Monday, March 31, 2008

And Now, Unemployment...


My Beloved passed by the house again. I dread the day she starts preparing for her board exams... I don't know how I'd possibly see her by then...

.:How Weird Is This?:.

Yesterday's graduation proved to be a really awesome one, marking my official last day with Reedley.

I've said my goodbyes already, so I don't need to retread that.

But now, I'm officially unemployed, and still clueless where I'll be off to afterwards.

.:I'm Not Even Remotely Amused...:.

It was your last day, and there's this person you know that you wanted to say goodbye to properly, and maybe even thank them for everything.

The moment was perfect. It's not like there's much chance you'd ever meet each other again afterwards, anyway.

Yet lo and behold, you actually get ignored and brusquely brushed off.

Well, you've pulled your share. It's time to leave that all behind because you just wanted to make sure things were okay. If anyone else wanted otherwise, well, meh.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's The Last Day In Reedley...


So last night, a few teachers hung out and had isaw at UP, then went around the Sunken Garden before finally having dinner at Mang Jimmy's.

That being said, with all the insane stuff we were up to, we were pretending to be teachers from Fountain International School to "protect" our identities. It was a riot and a half for everyone involved, and I'm thankful I got to hang out with a few of my colleagues before the schoolyear ended. I was way too anti-social for most of the year, admittedly.

Throughout the night, since Mr. Flores was going to give a reflection this morning, we were ribbing him to do something never been done before. Since he was renewing for the next year, I guess it's safe to say that he had no plans of performing career suicide, and his presentation just really slew us, since most of the people who were there last night sat up front to try to make him laugh.

.:Reflection Courtesy Of Mr. Flores' Slide Show...:.

Yes, I know it's not originally his, either.

A young lady was waiting at an airport for her flight.

She became a little hungry and went into a shop and bought a bag of her favorite chocolate chip cookies.

She took the cookies put them in her handbag then found a seat in the airport lounge next to a man reading a newspaper.

After a few minutes she reached down beside her and took a cookie from the bag on the armrest between them, then to her astonishment the man sat next to her also took a cookie from the bag, smiled at her and ate it. She felt irritated but thought it best not to say anything. She then had another cookie and the man also took one. Now she was getting a little annoyed and thought to herself 'The nerve, I ought to punch him in the nose!'.

Then she had a third biscuit, he took another from the bag, smiled at her again and munched away without saying a word. This continued for every cookie she had he took one too. Now she was really angry, but still said nothing because she didn't want to make a scene.

Finally there was one cookie left, 'Ah ha!' she thought 'What's he going to do now?'

Well, he reached into the bag, took out the last remaining cookie, broke it in half and offered half of it to the young lady. That was the last straw. Without saying a word she picked up her handbag and stormed off to board her plane.

Sitting on the plane, still fuming she settled in her seat and looked in her handbag for her reading glasses and book.

There she saw the bag of cookies she had bought earlier, unopened, untouched. She had forgotten she had put her cookies in the handbag.

To her horror she realized that, the man wasn't in the wrong. He had shared his bag of cookies without feeling angry or bitter. He had even shared his last cookie with her without a word of complaint or any signs of annoyance.

All the while she had felt anger towards him and he was in fact the one sharing with her and now she had no opportunity to explain herself or apologize.

I learnt something from this story. There are four things which cannot be recovered.

The stone... After it has been thrown.

The word... After it has been said.

The occasion... After the loss.

The time... When it has passed.

Now, If you are the one sat there thinking someone is 'stealing my cookies' and the whole World is against me, take a moment and think, am I screwing myself out of a good friend?

.:And So, I Thank You All:.

I've thanked the students, but I'd be remiss not to thank everyone else.

I don't want to waste my time and not thank the colleagues I have gotten to know in Reedley, who have managed to make a huge difference in my life. A lot has happened in the three quarters I've been with this school, but leaving Reedley after a mere three quarters is making a far more profound impression upon me than leaving radio after three years.

I think every single experience I've had with RIS, both positive and negative, have impacted upon me ineffably. I am a stronger person, a better listener, and a kinder human being. I'm still far from perfect, but now, I'm perfectly fine with that.

Thank you, Reedley. Thank you for making me a better human being.

Believe In The Power Of Your Cards!

.:I Can Breathe... Woo-Hoo!:.

I got a B+ in my final oral exams! I hope this means I'm passing Dr. Angeles' subject!!!


.:And My Next Client Will Be...:.

ZOMG! Mike Defensor!

Must get pictures!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Posting Next Time...

.:I'm Getting Old!:.

There was something I wanted to write about based on this morning's reflection, but I plain forgot.

Oh, well. Pardon me while I burst.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And Because It Struck A Nerve...

.:Source Unknown, Not My Original...:.

There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she's blind.

She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He's always there for her.

She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend.

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she can see everything, including her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend asked her, "now that you can see the world, will you marry me?"

The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend is blind too, and refused to marry him.

Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying. "Just take care of my eyes dear."

This is how human brain changes when the status changed.

Only few remember what life was before, and who's always been there even in the most painful situations.

Life is A Gift.

Today before you think of saying an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who has nothing to eat.

Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone ho's crying out for a companion.

Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who went too early to heaven/hell.

Before you complain about your children - Think of someone who desires children but they're barren.

Before you argue about your dirty house, someone didn't clean or sweep - Think of the people who are living in the streets.

Before whining about the distance you drive - Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.

And when you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who wished they had your job.

But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another - Remember that not one of us are without sin and we all answer to one maker.

And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down - Put a smile on your face and thank --- you're alive and still around

Life is a gift- Live it, Enjoy it, Celebrate it, And fulfill it.

.:Yes, It's A Logical Fallacy, But Still...:.

I know it's easy to dismiss all of that as mere fluff. That we just care how our status quo could be better and ignore what's beneath our status quo simply because it's a logical fallacy to say "it's okay because other people have it worse." That's not the point of the exercise.

The story itself is a bit harsh, to say the least. It kinda reminds you of the previous Clinton post of how they stiff-arm Rev. Wright only after they've put him to good use. We're guilty of that quite a bit, too. We tend to turn our backs on the things that cause us discomfort when the going is good, and our sense of entitlement makes us feel that the universe hates us when things don't go our way.

Well, let's not flatter ourselves. Not everyone gets everything they want. Hades, I'm willing to bet that even the few people we know who seem to have everything they want, 99% of them deep down still don't. The universe isn't out to get us. At the end of the day, the universe just is. What we get is not always something we choose. But what we choose to do about it is precisely up to us.

So the next time you open your eyes after being blind for so long, never take for granted where you came from. Don't let the past bog you down, but don't sweep it under the rug, either. As a human being affected by your history, what you are now is irrevocably tied to how you were back then, and pretending none of that ever existed is a grave injustice not only to those who were there with you in the past, but to yourself, all the same.

This is how I choose to live my life, and why I wear my heart on a sleeve. I believe that no matter what, it's only fair to recognize these people rather than to act as if none of it ever happened. In whatever experiences I went through, good or bad, they had a hand in it to make me who I am right now, and I have no right to deny that.

American Politics Update...

.:Far Behind When It Comes To This, But It Had To Be Said...:.

I'm terribly saddened how Hillary Clinton addressed the Rev. Wright issue. For a Democrat belonging to the same party as Barack Obama, you'd think Clinton wouldn't be the person to get on Obama's case for this issue blown out of proportion, particularly when political enemies on the other party side like Mike Huckabee and John McCain are actually defending the man.

What makes this whole thing even more amusing is that The Clintons actually asked Wright for help during the height of the Lewinsky fiasco, and this is their way of showing the man gratitude... by throwing him under the bus for the sake of political advancements.

This is not to mention the fact that Obama has addressed the issue already, and is doing more productive things with his time than sidestepping issues of lies about dodging snipers in Bosnia.

For shame, Hillary. Even "them nasty republicans" are turning out to have more integrity than you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Saw Music And Lyrics Again...

.:I Love This Movie:.

Music and Lyrics soooo describes my Beloved and I, in a nutshell. Of course, I'm nowhere near as hot as Hugh Grant, but let's not get the facts get in the way of an interesting analogy...

I'll let this Lyrically Speaking Scribble explain how I feel about the film, I guess.

.:Way Back Into Love: Lyrically Speaking Scribbles, Part X:.

Way Back Into Love
by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett

I've been living with a shadow overhead
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed...

Sometimes, it feels so difficult when I think about the things I've gone through in the past. I had a lot of fears. I doubt myself and second guess everything I do, to the point that I would even question if I deserve to be happy.

I've been lonely for so long
Trapped in the past
I just can't seem to move on...

It's hard to forgive myself for my failures and shortcomings. It's hard to break out of my shell for fear that I'd repeat the same mistakes again. But I realized I had to. If only to be fair to myself, I had to give myself a chance to prove that I'm not just a mistake.

Sometimes, I still worry that I haven't been able to achieve that... but I keep on keeping on.

I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
Just in case I ever need them again someday...

I want this to work. That someday has been here, and I can't keep on dwelling on my failures and tripping over myself every single time. There's too much at stake, and we have the rest of our lives to look forward to.

I've been setting aside time
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind...

I need the silence. I need to break away from dwelling on the past and letting it overshadow the wonderful things I have right now. I need to understand that not everything I want, I can get, and I have to let go of loose ends because there are far more important things in my life now.

