Monday, June 29, 2009

A Preview, In Pictures...

.:Spot The Difference?:.

Casino Royale Night (Picture from Faiye.)


Cosplay Fusion (Picture from Alodia.)


ToyCon (Picture from HG's Multiply.)

Yup, I'll be writing my thoughts about these three awesome events. Heh.

To The King Of Pop...

.:Thank You, My Beloved...:.

... what else can I say but that?

.:Backblog Lineup...:.

1. Casino Royale Night
2. L'Arc Con
3. ToyCon
4. Cosplay Fusion

.:To The King Of Pop:.

The news really just hit me hard, because it hasn’t sunk in yet that he’s gone. The king is dead, long live the king!

I wanted to do a Lyrically Speaking Scribble, but I guess i’ll forgo it and just shoot from the hip on this one...

Throughout his life, Michael Jackson was always one of my favourite artists. I loved his songs, and I had cassette tapes of “Bad” and “Dangerous”. From “Do You Remember The Time” to “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, there was just something so inimitable about Michael Jackson. He was, without question, larger than life, and as bizarre as he may strike other people, you saw that essentially, he was a good person.

I still do not believe he was a pedophile. I’ve always believed that the people who accused him were merely trying to milk him for a quick buck, as he realizes that settling out of court, more often than not, is the saner solution. He genuinely did not see any issue with sleeping beside teenaged boys simply because, in my belief, this was really how innocent he was when it came to that. Needless to say, many would disagree with my opinion, but I personally believe that his faults did not extend to pedophilia.

Having said that, he’s such a tragic figure. Seeing how his parents are more concerned about his money than losing him, Michael’s passing at such a low point in his life, on the cusp of what could’ve been a comeback for the ages for him had he managed to make it through his concert tour in London. It just felt like a terrible way to go. I know people feel bad at people who go at the top of their game, but there’s something equally tragic about going out at the lowest point in his life. One hopes that now, Michael’s in a better place.

I will warn you right now that I’m a terrible singer, and this is a very poor cover of his song. Despite that, it came from the heart, and as bad as the cover may be, I hope the sincerity of my gesture shines through. “Man In The Mirror” is my all-time favourite Michael Jackson song, and while I realize I didn’t do justice to his song with this cover, it’s the thought that counts.

If you want to hear good singing, please don’t click on this video. You will not get good singing at all.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. Indeed, the day you passed on is the day the music died.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Need To Gather My Thoughts...

.:Gathering My Thoughts...:.

Rest in peace, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

I'd love to write a more elaborate tribute for the king of pop, but all of this hasn't sunk in yet.

For now, all I can say is that this is the day the music died.

Runnin' And Rockin'

.:Tuesday Rush:.

Tuesday saw me so occupied with stuff I had to accomplish out of the office, but I was definitely happy about my progress. Thing is, when we talk about “rush”, it’s normally a bad thing, but given the rush I’m sure to experience this July 19.

Last Tuesday night, Globe launched their Run For Home project: a city run for Habitat For Humanity. There will be several races, one in the 3KM, 5KM, 10KM, and 21KM category each, and since I’m not a professionally trained runner and I’ve never had a real running race in my life before, I opted for the 5K run, which I feel is something I can handle doing, although there is no chance in Hades that I’d win the run. Heh.

Thing is, Globe’s not just having a run for H4H, they’re actually pulling out all the stops for it, all the same. They’re bringing disposable electronic timing chips into the country for the first time ever, which should be a watershed for future running events in the country.

Registration started last June 19, and it ends on July 3, via the Globe website, or at participating Globe business Centers, Fitness First Branches, and Runnr in the Fort. For more information, go ahead and log onto The Globe Run For Home page. Given my disdain for politics since the end of my high school life, this is the only “running” you’d ever expect from me, anyways.

.:Gwapo Rock Vs. Sugarfree Night... Guess Who Won Out:.

Obviously, this is Judd’s photography.

I haven’t gone to a gig in a while, so I was itching for one, when my co-worker, Judd, suggested we catch “Gwapo Rock” night in Mag:Net Bonifacio High Street. Looking for other buddies I can ask to watch, my usual gig buddy, Sarah, practically ran away screaming at the mention of the lineup. Apparently, not everyone appreciates Hale, Spongecola, and 6 Cycle Mind as much as I do, but meh.

Thankfully, Sarah had another idea, and we ended up going to Route 196 instead to catch Sugarfree night, in commemoration of Sugarfree’s 10 years in the industry. Performers slated that night were Julianne, The Ronnies, The Itchyworms, and (duh) Sugarfree.

So we went there, and had the time of our lives. I’ve always been a big fan of Sugarfree, and “Mariposa” is simply one of my favourite songs of all time, so it was quite an experience watching a night dedicated to them. I was beside myself singing along the entire night, not to mention the fact that Itchyworms, one of my other favourite bands, performed as well. They even had a cover of the Oktoberfest jingle. LOL. That, and they sang “Beer”, though next time, I really wanna hear “Loveteam”. Hehe.

Sugarfree’s set was nothing short of awesome. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “Mariposa” is my favourite Sugarfree song, and hearing them sing it live never fails to make me stand up and cheer. Guaranteed.

This was a night to remember, and of course, here’s me, Sarah, and Ebe!

Sugarfree rocks! (But I wonder if 6 Cycle sang “Gusto Na Kita?”)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hypocrisy, Thine Name Ist... Lyrically Speaking Scribbles, Part XV

.:Banal Na Aso, Santong Kabayo: Lyrically Speaking Scribbles, Part XV:.

This song goes out to you. Oh, yes. You. I’ve had it up to here with you, and all the things you’ve done to the people I care about. Enough is enough, and you better hope I never see you again. Or, in the words of a not-so-great Senator, there will be mayhem.

You’ve hurt enough people, and let’s face it: you represent everything that’s wrong about the blogosphere. That’s precisely why I’m not the least bit unnerved to own up to the fact that I gave you a name, and you will forever be known for it. You know what I mean. All it takes is three letters. You wanna get your britches up in a bunch over a label, then take it out on the guy who coined the label.

It was never about your goddamned economic status. It was always about the way you carried yourself, and the way you acted. You call this bigotry? I call this basic expectations for good manners and right conduct. Pluralism is never an excuse for ill behaviour. Given the circumstances, are you surprised I’m speaking out against this? Bottomline is you have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. I don’t.

Banal Na Aso, Santong Kabayo
By Yano

Kaharap ko sa dyip ang isang ale
Nagrorosaryo mata niya'y nakapikit...

Walang saysay ang pagiging taimtim ng isang hangal. Sige lang, talak ng talak lang, ngunit sa sandaling makita ng ibang tao ang katotohanan, kailangan pa bang magtaka kung bakit ka kinamumuhian?

Ang lakas ng loob sumatsat, ang lakas ng loob mamintang, ngunit sa kadulu-duluhan, hindi ba’t ikaw rin naman pala ang may kasalanan?

Pumara sa may kumbento
“Sa babaan lang po,” sabi ng tsuper kasi me naghuhuli ...

