Friday, July 31, 2009

A Night For The Ages...


The Story Circle Show (Not The Sharon Cuneta Show. LOL.) was a show in Mag:Net Katipunan last night that featured a powerhouse cast of performers:

1. Markgic, the contact juggler who has made a name for himself in talent searches on television.

2. Sam, the pain endurance expert whose demonstrations are just too freaky for words

3. Andres, a comedy close-up magician who is a cut above the rest, and is capable of entertaining and amazing people at the same time.

4. Nomer, the Charlatan who can read mines like nobody's business.

5. Carl, the youngest stage magician in the Philippines.

And of course, yours truly, performing standup comedy to tickle your funny bones.

The show was very well-received by the people who went, and I have to thank my good friends Drei, Noel, and Richie especially, who actually performed some standup as well.

Here's hoping we get to do this next month, and I must say, this was simply the best standup set I've ever had since I started. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Posting Tomorrow...

.:Came From The Wake...:.

It felt surreal, being there.

Despite everything that happened, I just wish I had the chance to tell him before it was too late that he raised a wonderful daughter. There's no denying that.

.:Caparas, Melissa Roxas...:.

Yeah, I'll talk about those soon enough, too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mag:Net Tomorrow Night, And Last Saturday's Steet Magic Tour...

.:Mag:Net Katipunan, Thursday Night - The Story Circle Show!:.

The Story Circle showcase is happening at Mag:Net Katipunan on July 30, 9PM! Watch yours truly perform standup, along with Nomer the mentalist, stage magician Carl, bizarre fakir Sam, contact juggler Mark, and closeup magician Anthony! Tickets only 150 pesos each!

.:My Second Tour Of Duty... Beset By Bizarro World:.

So I had my second street magic tour in Robinson’s Forum last Saturday, and to say that it was a weird day would be quite the understatement.

It was amusing, really. I performed for the tables mainly at McDonald’s, and in the middle of having crowd-drawing performances throughout the day, I was “invited for questioning” by mall security, which confounded me to no end.

Upon arrival at the security office, I was being grilled by the security personnel as to what I was doing in the al fresco dining area, and why I was performing magic there, and I was nothing short of incredulous at what was going on.

I calmly explained myself: I was hired by Robinson’s to perform street magic for the mall, and I couldn’t understand how they seem to have missed that fact. This is rather amusing when you consider that on our way to the security office, I was pointing out multiple posters that announced that a street magician was going to be performing in the mall that day. I think common sense died a little that day, but I took it all in stride. More stuff to write about for future use, I guess.

It took the intervention of my client before the security personnel reluctantly let me go, albeit to their credit, they were very apologetic over the lapse in judgment. To me, I just found it quite confounding that they didn’t even understand that it was my business to be there and doing my schtick, what with the many posters heralding my presence as an actual “attraction” for that particular day.

Aside from that, I was even asked to do some readings for a few people, as well as a children’s party. Yes. On the spot. The people from McDonald’s asked me if I was willing to perform for a few minutes for their children’s party, and I, being bored since the crowd outside was practically nonexistent at the time, was all too happy to oblige. Considering how nice the employees of McDo were to me the whole time, it was the least I could do for them.

Here’s hoping that this is the start of a regular engagement. I’m fairly excited about the possibilities now.

More Cartel News...

.:Cartel Shenanigans:.

I sorta missed last Monday's show, so I ended up checking out the Tuesday night showcase at Toyz cafe the other night, where I saw a lot of awesome comedians performing new material, including some socially relevant stuff that not only made me laugh but made me applaud in approval.

Last Thursday, I managed to have a pretty good set, owing to a very lively and participative crowd who gave me all the love in the world. It was a particularly enjoyable experience for me as well, since I pulled hosting duties for last Thursday’s open mic night.

Last Saturday was Mike’s “Renegade Assault” show at Conspiracy bar. Needless to say, nothing’s better than seeing Mike go for over an hour doing what he does best. Derf was still on fire that night, too, but Mike’s Voltes V bit was easily the highlight of the night for me. I was really in stitches hearing that one. That night, LC De Leon of Reklamo was also a performer, and that Christmas song he performed was sheer hilarity.

This Monday, it was such a good crowd, Tim Tayag was firing on all cylinders, and Alex Calleja’s set about the SONA was heaven.

The Cartel is hitting its stride pretty well right now, so you just know that their upcoming November show in Music Museum is bound to be one for the books.

