Friday, January 31, 2003

No, Marcelle's problems aren't done with yet, as a certain new one has ended up rearing its ugly head. So, with that, pardon the lack of humor for this week's Top Five...

The Top Five Reasons Marcelle Has Hardly Posted This Week:

5. Yugi-Oh rules! It's one amazing game, and it's been keeping Marcelle quite busy.
4. Studies.
3. Despite a lot of nice things happening this week, Marcelle just seems to have writer's block, especially when SHE has started resorting to completely ignoring him. And why?
2. Some snide remarks over this week in a certain place have been doing their job of deflating Marcelle's spirits. And it's not like he deserves the treatment, either.
1. Marcelle has a certain problem that cannot be solved easily... it can be solved by one and only one person. Until then, his life is on hold...

Monday, January 27, 2003

Marcelle is drained. Too drained emotionally, too drained physically, too drained mentally, to so much as try and come up with a decent post this time. It feels as though his world is falling apart on him already, and it's just so bloody difficult to cope... how Marcelle wishes he can do something, but his happiness right now can only come from one person, and what she has to say. Other than that, nothing can change his sentiments right now.


Friday, January 24, 2003

Well, I owe this to you jabronis every Friday, so it's high time I did another one... a disclaimer.... I do not, in any way, express my agreement with these answers in writing them down, okay?

The Top 5 Answers To The Question, "Why Aren't You Married Yet?"

5. "And why aren't you married yet?"
4. "Marriage? It gets in the way of my being single."
3. "Because I treasure my sanity."
2. "Because she still is."
1. "Because I won't get married until my age is equal to my waistline."

Short post for now... I need to relax my mind as I will be watching the Ring, and Ring... :)

Thursday, January 23, 2003


Really, this entire mess has been so frustrating to Marcelle lately. He's burnt out from all the schoolwork he has to do, and guess what? He's still not going to get that straight A sem that he BADLY NEEDS to get a bloody Cum Laude when he graduates. How frustrating can that be?

*Blogger, you really, really have been nothing but trouble. Bah Gawd, Marcelle has already typed this post, and now, YOU WANT HIM TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN? If it weren't for the fact that you were free, Marcelle would've sued you already for that huge disservice, jabroni.

First off, as a necessary disclaimer, while it might seem that the next few paragraphs would sound like Marcelle is being such an arrogant prick, please do realize that it's because of the standards he sets for himself. Marcelle isn't the type of person who thinks he's so bloody intelligent that he deserves an A. What he thinks is that he busted his back trying to get that A, and then unfair, perhaps even Draconic practices by a certain teacher of his denies him this opportunity! Honestly, if you were in Marcelle's place, you would be frustrated as Hades right now, and let's illustrate what happened for you to comprehend.

Now, imagine spending nights on end reviewing for a bloody simple QUIZ. First thing to remember is Fr. Reyes, our Theology teacher, gives quizzes every Thursday. No, that's not exactly the problem. The problem lies in how he asks these questions. First off, no amount of reviewing will prepare you for the things he would ask. He might ask a very important point that was discussed in the text in TWO DIFFERENT WAYS, and then approve only one of the ways it was answered. He may ask a seemingly insignificant piece of information there, and mark you wrong for missing a few certain words. Yes, he's close to 75% verbatim. Pretty soon, expect him to ask you to cite specific passages or something. Lastly, and this was the most irritating of all, he can NITPICK YOU AND REQUIRE AN ANSWER THAT'S WRONG.

Let Marcelle qualify this. In today's quiz, Fr. Reyes asked, "What literary DEVICE was used by Hosea c.1-3?" Of course, the answer was simple, right? It's a METAPHOR. But no, what he was expecting was a MARRIAGE METAPHOR. You're wrong if you missed the word MARRIAGE. Cripes on Friday! What the bloody Hades is he trying to tell us, that a metaphor isn't a device? That there is such a device CONVENTIONALLY LISTED, called "MARRIAGE metaphor"? Oh, come on! If he wanted that answer, then he should've asked "WHAT TYPE OF METAPHOR was used in Hosea c.1-3?", and not the former question! Marcelle is willing to bet his right hand that not a third of the class will get that question right. Why not? Because asking for that kind of answer is plain nitpicking, and if we follow things strictly, that question was worded so wrongly that metaphor should've likewise (And even more appropriately.) the right answer.