Ang isda, nahuhuli sa bibig. Matapos ng lahat ng iyong pandarambong, hindi ka ba nahihiya sa iyong sarili na gagapang-gapang ngayon? Isang pasasa na walang konsepto ng delicadeza. Tanggap lang ng tanggap, ngunit sa sandaling ikaw naman ang hinihingan, aba’y mas mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro kung mawala, o mas malala, magreklamo.

Ganyan na ba talaga ngayon? Talaga bang wala nang puwang para sa sibilidad o para sa pagpapaibayo ng pasensya? Talaga nga naman, ang daling makalimutan ang lahat kapag natapatan na ng presyo.Hindi ka na magbabago. Hanggang ganyan ka na lang talaga. Isang hunghang na nililinlang ang sarili na mahalaga ang kanyang sinasabi at ginagawa, ngunit sa kanyang pinakaloloob, sa isang banda ng kanyang budhi na hindi niya nais harapin, alam niyang walang kinahihinatnan ang kanyang buhay, kung kaya’t lulunurin na lang niya ang kanyang sarili sa kababawan.

Hindi ka ba naaawa sa sarili mo?

Nangangaral sa kalye ang isang lalake
Hiningan ng pera ng batang pulubi...

Ang galing mo magsabi kung ano ang dapat gawin, pero hanggang salita ka lang naman. Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa. Ang lakas ng loob mong mamuna ng kung anu-ano, pakiramdam mo, lahat na lang ng mabuti sa mundo, dapat mapunta sa iyo dahil sa mga dagok sa buhay na iyong dinanas.

Alam mo, walang utang sa iyo ang sanlibutan. Huwag mong lokohin ang sarili mo at lalong huwag mo naman huthutan ang sarili mong dugo’t laman dahil lamang pakiramdam mo na sobrang kamalasan ang nadulot niya sa iyo. Minsan, nangingilabot ako sa iyong pag-uugali talaga. Kung may masasabihan akong tao na wala siyang modo, malamang, ikaw na nga iyon.

“Pasensya na,” para daw sa templo
“Pangkain lang po,” sabi ng paslit
“Talagang di ba pupwede?”

Bago mo punahin ang puwing sa mata ng ibang tao, punahin mo muna ang tahilan sa iyong sariling mata.

Habang nagpapanggap kang makabuluhan at may halaga sa lipunan, lalo lamang nasasaktan ang mga tao sa paligid mo. Isa kang huwad: isang ipokritong walang karapatang manghusga sa isang bagay na wala ka naman talagang kaalam-alam.

Habang ikinakalat mo ang iyong kasinungalingan, unti-unting nauunawaan ng mga tao kung bakit maraming hindi natutuwa sa iyong mga pinaggagagawa. Hindi ba sapat ang ginawa mong pambababoy sa ibang mga tao? Pati ba naman ang mga taong akala’y iyong mga kaibigan, kailangan mo ring saktan?

Punung-puno na ang salop. Hindi na maaaring palampasin ang iyong mga ginagawa.

Lumipat ng pwesto ang lalake!

Kinamumuhian ka dahil sa iyong pangungutya, sa iyong pang-aalipusta, na akala mo kung sino kang panginoon na kailangang pagsilbihan ng lahat ng tao. Muli, walang utang sa iyo ang sanlibutan. Nawa’y tamaan ka ng kidlat sa iyong pag-iilusyon.

Anuman ang iyong ginagawa sa iyong kapatid
Ay siya ring ginagawa mo sa akin...

Mabuti sana kung ikaw lang ang napupunang masama ng ibang mga tao. Ang masaklap, dahil hindi ka nag-iisa, maski ang mga matitino, naaapektuhan sa iyong mga kabulastugan. Sinisiraan mo sila, o di kaya’y sila mismo ang lumalayo, kahit na ikaw ang dapat na paalisin, hindi sila.

Nakakahiya ka talaga. Ang tigas din talaga ng mukha mo.

Banal na aso, santong kabayo
Natatawa ako hi hi hi hi!
Banal na aso, santong kabayo
Natatawa ako hi hi hi hi!
Sa 'yo

Wala na sigurong kailangan pang sabihin. Ang taas-taas ng tingin mo sa sarili mo, subalit sa katotohanan, pinagtatawanan ka ng lahat ng tao dahil ikaw na lang yata ang hindi nakakaalam kung gaano ka kaawa-awa habang nagmamalinis, nagmamalaki, at nagpapakasasa ka sa iyong kinalulugaran ngayon.

Hinayaan na kita noong sarili mo lang ang pinagmumukha mong tanga. Quese hoda bang madadamay kami, eh wala naman tayong magagawa diyan? Pero sa sandaling nanakit ka na ng ibang tao... aba, ibang usapan na iyan.

Natatawa ako talaga. Hi hi hi hi.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Picks For The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs Of 2009

.:My Picks For The Ten Emerging Influential Blogs Of 2009...:.

This is the highly anticipated writing project from Ms. Janette Toral. =P

It’s that time of the year again, where we get to see what blogs are slowly cropping up and here are some of the blogs that caught my eye thus far. When it comes to being “influential”, in spite of the necessity of a subjective interpretation of the word, few can disagree that these blogs I will mention are indeed very influential, especially in the Philippine blogosphere. Whether it’s a refreshing point of view on what people assumed to be a tired old topic, or a blog with memetic value, or a blog by someone who has always been known as influential even before she got into blogging, all of these blogs are worthy of looking at, and deserve to be given the spotlight.

Before I begin, I'd like to run down a short list of blogs I didn't even realize were in contention, but should also be worthy of consideration for all of you. The fact that I have to make a list of honorary mentions should give you the hint that indeed, this was quite a watershed of a year for emerging influential blogs.

As such, I'd like to acknowledge Let's Go Sago (To me, the most creatively-named food and travel blog ever.), Adaphobic (One of the quirkiest blogs I've ever come across, in a good way.), Animetric (Animetric has been around for years, but this new blog takes her to a whole new level, to say the least.),and Flaircandy (There are no words to express my disappointment when I published this post and realized Hannah was supposed to be eligible.), all of which I inadvertently left out of the list mainly because I assumed they've been longtime bloggers already.

In the tradition of my top 2 pick for this year, I will do this in countdown format, albeit one should take the “rankings” I give here with a grain of salt. This is merely the point of view of one person, after all.

10. Patay-Gutom – Not to be confused with the infamous “fifth type of bloggers”, which actually predates the blog itself (I should know, since I coined the term.), Patay Gutom is a food blog that has all its bases covered. This is an ensemble cast of excellent writers who know how to talk about food in a unique and refreshing way. That they are associated with a mild controversy (that is connected to them in name and in name alone) only further cements their ability to influence people.

9. The Singing Blogger - I am, without a doubt, a fan of this guy’s musical stylings. As a frustrated singer whose infamous “tough hits” continue to pollute YouTube, this guy is an excellent counterpoint to my terrible covers. If you wanna feel good about your own singing talents, check my covers out. If you want to hear good singing, check this guy’s blog out. Why nobody has decided to devote a blog to singing in the Philippines the way he has until now is beyond me. Expect copycats to spring up over time, then.

