Monday, April 28, 2003

More movies for me to want to see... X2 was amazing, and Equilibrium is drawing me to watch it... I'm hoping to see Phone Booth and The Recruit as well, along with Anger Management...

I'm pretty much bushed, after three straight events from RX... the FHM party was pathetic, considering not just the lack of eye candy, but more so the lousy program and hosting, and the exaggerated hype which certainly sets up quite a letdown for everyone in the audience. Grace and I were there, and we sure as Hades didn't like the program because of all the gaffs it had.

Anyways, wait for the X2 review... there're reasons why it fell short of an A, though...

As for the Saturday event, the RX White Heat summer party, it led me to the conclusion that I am indeed no party animal. While Grace enjoyed herself dancing around, even with ma'am Carla, one of my attractive co-workers, I couldn't bring myself to go dance there much. *jaded* and her sister was there. It was a pretty okay party, and it was sure a smashing success, without a doubt.

Ah, well. I had a long talk with Ato last night as well... so many crossroads people have to take now... and my time is fast approaching...

I can't keep myself from being too pensive, but I can keep myself from caring how unfair the world is. For all I know, it can be unfair to my advantage...

Sorry if this all seems like mindless rambling from me, but I hope that somewhere in these words, there is a shred of logic or good advice that could actually be of invaluable help...

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I don't know what to say... I'm glad the people I gave my pasalubong to enjoyed the stuff they got. I suppose it's also fun that they raved about the Alfajor I let them sample...

Anyways, when I got back at work, I guess it was pretty natural for me already. I don't have any problems at all with work right now, even if I now have a new boss, as sir David got transferred. Apparently, my new boss, Lally, is a fresh graduate from St. Paul Q.C... I suppose that's fine with me, as she seems to be a bit more lenient with the Gameboy and the Archie comics. Nonetheless, my co-practicumers, Kim and Steph, are both pretty nice. They both smoke, though, but that won't get in the way because they're not Chinese :laughs:. They wanted to go play billiards with me, but I had to decline. I'd rather go online than shell my money at a game I'm no good at... :laughs again:

Just a few quick greetings...

Happy birthday to you, jabroni! I hope you enjoyed your debut, and... pictures! I want to know what I missed... and would you believe I've only been to ONE debut in my life? Yep. Most of my friends don't celebrate debuts, or worse, they don't think I'm worthy enough to be invited (Which is an insult if you're particularly close to the person... sorry. I was remembering a particular former blockmate.).

And how are you? I haven't heard from you in ages, but I know you still drop by here from time to time. I would know... you're the only Linux user I see on my control panel... :biggrin: seen The Core yet?

We're having X-Men 2 on Friday, and I might go to the FHM party on Thursday... anyone wants to go? They have this thing for charity, where you give your bra, and 5 pesos goes to charity... this is FHM, after all. So yes, lots of people there will be walking around without bras... I know a couple of people who can get away with it, though. On Saturday, a hip-hop party...

I've been going to Megamall lately. The arcades there are nice, since they have KOF 2K2, and Kip Oebanda frequents the place. Dance Maniax is cheap there, too, and it's challenging for me to try and stay alive. Unlike in Centerpoint, I can fail a stage... nonetheless, my KOF 2K2 has been improving, and I guess I can take on the fag in Centerpoint again next time. I just need to improve a bit more...

Catch you next time, jabronis!

Monday, April 21, 2003

I sure nearly ran out of money...

Purchases made in Baguio out of my own money:

- 2 jars of Alfajor
- 3 jars of Strawberry Jam
- 3 jars of Choco Flakes
- 1 jar of Ube Jam

While I was there, I managed to see some WWE... Wrestlemania, Goldberg, all that stuff... it was pretty fun, actually. Brock's shooting star press was weird-looking... his spin was really far off already.

Just like last year, a friend of mine was also in Baguio, but I never saw her. Her name is Daf. Last year, another friend of mine, Addy (Apparently, by now, a former friend...), was there in Baguio, but I didn't see her, either... well, we know where that story leads to...

Anyways, nothing much in Baguio. We were mostly riding bicycles, and stuck in front of the television. I'm not much of a fan of ukay-ukays, so I didn't go around there much. I only bought a pair of khaki pants and a new Hawaiian shirt... other than that, my hands were firmly in my pockets.