So... fine, Fr. Reyes is nothing like the Draconic teachers from Hades in UST. So fine, Marcelle has quite stringent standards of what a "terror" prof is all about. But the fact remains that thanks to him, Theology will be THE ONLY SUBJECT MARCELLE WILL NOT GET AN "A" IN. Okay. This is why Marcelle had to warn you that things will sound arrogant here. Please take note of the previous disclaimers. This is a dialogue between Marcelle and his own standards, not other people. Marcelle knows inside him that he met his standards. He studied so bloody hard for a simple quiz, and yet here comes an asinine priest who thinks that there is such a conventional literary device as a "Marriage Metaphor". Honestly, Fr. Reyes, are you even Christian?

You see, Marcelle needs a perfect sem badly to become Cum Laude. At the same time, you have to realize that Marcelle wouldn't be this frustrated if it's his own fault. He can blame only himself. Rather, what gets him frustrated is his prof who thinks he's God's gift to Chinese women (And yes, he's a priest.), acting around like that. Really now. It's like being eliminated from the Royal Rumble by a guy who was already out of the rumble to begin with when you're in the final four. Simply put, that man cost you a title shot at Wrestlemania. That, on a smaller scale, is how Marcelle feels about what Fr. Reyes has been doing so far.

If there's one good thing about this, then it's the fact that at least, Marcelle's depression is no longer without reason. There's this, there's the fact that Blogger didn't post this one the last time out, the fact that Marcelle's TITLE BELTS HAVE STILL NOT YET ARRIVED, and there's the fact that a lot of Marcelle's friends seem to have completely stopped caring about him. It's not like Marcelle is craving being the center of the spotlight, but to be completely drowned in apathy is not something Marcelle would want to have to go through, either.

It's way too disheartening, seeing how Marcelle's friends and family are usually the only things that keep him going, and if Marcelle didn't even fix his family problems at the end of last year, then he would have little reason to push on now, would he? Really. It's true, it's true. It's sad how a lot of Marcelle's so-called friends seem to disappear regardless if things are bad or things are good. They just plain disappear. (Of course, Marcelle would expect that you know which friends he's talking about. Wouldn't want any misunderstanding now, would we?) If only these friends would be the least bit concerned, then maybe things can be just a bit better...

Dammit. Not even Yugi-Oh can pick Marcelle's spirits up right now.


Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Hey, whaddya know? I finally got myself Yugi-Oh for my Gameboy Advance, and I have to say that I'm REALLY glad I did... it's one of the deepest games I've ever encountered, despite the fact that the game system itself is fairly simple. I don't think I'll be tiring of this game as easily as I did with Lord of the Rings for GBA, or even Pokemon TCG, simply because of the number of choices and things to unlock in the game. 800 cards versus Pokemon's paltry 300-400? Come on! Also, unlike most of my other games, this is one game I can have a lot of people to go multiplayer with... :)

Rob mistook one of Sacha's friends for her boyfriend. How many times have we heard that? Shucks, and here I was thinking I'd win the bet Sach and I made...

Looks like Abby's going to win our bet for sure, especially since she's had a boyfriend since September. Of course, I won't be disclosing what the details of that bet are...

I came from Centerpoint today before going to class. I had to help Grace review for her Spanish test today, and she was really harassed because of it. Thank goodness she managed to memorize a lot of things, despite the lack of sleep and all. I'm wishing her the best for this exam... as I always do, of course. I finally got a WORKING rechargeable battery for my GBA, since the one I bought yesterday didn't work. Thank goodness the store replaced it, or else those jabronis would never hear the end of my ranting against them...

Ah, well. I haven't much stories to tell. Go check Otaku Boards if you want to read any more of my ramblings... or just read some nice stuff about the group I'm most often with online.

If you smell what Marcelle is cooking, jabroni! :cheesy yet again:

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Maybe I should run for public office. Nah... still, it's a funny thought. For the past couple of months or so, I've noticed that anywhere I go, I end up seeing someone I know. I'll try to prove that point by running down what happened to me this weekend...

After Aling Banang's, my stepdad took all of us to Eastwood, where we did nothing too interesting, except maybe drink coffee at Seattle's Best (While I'm no Starbucks Fan, at least they have Caramel Cream Frappe... and Seattle's doesn't.). So while walking around for a while, I end up bumping into Icks Dumlao, one of my old friends way back from Don Bosco Mandaluyong. Honestly. What were the chances of seeing him again? Not too high, I must say...