It was what it was. But this is what it is.

I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine
I've been searching but I just don't see the signs
I know that it's out there
There's got to be something for my soul somewhere...

Sometimes, one has to take a chance to break the cycle. It's easy to continue being mired in the skeletons in the closet, but what good does this ever really achieve? It's time to break free.

I've been looking for someone to shed some light
Not somebody just to get me through the night
I could use some direction
And I'm open to your suggestions...

That someone is here in my life, finally. Someone who has given me meaning once again. I can't thank my Beloved enough for being there for me when I needed her the most.

There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel...

With each passing day, I do wonder if all of this is a dream. As a certain song goes, it feels like Christmas in June. It's all been unbelievable for me, and everytime I wake up, I ask myself... what the Hades did I do right for her to love me like this?

I need inspiration
Not just another negotiation...

I don't want to lose what I have now...

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love...

I want to move beyond everything that's been holding me back for the longest time. I want to break free and be happy after being miserable for the longest time. I've opened my heart and made my leap. I don't want to end up regretting it.

And if I open my heart to you
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do
And if you help me to start again
You know that I'll be there for you in the end...

When I give my heart, I give my all. I hope that I'd never be a failure again.

I just can't take falling flat on my face again anymore...

I Beg To Differ...

.:The Radio Bug Is Biting, And Biting Hard...:.

Yes, I'm still heavily contemplating this. And I'm really thinking about doing a megapost about my love affair with radio the way I did about teaching. Thankfully, there's less... baggage to go there than there is with my teaching story.

I really ought to stop looking at the past. It does nothing but depress me, honestly.

.:Hopefully, NOT My Final Thoughts On Teaching...:.

When I had consultations with Dr. Angeles a week ago, I began to see her side better, and I understood more why she felt I was not pushing myself hard enough to excel.

I don't blame her at this point if she fails me. I feel that it genuinely is my falt, and a part of me will simply scream if I end up teaching in Bel 308 to begin with, baggage and all...

But you see, there was something she said to me that struck a nerve. I know that she meant that it was a matter of opinion, but I still feel that I'm well within my rights to disagree with her.

I wasn't asking for any clemency. Any academic deficiencies she may have with me are academic deficiencies that she has observed fairly. What I disliked were the assumptions regarding those deficiencies, though, mainly that I try to "wing" it, which was definitely not something I was trying to do at all. I work hard and study hard because it's my damned money I put into my Masters.

But then, Dr. Angeles said this... I don't believe that "kindness" is a primary virtue for teachers.

I know this is a matter of personal opinion, but I have to respectfully disagree.

I know where Dr. Angeles is coming from, insofar as I believe she's saying that "kindness" is a weakness when you cut students too much slack instead of insisting that they do well in class. For a college/graduate school teacher, that makes all the sense in the world.

The thing is, I don't come from that school of thinking. As a guy who has the utmost respect for high school teachers, I believe that the best teachers are also among the kindest ones. Kindness doesn't mean cutting people slack when they shouldn't be doing that. Kindness doesn't mean being a pushover.

For me, a kind teacher is a teacher who cares to know what the students are going through. As a high school teacher, you have to be tough because otherwise, the kids will be the death of you, but you also have to be kind. If there's one thing I learned from Reedley, it's that a bit of kindness goes a long way. You are teaching students, and for them to learn, you have to make them understand why it's important to learn.

Of course, we can go and say that "it's their job" to learn, but really now, we can't live in an ideal world all the time. Sometimes, the gap is crossed when the teacher goes the extra mile.

I'm still hovering on the fence at this moment where I'll be going after all this hoopla, but at the end of the day, I have to disagree with Dr. Angeles. For me, kindness is a primary virtue for teachers. It's not how smart they are, or how cool they are that makes them great teachers. It's how they manage to connect with you, how they manage to influence you, and it's rather difficult to influence someone when you don't have a heart to influence them with.

I know Reedley isn't perfect, but this much, they never failed to highlight...

On The Edge Of My Seat...

.:Did I Pass? Did I Fail?:.

Dammit, I don't know!

I felt like I went through the wringer during my orals with Dr. Angeles, but the relief came that I got an A- from my last quiz. Even then, everything's up in the air.

I pray I got a B. I really do, because I can't afford to fail her class and take the subject again.

.:The Radio Bug. It Burns!:.

With each passing day, the allure of going back to radio just dominates me...

.:Finally, Something Happens!:.

Apparently, the Sumilao farmers and SMC are brokering a deal. Even though the specifics of this deal are still unknown at the moment, I have to say that it's about time a deal is being brokered.

Say what you want about the Catholic church, but I think it's good that Cardinal Rosales took it upon himself to really help make this possible. The farmers have suffered for far too long already. It's time they got what they deserved.

In the middle of the ZTE brouhaha, it's good the Sumilao farmers don't get neglected to the wayside.

Monday, March 24, 2008

See You At The Crossroads

.:Tomorrow Is Judgment Day:.

It's my oral exams tomorrow, and I'm dreading it with each passing minute.

I've reviewed all I can, but I still feel the need to articulate it in front of a person who knows what I'm talking about. Outside of that, I feel really scared, because a good chunk of my future in the academe hinges on the success of this oral exam...

I know Dr. Angeles will not give me a quarter of mercy if I screw this up, and what makes me feel really terrified is the fact that my apprehension to use pragmatic examples has led me to a very dry script in my head of how I'd answer her oral exam questions. I feel I'd be doing nothing but regurgitate what the text says mainly because I'm consciously avoiding saying anything metatextual at all.

Will this be sufficient? I don't know. But I think it's time I manned up and sucked up the failure in case I don't get it. The quizzes and all, maybe I have something to hold onto, but these oral exams? I don't have an excuse if I botch this.

.:Where Do I Go From Here?:.

By the end of this week, my wonderful schoolyear with Reedley International School ends.

I'm tired. I could use a vacation, but I could use the money I get from working more, especially since my mom's migrating to Thailand today, and it's up to me and my brother to handle the affairs of our house. Yes, I already gave up my room in Cityland Shaw, and I moved out last Thursday.

I'm lined up to do transcribing for Krisette, but given how it is for me, and how the clients go through her, I somehow doubt I'd be staying in that job for long. To be honest, the more K posts about how horrible some of her clients are, the more worried I get that I might be biting off more than I can chew.

I still have my shows and all, but I'm still in no position to go full-time as a professional performer. I still want to finish my Masters, and I don't want my day job to be the one bit of "work" I enjoy doing the most. I worry that it would start being more like work and less like fun if I became a full-time professional host/mentalist.

I applied to teach in Ateneo. There's the Communications Department, the Philosophy Department, and the English Department, but at the rate things are with my latest academic hurdle, my prospects there don't look too hot, and after my experiences here in Reedley, teaching English again seems like a major headache. I love doing it, but damn, I'd stop right then and there if I didn't. It's exceedingly stressful. If I had a choice, I'd rather teach in Philosophy primarily. Communications is a close second.

What if I don't get in there? What then? I still have to finish my M.A. I still want work experience that would be pertinent to whatever I'd best be doing for the rest of my life, so transcribing really is a stopgap measure just to keep me from ever being genuinely unemployed.

And this is where I hit a crossroads.

Yesterday's great news about 99.5 really got me to thinking. I woke up to a text message from JayBee, and it turns out that the old Campus Radio Air Force is back with the same format on a new station. I left behind radio because I wanted to teach. It's simply a case of "if I'm not doing one, I should be doing the other", and now, more than ever, I worry that I won't be teaching come the 2008-2009 school year.

Enter the allure of making a return to radio once more. Quite honestly, I underachieved as a jock. I didn't have enough opportunities given to me, and I really didn't mind it until I reached the end of my rope. I was hardly a blip on the radar as far as radio personalities go, and the resurrection of Campus FM really made me think that maybe I have a chance to pull off something like that.

But even with that in mind, there are hurdles yet again. Even if I feel I'm still capable of being a jock, and capable of going on the air and ad libbing, but there are only so many stations I see myself going to.

First of all, I don't see myself going to one of the masa stations. So there goes Yes, Star, Love, Energy, Barangay LS, I-FM, and RR.

Secondly, I'm very reluctant to go to radio partners ever again, not only because of my bad experiences there, but because there's a certain person who I'd rather not see there. It's a family kind of thing, really. Ever since the whole issue with Dickie, Patty (Not her air name.) is definitely someone I can't see myself approaching ever again. That takes out Jam, WAVE (No, duh.), Magic, Mellow Touch, Campus FM (They hired a bunch of jocks. Doubt there's room for one more...), and Max FM.

Thirdly, I am not a rocker. There goes RJ 100, Underground 105.9, and NU 107 unless they're cool with posers. =P

Lastly, any other station I can possibly apply to doesn't seem to have openings. But I'll still try now, wouldn't I?

This is definitely an interesting time for me. I just hope I make it through in one piece, and by the time June rolls by, I know what I'll be doing for a living by then...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The REAL Campus Radio Is Back...

First of all, Happy Easter, everyone!

.:Campus FM 99.5 Is On The Airwaves:.

It's the same old brand new Campus FM, as we see that the talented jocks formerly from Barangay "Hell-S" 97.1 are now on 99.5!

To my friends John Hendrix and JayBee, I'm really happy for you guys, and here's hoping you tear it up over the airwaves! It's about time you got your chance to strut your stuff and not be held back by a retarded radio format.

I'm really elated for them, and the sheer excitement I'm feeling right now makes me realize how much I *still* love radio after all these years. I'm especially proud of JayBee, knowing how hard she's been working for this.

.:In Other News...:.

It would appear that other than WAVE and Magic, all the other Radio Partners stations have been reformatting here and there already. Though I may have some choice words for WAVE, you gotta give them credit for their longevity.

At the same time, with my teaching options severely jeopardized by the Dr. Angeles situation, you never know... I just might turn up on air again sooner than you think, in places you might not quite expect.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Two Thoughts...


My mom's migrating to Thailand on Monday.

I'm definitely going to miss her, but I know she'd be much happier there, away from all the headaches back here.

.:Funniest Thing I Heard This Week...:.

My Beloved in green font. Marcelle in blue font.

So I'll drop by your house to see your mom sometime this week since she's leaving for Thailand already....

Really? So what will you tell her?

Oh, I dunno, maybe tell her that my intentions for you are pure?

I love her. ::blushes::

Finally, A Sigh Of Relief...

.:And They're Off:.

I had an overnight at the Chua residence last weekend, and despite running jokes because of my interaction with the eldest Chua sister during the last party, this particular meeting of the minds proved to be a more subdued one.

Sure, there were jokes galore, what with Mario there, and we went on a mini sound trip courtesy of Derren Onizuka (My new PSP. Yes, it has a name.), and we had interesting talks all around. It was a fairly hectic day since Sacha and Wayne were packing, and Jessica (Wayne's daughter.) was very intelligent and endearing all at the same time. Lately, I rarely do magic for friends and kind of downplay it unless I'm booked or something, but an audience as appreciative as Jessica cannot be left disappointed. :)

Well, Ranulf and I were the only two who slept over, but Diane, Mark, and Mario were also part of the entourage who saw the three off as they went back to Canada.

I was especially amused by the fact that the minute "High School Musical" started playing on the DVD player, Jessica rolled her eyes. Apparently, the girl has seen the bloody film five hundred times too many already. That pretty much cut our midnight movie marathon since my other DVD wasn't playing anything, and the previous one had PG-13 movies which, while of course tame, is not tame enough for a 9-year old.

At the airport, the merry bunch just bonded with each other, really. I'm awfully happy that we got to spend the time, and that Sacha will be back for Diane's wedding this August.

Godspeed to you guys!

.:Question Marks Answered:.

As a friend, I'm of the laissez faire type. For the most part, I'm rather low-maintenance, as while I do lean on my friends when things are not going too well, I have enough variety (Except in El's case, or my Beloved. The former, because we're practically neighbors. The latter because, well, she's my Beloved.) to not particularly burden one friend or another too much.

That being said, just because I rarely step in to tell you if you're doing something wrong doesn't mean I don't care. I actually do, but I just don't feel it would be particularly helpful if I imposed my thoughts upon you unsolicited, particularly since you are my friend, and I do have an implicit amount of trust that you know what you're doing.

At the end of it all, I feel I was right in having a little more faith in her judgment. I'd be the last person to care about an age gap between couples (As long as the younger one in question isn't jailbait, that is.) so long as they're happy, and I can safely say I haven't seen her this happy in a long time.

If only for that, I'd like to thank him for taking good care of one of my best friends. I may come off as a delinquent best friend, but prayers do change a lot of things, and I'm happy where they stand at present...

Friday, March 21, 2008

After Five Million Years...

I'm finally watching High School Musical!

And... I love it!!!

Good Friday...

.:Peace Of Mind. Do Want!:.

After all this time, I can safely say that I am very much at peace with my past. My future may still be uncertain, but despite all my faults, I know in my heart I have given my all in anything of note I've done in my life.

If I am still found wanting, I have the rest of my life to make up for it.

For Backblogging...

I'm really occupied with studying, so here's a few topics I intend to backblog on...

1. Bookings, and my pet peeve when it comes to people who insist on handing me lowball offers.

2. How weird it feels not having students in Reedley. It just doesn't feel the same way at all...

3. The perils of the M.A., assuming I don't do well for my final exams.

4. My recent fixation on High School Musical, despite never having seen the film in question.

And yeah, I'm unofficially taking part in the Livejournal strike by posting exclusively here for today, and only for today. Oh, well.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random Thoughts...

.:What I Expect To Write About...:.

1. The story of the blind lady...

2. The weekend of three shows.

3. Watching Elbert's students perform musicals.

.:Still, Here's Something I Ought To Bring Up...:.

I know Jewel will kill me for this, but...

Yes, I bought a new PSP. I'm naming it Derren Onizuka. :P

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Thoughts Since The Weekend...

.:You Know What Certain Much-Hated Politicians Really Need Right Now?:.

I think they need to look up a good PR Agency in the Philippines. Seriously. Wherever they're getting those spin doctors from, they really should stop already, because they're not convincing anyone with how they spin every single issue against them as a "destabilization plot".

Guys, truth is not destabilization. We want to know the truth, dagnabit! The more you spin, the more we see you're hiding something... yeesh.

.:This Weekend Was Heavy. Really Heavy:.

I had three shows this past weekend, and one of them even had quite a mishap, since something happened to the client which kept her from going to her own party. It was scary, to be honest.

There was also the whole party thing at Sacha's house, so you just know it was a hellaciously busy weekend...


Finally got to speak with Dr. Angeles, and it appears that while she's biased against me, my last test results were low mainly because of mistakes I made on a fundamental level.

To be honest, she's right on that count. If I can't make a distinction between Schleiermacher's hermeneutics and Dilthey's, what business do I have explaining either at all?

It's a tough pill to swallow, but knowing this, I resolve to really work hard for my finals with her so that I can make it through. I just hope she realizes that I really am not a slacker, and I really want to teach Philosophy. It's what I've worked hard for, and I'm not going to give up that easily.

I was a bit put off when she mentioned that she feels "kindness" isn't a virtue imperative for teachers, though. As a guy who teaches high school kids, I can't help but disagree... but maybe that only applies to high school kids. I'm not really sure...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Today's LSS of WTFery...

.:A Pet Peeve...:.

Kmh kme ng mg numin, ninm nmn...

While transcribing lyrics for today's post, I ran into a site with "lyrics" like these...

Bah Gawd, what is it with people who type online as if they don't have a full QWERTY keyboard?!?

There are five freaking vowels in the alphabet. Use them!!!

.:Sometimes, Translating Lyrics Yields The Weirdest Results...:.

First, lemme introduce you to one of the newer R&B songs out of there...

by T-Pain feat. Akon


Broke up with my girl last night so I went to the club (so I went to the club)
Put on a fresh white suit and a Minicoupe sitting on dubs (sitting on dubs)
I'm just looking for somebody to talk to and show me some love (show me some love)
If you know what I mean... (Uh-Huh)...
Everybody jockin' me as soon as I stepped in the spot (I stepped in the spot)
200 b*****s and I bet aint none of them hot (aint none of them hot)
'Cept for this pretty young thang that was workin' all the way at the top (all the way at the top)
Shawty what is your name?

Oooo she made us drinks, to drink
We drunk 'em, Got drunk
And then I think she thinks I'm cool
She gave me a wink, I winked back
And then I think that, we,d have fun at my spot tonight

I like the bartender
(Oooo If you're lookin' for me)im at the bar with her
(Uh-huh, Ok)
I like the bartender
(Yeah if you're lookin' for me)
I'm at the bar with her
(Oooooh Uh-huh, Ok)

Got a brand new girl so I'm feeling all good inside (all good inside)
Feel like I put some brand new 24's on a brand new ride (on a brand new ride)
Triple shot of patron on the rocks with a little bit a lime (with a little bit a lime)
I'm just keeping it real (Uh-huh)
Baby still working at the club so I'm getting in free (so I'm getting in free)
Wednesday night I'm on the list T-Pain plus 3 (T-Pain plus 3)
Everytime I hit the spot baby girl taking care of me (taking care of me)
How do you think I feel?

Oooo she made us drinks, to drink
We drunk 'em, Got drunk
And now I know she thinks I'm cool
She gave me a wink, I winked back
And then I think that, we 'gon have fun at my spot tonight...

I like the the bartender
(Oooo If you're lookin' for me)
I'm at the bar with her
(Uh-huh, Ok)
I like the bartender
(Yeah if you're lookin' for me)
I'm at the bar with her
(Oooooh Uh-huh, Ok)

Shorty I'm sure you heard that I rarly never come out (never come out)
Unless I'm in the M6 doing tricks freeway burnt out (freeway burnt out)
Got a passenger side that's empty wanting it to be your spot (be your spot)
But you on my billboard we can act like the charts 'gon end up on top (end up on top)
Don't smoke don't drink that's why I don't be by the bar baby (baby)
Just lookin' at you from a distance looking like a god-damn star baby (baby)
So my girl don't see me T-Pain can I get those keys to the car? (those keys to the car?)
'Bout to go and Bang Bang Boogie with my cutie and I'll see you tomar' (see you tomar')

Oooo she made us drinks, to drink
We drunk 'em, Got drunk
And now I know she thinks I'm cool
She gave me a wink, I winked back (Uh-huh)
And then I think that, (Uh-huh) we 'gon have fun at my spot tonight...

I like the bartender
(Oooo If you're lookin' for me)
I'm at the bar with her
(Uh-huh, Ok)
I like the bartender
(Yeah if you're lookin' for me)
I'm at the bar with her
(Oooooh Uh-huh, Ok)

Pretty cool, huh?

Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Artist Unknown

sige! ye'...

Hiwalay sa syota ko kagabi kaya ako'y nag-club (ako'y nag-club)
Suot puting Amerikana... tsikot, mini-cab na makinTUB (na makintub)
Ako'y naghahanap ng tao na makakausap at malaplap (at malaplap)
'lam mong ibig sabihin... (Uh-huh)
Lahat nakipaglandian pag tapak ko pa lang sa tapat (tapak sa tapat)
Dalawang daang p*** hula koy sila'y walang lasa (walang lasa)
Pwera na lang sa babaeng na nagtatrabaho umunlad siya (umunlad siya)
Pandak anong iyong pangalan...

Oooo kumuha ng maiinom, na inumin
Ininom namin, kami'y nalasing
Ngayo'y alam ko na iniisip niya ako'y astig
Kinindatan niya ako kinindatan ko rin siya
At ngayon naisip ko na kami'y may patutunguhan

Gusto ko ang barista
(Kung hinahanap mo ako)
Ako'y kasama niya
(Uh-huh... sige...)
Gusto ko ang barista
(Yeah kung hinahanap mo ako)
Ako'y kasama niya
(Uh-huh... sige...)

May bago akong babae kaya maganda pakiramdam ko sa loob (pakiramdam ko sa loob)
Parang nag-suot ng bente kwatro parang bago ang kotse ko (ang kotse ko)
Tumitira ng alak sa bato na may konting kalamansi (kalamansi)
Ito'y makatotohanan... (Uh-huh)
Sa club nagtatrabaho kaya wala akong entrance fee (walang entrance fee)
Huwebes ng gabi nasa listahan Dance Show plus 3 (Dance Show plus 3)
Pag ako'y nandiyan na inaalagaan niya ako lagi (Inaalagaan lagi)
Ano'ng mararamdaman...

Oooo kumuha ng maiinom, na inumin
Ininom namin, kami'y nalasing
Ngayo'y alam ko na iniisip niya ako'y astig
Kinindatan niya ako kinindatan ko rin siya
At ngayon naisip ko na magkakatuwaan kami ngayong gabing ito, saya

Gusto ko ang barista
(Kung hinahanap mo ako)
Ako'y kasama niya
(Uh-huh... sige...)
Gusto ko ang barista
(Yeah kung hinahanap mo ako)
Ako'y kasama niya
(Uh-huh... sige...)

Pandak sigurado kong narinig mo di ako gimikero (gimikero)
Puwera nalang mag-e-em six tuluy-tuloy lawit ang dila ko (lawit dila ko)
Sa tsikot ko may lugar ka sige na sige na pumatong ka (pumatong ka)
Saking billboard puta puta 'di 'ko maintindihan pinagsasabi niya (pinagsasabi niya)
Yosi inom 'di ko yan nakasanayang ginagawa baby (baby)
Dito lang sa malayo mukha ka talagang 'T*** i**ng Diyosa baby (baby)
Kaya't ako pilit na patagong magkikita susi nang kotse ko akin na (akin na)
Kaya't kami'y magtitirahan mabubuwisit ako bukas na...

Oooo kumuha ng maiinom, na inumin
Ininom namin, kami'y nalasing
Ngayo'y alam ko na iniisip niya ako'y astig
Kinindatan niya ako kinindatan ko rin siya
At ngayon naisip ko na magkakatuwaan kami ngayong gabing ito, saya

Gusto ko ang barista
(Kung hinahanap mo ako)
Ako'y kasama niya
(Uh-huh... sige...)
Gusto ko ang barista
(Yeah kung hinahanap mo ako)
Ako'y kasama niya
(Uh-huh... sige...)

I don't know about you, but I laughed real hard when I heard the Tagalog version...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Before The Weekend For Me...

.:Yes, I'm Booked Twice Today!:.

Not to mention the fact that I'm actually meeting the JGL as well tonight. As you can tell, I'm rather chuffed about all this.

.:Good Luck To The Yuppie Dazers!:.

Ms. Martinez, Ms. Chan, Ms. Dela Cruz, and Mr. Vengco, enjoy yourselves there, guys, and don't do anything I won't. ;)

.:I Found This Rather Thoughtful, Really...:.

So a student gave me this book last Monday...

I'm really touched that Gaita gave me this book, to be honest. It's very useful, although the fact remains that my Beloved speaks Fookien, not Mandarin. Still, the book is a nice gateway into a new language, because there are so many phrases you can really put to use. It's not really a book about flirting in Chinese, if you look at the book closely enough. More appropriately, it's a book about key Chinese phrases that you could put to good use in real life, including the opportunity to get to know people.

I'm thoroughly determined to learn a few languages before I die, and Chinese would be fairly high up on my list of priorities, along with German, Korean, and Japanese.

Thanks again, Gaita! Awesome book, and very tongue-in-cheek, at that!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Thoughts...

.:This Is Old News, But They Are NOT Ninjas!:.

According to a news article, two female "ninjas" rob a gas station with a sword and a dagger. I can tell you this is one of the weirdest pieces of news I've ever read, but it's worth a chuckle, to say the least.

.:Keep Your Eye On The Ball:.

I got this test from Charles. Get back to me after you've done the test, since I have something more to say...

Done already? Good.

Let's talk about how we lose sight of everything else based on our priorities.

You see, it's easy to ignore everything else in our life except what we aim for the most. It's easy to devote all our time and attention to something and in doing so, everyone and everything else passes us by. While yes, this is unavoidable, sometimes, our very priorities are suspect.

I know this is a really short tidbit for thought, but whenever you devote your time to a job, to someone "special", or to a friend, what are you passing up?

Ask yourself that next time you feel you're giving too much of yourself to anything.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Problem With The Problem With Blogging...

.:I'm Not Anonymous, So I Feel No Guilt Responding To You At All...:.

Dear Ms. Malu Fernandez,

In your article entitled "The Problem With Blogging", I noted your sweeping statements against bloggers in general, punctuated by your usage of the infantile "get a life" card, as well as your self-aggrandizing statement that you started a "trend" of eliciting nasty comments because nasty comments existed long, long ago. You weren't the first, you sure as Hades wouldn't be the last.

In case you're wondering who on God's green Earth I am, then allow me to briefly introduce myself.

My name is Marcelle Fabie, 24 years old, currently taking up Masters in Philosophy in Ateneo de Manila University. I specialize in ethics, and I have been a blogger since 2002. I am not hiding behind a pseudonym. I have been recognized as the Philippine's best blogger in 2003 by the Flying Chair Asian Blog Awards. Unlike most other "big name bloggers", as you term them, however; I am far from a professional blogger. I blog solely as a hobby, and I am going to (respectfully) respond to your assertions point by point here, without having to resort to sophomoric insults regarding your looks or your atrocious grammar.

It is my hope that somehow, through this civilized response, you will learn to be a little less hasty to make the comments you have made recently. Quite frankly, I find your sweeping statements to be extremely incendiary, almost as if you were just trying to bait violent reactions from the blogging community. While I recognize that this puts your name high up on searches by dint of the sheer volume of reactions to your writing, it does make me wonder what motivations are behind this act. Surely, a journalist of your stature is not in need of attention again? I'm sure you are such an esteemed individual that you have better things to do than deliberately incite ire just so you would feel relevant to the world again, right?

.:The Article In Italics, My Responses In Blue:.

Just this morning I got a text telling me to check out some blog with juicy gossip about the so called “Gucci Gang” curiously enough I logged on and read all the gossip and juicy details. Whether or not the stories were true I didn’t really care to find out nor do I care to be involved. It makes no difference in my life who did what to whom it was just a leisure gossip read and I was just one of the many people who read the blog but halfway through I became quite disturbed as it made me reminiscent of the numerous blogs I was once the hot topic of.

The blog in question, of course, is the now-closed Brian Gorrell blog that blasted Tim Yap, Celine Lopez, and DJ Montano. I never really wrote about that because I personally found it petty, but I can understand why it generated so much discussion the past week. Of this much, I find myself in agreement with Ms. Fernandez on, although I never bothered reading the blog in question because descriptions of it alone turned me off already.

Unfortunately, here, we see the beginnings of a persecution complex, as Ms. Fernandez quickly changes topics and recalls the time she earned the ire of bloggers at large due to her irresponsible comments against OFW's. From the first paragraph alone, I was already apprehensive, because it was clear that she was already going to get on her soapbox to take some swipes at the bloggers who didn't like what she had to say the last time. This seemed like a chance to grab some attention, and admittedly, counting this reaction and all the others, if that was her intent, she hit it right out of the park.

I always believe that you have to be able to take it as well as you dish it out, but I'll be damned if I wasn't reminded of this when I read her opening paragraph.

Before I go any further I must stress the point that this is not about my previous issue, but simply the point of view of someone who has been a victim of vicious blogging and blogging as a new communication medium. To those of you who are mass/volume or dense (that’s the physics formula for density to those who are clueless) again, I repeat this is not a reaction toward my past actions.