Prior to going to Baguio, Grace and I had the cartridge of Guilty Gear X replaced, and the fun thing about it is that I didn't get another cartridge as replacement. I got myself a link cable and an aluminum case.

Work was the same old drag for me, but I'm happy about it. I suppose the people I gave the stuff I bought in Baguio to were happy with what they got, though everyone was craving for the Alfajor I only gave samples of. I'm not crazy enough to turn over the entire jar to them, you know. I suppose things are fine, but I'm pretty much exhausted. We got back from Baguio at 2:00 in the morning already, and I'm still tired.

I sincerely miss blogging daily. Letting days pass before writing ALWAYS derails my train of thought, and I'm too lazy to go take notes, or make my diary handwriting more decipherable for me to dispense the pertinent details here or in my LJ...

Ah, well. Top Five... delayed until further notice, jabronis. :biggrin: Sorry.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I'm off to Baguio, and I hope to bring home some Igorots for my friends... :laughs:

I bought Guilty Gear X for the GBA. Again, it doesn't save. Gotta have it replaced...

Anyways... Johnny English was a riot. Yet another movie I have to review. Prior to that, we got a truckload of DVD's and Archie comics from my aunt... lots of things in her stock, so it seems.

I'm in a little rut right now... I hope to fix it soon.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Just a quick, quick post...

LJ's functional, but I need links in there, and I need to take out the label that says I'm posting in public, etc...

I also want to move the moods to the lower part of the post, as well as music...

Got my grades today. I pulled my Theology to a B+, pulled my History to an A, got an A in Philosophy and Jim Paredes' class, and only hacked a B+ in my PR... too bad, but a 3.8 QPI is making me smile a lot, anyway...

I'm so happy... I even got to talk to Mich today, and... more on that next time. Top Five to follow next Monday again...

Thursday, April 10, 2003

I'm fairly stressed out, and I just want to vituperate all these worries away...

My temper has been running short as of late, and I know I've been a bit unfair to Grace... I guess I can't help but feel extremely frustrated, seeing how cut off I seem to have gotten from OB because of this connection I'm using. It refuses to recognize me as logged in... compound that with some stress (Though far less than schoolwork...) from RX, as well as the anguish I have over receiving tomorrow's grades. I'm extremely stressed. TWICE my Monster Rancher 2 save file has gotten corrupted, leaving me no choice but to take it from the top with the game... this proves to cause a lot of anguish to me, simply because I've made a lot of progress in the game, only to be struck by this. TWICE.

Yep. I still need some cyber-hugs... :sweatface:

My younger step-brother, Dondon, graduated from grade school yesterday. His best friend, Elgin Alonso, is the son of a certain actor named Chinggoy Alonso... not that I expect any gasps of awe from anyone over that...

I still have to be thankful for a few things, though... Bear with me on this weird topic, but... I'd like to talk a bit about hugs.

Don't get me wrong. I put a lot of stock in the value of (real) hugs. I must say that I treasure them a lot, since they're so few and far in between for me. That's prolly because I'm a fairly reserved person, who wouldn't want to make people feel uncomfortable. I don't trust my touch to be one that is free from being misinterpreted. Rather than risk giving the wrong signals, I just play it safe... but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate hugs. In fact, I appreciate them a whole lot. It's one of the few forms of contact that holds ABSOLUTELY no malice in my mind (Though I still am conscious of how others might take it.). Whilst Grace used to think that hugs are a guy's way to creatively cop a feel, it's simply not the case with me...

Which leads me to be grateful to people I can actually hug without fear of sending them the wrong notion that I'm lecherous or anything to that effect. Grace would be one of the obvious people. Lately, it's been the same with *jaded*. God knows how glad I am to finally be able to call someone my best friend and not EVER run the risk of falling for her (Not that she's unattractive... I have certain reasons beyond that.). I'm also thankful Grace trusts me enough with *jaded*, and I can swear here that I haven't ever violated that trust.

But prior to yesterday, there has been one friend whom I cared for a lot (And still do to this day, though in a purely Platonic manner now.) who has always been elusive to me... I'm half-tempted to mention her name, but I guess it's obvious who I'm talking about, anyway, and I would want to play it safe, unless if she were to tell me it's okay to mention her name. Since I made a surprising discovery about my readership, which led me to realize that someone who's welcome to read my blog (As if anyone isn't...) is doing so, but the connection might prove... uncomfortable. Nevertheless... in the long time we've known each other, I never got to hug her. That's prolly because I was too stupid and made my situation with her too... complicated.

