Friday, May 24, 2013

So I Wrote About The New Dan Brown Kerfuffle...

.:So I Wrote About The New Dan Brown Kerfuffle...:.
... but of course, expect to see them on the POC and the 8List instead of on my blogs, since I hafta pay the bills. But yeah, in the tradition of my Chip Tsao entries, it's gonna be a doozy.

That's all for now. Next week, I fly out to Australia, and I'm unbelievably stoked about that.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Dark Clouds...

.:Dark Clouds...:.

Lately, I do feel like I'm getting cold feet about  going to Australia. I've been feeling so bruised and battered over the circumstances, and it's been taking its toll on me, in all honesty. I gave so much of myself all this time, so you could just imagine how difficult it really is for me to just go on with my day and ignore the cloud looming over my head.

Had another argument and I almost had to cancel my ticket altogether.

I am so drained. I am so tired. I talked to Christine and Jonsi as they were in town earlier this week, and it was a pleasant surprise hearing from them, but there's no question that I was really feeling the crunch of the trip. It feels like a fool's errand. No... it's not just a feeling. I all but know that I'm going there to have my heart broken.

And yet, I still must.

Because I love her. And I guess I always will.