For every "vicious" blogger, there was a level-headed one who was merely questioning the necessity of the vitriol Ms. Fernandez leveled against OFW's in general. I had some choice words for OFW's, but it was tempered by the fact that it wasn't a sweeping statement. I am by no means a journalist, but when I know certain groups could be angered, I know better than to lump everyone into one homogenous category.

The cute attempt at wittiness by calling "clueless" people "mass/volume" doesn't go unnoticed. Normally, after an apology, people take the high road and just avoid getting into trouble. But not when it's good for publicity, of course! I'm sure he would agree.

Yes, I refuse to correct her grammar. What am I, an English teacher? ;) Besides, other people have already done that, so I'd only be repeating what's already been said about her command of the language.

So let me continue, first of all I believe in the freedom of speech. By all means say what you need to say. Unfortunately for most of the bloggers without advertising you get paid nothing. If in fact you do get paid then hooray for you. But blogging, aside from Perez Hilton and the other big time bloggers (you know who you are) is for me a slacker job or a medium and pastime for lonely people to connect. Unless you’re in bloody Siberia or in a Gulag prison, try stepping outside your comfort zone and turn off the laptop or pc, you just might find some real live people to talk to instead of typing away in cyber space.

It's the dreaded "get a life" card! Oh noez! It's the standard comeback eight-year olds use when they're on the losing side of an argument on the net.

No, not everyone who blogs is "lonely". No, not everyone who blogs and gets paid for it is a "slacker". As a "journalist", a little more discretion when it comes to research would be very helpful, because you pretty much just called thousands of bloggers "lonely slackers".

You are in no position to give unsolicited advice to bloggers about stepping out of their comfort zones. By sheer dint of their anonymity (the very anonymity you blast them for), you can't judge who they are. For all you know, they could be very happy people who just decide to cut loose whenever they're in their own little nook online. How many bloggers are married? You'd be surprised how few of the bloggers out there actually fit the "geek" stereotype.

On the flipside blogging can be a good source of information and a great way to exchange ideas. This I strongly encourage whether it is about politics, fashion, food or whatever topic you may choose. Friendly and healthy discussions are always great.

But that doesn't negate calling bloggers "lonely slackers"! If I were to translate what you said, it's "you may all be lazy and lonely people, but you're *smart* lazy and lonely people." Pardon me for pointing out the obvious, but you won't win any fans when you talk like that. This "flipside" business is just a way of softening the blow of your insults, ala Kris Aquino's "in fairness" schtick.

Blogging has its good and bad side. It's inevitable, but nothing about what you said applies exclusively to bloggers. Online forums achieve the same thing, as do focus group discussions. Furthermore, you aren't saying anything right now that encourages "friendly and healthy discussions," in case you haven't noticed.

The difference between a journalist and a blogger is that journalists have to adhere to certain guidelines that govern the freedom of speech. And whatever a journalist chooses to write about—be it popular or unpopular—we do not hide behind an anonymous name and are resigned to the fact that we have to take as much as we dish out. However, I simply detest people who place vicious comments and slanderous statements in blogs yet sign their messages as ‘anonymous.’ If you have something to say, don’t hide behind a false name. It’s just plain cowardice of you to do so. I have more of a deep sense of respect for those—however unpopular or vicious their statements are—who post their views with their real names and make no bones about it. At least they stand for something; I would rather take it from them than the cowards that hide behind false names.

So, from one person who doesn't hide behind a screen name to another, Ms. Fernandez: with all due respect, screw you.

Not hiding behind a pseudonym does not excuse you for making irresponsible comments.

Not hiding behind a pseudonym does not excuse you for behaving like a petulant child who wants to get back at the other kids for leaving her out of the swings.

Perhaps it is the Filipino culture to foster backstabbing because they never mean what they say face to face. Just how many times have you dealt with co-workers who will smile in your face when you ask them to perform a task or engage in just plain conversation, when in fact they are quite uncomfortable with the situation and are forced to do what they absolutely detest with a smiling face. I guess it’s the kind of culture brought about by 300 years of Spanish colonization. To one particular blogger of Spanish descent but with an Indio face, don’t act like a peninsulares and quote Spanish words from the generation of your abuelita... jeez and they call me elitist. The Spanish rule is over, get over yourself and your EspaƱol relatives who used to have power... but I digress (oops, my bad...) Let’s move forward.

Ummm... huh? Backstabbing is not endemic to Filipinos alone. It happens everywhere. It's got little to do with backstabbing, even. Chances are, these are people you would never meet anyways, and it's not like they'd be falling at your feet and praising you for your brilliant writing if they met you in real life.

It’s just like all this hullabaloo about ousting GMA. You deposed ERAP in Edsa Dos. Now you’re unhappy with his replacement. Make up your minds. (For the record I’m not pro anybody I’m pro whatever lesser evil is out there). You can’t overthrow one president then decide you made a mistake with your second choice. I’s not like buying a green Hermes bag and suddenly deciding, oops I should have gotten the black one instead. Unfortunately that’s the kind of nation we have become, a bunch of wishy-washy whiners who whine about everything under the sun and found the blog sphere to be the new medium for whining. Yes we do what we have to do as a nation to get things done and stop corruption and evil (I’m all for that) but we never seem to be happy with what we have, hence the complaining and whining. It just never stops.

You started with blogging, and then went on a tirade against the wishy-washiness of Filipinos. I really don't understand what you're trying to achieve: pissing bloggers off, or pissing Filipinos off. Well, if it gets you attention, I guess it works for you, then.

Maybe if the country were in better shape, there'd be much less to complain about. In an ideal world, we have no room for activists, but we are not living in an ideal world at all. People will complain if there's something wrong, and there's a world of wrong in our country right now. Are you telling everyone to just be quiet sheep and let everything slide? It's easy to say when you're living a life of privilege, of course. But if you were a middle-class worker whose taxes keep getting higher while your bosses keep getting richer, don't you think you'd have valid grievances?

It's easy to rail against people who complain because you personally don't feel the effects of everything that's wrong. Try being in their shoes sometime soon. Maybe you'll know how it feels, and you'd have more worthwhile things to complain about than how OFW's smell like.

I suppose I started some kind of trend by eliciting nasty comments and reactions via blog because of my indiscretion. But it seems to be a comfortable medium for people to vent their anger on just about everything they disagree with. I have been called an irresponsible journalist so what does that make you? It is easy to hide under the guise of anonymity you can say just about anything you want because you have no repercussions to deal with. It’s easy to hide behind a false moniker isn’t it?

Don't flatter yourself. It's not a trend, it's the way things are. If you say something irresponsible, you will get called out for it. No matter how disagreeable some of the more vicious comments leveled at you may have been, the least you could've done is learn from them and know better than to make blanket statements en masse.

Clearly, you don't let things like propriety get in the way of your arguments.

Just a thought to ponder on... Maybe I should start an anonymous blog and really let go... but then again I don’t want to be responsible for World War Three and I would sleep much better being brutally honest in your face than hide behind an anonymous name. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I started a blog just to shake things up and got a ton of money in advertising? If I do decide to do that I thank you all in advance for inspiring me… I’m always a glass half full kinda girl anyway...

Again, don't flatter yourself. We've had your kind on our blogs in the past. Some of us still do.

They're called trolls.

And if anyone ever deserved to be told to "get a life", it'd be those types.

Congratulations, Ms. Ferndandez. You have successfully identified yourself as a troll. Here, have your prize.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


.:I Call Shenanigans!:.

Despite the fact that I actually improved a paper I was asked to revise, I got back my paper with the same grade!

This professor of mine is really getting on my nerves already, because I know she's doing it because she thinks I'm just winging it, which is ridiculous simply because there are students who are doing far worse than I am in her class, and yet they get higher grades than I do based purely on her "perception" of who I am.

For someone who teaches how prejudices can cloud judgment and how it should be overcome when it hinders one's self, she's doing one helluva job of keeping her eyes closed to this obvious double standard.

.:The Obstacle:.

I'm trying to schedule a consultation with her, but in all honesty, I don't see what good that will do me. I'm enough of a mind-reader to know she's been itching to tell me all semester long that I should just give it up because I'm not meant for Philosophy, and this is based solely on her perception of me. It's a load of codswallop, and I know I don't deserve to have people judging my passion when I know very well that there's nothing I want to do more with my life than to teach Philosophy.

Does she have a problem with my other interests? Since when did my magic ever keep me from reading our readings? She's been working solely with her prejudices, and I'm incredibly incensed about it, because her prejudice is clearly going to keep me from finishing my Masters in time. I paid good money to finish my Masters, and everyone knows that there's little worse you can do than cutting me off from what I love doing: teaching.

Dear Dr. I'm-Better-Than-You-Because-I'm-Older-Than-You, I'd really like to point out that your radar may have a high accuracy rate, but it's never going to be 100%. You are severely mistaken if you think I'm just a slacker who doesn't give a damn about my work, because I take pride in what I do, and I take my Masters very seriously.

You won't deny me the grade I know I deserve. That I deserve to actually pass is the truth, and no amount of post-modernism and hand-waving can possibly erase that.

Magikel Is Moving To Multiply!!!

.:I'll Be Talking About Magic There From Now On...:.

So without further ado, go ahead and check it out, if you will, although there's no new content for now if you've seen my stuff before...

Magikel has moved here!

Yes, that means I'll probably be abandoning the Magi-Kel blog from this point on...

A Reason, A Season, In My Life(time)

.:This Post Is Brought To You By A Very Special Announcement...:.

Register to win a new iPod shuffle at Camera World Auction! What've you got to lose?

.:Today's LSS: A Very Special Song:.

In My Life (Medley)
by Aiza Seguerra

There are places I remember
All my life
Though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone
And some remain

Though I know I'll never ever lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life
I loved you more

Though the music is sweet
But the song ain't complete
Now in my life
Boy, in my life
Somethin' is missing

It's a tune, yes it's true
Still there's no me and you
Here in my life
Boy, in my life
Somethin' is missing

In my life
There ain't no melody, oh no
In my life
There ain't no harmony
To help me sing a song

Oh the music is sweet
(There are places I remember)
But the song ain't complete
Now in my life
(All my life)

Somethin' is missing
(Though some have changed)
It's a tune, yes it's true
(Some forever, not for better)

Still there's no me and you
(And some have gone)
Here in my life
Somethin' is missing
(And some remain)

In my life there ain't no melody oh no
(All these places have their moments)
(With lovers and friends)
(I still can recall)

In my life there ain't no harmony
(Some are dead and some are living)
To help me sing this song
(In my life)
(I loved them all)

All I need is a cue
Well, I'm waiting for you
Here in my life
(But of all these friends and lovers)
Boy in my life
(There is no one compares with you)
You are the melody (melody)

'Cause in my life
(In my life)
(I know I'll often stop and think about them)

.:I Guess It Really Made A Lot Of Sense To Me...:.

People come and go in our lives all the time... but no matter how long they are part of our lives, make it a point to treasure them for as long as you have them...

Reason, Season and Lifetime
by Brian "Drew" Chalker

People always come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.
When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do.


When someone is in your life for a reason,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed outwardly or inwardly.

They have come to assist you through a difficulty,
or to provide you with guidance and support,
to aid you physically, emotionally, or even spiritually.

They may seem like a godsend to you, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.


Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.


Sometimes they die. Sometimes they just walk away.

Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand.

What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.

The prayer you sent up has been answered and it is now time to move on.


When people come into your life for a season,
it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn.

They may bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.

They may teach you something you have never done.

They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.

Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season.

And like Spring turns to Summer and Summer to Fall,
the season eventually ends.


Lifetime relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
those things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.

Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person/people (anyway);
and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas in your life.

It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being part of my life.

.:It Does Strike A Nerve...:.

Life's funny sometimes. The things we value the most could very well be the things that never last, be it a relationship, a job, or heck, a car.

The things that we take for granted, on the other hand, seem to be things we take for granted precisely because they're always there: old friends, family, or anything or anyone else that's been there for us and we never even realized it.

In all honesty, it's impossible to hold everything in our lives dear to us. It's really just not the way it is. We inevitably ignore some parts of our lives in favor of others. We're finite, temporal beings, after all. Despite that, we have to understand that precisely because we are in this condition, we should learn to value people and things more and learn to let go of them when their time has come.

I always think about the song "In My Life" by Aiza Seguerra whenever I think about the special memories I have with people, places, and things that I've encountered over time. It's perfect because she medleys two songs entitled "In My Life", and both of them have very powerful messages.

As temporal human beings, everything we hold onto is not meant to last forever. Precisely because of that, we need to learn to treasure everyone and everything that touches our lives significantly, because these things may very well come only as our once upon a lifetime: a wonderful moment in our life that we can't ever hope to duplicate or approximate ever again. Experiences are a dime a dozen, after all. But the memories of these experiences are priceless.

Every minute is a minute we can't go back to. Every second is a second that moves closer to our last one. When you realize that we only have one life to live here on this planet, every other caprice, whim, and fancy that crosses our mind seems to pale in comparison. There's more to life than chasing after every temporary high.

There's more to life than holding onto someone who was there in your life for a reason when the reason is long gone.

There's more to life than refusing to let go of someone who was a part of your life for a season when both of you have already drifted apart and your insistence on staying hinders the both of you from being better people.

There's more to life than taking people there for a lifetime for granted just because they're always there. You never know if they're there for a lifetime until it's done. Don't let the opportunity to show them how much they mean to you pass you by.

Though I know I'll never ever lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life
I loved you more...

... far, far more than I can ever show for an entire lifetime.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Post Up At Magi-Kel! Again!

.:An Allegorical Tale...:.

As an ethicist, I frown upon people in the magic industry whose ethical practices leave a lot to be desired. One such person would be the grandstander.

Is this a tale of reality, or merely an example? You be the judge.

New Post Up At Magi-Kel!

.:The Derren Brown Holy Grail...:.

I finally found a way to do it!

Check the Magikel blog out, where I feature a direct link to Derren Brown's performance of the effect.

This is the culmination of months of brainstorming, and I'm mighty proud of it.

Much gratitude to Cakit for helping me come up with the method. Subliminal programming has never been this good!

Monday, March 10, 2008


.:No Students = No Excitement:.

Other than hearing that August and May are an item now, I'm really just bored to tears here at work.

I'm just thankful I managed to scrape through my paper for Mr. Calasanz, That's what really kept me occupied the past week, so now, I can breathe...

.:New Friends...:.

Met up with some of Elbert's friends from Ateneo, including a guy named Arvin, who was such an excellent person to perform for. He's "better than a girl" for magic, really, since he's very appreciative and all.

Nonetheless, what was really amazing about it was the fact that I did a reading for him, and based on the reading, I was pretty accurate with a lot of the things I got from the cards... it was one of the more uncanny moments where I was on a roll.

This was made even more amusing by the fact that he spoke to me like he was some RPG character, something along the lines of "Thank you very much, Marcelle, the bearer of glad tidings!"

Ah, well.

.:Sound Tripping:.

I love the fact that I have a nice, loud speaker that I get to use. It really lets me listen to my songs, and given how small and portable it is, it's a really cool little wonder.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Teacher's Journey (Thus Far)... Part III of III

This is the third of a three-part account of my journey in life as a teacher. It's something I really wanted to write for ages, and now's the best time for me to do it. Hopefully, you guys will like it.

.:Enter Reedley:.

You can see the letters by now, and I'm definitely proud of my students in RIS. What most of the people may not know is that I actually got this job through sheer guts.

For years, I've been saying that while I do admire my professors, the regard and respect I have for high school and grade school teachers is incomparable. I sincerely didn't think I had it in me, and I really doubted my ability to teach high school. After all, weren't "patience" and "temper" the two biggest issues I had in my previous relationship? High school and grade school were likely to test my patience and temper in ways I never conceived possible.

When I had my demo teaching, I performed Blindsight for Ms. Estrada, who at the time, didn't know I was a mentalist. It tied in perfectly with my lecture, and it definitely got the attention of the students. Still, I wasn't quite sure what I was in for. I wanted to teach, but my Gawd, high school? I just got rejected by the college English Department of Ateneo... how was I going to hack it in Reedley, an international school, no less?

But the teaching demo went well. The next challenge that harkened to my own thoughts about teaching came from the headmaster, Mr. Castro himself.

Mr. Castro: I don't think you have what it takes, Marcelle. You're smart, you have a lot going for you, but I don't think you have it in you to teach high school.

I don't know what got into me, but I had to respond to that. It would've made my life easier if I just agreed and walked away from there, but something in what he said, despite the fact that it affirmed to me my own belief that I didn't have what it takes, made me see it not as an affirmation of my weakness, but as a challenge. And I rose to the challenge, even if at the time, I didn't think it was the smartest thing to do. Prior to the "challenge", he already warned me about the pay...

Marcelle: Sir, with all due respect, I do think I have what it takes. I may not have had direct experience teaching high school, but I've never backed down from a challenge.

I may never know if Mr. Castro does this to every employee, but it definitely struck a nerve with me and he told me that he respected my guts to disagree with him. And that was what made me feel that I was so close to really getting this job... I went against my own mental limitations. I always believed I couldn't hack it, but I went in anyways.

I won't be the judge of my own tenure here, then... I can turn the question over to my students... guys, did I hack it? Was I worthy? To be honest, sometimes, I still ask myself if I really made it.

.:Three Quarters Later...:.

And so I had my three classes: Columbia, Carnegie, and Yale. It was a wonderful three quarters with all of them.

From Post Secret to political ramblings, from bonus questions, to Liquid Metal, from MP3 players during JRP (Shhh....) to "sneaky-sneaky" moments, I laughed, I cried, I smiled, and I learned with my students. They really made me feel I was doing something good... I wasn't just teaching them English. I was preparing them for life. With my Philosophy background and radio history, I had a range of experience wider than the average person's in my age group, and I wanted them to see that teachers are people, too...

Teachers are people who care about their students above and beyond the call of their job description.

Teachers are people who dream that their students will someday be better than they can ever hope to be.

Teachers are people who laugh, who cry, who feel guilt, who feel pain. They have feelings, but they find it necessary to be superhuman. Not for themselves, but for their students. No matter how tired, no matter how stressed, never mind if they're secretly going through heartaches. The show must go on.

Teachers are people who eat, go to the mall, and watch movies. There's absolutely nothing weird about that.

In turn, the students showed me that they were willing to listen to me. Whether it be a lecture about Holden Caulfield or Shakespeare or the Philippine government, whether it be a debate or an interview, the students delivered. They pushed themselves hard.

The coming year holds a lot of mysteries. I still don't know if I'll be teaching in Ateneo this coming schoolyear, but I know I will never forget being a part of the Reedley family, even for just a year. I miss them already, and my contract isn't up yet.

With every single student whose life I somehow touch for the better, I know it's worth every single sleepless night. Every single tear. Every single deadly deadline. Every single cut I have to take from my own Masters. Every single headache. Every single everything.

I will never regret being a teacher. This is my calling. This is my life.

The Teacher's Journey (Thus Far)... Part II of III

This is the second of a three-part account of my journey in life as a teacher. It's something I really wanted to write for ages, and now's the best time for me to do it. Hopefully, you guys will like it.


Thinking about one of my favorite anime of all time, GTO, I realize that indeed, as the Directress of Forest Academy put it, teachers are "Seikokusha". Teaching is indeed a calling, and when I got to third year college, under Mr. Bulaong, I began to feel the itch to teach yet again, albeit the turn was that I was keen on teaching Philosophy, despite being a Comm Arts student. I braced myself for the challenge, and went ahead and fought for it.

My college teachers were very instrumental to how I ended up this way... Mr. Bulaong, for giving me all the opportunities I needed to excel; Dr. Barbaza for challenging me whenever I was getting smug about my own capabilities; Mr. Calasanz, for being the first person to really look at me and see the potential for teaching Philosophy. It was a calling, and I answered. I can't even begin to think how amazing all of this was to me. I was going to live the dream.

Few professions can be deemed nobler than teaching. I remember the story of a teacher whose student became the president of the Philippines. When they met after he won the elections, he looks at his teacher with wide eyes of recognition, and, casting aside any conventions that he was the highest official of the land, eagerly shakes his old teacher's hand, and says: Hi, sir!

Teachers unlock potential, and open the student's sense of wonder. That is one thing magicians and mentalists have in common with them, which is why I find myself doing those as well.

.:Teaching Assistant: 2004-2005:.

Immediately after graduation, I started on my Masters in Philosophy. I was going to be a teaching assistant for Philosophy, and I was under Dr. Ibana for a year. It had its highs and lows, and at the time, I had a lot of failings that resulted in my contract not being renewed the following year. This naturally set me back a year and a half in my M.A.

Nonetheless, as a teaching assistant for Dr. Ibana's ethics class, I really learned a lot, and enjoyed the company of the students, some of whom became my friends. After my tenure as T.A. ended, I eventually started dating one of my former students, and I guess losing my job as a T.A. doomed our relationship from the start...

You see, outside of teaching, I found my life directionless. I was a loose cannon, and I seemed to have no focus in anything I did. Life outside of the academe was really adverse to my improvement as a person, and it had adverse effects on my relationships in general at the time. I can never apologize to her enough that I really screwed up the fairy tale for her. Divine got a raw deal out of that, too, sadly.

Looking back at this, and the many other things that happened, I understand now why that relationship wasn't meant to be. Looking at how I am now with my Beloved, I really feel that being a teacher in Reedley International School has contributed a lot to how I've changed for the better.

Maybe I can never make up for my shortcomings back then, and I know all of these are not excuse enough for having been a horrible boyfriend and having had a horrible temper, but I now recognize where all of it fits into the bigger picture. I'm thankful for the erstwhile relationship, because despite everything, I certainly learned a lot. I recognize that it's all behind us now, and though we may never see each other or speak to each other again, I still think it's fair enough to thank her at this point for showing me that I was far from perfect, and I have a long way to go before I could ever hope to make up for those shortcomings.

Having said that, I'd like to think my Beloved has seen how I have endeavored to never repeat those mistakes. It's been over a year already, and we're still going strong. I would've never seen the need for a change had I never realized what was wrong in the first place.

To my Beloved, I hope you never forget how I had to pick myself up from rock bottom, and how I still continue to change for the better, and how I hope to prove myself worthy in your eyes. I love you so much, and I know that this teaching vocation has been one of the main things that has given me the focus and direction I need in life to not screw up the way I have in the past.

What I didn't realize was that an even greater challenge was upon me, and it wasn't going to be long before I would have to face it...

The Teacher's Journey (Thus Far)... Part I of III

This is the first of a three-part account of my journey in life as a teacher. It's something I really wanted to write for ages, and now's the best time for me to do it. Hopefully, you guys will like it.

.:I Never Really Bothered To Learn How To Drive, But I Know I Should've...:.

Honda launches VCM 643, and yet here I am without any driving knowhow whatsoever.

After today's one-hour date with my Beloved, I realize how much nicer it would be if I actually had a car so I can take her places...

I remember that I substituted for Mr. Bulaong nearly four years ago, and it was a great moment for me, because it was, honest-to-goodness, the first Philosophy class I've ever taught, and it really was a great experience for me. I was especially touched that Mr. Bulaong trusted me enough, a mere teaching assistant at the time, to take over his class, instead of ask someone else to substitute for him.

I also remember Sacha watching one of my classes, and how she told me that I was very enthusiastic, and I did very well. It was funny, because I was really grateful to Jon for letting me take over two of his classes that day, yet what I tend to forget about that moment was the fact that he actually thought I was doing him a favor. He offered to teach me how to drive in return for subbing for him, and while I never got to "collect" on that, I'd still hold him to it once he's back and he's Dr. Bulaong already.

Sometimes I really wish I learned how to drive already. I'm passing up so many opportunities to learn a lot of things, and while driving has little to do with being a teacher, it reflects how sometimes, I miss out on learning something that would make me a better person, or a better teacher, and how often I pass up on these opportunities.

.:The Seeds Were Planted Early On...:.

I knew I wanted to teach since I was a kid. Sure, I knew I wanted to do a lot of things as well, but teaching and radio were two of the strongest callings I've ever had, and I've already done both.

I recall that when I was still in grade school, Mrs. Tiburcio from my high school alma mater, Don Bosco Technical College. She asked me if I ever considered being a teacher, and I guess it stuck.

Come high school, my mentor of sorts, Ms. Rivero, kept on letting me teach every now and then, which allowed me to really get a feel of how it was to teach English in high school. As a student teacher, and as the eventual winner of the student-teacher competition, I really had my "fix", as it were. I liked the feeling of teaching. It was a feeling I thought I'd end up forgetting about until I got to third year college... then it all just came rushing in...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Dear Columbia

Dear Columbia,

As you are reading this letter today, know that you hold a very dear place in my heart. Call me a sentimental fool, but I can’t help but be grateful that you were my students for this past schoolyear.

From the first class I had with you, I already had a soft spot for Columbia. It had a lot to do with the “aww” moment I got from Liane, but then, that was just the first of many moments where I really felt that leaving radio and getting into teaching was a decision I wouldn’t regret at all.

Columbia was the reason I would wake up at 5 in the morning just to get to work early. It’s no mean feat for a guy who prefers waking up at 9 to actually enjoy getting up earlier all because he refuses to miss a day with Columbia even in exchange for the world. Columbia is a happy classroom. You're all enthusiastic, eager to try anything once, and are willing to perform at the drop of a hat. You are determined and competitive, and as a class, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Allow me to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you personally through this letter right now.

To Alliya, thanks for being a good sport, even when I sometimes rib you about your parties and their match-making abilities. You’re an intelligent girl, and I know there’s so much promise that lies ahead of you in the horizon. You have a really good head on your shoulders.

To Nathan, thank you for being yourself, for all the good and bad things that may come with it. No matter what people say, it’s all about you pushing yourself to achieve. You have what it takes and you know it, but it’s up to you to make good on that potential. It’s never too late. And thanks for the copy of “To Kill A Mockingbird”, too.

To Lora, thank you for being one of the most affectionate students in class. You have a way of speaking that endears you to everyone around you. There’s little I can tell you except that I hope you continue being the optimistic, infectiously cheerful lady that you’ve always been.

To Raven, thanks for being one of the people who never fail to remind me why age isn’t always an indicator of wisdom. You are living proof that Chinese people really rock. (Although as I told Glenn Hu of Yale, Chinese girls rock harder, of course. Hehe.)

To Nicole, thanks for taking an interest in learning rubik’s cubes from me. It really made me feel like I’m doing something helpful for someone, and the fact that you can solve it even faster than I can ever hope to is testament to your determination.

To Galo, thanks for being our endless source of comedy. You never hesitate to laugh, even at yourself. That’s commendable of you.

To Kevin, thanks for giving the class that unforgettable moment during our interviews. You gave me a moment where I felt I made a difference in someone’s life for the better. As a teacher, there are few things that can make me feel happier than that.

To Elvin, thanks for pushing yourself in my subject. Maybe you’re not excelling in it, but I know you’ve extended effort to make good in it. There’s always room for improvement, so never rest on your laurels. Thank you as well for the Rye School Musical moments I will never be able to unsee for the rest of my life.

To Brianna, thanks for your brutal opinionatedness. I admire your ability to reason out when you feel it necessary to do so. You know how to stand up for yourself, and that is something people need to learn more. Don’t let the “colors” get in your way. ;)

To Kelvin, thanks for being what I would term the “silent voice of reason” in the classroom. I’d daresay you’re sort of an unofficial “Kuya” to the class. You come off as very level-headed and capable of acting as the guy who can really make your classmates listen when you have something to say. You have leadership potential. Tap into it.