Yesterday, I managed to talk to her, and I guess it was clear by then that I'm over the past issues with her already. And she knows it. It took a huge event for me to get out of that phase I was stuck in for ages, but it was well worth it. After some time, I told her that as far as my life is going right now, it's good, but there's just one simple hangup I have left... I never, in all the time I've known her, got to hug her.

Now, it's no longer a hangup. For that magical moment, it simply happened. And I'm glad it did. As I hugged her, an onrush of emotions flooded me. Surprisingly, one emotion was conspicuously (And thankfully) missing from that onrush- romance. Without a doubt, I was over her. But in place of that failed romance I have moved past, a friendship, a very beautiful one, stands in its place.

And I smile and marvel at it.

You know who you are. Thank you. You know how much that means to me.

In other news:

I have an LJ now... it's HERE, but there's nothing in it yet. Thanx to a friend in History class for that... :)

Monday, April 07, 2003

I still haven't gotten the hang of playing KOF 2K2 as well as I'd want to. I seem to fail my combos at crunch time, and it costs me with uber-cheap players like the fag I was talking about before. Kula isn't too hard, except when she starts that onrush of low jump attacks, interspersed with some Lay Spins. It's more like Whip who's become problematic, as it seems even Clark will have a nightmare going air-to-air with her. The Shermie, on the other hand, is fairly irritating. That spinning kick of hers can't be blocked low, and I keep on forgetting that.

Nonetheless, I think if I just master my combos with Takuma and Choi, I can more or less be ready to lay some serious smackdown already. My Capcom vs. Marvel 2 has been improving a bit, and it's a toss-up for me to stick to my Spiral-Cable-Cyclops triumvirate, or Spiral-Storm-Cable, which proves to be deadly when the opportunity presents itself. Storm can knock away an active opponent with a helper still around for her to beat up until they get KO'd. Pretty nifty trick I picked up from one of the people at Galleria, but it seems I'm not yet good enough to actually air-dash quickly enough at will.

As for work, we had an event for Selecta Cornetto at Festival Mall yesterday, featuring Parokya ni Edgar. They were hilarious. They somehow managed to sing "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?" and then medley it with "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo". Pretty impressive, actually. I had my fill of ice cream, and one of the Radio 1 people at hand there took along a friend with him, who happens to be Atenean AND in Comm. She's a year after my batch, though, so she didn't really strike a chord with me. Still, I enjoyed myself in Festival Mall yesterday, as the arcade was simply great, and everything else about the event was amazing. Parokya never ceases to amuse and delight me. Chico and Delle hosted the event.

I haven't gotten my time log for my pracitcum in RX yet, though. I don't mind. I'll be working there for two months, well over 120 hours. I just need to find the time to actually go to Abby's house and get the pertinent documents...

Today, being a holiday, I managed to go on-air with the Morning Rush, and talk a bit. I'm not as rabid about being a rusher as I used to be two or three years ago. Must be because of THAT summer. Nonetheless, I'm still happy to be around the dynamic duo. I'm here right now, just typing up this stuff, then I'll be hopefully sending in some tournament results in the near future. Heck, I feel too lazy. Maybe I'll pass on it. I'm sure the commish wouldn't really mind anyway. I'm really not too enthusiastic about a lot of things nowadays, and it's not because I'm depressed or anything. I just realized, somewhere down the road, that being too passionate on things is simply not always a great thing. In fact, it often sets one up for major disappointments.

*Time to get in character*

I don't think there's any reason for me to expound why I think summer is so overrated. So fine, Marcelle doesn't have classes, so fine, Marcelle can relax, but so what? Marcelle doesn't really care much about sitting in one place, doing nothing. That's pretty clear to anyone who's known him for years, because Marcelle, since High School and to this day, has ALWAYS been very busy during the summer. This isn't really much of a vituperation, actually. It's just a way for Marcelle to come to terms with a reality he hasn't really affirmed about himself all these years. Summer just isn't his bag.