As if fate decided to remind me I knew a lot of nice people, as we sat down in Seattle's Best, I look across me and there's my really nice Economics 102 prof, Ma'am Karen Tecson. It was really odd how that happened. I saw her by chance just last Thursday, so the serendipity of meeting two people in a row in the same area on the same day was pretty unnerving to me...

Next day, while going to Galleria to watch The Two Towers again, I look outside the exit into the parking lot as we were driving by, and I saw Bianca from the Ateneo Debate Society. Again, what were the chances? I likewise recall that when we watched Agimat a couple of weeks ago, we sat in the exact row as my P.R. prof, Mr. Sev Sarmenta, did. Sure, meeting someone in a theatre is fine, but sitting in the exact same row? If this is what Charles refers to as his "stalker powers", then I must say that it's uncanny!

Okay. After the movie, we went to mass. Inside the Church, in comes Jupi, one of my first year English blockmates. Of course, that wasn't much of a surprise, seeing how Mary The Queen, after all, is usually a Xavier student's church-of-choice. Some time ago, I also saw Jobert there in mass. Really, really strange... of course, the highlight of the night in the mass last Sunday was the fact that Rica Peralejo (With Bernard Palanca) was just three to four rows behind us, and Caren, my stepsister, was really eager to point that fact out.

Too many coincidences in a span of three months... not that I'm complaining. It's just... uncanny...

Monday, January 20, 2003

Marcelle finally treated his family to Aling Banang's. It's been quite a while since he promised to, and it's all good times. They sure enjoyed the food. And who wouldn't, right? Marcelle's been raving about this place for the longest time, and with good reason!

The next day, it was Two Towers AGAIN. Mind you, Marcelle didn't have much of a problem with that, though. The Two Towers was a pretty good film, and by far, the film Marcelle has been most eagerly waiting for the entire year. Screw Daredevil (With the BLACK Kingpin) and X2, or perhaps even Matrix: Reloaded. LOTR: The Two Towers is THE WAY TO MAKE A GOOD FILM. It's not like Marcelle's a Tolkien fan, or anything. It's simply because the movie was that damn good, plain and simple.

Came from Grace's house this morning... It's a good feeling one gets when he tries to help out friends. Marcelle hopes that his review for Grace would aid her in getting a good grade from Comparative Anatomy. As Marcelle was poring over the NINE bloody chapters she had to go through, he ended up being a lot more grateful that he took Communication Arts and NOT Biology, or something to that effect.

Today saw not much in the way of classes. Mr. Bulaong gave the Philo class a free cut, and released the results of the oral exams. Well, whaddya know? Looks like Marcelle managed to hack an "A" with his oral exam effort. Of course, telegraphing that Mr. Bulaong would ask him about the despair of defiance really helped a lot, and needless to say, Marcelle loves Philosophy so much, anyway that he reviewed for any question that may come up, anyway. Of course, it remains to be seen if he would still have aced the exams had Mr. Bulaong decided to not ask him about defiance...

Marcelle's still looking for a good game to buy on the GBA. The choices are (Since he can afford only one...): Fire Pro Wrestling, Tekken Advance, Yugi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist's Soul, or Ogre Tactics (Which he still can't find anywhere, unfortunately.)... ah, well.

Lately, it's come to Marcelle's attention that he's been fairly stoic lately, excluding when he's around Grace (OOC: Happy 3 years and 3 months to us, Grace! Love you!), and hopefully, other people haven't taken offense to this. A lot has been on his mind lately, and he still has yet to hear from a few parties that genuinely call for his attention...

Ah, well. That's the Bottom Line, 'cause Marcelle said so! :cheesy:
We gave away our Labrador/mongrel last Saturday... shucks.

Marcelle has kind of grown attached to "Miggy" already, although he tends to bite Marcelle a lot. Miggy was a pretty nice dog, so it's too bad that he had to go, but hey, he had to go...

At least, wherever Miggy is now, he isn't biting anyone there... so much space to run around with, unlike in the house, where he was tied to a leash most of the time.

But of course, good ol' Mom wouldn't give away the dog without getting a replacement (Lest Marcelle's seven-year old brother, Jericho, bawls his eyes out for the next four months...), so we now have a cute little beagle Jericho aptly named Snoopy. It's not like Snoopy looks anything like the Peanut Snoopy, but hey, whatever works. Really, really cute dog, though not yet housebroken...

Ah, heck... so many things Marcelle has had to part with as of late... and the list goes on...

More thoughts to come when Marcelle enters the ring or something to deliver a promo... :laughs:

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Well, I added yet another link to the list of old friends whose blogs I've discovered only now...

Yo, Jobert! I hope you don't mind my putting you up on my links. If you want me to take it down or something, just let me know, sans all the fireballs coming my way, or something...

I hope you're doing fine in the States. Don't worry. It's not like you'll be losing any of your friends here. You have only everything to gain, jabroni. Everything to gain, indeed.

At least, Mr. Lozada ended his history class fairly early... that's always good...

I haven't much to talk about, anyway. I saw Lord of the Rings already, with my family and with Grace, but what can I say that hasn't been said about it? Same goes for Mano Po, Agimat, or eventually, Sukdulan. Haha-haha! But rest assured I'll have a mouthful to say about both versions of The Ring, and maybe The Others, when I get around to watching it. Maybe Buttobi CPU would also be a nice thing to talk about eventually, but I'll save my sentiments for the AOD series... :guffaws:

You know what I miss? The third person. I think I should start typing in third person again, even if just a little more often... yeah... that makes a lot of sense to Marcelle...

Friday, January 17, 2003

I can't do the link, apparently. Please, please, please... someone help me delete the last two posts. Something hideously wrong has happened, and the EDIT button in my blog now links me to the null link created by this mess...


EDIT: Mess has been fixed. Thank you for the help you've given me... :)
I wanted to write a poem here, but I'm stuck. What rhymes with luck? Nah, I think this idea, I ought to just chuck. What else can rhyme that ain't a cuss word like duck? Ah, the things we do for a buck...

Obviously, this is just a fun post to pass the time... and you will never read a single cuss word from this blog. I'd have a hard time explaining that to my grandchildren when the time comes...

And I know there's a poem I can write soon... I just have to put my mind into it and get some inspiration again... :laugh:

Here's another update: New link, jabronis! It's none other than Charles Tan, one of the people I hang out with at calf up. Great layout, and VERY interesting content...
Everyone seems to be a writer.

I just found it to be an intriguing fact that just about every other blog I look at simply blows my writing away by leaps and bounds, and they don't even have to try!

Yeah, it should be making me sad, but I'm in first-person today, aren't I? So I actually find it to be a bit of a funny thing, to say the least... I mean come on! What course is Maia taking again? Oh, that's right: Anglo-Saxon Literature. What course is Charles "Stalker" Tan taking (Oh. I owe him an apology from September. I owe you lunch at Pancake House, jabroni.)? Yep. Creative Writing. I click on just about any link on their blogs, and I see masterpieces of writing, all the same.

Then I look at my work.

What a rut I'm in lately... but hey, I'm still smiling. I mean, it's not everyday when I get the chance to post on OB, and there are ample people online at the same time. Also, while I obviously pale in comparison to their writing skills, I don't have much of an audience to cater to with this blog anyway, so I don't really need to write too well... but I sure hope it wouldn't hurt them to link me to their blogs if they see it fit... it's like texting a "friend", and then being asked "Who u?", which is another way of telling you that "I don't care enough to include your number in my address book."

On the schoolwork front, I have a makeup class tomorrow for History, and while Mr. Lozada is a great teacher, I think he's quite a ham when he tries to get his point across. He expects us to laugh at his jokes all the time, and yet he hardly comes up with any new material to begin with. Well, I'd still rather have him joking about history than having him make a joke out of our grades. This is the closest I've ever gotten to having an all-A semester, and I don't intend to give up at it.

As for Otaku Boards, given that I'm attending the makeup class, I won't be at our "manly" mini-EB tomorrow, which, male creatures that we OBers are, haven't even planned for yet. It'd be a small miracle of sorts for me to log in early tomorrow and see where they intend to go. I'm sure text messages will be flying there...

I met up with Grace last night. As usual, Aling Banang's was our place to eat, but prior to that, we came from Centerpoint. Centerpoint finally has KOF 2002!!! Yeah, and I racked up a 4-win streak before losing to a boxing Clark player... at least, I put that faggot who decked me last year to shame. He didn't stand a chance against my rediscovered Orochi Yashiro Nanakase...

Onto my practicum this summer... (Damn, I'm talking about a lot of stuff today, aren't I?) I think it'll be at RX 93.1 again this year. I'd relish that. It'll be great for me to be seeing my favorite DJ friends, Chico and Delamar, all the time there... I hope I'd get pay again this summer, but I wouldn't mind if not, so long as the practicum's a sure thing. I haven't been in touch with a lot of Rushers as of late, as OB seems to have been my group of choice.