To Toia, thanks for being a great conversationalist. The few times we’ve talked made me realize that you’re someone who can really hold an interesting discussion for hours on end. Hopefully, this could only mean that you would be one of the most well-rounded students this school has ever had.

To Wonsok, thank you for being one of the most determined people I’ve ever met. Your sheer will belies your seemingly frail exterior. There’s a lot of brilliance lying dormant in that mind of yours, and mathematics is only the tip of the iceberg.

To Crystal, thank you for being a bright ray of sunshine for the class. I have yet to ever see you not smiling in class, even in the middle of a difficult exam. Your smile never fails to raise everyone’s spirits.

To Alec, thanks for being willing to put your neck on the line when you have to perform. I still remember when you had a danceoff during the debates. You’re one of the biggest sports I’ve ever met, and it would do you a world of good to never change that.

To Lizzie, thank you for ringing the bell just a little late when I need to extend my lessons a bit. Your bubbly personality and mature sense of responsibility will get you far in this world. Rest assured of it.

To Johnny, thank you for going the extra mile in your studies. I realize you probably don’t like English much, but I’m glad you still manage to make it through. Here’s hoping you continue to go beyond yourself.

To Michelle, thank you for being one of the most brilliant writers I have ever met. The world is your oyster, and you have the makings of the next great thinker. I can only hope that you never lose that edge and desire to better yourself. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to see that you only ever truly compete with yourself, and in doing that, you break the mold.

To Viktor, thank you for being able to break out of your shell whenever you’re called upon to. You’re one of the more quiet students in my class, but that never stopped you from showing us what a great person you are.

To Anna, thank you for being an excellent student all-around. I’m amazed at the progress you’ve made, and I feel that you are going to make it real big someday. Thanks for being an Emma Roberts fan who never backs down from singing her praises. We can never have enough wide-eyed people with a sense of wonder in this world. Most of all, thank you for being a wonderful human being.

To Chino, thank you for your peculiar sense of humor. From your ravings about “Gone With The Wind” to your schizophrenic performances in “Rye School Musical”, you are definitely a person who can do anything you want to apply yourself to. Do the school proud as the council vice president.

To TJ, thank you for being TJ Magnifico, the next big magician from Reedley International School. If you ever really wanted to be a great magician, you already have the ability to entertain people. Seriously. Don’t ever lose that.

To Dani, thank you for being dyslexic. You’re witty, you’re funny, and you know there’s so much you can achieve as you continue in this journey. There’s so much to learn and so much to do, and you wouldn’t hesitate to give it your best when you want to achieve something. Never lose heart.

And lastly, to Eileen, thank you for having been my student teacher. You are the kind of student every teacher dreams to be teaching: eager to learn, smart, and honest. I can never tell you enough how much I admire you as a person for being genuine yet endearing all at the same time. If you ever end up teaching in the future, nobody would be prouder of you than I would.

I may not be back in Reedley next schoolyear, but I know you guys will always be in my heart. I'm a sentimental old fool, I'd admit, but what can I say? I walked into Reedley not knowing what to expect, and I came out of it happy that I had the opportunity to touch the lives of these wonderful students. Only time can tell if my presence in your life for these three quarters amounted to anything, but I cannot thank you enough for having given me that opportunity to be there for you.

Whether as your (former) teacher, or just as a plain friend, I'll be around for you guys. Don't hesitate to ask me for help, for advice, for anything (that doesn't involve money). You guys made me realize that teaching is where my heart will always be, and no matter where I go, the things I learned from Reedley, from Columbia, will always go with me.

This isn't “goodbye”, dear Columbia. This is the beginning of the rest of your lives. And I'll always be there, rooting for you, every single step of the way.


Mr. Fabie

Dear Yale...

Dear Yale,

I was warned about Yale. Yale was, according to the press release, “notorious”. But I didn't know what they were “notorious” for.

Now I know. Yale is notorious for stealing your heart and teaching you how to love and appreciate one of the most eclectic mixes of students ever. Yale is notorious for giving you moments of laughter, where you can't help but laugh in spite of yourself. Yale is notorious for showing people that no matter how heavy things could get, there is always a lighter side to life.

Yale is a class I'd be hardpressed to forget, if only for the fact that I had the longest leash for them. Save for one time, I never gave any green slips to this class at all, which is no mean feat even if I'm admittedly lenient as is. Yale endears themselves to their teachers, as a class that looks out for each other and determined to make a huge impression on the entire Reedley family.

Needless to say, I believe they've succeeded in making their mark. Allow me to thank each and every student of this amazing class, for having been a significant part of my life here in Reedley.

To Xavi, thank you for never hesitating to be funny, even at your own expense. No matter how politically incorrect your humor might be, I respect that you have the ability to laugh at yourself.

To Chrissie, thank you just for being there. You have a way about you that just makes a difference in this class whenever you’re around.

To Jumbo, thank you for the fixation on rubik’s cubes and my student-teacher. You’re a gentle giant, but it’s undeniable that there’s a lot more to you than just what people see on the outside. Here’s hoping you find a better career than macho dancing though, because when you tried in class, you’d have to pay people to watch you. =P Seriously, you have a lot of things going for you. Keep on keeping on.

To MC, thank you for never hesitating to speak your mind when you have to. You may be silent and introverted, but when you break out of your shell, it’s always a treat to hear you speak your mind. You’re also an excellent dancer.

To Lee, thank you for your frankness. You’re intelligent, and you know that. You have the makings of a great debater in the future, so here’s hoping I see you lighting it up in debate competitions in the near future.

To Gaita, thank you for being wise beyond your years and an excellent singer… err… dancer. If I would have to ever turn to a student for advice on anything at all, you’d be the first one to cross my mind. There's nothing you can't do if you put your mind into it. but you knew that already.

To Paolo, thank you for being one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met. The fact that you’re only in my class every other day yet you still excel tells me that you really should stop selling yourself short. You are gifted with a lot of blessings. Pay it forward for the world to see.

To Nicole, thank you for being the bright ray of sunshine that you are. You never fail to complete my day, whenever you greet me and tell me how hard you're working because you want to defy your own limits. I know your classmates like teasing you a lot, but know that I admire your determination to push yourself in everything you do. I believe in you.

P.S. Make Lee regret that he ever stopped liking you! ;)

To Glenn, thank you for the almost stereotypically Chinese sense of humor you impart on the class. You are living proof that Chinese people rock (Though Chinese girls rock harder, of course.).

To May Kim, thank you for never losing your smile even in the middle of a tough long test. You are a valuable asset to Yale, with how you manage to make this class just that more special.

To Brian, thank you for learning how to keep your temper in check. I walked into Yale being warned about you, but I never found any reason to believe them. You know that no matter how much they may doubt you, you are a great person, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone else begin to realize that.

To JY, thank you for your utmost confidence in your intelligence. I’m sure the class sees it the same way. ;)

To Owen, thank you for being the luckiest shotgunner I’ve ever met, and for your ability to not take yourself too seriously. I admire your tenacity in studying, no matter how difficult the odds may seem against you. I'm proud of the progress you've made under me.

To Jonathan, thank you for being the “hotter” version of Nikko. That scene made me laugh, and I also like the fact that you have a genuine interest in magic.

To Patrick, thank you for the weird questions and the like. It never fails to make me chuckle. Also, thank you for showing me why I believe high school romance may be the cheesiest of romances, but they’re also the most “awwww”-inducing.

To Mishka, thank you for being a brutally honest and opinionated student. I truly respect your ability to express yourself even if other people may not agree with your views. Don’t ever let anyone silence you when you feel that you are right.

To Jun, thank you for proving to me that you really can work hard when you have to. People may second guess you, but I believe that the power to make it big lies in your hands and in your hands alone.

To Mae Villanueva, thank you for your can-do attitude. While others have questioned your capabilities and assets, you continue to prove them wrong every step of the way. You are a gifted student, and a hopeless romantic at heart. The perfect combination for a wonderful human being, in my humble opinion.

To Nikko, thank you for being the Rainbow Man. Your infectious laughter never fails to make us smile as well, and here’s hoping that you’d never overlook being a teacher someday. If you ever end up teaching, nobody would be prouder of you than I.

And lastly, to the fake Kim Tae Hyun, err, Dennis, thank you for proving to me that nothing is impossible. From learning to debate to being one of the best English students in my class despite having had difficulties with the language at first, to all the other achievements you have merited, I hold you in high esteem. May the fire of Philosophical thought continue to blaze in you, and may you continue on your insatiable journey for knowledge and self-understanding.

P.S. I’ll be the first in line to kick your @$$ if Reedley doesn’t have a school fair next year. Then again, I'm confident you'll find a way. =D

When I was interviewed during my application by the headmaster, he told me that he didn't think I had what it takes to teach here in Reedley. I could've simply taken that in stride and agreed, but I stood my ground and told him that with all due respects, I felt that I could hack it. He appreciated my willingness to disagree, and gave me a chance.

Was there ever a moment where I regretted standing my ground and telling Mr. Castro what I thought? No, I don't think so. Especially not when I'm teaching a class like Yale: a class I will never forget,

Thank you, Yale. I can never thank you enough for giving me the honor of having been your English teacher.


Mr. Fabie