Couple this with the fact that Marcelle depends upon the Ateneo for his internet connection. Simply put, without the Ateneo, his internet life is severely castrated. Sure, he's not as huge a net addict as some people he knows, but regardless... it's something that he devotes a lot of time to.

Forget it. The weather's too hot for Marcelle to vituperate. He lacks energy for that, but he doesn't seem to lack the drive right now to jump from promotion to promotion...

*Out of character time.*

Whassup, jabroni? You seem to be pretty occupied with your summer job/OJT right now. Still, you haven't lost your touch when it comes to your sharp commentary. For all your faults, what I really like about you is the fact that he's not the least bit worried you're keeping any bad sentiments about me or anyone else to yourself. It's always good to have a person who's willing enough to keep you in check and not care how you feel about it. That's not a bad thing. That's a good thing.

New layout for you, eh? Pretty nifty, actually. Now let's see how hard it is for you to come up with a layout that WON'T impress any of us. It seems almost effortless for you to come up with these nice ones. Your dream, on the other hand, is fairly strange, all right. But I'm surprised you kicked Legolas' stand away... especially after your "affair" with him... hope you'd enjoy the summer, even with classes, and here's hoping I can get a few extra tickets for either Johnny English and X-Men 2 so I can hopefully invite you and... So what're you up to this summer? Seems like you have been fairly quiet these past few days, though I immensely enjoyed your song-tripping. Unwell is still my personal anthem, and hearing that song nearly every three hours on RX still never ceases to hit the spot... I guess I'm really happy about that, indeed. I wanted to help out with her predicament, but it seems I'm in no position to do so. I'm not even sure if she remembers me... Nevertheless, hope you're doing well, and see you when I see you.

Looks like you're pretty much as busy as Charles. Under the weather, even, so I see. If it's any consolation, I don't think it's SARS, and you're going to be fine soon enough. How goes things for you, besides that? Nice-looking new layout, by the way, and I'm amazed you made it mostly by Palm...

New URL for this jabroni. While it has yet to be touched by the trademark Voltage layout masterpiece system, the new server seems to have much promise. At least it's going to be around a lot more than fateback is, which simply means...

I can hardly know how you're doing right now. If it wasn't for the mini-EB we had last week, I'd be fairly clueless on what's going on with you, but hey... it's L5R as usual... nothing wrong with that at all, I suppose. I'm glad you seem to be doing well. Here's to more opportunities for the OB people to get to see each other. By the way, I've been running into a lot of cheesy Iron Man players in Gameworx for the two days I was there... or is that only because I'm using Cable?

Glad you have a practicum job waiting for you this May. As you can see, I'm working for two months with no visible guarantee of getting paid for it. I'm not complaining, though. RX is a great place to be. So... how's your boyfriend? Oh. Right. SSB... Haha-haha!

Hi, Madame! I still have that April Fool's gag rather fresh in my mind. It was a hoot, and I'm glad I wasn't there to find out how long I would've been fooled by it. Your brother's a pretty great guy, and I hope to see him again soon... I hope to see you even just once in a future gathering of sorts, though... actually, nearly everyone hopes so, too. :biggrin: (Why am I typing emoticon shortcut keys when Blogger doesn't support these shortcuts? :laugh: I did it again!!! :sweatface:)

More dreams? Wow... your dreams sure have been fairly strange as of late. Aside from the Sex Bomb dream, I now have a recurring dream (Same theme, prolly different situations.) involving me and some girl I'm SUPPOSED to know, but I don't. And no, she isn't Chinese. I was doing even stranger stuff in that dream than the one with Rochelle... errghhh... anyways, how's the weather there? I'm sweating bullets here right now...

If the hacker guy in The Core existed in real life, I wonder how you'd deal with him? I know for a fact you hate cyber-terrorism. And you never did tell me how you happen to know Mr. Jon Bulaong... anyways, congratulations on graduating, and hope to be your student soon, jabroni!

Is it just my computer, or does your links page still unupdated? I dunno... you have a couple of new entries, but I still don't see the new links there... but hey, thanx for the mini-EB and the ride last time out. That was a great way to just lower everyone's tension levels... :biggrin:

And... *jaded*... I see you've changed URL's. Can you tell me where you are now?

One last thing... as I promised...

Friday's top five: The Top Five Alternate Careers For Celebrities

Today, on the other hand...