I guess I can fix myself up a nice, tall glass of shut-up juice for now, and just keep on lurking at OB... it's been a pretty fine day, to say the least.

EDIT: I'm guessing the shout-out came from Charliedoggie... I noticed only now that I know two people named Charles... and if in case you didn't notice, I DID use the word jabroni... nonetheless, thanx for the kind thoughts. It's not like I'm trying to come up with anything groundbreaking... yet. :hint, hint:

Thursday, January 16, 2003

I'm here right now, looking at a very, very quiet Otaku Boards... it's so disorienting, since most of the time, there are quite a few people online there. For the past two or so hours, this has not been the case, and I find that fairly odd.

I came from Theology class. Apparently, Father Reyes is the only obstacle standing in the way of my straight-A sem, as no matter how hard you study, he seems to ALWAYS find a way to stump you in his weekly quizzes. I swear: the way he asks questions like the ones he asks every week is nothing short of a nightmare. I'm just glad I intrinsically like the subject, and personally appreciate Fr. Reyes, so I can kind of overlook his Draconic practices as a teacher. Of course, I'm exaggerating. He's not as bad as some teachers I know, particularly the ones Grace has been getting in UST...

I just came to the realization that while I'm overall a lot more content with how my life has been going, I've also been pretty jaded with life even more. Mind you: I'm not talking about angry jaded, but more like desensitized jaded. People talk to me about things like love or tragedy, and while I am genuinely interested in listening to what they have to say, I no longer feel half as much excitement as I used to when listening to stories like that. I dunno... maybe I'm wrong in evaluating things like this, but you tell me. I sometimes feel that all this blogging is useless if not too many people read it... and that's what gets me jaded. Let's face it: I'm the kind of person who likes exchanging notions, and it's been depressing for me to see my Shout-Outs section empty, more often than not.

(Time to get IC)

This isn't a gripe against people who read this or don't read this. More likely than not, these are simple ramblings from Marcelle about how sometimes, no matter how hard he tries to avoid feeling it, he craves hearing from people. Marcelle keeps in touch with only a few people, and more often than not, it's his job to initiate that kind of contact. Sometimes, just sometimes, he hopes that others would do the initiating...

But heck, what does Marcelle know about this, anyway? It's just him thinking out loud, hoping nobody would take offense to his words...

And two last things...

1) What the heck is the WWE trying to pull? Another "death" angle? Marcelle thinks that the Al Wilson "death" storyline is WAY beyond the borders of tasteless. WWE never ceases to amaze Marcelle at how hard they try to lose their fans...

2) San Juan Post Office, you better make damn sure that you send Marcelle his bloody Title Belts! He's running tournaments that need those belts for prizes, and THERE IS NO CASH IN THE ENVELOPES I GET, so please... GIVE IT UP! If you have been, well, then stop tinkering with Marcelle's bloody mail!!!

Just an OOC edit:

Looks like somebody's been listening to my prayers. The fates have been generous enough to me today, and I feel a little bit happier now... Abby, you don't know how much you made my day just now... thanx!
I guess I won't be editing that post, after all... last night's dinner with Sacha was great. Though my layout is still the same (Which means I didn't get much help in the line of HTML.), and though my Pocket PC will not be having any new applications yet in the near future (Neither did I get any help for it... :) ), I'm still glad. Sometimes, the best moments of your day come from interesting conversation, and obviously, that's exactly what we had... it's not everyday that an HTML scrub gets to teach a "Computer Goddess" something new. (Sorry, Sach, I couldn't help but give you that title! :laughs:) Seriously, I think that, more than ever, I've learned to appreciate the things I have, and pine less and less for things that I don't.

I'm glad Sach reconsidered the friendship bit... funnily enough, it came at a point when I decided to enjoy her company regardless of my status with her... and I'm pretty much beaming over the thought of things like that happening to me all the time.

Meanwhile, I would really want to start working on my novel soon... hopefully, I can make a few more sketches, and get the basic plot working. It's supposed to be a comic book, so don't expect it to be a literary breakthrough. I'm writing it in hopes of eventually making a comic book out of it...

As for a certain friend of mine, I'm glad she took the knowledge in stride. I'm also glad it's him and her, though it's still merely a possibility. I just have to remind her, not that she might, but because I really should simply do so, that she shouldn't pre-empt anything. There could be reasons behind everything, and I think she knows that. And I think she knows better than to not respect those reasons...

