sure she'd read this later... so, no go. I wanted to write a poem entitled "Divine Grace", but heck, it sounded cheesy to me. Maybe next time... :smiles:


We live for the moment, lost in a haze
And Fate indeed smiles upon us these days
For we may pass away, but this state of Grace
Is far from fragile in your sweet embrace
What more can we ask from Heaven's right?
When nothing foretold or not is lost from His sight?
Indeed we shall make it through the deepest night
We shall Ignore the tempest; we shall ignore the Blight

And so we press on in the darkness of Aletheia
And we whisper to each other a solemn prayer
For no matter what comes, no matter how infernal
We shall stake our lives in this golden trial
And with loving eyes, in triumph, jovial
Though we die, we shall remain immortal

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Hmm... I've been doing a bit of blog-hopping today... I know I have a very limited list of blogs (The only ones I check frequently are the ones you see on my links...), but some of them led me to quite interesting reads... heh.

I don't think I can ever look at you in the same way again, thanks to this. :laughs: Still, I guess I shouldn't be that surprised anymore, seeing how I've known you for only a short while, and your friends would be able to describe you far... *ahem* better. Too bad you missed the last eyeball... I know we've been incommunicado for quite a while, but I hope we can talk to each other soon again. I'm glad things are looking good for you now. Go you! Go you! :laughs again:

Well, what can I say, brotha? It sure is bad you don't have your mobile phone working. Maybe I can lend you a charger. Soon. Methinks I have an extra one available. Like the person above, I am hoping that you'd be checking my blog every now and then, even if you didn't (Like the person above again. Konting parinig lang. No offense intended. :peace: ) plug my blog, or you don't greet me that often (In your case, far more forgivable, since I don't post there that often either... :) ). To make a long story short, if you want to borrow the extra charger, give me a shout-out, okay, jabroni?

As for Mr. Optimism, I'm glad you like the color Blue. I don't like blue because I'm an Atenean. I like blue because it was one of my favorite colors in Magic. Remember that Tolarian Academy deck? :laughs one more time: Nonetheless, I hope things are turning out well for you back there in the States. Thanx for the concern about my problem, by the way, As you can see, it's pretty much fine now...

Hey, Charles! (Tan...) What's up with you? Yeah, I know you're pretty swamped with all the schoolwork and all, but I hope you're still enjoying yourself, even just with the new books/comic books/manga you've purchased, or are trying to purchase. Don't let your family problems get to you. You never chose them, anyway. It's time to berate yourself when you choose your own problems. Since you don't, maybe you can try ignoring it (I think you already are...). But, hey, that's just me... and do note that Jobert's changed his blog name already... it's now entitled "My Place In The Sun". He wanted something more positive, so I guess that's what he came up with.

Well, that's about it for Marcelle. Maybe he'd talk about something else soon, but for now... Marcelle's eyes hurt... :laughs again:

Monday, February 03, 2003

Bah Gawd, it's good to be alive again! Haha-haha! Not even HER total ignorance of Marcelle can rain on his parade now! With Marcelle's problem done and over with, it's time to give a bonus...

The Top Five Great Things Marcelle Wasn't Able To Talk About Last Week:

5. Marcelle managed to finish Yugi-Oh already. He's done with the five tiers, and he's just waiting to link battle now. Moreover, it's prolly time to get a new cartridge. Maybe Street Fighter Alpha 3...
4. Marcelle saw Ring, and The Ring. Both versions were good, but Marcelle found the Japanese version a bit creepier. Grace, on the other hand, didn't care much for Psychic Powers, so the horses angle, and Samara's exudance of pure evil freaked her out. Yeah, she has a TV and a full-length mirror in her room...
3. The PAASCU came a-knocking on Ateneo's doors last week. In line with this, Marcelle's History prof, Dave Lozada, was "absent". He then had his "twin brother" take over. His "twin brother" looked just like him, but wore formal clothes, and was stiff in contrast to Mr. Lozada. From that point on, Marcelle's class refers to Mr. Lozada as Gollum...
2. As Marcelle was going online last week, he found out that *Jaded* Chibi-Angel, one of the OB people, was also from Ateneo. To his surprise, she was also online. Marcelle looked to his right, and found a girl surfing OB! :laughs: Talk about coincidences... and here's another one! Grace was reading through Seventeen Magazine, and she actually saw Sacha in the magazine! Of course, I have my own copy now... I'm such a fanboy... Just kidding...*Here's hoping she doesn't read that...* Seriously, is there anything she can't do?
1. Otaku Boards had their EB last Saturday. It was so fun, and so many people were there. Marcelle even saw someone who could've been CP number 13, but she smokes, so... no can do. It was fun, although Marcelle and Grace overate. Comment of the night from Marcelle: "What if bars were like Starbucks? Then you'd here the bartender going, 'Screaming Orgasm for George!'"

Ah, well. Time to take some tests and post them soon... :laughs again: