Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 52 (9/52): Let The Pain Remain - Side A

.:Project 52 (9/52): Let The Pain Remain – Side A:.

Sadly, there’s no Basil Valdez video available on YouTube, but I must say, while riding with Carlos, Judd, Erika, and Ms. Beng from our weekend excursion in Nagsasa, and we spent a good chunk of our road trip just singing classic OPM hits, including this one.

Isn’t it a bit fitting that Basil Valdez has the most powerful anthem about finding love (Ngayon at Kailanman) and losing it (Let The Pain Remain)? I think it’s rather poignant, and a testament to the legendary crooner’s immense talent.

I tend to look to this song with a kind of knowing recognition because “Let The Pain Remain” is sage, albeit masochistic advice to remind one’s self of the only thing that remains to be true about a love lost. When all the good memories have faded away as she finds comfort in the arms of another while you have nothing of the sort, the song reminds you in a heart-wrenching manner that every throb of pain is one more moment you could steal away from what you once had, the very textbook definition of a bittersweet memory.

I chose this song mainly because I ended up reminiscing about the song when we sang it last night en route to Manila. It’s quite an interesting song to listen to, and something I recall very fondly every now and then.

But then again, maybe having a sad song hit too closely to home doesn’t do too well for one’s well-being.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do You Know What You're Going To?

.:Do You Know Where You’re Going To?:.

Photo taken by Mr. Coladilla, but is only tangentially related to my point today.

So I was in deep thought during Nuffnang’s launch of Glitterati + last Saturday. I feel that I’ve been going full bore for a while already yet again, even allowing myself moments of weakness where I went out of my way to reach out to certain people, only to discover that it wasn’t the smartest thing I should’ve done. I feel dejected, and I’m left to wonder if things would ever go back to the way they used to be, because at this point, I’ve never felt more alone than I do right now.

But really, it isn’t just for me, that I’m writing this. Now is really a time for introspection, in the middle of all these crazy days we’ve been having in our lives. Why, if you don’t mind it being slightly not safe for work, give the first minute or so of this video a gander.

While watching this video, I couldn’t help but feel the kind of desperation Gan Lulu’s mom must have been feeling for her to actually go out of her way to take a video of her own daughter while she’s coming out of the shower just to solicit a boyfriend for the model, who is by no means shabby-looking, to begin with.

With thoughts of her and her situation hovering over you, now is a good time as any to take a step back from all the hurly-burly in your life, and ask yourself: where are you headed, and do you want to be headed there?

After everything that has been going on, it’s a very difficult question to answer. In all honesty, I can’t quite process everything just yet, and I’m still too preoccupied with my loneliness to recognize that there are far more important things to consider than that at this point. Nonetheless, I understand that I’ve been in a holding pattern for the past two years, and all the self-loathing or self-help isn’t really making things any better for me, in the end. And breaking the cycle isn’t in my itinerary for a long while, either, so I guess all I have going for me is that I’m more resilient to all of this drama than I give myself credit for.

Do I really want to just let the holding pattern run its course, and try my best to ignore the multiple betrayals I’ve experienced in the past couple of years? Or would I be better off actively fighting this off, and trying to make heads and tails of what I’m doing with my life?

I wish I could take a vacation, I really do. Unfortunately, I obviously can’t afford it. So for now, all I can do is take these few moments I could steal from my life, and use it as a chance to reflect on what I’m doing, what I ought to do, and what I’ve done. It isn’t easy, by any stretch of imagination, but it’s something worth doing for the sake of my sanity.

I pray that anyone else reading this would feel the same way as I do – a vague but unmistakable air of optimism in the face of a never-ending plateau, bereft of staggering highs or devastating lows. Is it any wonder that outside of depression, being lost in the shuffle is the second leading cause for suicide? There’s just so much mediocrity in this world, that the highs and lows are actually welcome respites from them. Yet these respites sometimes never come.

If Gan Lulu’s mom is reading this (Which I sincerely doubt.), all I can say is: you have a lovely daughter, and I’m sure she will find someone who will love her and treat you well without you even having to ask. I believe it, and I know as much.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


.:Heavy Hitters:.

I dunno about you, but I felt small last Saturday when I had to share the stage (or tables, if you will) with Conrad, Jeffrey Tam, and the Dean of Philippine Magic, Lou Hilario himself.

While I have certainly established myself in the industry to an extent, it has mostly been due to a strong work ethic than sheer pizzazz that has allowed me to become recognized. Last Saturday, I was surrounded by three world-class performers who treated me as an equal, and made me feel honoured to be considered among them.

Blue Leaf played witness to us that night, as we went all-out and performed for the employees of B Braun as they celebrated their 25th anniversary. I even chanced upon meeting some fairly interesting personalities along the way, but really, what made the night for me was the chance to find myself performing side by side these people whom I certainly respect very dearly.

This show was one for the ages, no question about it. With Conrad, Jeff Tam, and yours truly on the tables, and Lou Hilario himself onstage, you’d be hard-pressed to find a lineup of prestidigitators that was more heavy-hitting.


Looks like the papers covered the World Wake Championships, but lo and behold! Take a look whose mug managed to get squeezed into the papers yet again!


Man, that show was just great. I hope we could do it again soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Project 52 (8/52): Hangover - Sugarfree

.:Project 52 (8/52): Hangover – Sugarfree:.

One of my favourite OPM bands of all time, Sugarfree, is disbanding. Now, I know I’ve written about this before, but I guess devoting today to commemorate Ebe Dancel and the rest of the boys is a poignant moment for me, to say the least.

So sue me, I’m not as big a fan of Bamboo, so that particular news doesn’t hit me the way Sugarfree does.

I still remember it like it was yesterday: 2004 was the year where I was singing only two songs all day long: Unwell, by Matchbox Twenty, and Mariposa, by Sugarfree. There was something so real, so desperate about Mariposa that just resonated with me. Unwell elicited the same feelings, and everytime I’m alone, I sometimes think how strange it would feel to be the only person who would walk into Mariposa on my own. It’s a mystery I will probably end up answering at some point. And yes, I plan to do that by walking into Mariposa on my own.

There’s something so true about their forlorn lyrics: emo before the word even existed. They knew how to tug at the hearstrings, and Ebe’s vocals were marvellous, and I would go as far as to say that if I closed my eyes, Ebe’s voice could easily draw comparisons from me to Ely Buendia, which is a huge testament to how great Sugarfree’s lead vocalist was, but there’s also something to be said about the guitar riffs that are unmistakably Sugarfree’s from the moment they begin. Not all bands can have a sound so true and distinct that just hearing their guitar riffs would automatically remind you of the band and not just the song. Sugarfree is one of those few exceptions.

“Hangover” is one of my favourite songs from this group. Just listening to the song really makes you feel how it is to be so hopelessly into someone, drowning in memories, and realizing that what you need is love, and that love can only be from her. Only from her. The fact that the song neatly dovetails with “Buwan” by the Itchyworms also helps make the song doubly impactful. Try playing both songs one after the other. You’ll get what I mean.

Anyways, I’m using this week to really say “thank you” to Sugarfree for a great run of music and memories. If your music will continue your separate ways, rest assured I will continue to support you guys in your individual endeavours.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Longing For The Weekend...

.:Here It Comes!:.

Seeing as this was the week of Single Awareness Day, this wasn't really one of my favorite weeks, to say the least.

So with that, I'm looking forward to the weekend.

I must say, though, that after last night's hair-raising blind item on the Disenchanted Kingdom, a little rest would do me a world of good.

And hey, I did meet the lovely Kim Chiu, so there's a lot of good things about this week, when I really get to thinking about it.

I just wish that a certain someone would finally come around and realize that I need her friendship back in my life. Or has she really just ceased to care about me at all?

Thursday, February 17, 2011


.:Can You Imagine If...:.

Manoling Morato gave a talk about machismo?

Manny Pacquiao debated with Floyd Mayweather in the ring?

Willie Revillame was actually a decent human being?

Pepe Smith encouraged us to live a straight-edged lifestyle?

On iBlog 7, will we believe that a man could fly?

Film Review: Black Swan

.:Film Review: Black Swan:.

I swear! The movie poster is just right behind us. LOL.

DK Fun Never Stops!

.:Disenchanted Comedy Night!:.

Last night, I swung by the DK (And I’ll be there again tonight, by the way, so tune in to 99.5 RT for it!) and we had a pretty fun night as Anna Q5 unveiled her latest game, called Anna Cinque’s Carinderoire. Essentially, the idea was to describe regular fare in the swankiest terms possible, and then asking people to guess which food it actually happens to be.

In any case, it has been awesome. Our banter has been rapid-fire, to say the least, whether off-color humor about Anna’s “bibingka,” or about Marf’s double heaping of blind items for the night, keeping all the people listening guessing and intrigued. Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable night, but it was just plain better the minute we wrapped up and headed out to Tomato Kick for Lu Skywalker’s birthday party.

It was a laugh-filled comedy night, and I met some good friends like JB dela Cruz and the great Mike Unson. It was a great show, and as I was going to be an open mic guy that night (Chose to go to the party instead of that night’s Votre show.), it was going to be a tough act to follow, especially since after Mike came Moymoy Palaboy himself.

When it was finally my turn, a lot of fun was had as I did some of my reliable material, combined with the Shanghai Shackles and Liquid Metal. Overall, we definitely had a lot of fun, and I was pleased as punch as things went just the way I planned them.

Congratulations to Lu for a successful comedy night, and here’s hoping for more of these to come!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Chowking Completed My Life: On Meeting Kim Chiu

.:Thanks, Chowking! My Life Is Complete:.

Last night, in celebration of Chinese New Year, Chowking asked several bloggers and media people to go to Mercato and be a witness to Chowking’s as they celebrated the way only they could: with a bang.

The whole thing was hosted by Ms. Lyn Ching, who was as eye-catching as ever, and she actually remembered me from my several guestings for Unang Hirit in the past. It was really great meeting her again, and after three years, it finally occurred to me to have a photo taken with her...

She is still awesome! Photo from Russel.

Anyways, as she went through the signature dishes of Chowking with father and son chefs Gene and Gino Gonzalez, who cooked their own versions of sweet and sour pork, orange chicken, and tender beef broccoli, as the audience’s mouths watered with each dish, although we did have some dimsum and some Chicharap for appetizers. As the ineffable Lyn Ching talked up the tastes and sensations of each delightful morsel while poking fun at herself for her supposedly imperfect figure, two of the brand ambassadors of Chowking also made an appearance that night, which made the whole thing even more exciting.

Of course, as everyone can assume, Mr. Jericho Rosales himself was there, which was all good, but more importantly...

Kim Chiu was there.

This features the Marcelle Fabie seal of approval! Photo from Bambi.

From the moment I got the invite to this event, the main reason I went was because, as I told my organizer friend, “You had me at ‘hosted by Kim Chiu.’” I was hoping to run into the lovely young lady, and while I talked a big game of approaching her and leaving a lasting impression, it was pretty clear to everyone on my table, from Arpee to Bambi to Russel that I was not going to be cool and unflappable that night.

My heart was pounding every single time I was within ten feet of Kim Chiu, and I wasn’t sure that I wouldn’t faint if I managed to so much as talk to her. In fact, the only time I could remember myself having a smile this huge was three years ago, when I met Rick Astley during his party in Alchemy (And now that I mention it, that doesn’t sound like a very manly thing to say...).

Mas singkit pa ako kay Kim Chiu sa sobrang ngiti ko! Photo from Russel.

I finally mustered up the courage to have a photo taken with her, and she was kind enough to oblige me. I stood there, grinning from ear to ear like a complete idiot, and the pictures were taken, then I offered a handshake and a heartfelt thank-you to Ms. Chiu, all while I was doing everything I could to keep myself from hyperventilating in front of her.

Unfortunately, she was looking away, and one of the organizers had to tap her on the shoulder to say I was sticking my hand out to thin air. She smiled sheepishly, shook my hand, then said...

“Sorry po, kuya!”

I was mortified, and if I turned any redder, they’d probably think I was already bleeding. But for the rest of the night, I was beaming proudly because finally, after all this time, I have met the undeniably gorgeous and incomparably flexible Kim Chiu. Only Chowking has made this possible for me, so what else can I say but “thanks” to those amazing people who not only serve great and affordable Chinese food, but also made me smile genuinely for the first time in a long while?

I think I need to have my heart rate checked... picture from Bambi

A Quick Random Thought...

.:A Journey Of A Thousand Miles:.

... for flowers, not for myself.

That’s how you let someone know that they’re absolutely special. No mountain, no valley, no time, or space can keep you from telling someone what they mean to you.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Burying Hatchets: The Unsent Series, Volume 3, Part IV

.:Burying The Hatchets: The Unsent Series, Volume 3, Part IV:.

Reaching out to you...

Dear Audacity,

It took me two years to be where I am at this point and to be able to look myself in the mirror and say that I'm ready. But I'm ready.

Maybe you're not yet ready. Maybe so much has indeed transpired that it's difficult to just go back to what we once had, sans the googly eyes and the romance.

But it's just not fair to us if we just became footnotes in each other's lives.

I've dealt with the pain and the bitterness for long enough, and it's time to face the pain head-on, if only to remind myself that I am a changed man now, for the better. And though all these changes won't make you come back to me, these changes are for myself, and no longer for you. Today is an exact year from the day that you utterly shattered me, and now, I face you a different man.

But it's just not fair to us if we just became footnotes in each other's lives.

We're cool now. I'm glad to find it in me to be able to meet you on the street and not look at you with regret or disdain any longer. It was what it was, and now, it will be what it will be. Maybe it hasn't occurred to you yet, and maybe it hasn't been as real to you as it is to me at the moment, but I won't press the issue. Time will reveal the truth, anyways, and I know that you'd come to realize it.

So I shall let it be, and just leave the door open for friendship. After all this time, I discovered for myself that there is no room for pride in the face of something that is special and once-in-a-lifetime. In time, I hope you discover that for yourself as well. And when you do, I'll just be around. Like I always will.

Let time teach us the lessons we need to learn, that we may be fair to us in the future. That’s all I ask.

... Do you feel it too?

Dear Socrates,

The wounds are still fresh, but I want you to realize one thing: just because I made amends does not magically erase everything you have done that has led us to this point.

I've examined my conscience and I know where I've gone wrong. I sincerely hope you would do the same, because if you keep making the same mistakes, then I would no longer be surprised why you keep on ending up the way you always do.

I don't think I'm quite ready to be cool with you again. And I don't think we've been through enough for it to really matter that much in the end. I barely knew you, and I made the sorry mistake of giving my all yet again, only to discover that I was wrong. I should have known better, but I didn't.

And now, you close the doors and make it seem like you were 100% right, I was 100% wrong. You’re young. I guess that means I need to cut you some slack. But someday, you’ll realize that from the moment I read you, I knew something about you that you fail to realize about yourself to this very day. And when you finally learn what it is I know, you would understand why you get this much latitude with me when others would not even get a second look from me after everything that has happened.

I’ve decided that 2011 has to be a year of forgiveness (With one exception in mind.), and that it would be I doling it out at this point. What you do with that is not something I could control anymore, unfortunately.

Project 52 (7/52): Happy Valentine's Day - Trina Belamide

.:Project 52 (7/52): Happy Valentine’s Day – Trina Belamide:.

One of my favourite OPM songs of all time, Trina Belamide’s masterpiece is a haunting melody of heartaches and heartbreaks, reminding people that “Happy Valentine’s Day” is only happy when you have someone to share it with. Otherwise, how do you even begin to try greeting someone? You just end up making the pain run even deeper than it already does.

“Happy Valentine’s Day” is one of those rare songs that just hits hard and hits fast not only because it spells out a situation we’re all too familiar with, but even makes you live through the eyes of those experiences through well-crafted verses and a very heart-rending callback line: to a ______ heart, how does one say, “Happy Valentine’s Day?”

Trina is definitely one of the best songwriters of our time, and I can’t help but wish that more people heard about this particular song, because from the first time I heard it, to every single time I hear it yet again, it just really strikes a chord in me. And really now, that’s the mark of a great song, isn’t it? The minute a lot of people can relate to it, and can’t help but feel themselves immersed in your music, then you know you’ve done a great job with your song.

So on February 14, if you’re a lonely heart, a broken heart, or a grieving heart, this song is the perfect way of saying, “Happy” Valentine’s Day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Difference Between Valentine’s And Single Awareness Day

.:The Difference Between Valentine’s And Single Awareness Day:.

February 14 is a day I long for every year.

Valentine’s Day is wonderful! It’s a day where I love her just a little more sweetly, kiss her just a little more tenderly, and hug her just a little more tightly. Valentine’s day reminds me that love is truly all around me, and that I am part of that world. I realize that in the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything.

Valentine’s Day is unbelievably kind to this loving heart. It asks of me but one simple thing, and I am willingly powerless to resist, more so on this very day itself: to cherish, to adore, to reminisce, and to love like I have never loved before. Put my deepest affections inside a Hallmark card that she may keep it with her forever.

February 14 is a day I dread every year.

Single Awareness Day is wretched! It’s a day where I remember when I had her more vividly, feel the loneliness of her leaving me more intensely, and wallow in the pain when she found someone else more bitterly. Single Awareness day reminds me that love is truly all around me, but it simply isn’t meant for someone like me. I realize that in the arithmetic of love, two minus one equals nothing.

Single Awareness Day is immeasurably callous to this broken heart. It asks of me but one cruel thing, and I am hopelessly powerless to resist, more so on this very day itself: to pine, to long for, to break down, and to love like I have never loved before. Put my deepest affections inside a Hallmark card that they may earn a living on this day.

(Inspired by the poem “Awit Para Kay Anna”, by Eduardo Calasanz)

Behind The Wheel...

.:Behind The Wheel...:.

I'm a bucket of nerves, and panic's setting in. My dad looks at me, and explains to me what each pedal is for, and why I should hit the clutch before I ever shift gears.

27 years of being on this planet, and I never even bothered learning how to drive.

While almost every other guy I know dreams of having a car to drive, I long to be able to afford having a driver. I think I was like this from the moment I was a kid. Why drive when you can hire someone to do it for you? Except I realized that at some point, I would really need to learn how to drive.

I think back to the times my friends would go out drinking and I'd be the only one who wouldn't have a drop of alcohol in me by the end of the night. Yet someone else will be doing the driving. Thank heavens none of my friends have ever ended up in an accident after hanging out with me or I'd be insanely guilty about not being there as a designated driver when that's what they needed.

A week ago, I already had a car. But seeing as my mom's back from the States, that's kind of up in the air at the moment. But all of that's beside the point. What's important is for the first time in my life, I'm genuinely behind the wheel of a car I'm supposed to drive.

I can't even pretend I played enough Gran Turismo to know what I was doing. I never got into driving, even make-believe driving. Not even with bumper cars. Oh, sure, it was fun, but I never actively went to an arcade with the express intent of driving the bumper cars.

I look carefully and check that I'm set on neutral. My handbrake is up. I turn the key and the horseless carriage neighs gently. I think back to the ten minutes worth of lessons so far...

Hold the clutch, shift to first gear.

Keep holding the clutch, release the handbrake.

Hit the gas ever-so-gently.

If you hear the engine revving a wee bit too loud, you're hitting the gas too hard.

Release the clutch slowly until the car is moving.

Wait. Dad, you didn't tell me anything about steering, and I'm going diagonally now!

Homina, homina. I break into a cold sweat. Maybe I'm too old to try learning how to drive now? Watching everyone else drive, it all seems so instinctive to them. To me, this is like learning how to play Street Fighter II the first time - except with your life on the line if you don't learn it right.

My dad smiles, and then reminds me to gently hit the clutch and shift from the gas to the brakes as I approach the truck parked in front of our house in what would be a minor head-on collision at first gear. Thankfully, my reflexes don't betray me and I don't accidentally floor the gas instead of the brakes.

I grin in spite of myself, then my left foot instinctively leaves the clutch. The car shuts off, and I realize that there are still some things I need to learn before I even learn how to turn.

Maybe next week, then.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kodomo Speed Dating!

.:Another Speed Dating Night:.

Will hearts find their matches on this night? Maybe...

As I was invited by an old friend of mine, Moon, I decided to swing by Kodomo Restobar last Friday night in Maysilo Circle to be a part of their pre-Valentine’s speed dating event. Now, truth be told, a year ago, I actually also went on a speed dating event in February, and that one was unequivocally made of fail. I’m not homophobic at all, but it should be fairly easy to assume that when you go speed dating, there shouldn’t be a gay man on the other side of your table. Except last year, that clearly wasn’t the case.

Well, to be fair, Kodomo proved to be a more successful event in terms of following a 1:1 male to female ratio or better, but just barely. With less participants that evening and with me being more concerned with hanging out with Moon than actually bothering with the actual speed dating, my interest in participating as one of the guys rapidly waned. The night started off with 8:6, but when I left, it became 7:6, and then one last female arrived, making it 7:7. It wasn’t quite the 15:15 ratio everyone was hoping for, but hey, at least there was a perfect ratio between men and women, although a truly successful speed dating event normally has a 1:2 ratio between men and women.

So yeah, I bowed out of the proceedings and didn’t participate as one of the speed daters anymore. I wasn’t really keen on doing it, I’ve done it already a year ago, I didn’t really feel the need to, and I just went mostly to support Moon and her friend. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to figure somehow in the speed dating event, because I instead volunteered to co-host the event with Moon. From there, I had a ton and a half of fun simply because hosting the event was a lot more enjoyable than being one of the speed daters that night, at least for me.

With recent recollections of “My Amnesia Girl” playing in the guys’ heads, I poked fun at the fact that Moon was my co-host and for any of the John Lloyd wannabe’s out there, it would be a good idea not to try to hit on her, especially since she was taken. I think some people mistakenly thought she was my girlfriend, which we laughed off, but for the most part, our rapport with the small group of daters was pretty good. They were responsive about a few minutes into the truths and lie game (Tell three statements about yourself. One of them must be false. Someone will guess which is which.), especially when we started talking about this particular girl who actually likes firing ranges. That sure intimidated some of the guys.

I think a lot of the guys were intimidated more when they found out she was a lawyer. In fact, three of the ladies that night were all lawyers.

Having said all that, it was enjoyable just watching them interact with each other while I swapped stories with Moon, as she has been flat-out blooming ever since I reconnected with her late last year. She’s happy with her new beau, she’s enjoying life in general, and she’s even about to start a new job to finally wash away the bad taste of her previous employer. With random jokes being thrown about that night courtesy of yours truly, the people were relaxed just enough to really enjoy the speed dating event for what it is: a chance to let your hair down first, and a chance to find someone new second.

At some point, I decided to join a few tables just to sit and chat with some of the ladies, and yeah, I did end up sitting in front of two lawyers after everything has been said and done. That actually helped, because it was great talking to them as they really did have very interesting points of view, and one of them unloaded baggage by talking about guys who play games by being mean to her yet secretly liking her in turn.

She then asked me, “how do you break the pattern of girls liking men who are jerks?”

My dear, if I ever knew that, you think I’d ever resent being “too nice?” Unfortunately, it has been the case far too often that jerks excite the Unicorn Effect, as it feels like such a challenge for any woman to “tame” this man. Unfortunately, more often than not, this stuff really just leads to disaster anyways.

After the event, I left after talking to the organizers, as they thanked me for hosting the event. Personally, I’d rather thank them. They saved me 600 bucks by having me host the event instead of take part in it. I think the event started being more fun when I realized I wasn’t going to have to shell out for it. But maybe that’s just me. =P

Friday, February 11, 2011


.:Today’s WTFery...:.

I’ll have you know that I actually like listening to Church songs. Having been a Bosconian for a significant chunk of my life and a member of the choir in high school, I have to say that I really like good Christian songs, and don’t mind even if they can sometimes get a bit heavy-handed with the witnessing. I mean, hey, if you truly believe in saving souls and you feel obliged to save other people’s souls through song, I guess it sorta makes sense that you’d be dropping some anvils in your lyrical stylings. It comes with the territory, and so long as the music’s catchy enough and people willingly listen to it, that can’t be bad at all, right?

This is not one of those songs.

Do I even need to say anything else about how awesome this video is? It’s so bad, it’s good!

.:February 18 And 19 Couldn’t Come Sooner!:.

Forget all those other concerts happening this month! Resorts World is where it’s at, as they take one of the most awesome acts of all time to the Philippines!

Better than Fra Lippo Lippi? Yes! Better than Justin Bieber? Definitely! Better than Taylor Effin’ Swift? Absolutely!

Get ready as Resorts World presents to you...

The Chippendales!

What more could you ask for, right?

.:Sugarfree’s Last Few Dances:.

You know, I tried taking a picture of Sugarfree in saGuijo last night (It was actually my first time there!), but the place was so jampacked that I couldn’t even get inside the door and had to satisfy my craving for Ebe and the boys by listening to them outside, where every single audience member was singing along to every song Sugarfree played that night.

It’s actually sad, because the more they talk, it actually doesn’t sound like Sugarfree will continue on after Ebe departs. They’ve been referring to Sugarfree as though the band were really disbanding at the end of the month, and I guess that might really be the case.

Having said that, I caught Duster early on in the evening, and of course, Jonas Diego and I were very appreciative of the musical stylings of the band, fronted by my batchmate, Ms. Katwo Librando-Puertollano (That’s a rich-sounding family name, if there ever was one. Heh.). While there, we ran into Karla Redor and Sha, who really were rocking that night as well.

After Duster, in came Peryodiko, and I keep learning to appreciate that group more and more. Originally, all I thought of them was “that band with Ebe’s brother in it,” but now? Man, I really love “Bakasyon.” It gets catchier each time I hear it.

Sugarfree predictably brought the house down when they performed. I don’t think there was any doubt that they would be the highlight of the night, and from “Hay Buhay” to “Telepono,” they performed like there was no tomorrow, and the absolutely jampacked saGuijo just went nuts in appreciation for the band.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

DK Recap, And Weird Newsbits

.:More DK Hilarity!:.

Expect me to be doing more of this in the coming weeks, because I plan to drop by the Disenchanted Kingdom more often, but the DK has been extremely fun last night, as not only did I meet their new jock, Angry Bird, for the first time, but I was even introduced to this awesome girl who baked cookies for the DK crew, Ms. Bernie Ann!

It was a fun night, really, as we were just having fun talking about random stuff including certain things that fall under “too soon,” but then, once Bernie Ann came in, we just decided to have a lot of fun with her by playing Por-No Por-yes, and boy, did she do well, getting an amazing nine out of ten, coming behind only Rhian Ramos herself, who scored a perfect ten.

It was funny, because I actually had to explain certain things to her about the porn industry, and Logan poked fun over my level of knowledge despite the fact that I happen to have the worst score in Por-No Por-Yes of all time. I told her about stuff like the YouTube channel “Porn Minus the Porn”, as well as did Mr. Voice impressions for movie trailers about the weirdest porn films, and I had to explain copyright laws that allow porn companies to produce films under the “parody” defense without having to worry about being sued by their original sources.

Overall, it was a pretty fun show, and Marf’s ODK was as great as it always happens to be. I fumed a bit about the news over Enchong Dee courting Kim Chiu. So not happening. LOL.

.:Marry Me, Kim Chiu:.

Now, everyone knows how big a fan I’ve always been of Kim Chiu, and considering how I’ve practically reviewed every film of note where she starred in with Gerald Anderson, I guess that was no big surprise to anyone.

To me, despite her sometimes odd speech patterns, Kim Chiu exudes grace, poise, and utmost class. There’s just something about her that makes it impossible for you to want to ever look at her in any other way than as the paragon of the demure but beautiful Fil-Chinese lady that she is.

And then she shows up in this TV commercial...

What is this? I don’t even... is that even possible without CGI? Did she just scream out to everyone that she’s Elasti-girl in disguise? This is outrageous! How dare she betray her fans and shed her squeaky-clean image and look like a complete whore? How could she ever live this down, and... waitaminute, she’s really that flexible?!?