8. Wardropedia - My good friend Domz is one of the most fashionable people I know, so when I found out she was starting a fashion blog, I was more than happy with the news. This is my “dark horse pick” for this year. Maybe it doesn’t seem so influential at the moment, but give it a year, and Domz will go places with this blog. I have full confidence in it.

7. Video Chops - This is the new blog by Mr. Coy Caballes, aka Cokskiblue, and it’s a useful resource for anyone who wants to be a videoblogger. Coy is the master of reinventing himself, and is certainly someone to look out for year after year after year.

6. The Bebigerls – Controversial as these girls may be, it’s no mean feat to find yourself being a topic of many people, podcasts, and fellow blogs. Love them or hate them, the Bebigerls have certainly influenced many bloggers. The infamous “devil bloggers” have haters and defenders alike, and let’s face it: you don’t have to write in perfect English, you don’t have to be exceptionally profound, and you don’t even have to be remotely smart to become “influential”. Then again, seeing how they have parlayed their infamy into various fruitful endeavours, perhaps we are all merely underestimating what the Bebigerls truly are capable of. Will they shock us to a point of "rudiness"? Only time can tell.

5. New Media Philipiines – Carlo Ople is a guy who is in tune with the pulse of the changing times. His blog covers various topics involving the rapidly developing world of the internet and new media, and it’s safe to say that this blog, as new as it is, has influenced a lot of Philippine bloggers. Whether it’s seeing satires or parodies of his polarizing but moving post about the four (or five) types of bloggers, or the amount of thought he puts into every post, you know that this blog is indeed, “influential”

4. Good Times Manila – DJ, whoever he is, has got to be one of the funniest people you will ever find online. His fake news blog, Good Times Manila, is testament to how creative he really is, as he seems to never run out of timely topics to poke fun at, although one has to pity Marian Rivera, considering how often she’s targeted by DJ. Regardless, this is a funny site with a rabid following, and one need only look at the staggering number of comments he gets per post to understand why this blog is worthy of inclusion in this list.

3. Hearty’s Heaven - Achie Rochelle is, needless to say, made of win. With her unique spin on the food and urban travel blog, her zest for life, and the fact that she is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest faces you will ever meet, there’s very little mystery to her allure. Except maybe for one thing: despite the facade of being an “it” girl, how can someone seemingly so involved in the dealings of alta sociedad be in reality so socially aware? Well, that’s my achie!

2. Delamar – Delamar of RX 93.1 is, without a doubt, an influential person, and I don’t mean that merely on a personal level. Not only has she inspired a new generation of DJ’s (yours truly included), she has also influenced a whole generation of people to have their armpits lasered. That aside, Delle may have taken a year to catch on from when her co-host, Chico has started blogging, but there’s nothing second-rate about Delamar’s blog. When you have thousands of listeners hanging on to every word you say, and now, write, you have every right to be called “influential”.

1. Hay Men! Ang Blog Ng Mga Tunay Na Lalake – This blog pretty much encapsulates what it means to be “influential”: memetic, catchy, the father of many spinoff blogs who don’t quite capture its magic, and even making its way into daily lingo, the TNL blog just burst onto the scene without any warning, and gives us a slice of good old crude but effective Filipino humor. There’s no question that this is an easy top pick to make, when you can crack a TNL joke in a cosplay competition and get people to react in recognition.

This writing project is made possible by our SPONSORS:

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt:: Make That Change!

.:It’s Time To Make A Change...:.

When it comes to “change”, few people can capture the notion better than one Michael Jackson. In his song, “Man In The Mirror”, he sang the immortal lines:

I’m gonna make a change (Uhh!)
For once in my life
It’s gonna feel real good
Gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right...

I mean, who better to talk about change than a guy who used to be black, but is now whiter than an albino, right? Change is really the one thing in this world that’s permanent, and I know for a fact that there’s always room for improvement in our lives.

We have so many bad habits, so many things we keep on doing, even if we know it’s no good for us. As Destiny’s Child put it, “I told myself that I would make some changes | But the more I change there’s one thing that remains the same | I can’t seem to shake ya | You seem to really have a hold on me...”

Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, in the interest of self-improvement and making changes that are actually going to be good, Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt has actually launched an excellent campaign on Facebook, enjoining everyone to “be good” to themselves. Give up a bad habit, pick up a good habit in exchange. I’m sure if we all looked hard enough at ourselves, we’d see a habit or two we’re better off without, after all.

While yes, I did make a pledge, and I’m exceptionally hellbent on making sure I keep that pledge, wouldn’t it be nice to discover what pledges some of the other famous personalities around us would be making if they actually took part in this campaign? Sometimes, celebrities need to be reminded to be good to themselves too, you know!

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: GOODBYE democracy; HELLO monarchy!

Chantal Umali: GOODBYE Carlo; HELLO hotdogs!

Loren Legarda:GOODBYE Nokia 3210; HELLO Ma Ling!

Mar Roxas:GOODBYE gas-guzzling cars; HELLO pedicabs!

Kim Chiu: GOODBYE sabit; HELLO happy period!

Sam Milby:GOODBYE talong; HELLO upo!

Mon Tulfo: GOODBYE cuss words; HELLO swear words!

Marian Rivera: GOODBYE making taray; HELLO breaking pledges!

Bong Revilla: GOODBYE inutility; HELLO mayhem!

Katrina Halili: GOODBYE Clear; HELLO Hayden Shoulders!

Hayden Kho: GOODBYE scandals; HELLO waxing salons!

Elton John: GOODBYE yellow brick road; HELLO Mrs. Jones!

Air Supply: GOODBYE; Lionel Richie: HELLO!

.:In All Seriousness...:.

... I think it’s a good idea to be good to yourself and do your health, sanity, and soul a favour every now and then. For instance, after last night’s spa treatment, I discovered how much bad stuff I need to flush out of my body, due to never having watched what I ate for too long. There’s so much room for improvement, and it’s never a bad idea to be good to yourself!

That, and if Nestle hits 10,000 pledges, they will be making a substantial donation to charity, so that's pretty awesome, too. =P

Without any further ado, here’s my pledge...

Open Mic #7, And Taking Of Pelham

.:My Latest Open Mic Went Well...:.

At least, better than I expected.

Here, let me share it with you...

.:Taking Of Pelham 123...:.

Was a great movie. I was really on the edge of my seat for the most part. I don’t feel like giving an exhaustive review, but seeing it with a couple of friends proved to be an entertaining affair. I’m a big fan of John Travolta as a villain, and Denzel Washington’s very restrained but remarkable performance won me over. For about a few minutes, I was too busy recalling Travolta in “Hairspray” to buy his being a villain, but he managed to wow me once the ball got rolling.

It’s a great film. Exciting, filled with lots of good twists and turns, and compelling characters portrayed excellently by Washington and Travolta.

See, Mr. Cruise? That’s how you make people ignore you’re a nutty Scientologist. By making good movies!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yet Another Political Lambaste...

.:You Go, Mo!:.

I think it’s obvious that strictly based on preference, I am more of a Chico and Delle fan than a Mo Twister fan, but Mo’s clever line of questioning was just amazing and made of win. It’s not every day you get one Matt Defensor to implicitly admit that our dear president isn’t clean.

.:When Armida Speaketh...:.

Armida Siguion-Reyna’s recent commentary about the CBCP is certainly right on the money. It appears the church is more concerned about meddling with what people do in the bedroom than with the fact that we have other demons to battle: demons that lurk at the highest of the high, exerting their will and power over the rest of us who simply have no power to fight back.

And it just got me to thinking why I find much disdain over the lack of relevance the church, my church, the one I’ve been apologist for all of my life, is displaying, seeing it fit to meddle in politics and to meddle in the RH Bill, and at times, to even outright spread lies about contraceptives, all in hopes of protecting the almighty and sacred sperm. Sperm is good, sperm is great. If you waste any, God gets very irate. I’m sure Monty Python would agree.

So riddle me this, dear CBCP: while you are so busy trying to dissuade people from knowledge and education the way you forced Galileo to recant about what he has discovered, how does this save souls? How does this alleviate poverty? How does this combat the evils of this world, or hey, as Ms. Siguion-Reyna was so blunt to point out, corruption, or what looks to be an illegitimate rule that has been far too long already?

You say that you wish to make Christ relevant to all these people, yet you could only refer to lame rhetorics and traditions to back you up, all the while fearing progress and ignoring the truth, from your absurd obstinacy in believing in creationism, to your insistence that man was made for woman, and not man for man, never mind the biological proof staring you in the face.

I’m not a moral crusader. I am a crusader for equity and respect for the human person. What bewilders me is that you, dear CBCP, a group of distinguished church leaders who have committed yourselves to be a “church for the poor” as of Vatican II, still live in ivory towers, yet choosing to impose a double standard whenever you see fit. Castigate leaders who may take advantage of a political rally, but not so much as condemn the cheating that has occurred in 2004, one that our dear president has “apologized” for.

Do we even need to remind you that our dear president used the Lord’s name in vain when she said “God made her change her mind,” resulting in her going back on her word and actually running in 2004 after promising she wouldn’t?

What other people do in the bedroom should be none of your concern. What other people do with a country you swore to help save, on the other hand, should be at the top of your issues. What worth is a morally upright citizenry when its leadership sees it fit to rape and exploit this citizenry in whatever way they see fit?

You are in a better position than I am to do something good for this country. As such, I implore you, as a person who still believes that this church is worth being a part of: open your eyes, open your minds. Would a good God truly tolerate such wickedness in his midst? Did He not cast them out of His temple?

The Reproductive Health Bill is small fry. It is the least of our worries, dear CBCP. Seriously.

.:There Are No Words:.

I can’t believe I’m writing yet another political post. Then again, the government seems to be cranking its craziness factor.

Why are we letting a convicted child rapist run around establishing a theme park for kids with our esteemed president’s name plastered all over it? That’s like asking Triumph The Insult Comic Dog to walk your poodle!

I don’t know how blind people have to be to let this glaring error of judgment pass. Romeo Jalosjos was convicted for acts of lasciviousness and statutory rape. Why are we letting him run an establishment that would put him in a position to have more potential victims? Are you going to let R. Kelly babysit your daughters? I think not.

When Good Times Manila poked fun at the possibility of Jalosjos founding an exclusive school for little girls, I chuckled at the sheer absurdity of it. Finding out about Gloria’s Fantasyland, well, I can’t help but facepalm because this time, it’s not a joke.

What’s wrong with these people? Why are we allowing these dolts to run roughshod over the justice system? What about the girl who was raped? Did anyone ask her if she thought her oppressor should run free? Wasn’t it bad enough that he was living like a king in jail?

There are no words for the sheer injustice we are witnessing happening right before our eyes. One wishes we can do more, but for now, perhaps writing about this, and sharing my indignance, will show more and more that contrary to what our esteemed officials may think, people do care what’s going on in this country, and it’s not all about serving our own selfish interests all the frigging time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lost Gems Of Philippine History: The 1896 Board Meeting


P.S. To my great-great-granduncle, Marcelo H. Del Pilar, I really needed a straw man for this, so my apologies if I had to pick you and Emilio. You know I still love you. =P

.:The Output-Oriented Revolution: A Board Meeting...:.

Emilio Aguinaldo: Mabini, take down the minutes of this meeting. And would you be a dear and run to StarbucKKK’s and grab us some frappes?

Apolinario Mabini : Excuse me?

Emilio Aguinaldo: *sighs* Fine. Just take down the minutes. I’ll just text Gregorio to grab some coffee for us when he passes by the Tirad branch.

Marcelo del Pilar: Okay, let’s call this meeting to order. Our first item on our agenda – we are running way over budget. Andres, care to explain?

Andres Bonifacio: What’s the fuss? I need those arms for our military endeavours, and we...

Emilio Aguinaldo: We are withholding any further buget allocation for the procurement of arms, Andres. Our bottomline is being hurt. We want to see results. How many soldiers did we lose as opposed to civil guards this month?

Andres Bonifacio: Emilio, these are acceptable and necessary losses. We are waging a war.

Marcelo del Pilar: Be that as it may, we are running on a budget. What do you think we are doing here? Fighting for liberty at all costs?

Andres Bonifacio: I was under the impression that’s what we were doing.

Marcelo del Pilar: You have yet to win a convincing victory on the battlefield! You need to be more like King Leonidas from Sparta, although you don't have abs.

Andres Bonifacio: Ang tunay na lalake, walang abs. And didn't Leonidas lose that fight against the Persians anyways? So why's he considered heroic and I'm not?

Marcelo del Pilar: Stop using annoying things like the facts and sound logic to dissuade me from my point, Andres. What will our board of investors ever say about these expenses? We need to stop launching military efforts, and just sit on our hands and hope Spain gets tired of us and lets us go. That’s the more economical solution to these problems, what with all this talk about a recession. Even the polos are getting fired, as underpaid and overworked as they are!

Emilio Aguinaldo: We are left with no choice, then. We need to pull the plug on our military arm. Let’s try declaring independence on our targeted date, June 12, without having to even go through the motions of a revolution. Hey, it just might work, right?

Marcelo del Pilar: A capital idea! And now, the second item on our agenda... Pepe, what have you been doing lately?

Jose Rizal: I’ve had two doctorates, travelled all over the world, written two books, awakened national consciousness to Spanish abuse, and...

Marcelo del Pilar: What? You just wrote books? We didn’t put you through all this education to act educated, you know. We want you to take charge, to fight, to put your life on the line!

Jose Rizal: And next week’s scheduled execution for yours truly doesn’t seem like putting my life on the line for you?

Marcelo del Pilar: Meh. We’re still not free, are we?

Jose Rizal: Moses died before his people got to the promised land. But they did. Are you saying what Moses did was inconsequential?

Emilio Aguinaldo: Well, Barack Obama’s been talking about change for a while already, but that’s mostly just been motherhood statements so far, hasn’t it? It’s all about output. I mean, Manny Pacquiao's even more heroic than you, Andres. He wins his fights all the time!

Marcelo del Pilar: Who are those people?

Emilio Aguinaldo: I’m sorry. It just sounded like a witty thing to say. I wasn’t thinking.

Marcelo del Pilar: We’re digressing. So Pepe, you’re telling me all you did was write a couple of books?

Jose Rizal: You mean a couple of books that is currently sparking this revolution you plan on cancelling due to budget considerations? You mean a couple of books that are testament to the fact that we are not merely maleducated Indios, as the Spaniards derisively call most of us, but educated Filipinos who can and will be able to run this country when we achieve independence?

Marcelo del Pilar: Yep. Just a couple of books. Just like those books your son, Adolf read.

Jose Rizal: You mean Protocols of Zion and Will to Power? Oh, forgive me. I’m sure that a couple of books that led to the death of six million Jews are, just like Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, “just a couple of books.”

Marcelo del Pilar: I don’t like the implication of your tone, Pepe. Are you seriously saying that discourse and not just misguided anger will pave the way to independence? Such a novel concept, but ultimately futile.

Andres Bonifacio: Why are we all speaking in English, by the way, shouldn’t we be speaking in our native tongues, to prove how much we love our country?

Jose Rizal: Jeebus Cripes, Andres! I’m getting shot next week because I’ve caused so much trouble that the Spaniards are worried I’d lead a revolution that would free us all. In a few years, Emilio over there will have you killed, and all you could think of is that mere vestigial gestures of patronizing our language would weigh more in the annals of history than the fact that we’re, y’know, dying for our country?

Andres Bonifacio: Wait, Rizal, didn't you say...

Jose Rizal: I know what I said, but gee, whiz. That's not the only way to show you love your country, right? I think I've earned the right to be "higit pa sa malansang isda"...

Andres Bonifacio: Lawl. You’re right, Pepe. How much are you willing to bet that some thankless little git would be spitting on our graves a hundred or so years from now just because we never get to see the output we’re fighting for? Heck, I'm sure one of our awesome friends would have people claiming she should be more important than Cory, who will free us from a tyrannical dictator in 1986 just because they think she's cuter than Cory. I'm sure even she would disagree on that point.

Jose Rizal: All this fortune telling aside, output? Who cares about output? This isn’t a business. This is a war. That’s a basic logical fallacy, Andres. Faulty analogy is faulty. It doesn’t hold water. Do we even have computers and the internets to measure how well we’re doing in this quest for liberation? We are only doing what we can to the best of our abilities, even if it kills us. Output or no output, we have pulled our share for the next generation. What are these ingrates doing for their generation? Hasn’t it always been the case that we plant the seeds for the future, and someone else reaps the benefits? Do you mean to tell me only those who win wars are heroic? You call Genghis Khan heroic?

Melchora Aquino: I’m just glad you guys didn’t ask me to make coffee this time.

Emilio Aguinaldo: Hush, woman. We’re still sexist. This is the 1800’s, remember?

Melchora Aquino: Two hundred years from now, we’ll still be sexist.

Emilio Aguinaldo: That’s because we have a crappy girl president by the time they read the minutes of this meeting. Eww. Cooties!

Apolinario Mabini: That’s it, guys. I’m walking out.

Emilio Aguinaldo: And how do you propose to do that?

Apolinario Mabini: What a lame joke. Pshaw.

Marcelo del Pilar: Gais, I’m lost. This is all flying over my head. Let’s just cancel the revolution, and Pepe, stop writing. You’re beginning to sound like a sensationalist blogger.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Baccarat And Self-Flagellation...

.:Baccarat Night Part 1 @Newport City:.

This won’t be a picture-laden post, but it will have to suffice to convey just how stoked I was about the Newport City’s orientation night last week, as we were taken last Wednesday to get acquainted with the huge undertaking happening at what used to be the place for our culmination ROTC activities, what used to be Villamor Airbase.

Having said that, this very ambitious project is shaping up very nicely, what with an actual school that trains its employees in skillsets including cooking, and casino gaming. Needless to say, being taken on a tour of their school building was already impressive as is, but seeing the plans they had for their actual hotels and casinos really just floored me.

I was impressed, and even if I’m not a gambling man, I know I’d like to see the finished product for the sheer spectacle of it. This looks to be the closest thing to Vegas the Philippines will get to have, and you know the love affair stage performers such as myself have with Vegas...

Well, I’ll be back there soon, and I’m excited for it. I had a decent run at the Baccarat tables that night, albeit we weren’t playing with real money. Something tells me I wouldn’t be nearly as sporting if it were my money on the table... heh.

.:The Quest For Improvement Continues...:.

Last 09 June was Mike Unson’s birthday, and it was an awesome showcase of comedy that night at Toyz Cafe as the open mic night happened with more than your average number of standup comedians giving it a go there.

I had an okay set, albeit surprisingly, my usual antics as a comedy magician might actually count as more risqué than the limits I have to work with in standup, as the rope routine apparently got some raised eyebrows. Nonetheless, as I am here to learn and to improve, I’m taking the advice I’ve been getting to heart, and if that means overhauling my personal style when I’m in this setting, then so be it. This is a whole new ballgame, I admittedly don’t know as much about it as I know about magic, but I’m willing to learn, and that’s one of the most important things to consider.

My thanks to Stanley, who’s been playing mentor to me, as well as the other comedians like Noel and Richie, Trian and Raffy, whose inputs, ideas, and suggestions, I always listen to. These guys know what they’re doing, so it’s great being able to learn from the people who have blazed the trail in the Philippines for observational point-of-view standup comedy. I’ve never been one to take criticism negatively, so the points for improvement that they brought up over my past month and a half of trying to do standup has been nothing but helpful, especially as I attempt to write new material with these principles and guidelines in mind to uphold the standard.

When I did standup for Nomer’s show last Thursday, I was already getting an idea that surprisingly enough, my approach at comedy and even magic may be too edgy for the average audience, as I saw myself second-guessing some of my punchlines because of the kids present during the mentalism show. Nonetheless, I also realized it has a lot to do with the way I carry myself, that swagger or gravitas that seems to make people view me, even stereotype me in a certain way.

I realized recently that people see me as a very prim and proper person: the kind of guy who minds his p’s and q’s, and has a certain air of detachment that makes me at best, this guy with an unflappable air around him, or at worst, a total square. Either way, these initial expectations people get from seeing me alone tend to be broken once I get into my act.

I’ve patterned myself in magic after Michael Finney and Penn and Teller. These guys have a way of joking around that does not suit the “square” stereotype at all. If anything, it goes in the completely opposite direction: boorish, albeit still pretending to be classy humor. Sardonic, perhaps even macabre, at times, but certainly not something you expect from someone who looks like an authority figure when he goes up onstage.

That being said, what this means to me is that what others may find inoffensive from other performers, they could very well find terribly offensive when it comes from me.

The trick is... now that I know these expectations, how do I play with these expectations and break them without offending the audience’s sensibilities? To be honest, I don’t know the answer right now, but I’m willing to find out in time.

Lemme Greet Someone Really Awesome...

.:Happy Birthday!:.

To the one, the only, Chico Garcia, happy birthday! More power to ya! =)

I was supposed to drop by the station today, but I thought against it, due to this thing called work. LOL.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I Ought To Blog About...

.:Here's A List Of Backblogged Stuff...:.

1. Hosting L'Arc Con.
2. My pledge for Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt.
3. How it felt to be hosting ToyCon.
4. Mike Unson's birthday show, plus the Toyz Cafe show.
5. Productive meetings galore!
6. Stupid rumor-mongers who have no shame.

All in all, it's been a very exciting past week...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wanted To Write About So Many Things, But...

.... In light of the chaotic day I had, I'll hold off on it for now.


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This News Made Me Sad...

.:The Sumilao Farmer Leader Was Ambushed...:.

This article really hit me. I've written about the Sumilao farmers in the past, and I feel saddened by the fact that people are too busy trying to change the Constitution or throw rocks at Hayden Kho to care that this travesty happened.

Because really, How dare Congressman Antonino say that we oppose Con-Ass due to our self-interest? Whose interests are these pro Con-Ass people pushing for, anyways? As a private citizen who pays his taxes, I have every right, as do all the dissenters to want to protect our interests, because hey, apparently, a good chunk of our dear congressmen aren't out to protect them for us.

We don't see the point in changing the constitution now. Why didn't they do that way back in 2004? 2005? 2006? Hades, maybe even 2007! Why are they doing it now? I'm sorry, but even from a pragmatic point of view, even all notions of "Gloria for Her Majesty" aside, there is not one compelling reason why changing the charter now instead of after 2010 is a good idea.

There is reasonable cause for alarm, and I don't see how people who take offense against a foreigner making a joke about our country could turn around and castigate us for taking offense at our own countrymen making a joke of our country.

The only difference? This joke is gonna hurt us. People throw a fit over being referred to as having mail-order brides, but nobody throws a fit at the mail-order congressmen littered all over the lower house, trying to push for a cause that is clearly urgent only to one beneficiary.

And no, it's not the Filipino people.

While a man who has marched hundreds of miles for a cause worth fighting for was taken from us in the dead of the night, are we going to let our democracy, our dignity, certainly a cause worth fighting for as well, be stripped from us in the dead of the night all the same? Are we going to let this go without a fight?

I think not.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Posting More Tomorrow, But...

.:Hanging Out...:.

So while hanging out with a couple of friends, Helga and Tahn, and while we were talking about relationship woes left and right, guess what song started blasting over Butter Diner's sound system?

That's right. "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely", by Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera. Heh.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

You're Not CONning *my* @$$...

.:No, No, A Thousand Times, No:.

While the Senate stumbles on private parts and busy themselves over Hayden Kho, the lower house, on the other hand, is trying to sneak one under our noses and have passed HR 1109, which puts them in a prime position to amend the constitution in a way that would be most advantageous to our current disposition.

Hasn’t eight years with our current president been enough? Why are they rushing to have this passed in the first place? Why is it nobody seems to want to change the constitution early on during a president’s term?

The sheer audacity of our House of Reprehensibles at railroading what is obviously a sham of a resolution is just disgusting, and I cannot stand it any longer.

This is exactly why yesterday, I attended the “No To Con-Ass Facebook Eyeball”. I met a few familiar faces, and while there were only a few of us thanks to the terrible weather, it was still a great start to what can hopefully be a peaceful movement of dissent against this travesty against our democracy.

The writing is on the wall, and I know, more than ever, that we cannot simply tolerate these shenanigans. It simply shouldn’t happen. I may not agree with Honorable Roilo Golez all the time, but on this count, I certainly do: No to Con-Ass. Enough is enough.

As such, I would like to register my contempt for my Congressman...

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

- Anonymous

No to Conass!

Friday, June 05, 2009

More Random Thoughts...

.:It’s Still Too Soon...:.

... to crack one-liners about the bizarre but unfortunate passing of David Carradine. I don’t want to have to go into the specifics because of its grisly nature, so my apologies if I will have to keep you hanging...

Yep. I decided not to right an obituary for the guy even if I loved Kung-Fu and Kill Bill. The irreverent in me just kept on finding ways to turn it into a joke. I'm so terrible.

.:Congratulations, Jane!:.

My good friend, Jane, is Nuffnang’s featured blogger for the month of June! I’m very happy that she was featured, considering how awesome a writer she is. She deserves the recognition she’s getting. =)

.:This Week’s Tough Hit...:.

I’ll share my other tough hits in some other post, but for now, since my good friend Chy requested me to cover this song...

Have I told you guys yet that I’m really not a singer? LOL.

May 24: Summer Pet Fair In The City!

.:Who Let The Dogs Out?:.

I’ve never hosted a pet show in my life, so my first experience of being surrounded by dogs, some turtles, and an iguana was an incredibly memorable experience. Last May 24, I ended up hosting SM North’s “Summer Pet Fair in the City,” and it was a blast!

So there I was in SM North, just completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who were there, and obviously the sheer number of dogs as well. I love dogs, but to see that many of them in one place, all running around, all completely well-trained, well, it’s quite a sight.

It’s a petting zoo!

Kids had fun with the animals, and the adults were competing in Mondial Ring, weight pulling, and even Frisbee throwing. We managed to see a dog pull well over 3,000 pounds, and it was simply unbelievable. Apparently, the Philippine record for weight-pulling for dogs was held by the white American Bulldog named Justice. Dogs demonstrated their abilities to jump, to know when to attack and not to attack a stranger based on their gestures, and so on and so forth. It was just so much to take in, and I had to learn the “language”, so to speak, as many terms and activities seemed to be standard practice for the participants, and I was rather uninitiated to them.

And yeah, the R. Lapid’s Chicharon jingle? Incredibly LSS-inducing.

One of the highlights from the non-competitors that day was this dog that I encountered, a Labradoodle. Apparently, it’s possible to crossbreed a Labrador and a Poodle, and this is what you get...

The one to my right, silly!

I also met a bulldog who had a heat stroke...

Poor doggie...

And amusingly enough, the turtles were the only ones who ever managed to bite anyone during the entire event (Not counting the owner protection demos, of course.). That being said, I have a cool picture of me with an iguana...


Having said all of that, this was one amazing experience, and I’ve discovered for myself that I can actually handle hosting pet shows now. The event was capped by a special performance from Atty. Byron and his German shepherd, Booger, who apparently can dance to “Staying Alive”, by the Bee Gees!

The dog is even trained to pose for the camera...

Nice doggie...

One for the books, no question about it. I’ve always been a dog person, so acquitting myself well by hosting this huge event is quite a feather in my hosting cap, to say the least...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Thanks To Everyone...

... who made My Beloved's birthday last Tuesday a happy one.

No thanks to the people who rained in on the parade, though.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Blogosphere Tidbits...

.:You Keep On Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means:.

I’m alarmed and amused at the same time by people I see who seem to like throwing words around maybe because it sounds so good to them, or intimidating, or even profound.

In reality, it just makes them look terribly silly.

A check can only “bounce” when you take it to the bank and there are insufficient funds from the account you’re drawing the check from.

A woman can only be a “chauvinist” if she thinks men are inferior to women, not when she is taking offense to something she is perfectly well within her rights to take offense to.

A person can only be a “backstabber” when the person he’s supposedly backstabbing has no idea that he speaks that way about her. The minute she does, he could be “rude” or even “tactless”, but a “backstabber”, he is not.

A person can only be an “airhead” if he’s an idiot. If you can eff up even the shortest of sentences, if even the slowest of my Korean students understand something as simple as subject-verb agreement better than you, then you lose the ascendancy to call anyone an “airhead”.

Lastly, a "friend" is not someone who will side with you even when you're wrong. In fact, if there's one person you want to tell you what's wrong with you, it should be a "friend", since they'd do it because they care about you and aren't just out to get you.

Pardon me if I scoff at people who like throwing around words, big or small, whose meanings they don’t even fully grasp. It makes them look especially ridiculous.

.:The Next Time Someone Tells You “It’s My Blog, I Write What I Want...”:.

... show them this article.

I’m especially struck by the line: “Defamation is defamation no matter whether it is written on paper or on a blog.” Truer words have never been said, and that’s precisely why I’ve been, for the most part, avoiding hurling epithets at people on a whim, especially people who are not public individuals. Libel is something a lot of bloggers have been guilty of, but what boggles the mind is that just because nobody’s willing to enforce the law, we all continue to write with impunity.

Why is this? Is this the truth to the adage that even the most righteous man would become evil if nobody saw him?

I find this trend alarming, truth be told. It’s okay to do something wrong, so long as we don’t get caught is the kind of morality that you can expect from a kid, but not from fully-grown adults who should know that being a good person doesn’t end once you step out of the classroom or the office. What makes this even worse is the way we try to weasel our way out of it when we get caught. Hey, look. You made your bed. Lie in it. Since there’s no way I can condemn wrongdoing itself without condemning myself in turn, let me instead take a long, harsh look at the lack of responsibility we seem to be having for our own actions.

While I read that article, I saw how the commenter was acting shocked she got sued. Newsflash: ignorance of the law? Not an excuse. We keep on forgetting our manners just because we’re online, and we even have the audacity to call out people for taking offense to how we conduct ourselves. I’m almost inclined to believe that hackers are more responsible once they get caught. They’re not going to play dumb, and they know more likely than not, that what they’re doing is wrong. Considering that the laws on free speech in America are incredibly more lenient than they are here, that she has managed to find herself sued for defamation should be a message to us over here, where name-calling is not included under “protected speech” the way it is in America (That’s how Penn and Teller get away with their expose show, “Bull$4!7.”).

I’m a very pluralistic-minded person. I excuse most kinds of behaviour, even ill behaviour, so long as the person is willing to take responsibility for the consequences of their behaviour. For example, I respect the grumpy old man who is prepared to be isolated from the rest of the world due to his actions. What I don’t have much regard for are people who act the way they do then are surprised when they receive backlash for it.

I’m reminded strongly of Juned’s talk last I-Blog 5. When someone breaks taboo, there will be consequences. Ostracization, censure, even gossip are all side effects, and those ones are mild in contrast to jail time and fines and a civil liability.

We are still responsible for what we write, whether it’s on a blog or on a newspaper. Don’t assume action won’t be taken on you just because you’re a blogger, especially not if you actually want bloggers to be recognized as valid opinion leaders. If they are, then the converse must be true: they must be held responsible for their words, given the power their words possess.

.:However, This Is Just Overkill...:.

The Right Of Reply Bill currently covers bloggers, cellular phones, and I-Pods.

That is just the height of insanity right there.

What? If I texted Maro that “this government sucks big-time,” do I have to text Maro the reply the government deems fit for me to publish, like maybe, “this government sucks only small-time?”

First of all, the right of reply is already inherent in blogging. It’s called the comments section. It’s called the ability to write another blog. Forcing bloggers to publish a counterpoint to their own opinion is just ridiculous and impractical when anyone can make their own blog and then write their own counterpoint. To say that bloggers need to devote their own space to a reply to an opinion they publish is counterproductive to the nature of internet. So long as the blogger is not well within libellous grounds, then his speech should still remain as protected speech.

Cellphones and I-Pods, on the other hand, are mainly modes of private communication or in the case of the I-Pod, private listening, not public dissemination. The Right Of Reply Bill in its current wording covers these devices too, and the sheer absurdity of the bill on this matter alone is so glaring I don’t even have to make a joke about it.

I am not a lawyer, so don’t take my very basic understanding of libel law as the Gospel, but I think that in this case, it doesn’t take a lawyer to see that the entire concept of the Right Of Reply Bill is flawed and oppressive to free speech. This is especially when you consider that mass media’s space costs a lot of money. Being obligated to publish a reply with the same prominence and the same time would hurt these publishers and broadcasters in the long run.

Some politicians went as far as to say that this will solve the problem of journalists getting killed, since offended parties now have the right to reply on the same space they were lambasted. Why are we not just cracking down on journalist killings instead?!? This is non-sequitur reasoning at its finest. Why would people stop killing journalists who annoy them just because they can respond now? It just doesn’t follow.

As a former media practitioner, as a blogger, as a person who has a cellular phone, this is a law that we shouldn’t allow to see the light of day. Why do we blackmail the media into decriminalizing libel if and only if they accept the Right Of Reply Bill? If anything, while I’m not a fan of the limitations on free speech we have right now, the status quo is infinitely preferable to the alternative, where a lot of time will be wasted on counterpoints, and as such, curb the media’s desire to report anything that could be perceived as worth reacting to by the parties concerned.

If nobody’s willing to report for fear of expending airtime at their own expense, or text messages at their own expense in the worst-case scenario, why would anyone ever want to express a contrary opinion, period?

I disagree with a lot of things and topics and issues. But one thing I will always maintain is that I will defend a person’s right to stand by these things, topics, and issues. This Right Of Reply Bill inherently discourages that by forcing people to air out both sides of the story, whether or not they are journalists. We don’t need toothless commentary, or wussified discussions on issues. We need people who are willing to call it like it is, and in the event they are wrong, they will be made to pay in the proper avenue. To force them to put on kid gloves the way the Right Of Reply Bill does is a grave insult to free speech.

I can only hope that this travesty will not come to pass.

The World Owes You NOTHING. Stop Acting Like It Does

.:I Don’t Read Neil Gaiman, But He Still Pwns:.

Yes, I know. Blasphemy. Despite that, I still believe that Neil Gaiman is awesome and deserves all the props in the world for this entry.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again... I’m getting rather sick and tired of people who feel entitled to things they really aren’t. The whole “the customer is always right” adage has been used and abused to the point that people have been spoiled. Everything’s amazing, but nobody’s happy! I don’t get it, really.

I know people are entitled to take offense, to complain, but at the end of the day, the world owes you effing nothing. You didn’t do anything to earn being alive. You were alive just because, and the world doesn’t magically owe you anything just because your conditions are less than optimal or whatever other cockamamie reason you can think up. It’s so easy to whine and to rant and to complain, but it’s so difficult to just sit down there, focus, and finally do something constructive for a change. People are entitled to complain, but the minute that’s your defining trait? Boy, you better rethink what you’re doing with your time.

I’m really glad he came out with this post, really. Because let’s face it: a lot of people feel entitled even if there is no sensible reason why they should be. When I guested on Ruffa and Ai a few weeks ago, I had people who took offense to me because I did not want to be textmates with them.

Listen, let me give you a tip: just because my cellphone number was displayed on television, it doesn’t mean you’re entitled to ask me how my lunch was at three in the effing morning. I’m a professional. I am not your monkey. I am not your bitch. If you can’t respect me as a person, then I see no reason to feel bad at being labelled as “suplado” when I don’t owe you a single mothereffing thing. You don’t feed me. You don’t know me. So take your insensitivity and find someone else to bug.

No, the customer isn’t always right. Not when they disrespect the other person, resort to insulting them, calling them names, and stepping on their dignity as a human person. I don’t get why we tolerate that kind of crap being hurled in our direction just because. As I said during the Alec Baldwin issue, people are entitled to take offense, but that doesn’t entitle them to act like idiots and resort in kind. I thought we left that stupid “eye for an eye” schtick in the Old Testament? So why are we running back to it again?

I ain’t havin’ it. This sense of entitlement crud really has got to stop. Just because people are doing their job does not give you the right to treat them less than human. We are not your effing monkeys.

And Archie Chooses... (SPOILERS)

.:And Archie Has Chosen...:.



In what appears to be a landmark storyline for Archie Comics, the 600th issue will feature a “future” storyline wherein Archie proposes to Veronica Lodge after college. As this is a storyline that is out of the “continuity”, since after this arc is done, we revert to the status quo of the eternal love triangle.

Nonetheless, I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy of this special issue. I want to know how the storyline plays out, and I want to find out what’s in the books for Betty, if she really doesn’t end up with Archie.

This definitely bears watching.

Another Political Lambaste...

.:Finally, They Wise Up:.

Mike Defensor has said he intends to drop his perjury case against Lozada. Citing the fact that the judge in charge of the perjury case was clearly biased in favour of the accused, Mr. Defensor felt that it would be better to just drop the case instead, and I, for one, am happy about that.

What should’ve been settled a long way back has instead dragged on, thanks to all the side issues that popped up, including this whole HK scandal. Back then, a few more conscientious bloggers were wondering aloud about what has been happening to Jun Lozada, and now, we find out that to this very moment, he’s obviously still in jail.

If one Hayden Kho needs protection from a drug pusher, there is no question that one Jun Lozada needs even more protection, seeing who his enemies happen to be. Vigilance is necessary. We all have our own concerns and causes and stakes in the country. It’s best for all of us to not allow ourselves to become swayed by the storm of issues that could sidetrack our main concerns.

Just a thought, really. I don’t have anything snarky to say about Mr. Defensor.

.:Welcome To The Circus!:.

It’s facepalm-inducing, the kind of ruckus the senate is generating over this whole scandal. I really wish it would just go away. They should really know when to quit it.

Senator Jamby Madrigal, when she ran for senator last time, claimed she’s anti-traditional politics. I don’t really see anything “untraditional” about how she’s comporting herself at the moment, sadly. Senator Bong Revilla’s attempt at being the paragon of machismo, on the other hand, is simply backfiring. The fact is, Mr. Kho’s groundswell of support is unbelievably getting stronger and stronger by the day, and a lot of that is simply because clearly, the response to this whole issue has been bloated and exaggerated.

What’s even crazier now is that the OMB, given directives most likely from above, have been ignoring other pirated DVD’s and seizing only the scandal videos of the people concerned. If that isn’t turning a blind eye to everything else that’s obviously illegal in selling pirated DVD’s, I don’t know what is. That even pirates are saying that selling the scandals are “prohibited” while everything else being sold is apparently not is quite a glaring sign of misplaced priorities here.

Let me paraphrase the title of an album from one of the bands I am an eternal fan of, Radioactive Sago Project...

T@ngina mo, ang daming nagugutom sa mundo, papogi-pogi ka pa diyan sa Senado?

Monday, June 01, 2009

Random Amused Thoughts...

.:Jericho Rosales’s Hilarious Sunsilk Commercial...:.

I don’t need to add any commentary to this, really...

“Mga ‘tol, si Echo ito. Usapang lalake lang, mga bro. Huwag muna kayo bumili ng Sunsilk sachet. Baka kasi manalo kayo ng trip to El Nido kasama ako. Hindi naman sa ayaw ko kayo kasama, pero mga bro, El Nido yun. White sand, sunset, tapos ka-holding hands niyo ako. Dyahe naman, diba?”

.:Break A Leg? Why?:.

I don’t get why people always tell me to “break a leg” when wishing me luck.

Whose leg am I supposed to break? Mine? How is this supposed to give me good luck?

But I think it makes sense now, if you think of the leg as a wishbone. Yeah. That’s what it is. A wishbone. But I’m still not breaking my own leg...

.:The Last Known Survivor Of The Titanic Has Passed Away...:.

Now that she has passed away, there are effectively no more Titanic survivors.

One does wonder if she was an organ donor, though. That way, her heart could go on.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

.:After All These Years, Still A Rusher...:.

Ah, tradition.

I must’ve taken a lot of people by surprise when I walked in on the Rusher monthly eyeball, as I’m sure the older Rushers never expected me to show up.

Well, I’m back, and I’m certainly still a solid Rusher, through and through. It’s really funny, considering how long I’ve been out of touch with the Rushers, but I saw them all, and despite mostly being composed of new people, it’s like I’m still with the same group of people.

I guess that’s a good thing. Once a Rusher, always a Rusher. I’ve been tuned in to Chico and Delle for as long as they’ve been a tandem, and I must say, the relationships I’ve managed to have with the various Rushers over the years has been nothing short of life-shaping. It felt just like yesterday, seeing these people, even if most of them, I’ve only ever met for the first time in my life that day.

.:Happy Birthday, The Explainer!:.

Yes, last Saturday, we celebrated the great MLQ3’s birthday, and there was much fun to be had, as conversations on a wide range of topics, from politics to weird missent text messages to people who have no idea what it means to bounce a check.

That being said, it was a great night, with amazing company, and very interesting conversations all around. Phoebe was especially hilarious with how she made Urbanguru practically cringe over her line of questioning. Much laughs were to be had as well at the expense of National University because of the whole “we don’t exist” joke... and then Tito Fort, the guy who proved to me that N.U. actually existed, walked in on our conversation shortly afterwards...

Again, belated happy birthday greetings to MLQ3!

I'd Like To Offer A Prayer...

... to Kit's father. He was the one I donated blood to, last time out. I feel rather saddened by it, but I certainly believe he is in a better place now.

Godspeed to you, kind sir. I may have never met you, but perhaps, in an almost literal way, para na rin kitang kadugo. May you rest in peace.