And I'm meeting Grace tonight naman. Time to give some TLC to someone who I know needs it... oh It's True! It's True!

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I guess I'll be editing this post later. Things have been going well lately, and though I actually sat in on one of her classes today, I didn't feel half as bad about it anymore. I think I got to the point where I'm pretty darned sure she's the one at fault already, and not me...

My oral exams turned out well. Mr. Bulaong asked me about Defiant Despair, and I think I came up with a good answer...

I'm metting Sacha tonight for dinner. I hope she can give me some Pocket PC and HTML help... :)

Thursday, January 09, 2003

As Marcelle was walking to the library to update his blog, guess who he ran into? Yep, he ran into her. Yep, the very same person who used to be one of his closest friends now 180 degrees away from that state. Yep, the very same person who gave Marcelle's kind gestures more color than a box of seventy-two ruddy crayons.

Dammit. Marcelle absobloodylutely hates this codswallop.

Wait, wait, wait... maybe, just maybe, Marcelle's been a really bad friend after all? It seems that this hasn't been the first time something like this has happened. In fact, Marcelle has had more than his fair share of friends who end up turning their backs on him for one reason or another, or none at all (Such as the case of, say, hmm... never mind. Their names aren't even worth mentioning or linking to...). This has been a fairly miserable day that got Marcelle to reflecting about how things have been going for him. It seems that he's been such a lousy friend, after all.

Left and right, he's lost friends. Significant friends. You talk about people like Abby, you talk about people Marcelle fell in love with and had to go through hell and back just to normalize again. You talk about people like Grace, and you talk about people who feel Marcelle's been trying way too hard to be a good friend and all. You talk about people like Marcelle's blockmates, and you talk about people who just drifted away from Marcelle. It can be quite daunting and depressing, especially when you're a person like Marcelle, who's the type who'd be willing to lay down his life for a true friend. Yes, he can get a bit too enthusiastic at times, but the fact remains that his heart is really in the right place, despite that.

Even at this very moment, even with all the intent, and all the desire to be a good friend, Marcelle fails. Miserably. Twice, Mich had a family tragedy near Marcelle's birthday. Apparently, there was nothing he could do to help Mich the way he would have wanted to. And just the past few weeks, Maia's been down in the dumps, and yet no amount of words from Marcelle could change that. In fact, despite wanting to meet her and just help her out, or call her, so many circumstances keep him from doing so... e.g. a loaded cellphone bill, a dorm, a clashing schedule, etc... it's depressing. Really depressing. Marcelle just prays that Maia can forgive him for coming short as a friend. Yes, she's strong. Yes, she can fight her battles. But it's always a good thing to know that when push comes to shove, there're people willing to stand by you. Apparently, Marcelle just can't get that across, because he's been such a lousy friend to a lot of people. Maybe he owes them all an apology. Maybe they only keep him for novelty or altruism. Marcelle wouldn't know. It's just sad that he'd have to be the one asking for help from them more than they would from him, because that tells him he's pretty much unreliable.

Yep. This is Marcelle's story. No wonder he's such a bloody loner. He's no good as a friend, so it seems. It's not like he's heard people calling him otherwise that much, anyway. His blockmates, his High School classmates, and a lot of other people have seen to that.


Wednesday, January 08, 2003

The way I see it, I am having the worst spell of writer's block to hit me since fourth year High School... (I think)


I so want to write new poems, I so want to write a new short story, and I so want to get bloody started on my bloody novel! In fact, even posting on this blog or writing in my diary as of late has been such a chore, and it's not like I can just stop doing this stuff altogether... I have to say it's getting incredibly frustrating to me that I haven't achieved a thing to this day, as far as writing or drawing something new. Even my debating has dipped quite considerably. I came in last in my previous debate.

As you can see, I'm not yet ticked off enough to refer to myself in third person again (Or happy enough... either way...), much less SECOND person.

But I'm getting there.

I hope I can at least fix the layout of this blog soon. My dinner with Sacha next Thursday ought to help along with that.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Guess who's back?

Bam! It's your lovable/irritating HTML scrub, back from the holidays, and very much enjoying himself quite a great deal! Yeah, I bought myself a GBA already, and I'm happy with it, so far...

Things have been so quiet lately. Not much tragedy/comedy in my life, and I didn't bother to make a New Year's Resolution. I don't think I'd get to doing it, anyway...

Say, Maia... how much more HTML do I need to learn before I get included in your links? Just kidding...

Oh, what a day... it's so routine... but I like it.