Marry me, Kim Chiu!!! :P

.:News Article Title Fail...:.

So apparently, the Megastar picked a feud with Hayden Kho because she jumped to conclusions. At no point did Hayden Kho even say that he was pertaining to Sharon Cuneta, but apparently, Ate Shawie has had her billboard scoffed at one time too many and ended up pouncing on the first hint of snark in her direction.

Unfortunately, she looked like a fool when Hayden promptly responded to her and denied the whole thing. Even more unfortunately, the news article was titled this way...

Really? Really?!?

She slammed him on the billboard! How hardcore is that? It’s like a Wrestlemania moment or something!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Still Alive, But I'm Barely Breathing...

.:Establishing Comedy:.

Great show brought on by the Comedy Cartel last night in Establishment, as Noel Gascon, Richie Fernandez, Marlon Olivan, GB Labrador, and the Tim Tayag came out full-force in The Fort to bring on the laughs to an audience that couldn’t have been more appreciative and awkward if they tried.

I went to catch them on their maiden voyage in the venue, and boy, did they deliver that night. Tim’s riffing and new material really worked splendidly, and Marlon making Angelo Reyes jokes (Too soon! Too soon!) definitely brought about an interesting night, and the remaining comedians did a solid job, as always.

With the Cartel coming back next Tuesday for more fun, the Establishment is indeed the place to be on Tuesday nights. Best thing about it? Entrance is absolutely free!

.:The POC Yet Again!:.

In light of yesterday’s unfortunate passing, I ended up covering a very volatile subject: Let Tweeting Dogs Die. I don’t really want to talk about the topic anymore today, so I would much rather just let the article stand for my sentiments and my thoughts on the matter.

It may be satire, but the true message is anything but a joke.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Tagaytaumbayan (Yes, I Just Made This Up.)

.:A Return To Form:.

Nothing but sheer awesomeness!

After several months of being out of action, the Terrific Trio of Ony Carcamo, Stanley Chi, and yours truly performed in TAuMBAYAN in celebration of their second anniversary. To say that we had a great show is a massive understatement, because not only was it a good show, but absence indeed made the heart grow fonder and last night, everyone laughed just a bit louder, clapped just a bit harder, and enjoyed the whole night just a bit more.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Twiddling Thumbs: On Egypt

.:Twiddling Thumbs:.

There is no question that the situation happening in Egypt right now is of great interest, certainly more than the matter of the infamous plea bargain by General Garcia.

Nonetheless, beyond the platitudes of my supporting the cause of Egypt and hoping that they will meet success in their attempt to have their voices, heard, I can’t help but feel guilty that I couldn’t do more...

Featured On Wild About retail!

.:Mistervader On Wild About Retail!:.

With much kudos to our blogger relations girl, Trixie, I ended up finding my mug in the middle of her awesome blog, Wild About Retail. As I recently purchased my own set of Dominion last Christmas, I just had to tell the world how wild I am about it.

I really think that Dominion is a fun game people ought to pick up or at least learn.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Film By Would-Be National Artist Carlo J. Caparas...

.:The Hubert Webb Story!:.

So I made a script for a radio/tv trailer for this new film, hot off the heels of Hubert Webb's release late last year. Hope you guys like it!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

On Dominion

.:On Dominion:.

Have you ever tried this game?

The Time To Taumbayan: This Thursday!

.:TAuMBAYAN’s 2nd Anniversary: We’re Baaaaacck!!!:.

Yep! We’re performing in Taumbayan this Thursday night, around 9PM!

Okay, they may have misspelled my name, but myself, Stanley Chi, and the one, the only Ony Carcamo are slated to perform this Thursday night (Yep, Feb 3!), and we’re going to keep on doing what we do best: entertaining people like nobody else could. And all for the price of 150 bucks! Talk about a drop-dead bargain. Comedy. Magic. Mentalism. Ventriloquism. All in one awesome night!

If you didn’t know, TAuMBAYAN is located at 40 K-1st Street, corner T. Gener, in Quezon City. That’s in the Kamuning area, so there’s no way you could miss it.