The Top Five Songs You'd Play On Your Honeymoon

5. Spice Girls: "Two Become One"
4. Aaliyah (RIP): "I'm So Into You"
3. Evanessence: "Bring Me To Life"
2. Matchbox Twenty: "Bent"
1. 98 Degress: "The Hardest Thing"

- (Forgot the Artist): "O, Lumapit Ka"
- Tom Jones: "It's Not Unusual"
- Mastaplann (?): "Jabongga
- Boyz II Men: "I'll Make Love To You"
- Madonna: "Like A Virgin"
- Nelly: "Ride Wit Me"

Wow. I'm done! Catch you next time, jabronis!

Saturday, April 05, 2003

I'm having fun with my job. Brad Turvey is a bit snobbish, but Chico and Delle are as nice as ever...

Had fun yesterday at yet another OB Mini-EB... details to follow.

I tried to pull my old Dexter act on them again, with voice and all... it was great that I got to make them laugh again. Haven't really done that much for ages. Of course, I took it back and used my real voice afterwards...

Summer. It's so bloody overrated. I'll tell you jabronis why by Monday, I suppose.

And Top Five to follow on Monday, as well.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I'm too lazy to edit the post, but here goes...

1. The film was pretty fun. You see, I never realized they were trying to do a Pinoy musical in Bobby's movie. Abby, as Michiko, was lip-synching and dancing to the tune of "Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso", and though for a moment I almost asked myself if the pain still remained, seeing the movie completely erased that feeling... Bro played the lecherous teacher (Bro, hindi bagay! But it was fine, nonetheless.)who was tickling Michiko's fancy, and another guy played Michiko's best friend, who secretly liked her. Michiko's other friends, in hopes of making her jealous in behalf of the guy, started fawning all over him. One of them was gay, by the way. We were then treated to lots of different songs there... all of them were OPM. In the end, Michiko admits that she actually wanted her best friend to be jealous, and the reason she went around a lot with the teacher was because she needed help to improve her poem for the guy... lots of condom jokes in between...

The clincher line?

Michiko: Oo nga pala. Hindi na Michiko ang pangalan ko.

Guy: Ha? Eh di ano na?

Michiko: Michi-MO!!!

There were other films there as well, and Carlos Navarro's was interesting. Looks like someone made references to Sacha... :devilish grin:

2. Yep. All that hard work paid off, and I got the A I wanted for the orals. Mr. Bulaong was talking to me about the options I could consider if I really wanted to teach Philosophy, while April had to get some things off her chest (Confidential stuff. My apologies, but I can't say a thing about it.). Dom, on the other hand, whipped Mr. Bulaong TWICE in chess. There goes that jock stereotype... :laughs: He was also a great guy to talk to, nonetheless.

I enjoyed that time I spent there. I guess everything was really great...

3. Nuf said. My comp doesn't refresh easily, so I have no idea if the people I blog-hop to happen to have made new posts in their respective blogs. Still, I hope they're all fine.

4. I still need them. :biggrin:

5. It was a pretty fun party, lots of food. The dessert was especially great.

6. And the details are here already... :)

Additional stuff...

- Grace and I had a huge argument last Monday, because she failed one of her subjects, and she didn't want to take the matter to the administration. I was telling her to do so, especially since the other class was already using leakages to pass, and yet her class let it slide. If Abby didn't save the day (Yet again, so it seems.), I don't think we would've still been together. Nonetheless, the argument has been resolved, but I still want to strangle her prof to death when I see that prof. Rest assured that these words will reach fruition, given the right opportunity.

- I'm working in RX already, and it's pretty fun. Anyone who wants to see me over the summer, just drop by the station. It gets pretty boring there, and I don't want to risk playing my GBA there, lest I get reprimanded. We had a Monster Movie Premiere of The Core last night, and now I owe you my review on that, Shanghai Knights, and the Ring series all over again. I still want to watch a lot of other movies, including Gangs of New York, Chicago, Willard, Johnny English (RX will premiere this on the 14th.), and Sex Drive. Haha-haha!

- There's this really mean prank on OB as an April Fool's Day Joke, and it disoriented everyone. There was a high-profile "banning" of a mod, and lots of people fell for it. I, on the other hand, did not get to do my annual court-a-(Hopefully)Chinese-girl-on-April-Fool's-Day routine. Shucks. :laughs:

That's all I can say right now...