And, oh, keep on watching Mike and Stan's show, “Front Act”, every Sunday, 5:30 PM, on TV5. If you don't, Stanley will never let me hear the end of the fact that I was doing a show last Sunday when I should've been watching their pilot episode.

Speaking of my set...



Last July 19's hosting gig has been nothing short of a revolutionary experience for me, to say the least. Hosting children's parties has always proven challenging, but last Sunday, by far, was one of the most challenging ones I've ever experienced, and I'm more than happy that I managed to live up to it, to say the least.

It was a mini-reunion of sorts for me, Herman Aquino, and Ms. Jiggles, as the three of us were all part of an event just last year where we were all performers, although this time, I pulled hosting duties, and mentalism was merely an afterthought. As I welcomed the kids, who were rather challenging to work with, I was rather amused at the mascots who were there: Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk, both rather musclebound people who definitely intimidated a lot of kids. Iron Man, underneath the mask, was actually Ha from Eat Bulaga, one of the popular bouncers, and it was very funny to see them playing “Hep Hep Hooray”, which is a Wowowee standby.

In any case, after the party, I did a demonstration of mentalism, and I was surprised to see that the kids were just as excited about it as the adults were. Normally, after a stunning magic show like Herman's, you tend to assume that the kids would be “all magicked out”, but lo and behold, they were very happy to see more from me, resulting in a total of three encores, and of course, even an opportunity to perform “Lady and the Rope” in front of everyone, with minor modifications for modesty's sake, of course.

It was a good experience, to say the least. I'm pretty happy to see that I'm hitting my stride when it comes to hosting children's parties now.

Stunned Silence...

.:A Moment Of Silence...:.

I discovered just this morning that My Beloved's father passed away last night.

I know I'm supposed to erase her from my life, and we're not friends, and all that jazz.

But I'd like to offer a prayer for her dad, and I hope that he finds peace wherever he is now.

Sir, I may have never met you, and now, I never will get the chance, but you raised a wonderful daughter. Godpseed to you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Letters... The Unsent Series, Volume 2, Part IX

.:It Feels Rather Strange: The Unsent Series, Volume 2: Part IX:.

Dear Pomelo,

It may feel a bit weird talking to you now, after all this time, after everything that's happened.

But it feels so right. It feels right knowing I could now speak to someone whom I loved and actually loved me back, as time apart has made us think of the very things we treasured about each other.

I know you've moved on now, and I know you're happy with someone else. Clearly I didn't quite find the same fortune. Despite that, I know my role and will gladly play that part right. I'm not going to be any trouble at all. Just a person who is slowly rediscovering the joy of your friendship, and no more than that.

It's funny how our ability to connect with each other started from Korea, and now starts all over again from Korea. I guess that's something I can't help but find amusing and strange all at the same time.

Dear Licorice,

Am I not the master of terrible timing? It seems I am. I don't even know if I'm still fulfilling my role of being there for you in your time of need, at this point. Nonetheless, I keep on keeping on.

I believe that there's so much more I can do for you and that's why I do go out of my way to be there for you. Despite that, I do second guess my every move when it comes to you, because I don't want to make the same old mistakes again.

Stay strong, Licorice. Not for me, but for yourself. And thank you.

Evaluating The SONA That Was...

.:Rhetorics Do Not A Strong Republic Make:.

By now, most of you have heard the gist of GMA's "last" SONA. Notwithstanding any jokes about her fashion sense and how she looks like Barney or GriMAce, I think that her speech left a lot to be desired.

I remember the numerous potshots, the inane amount of applause breaks, the misplaced pride in the BPO industry, and the fact that she never really categorically stated that she's done with politics at the end of her term. There's so much to be worried about when it comes to her words, considering how nebulous she can be, and how she's gone back on her own word before, using God as an excuse.

In the end, I don't remember anything worth lauding about her speech. It was classless, tactless, and even the hoopla about more sin taxes in lieu of book taxes didn't make me feel the least bit reassured, since we all know where those taxes go to, anyways.

I don't really have much to say about the SONA. It is what it is: a pat on the back of the administration, ignoring the numerous issues hurled at it, dismissing all of it merely as posturing or politicking. As much as we'd all like to believe the good things she's had to say, the sophomoric attempts at comebacks against her critics has proven that she still wants to fight. Fight for what? Her term is about to end. Should we not feel a bit worried that she's still snapping at her adversaries' heels instead of just sitting back and letting her last few months in office speak for themselves? I find myself rather unimpressed, and even slightly annoyed over the smug tone of the entire speech, less a report about how the country was doing and more a shill job of the worst kind.

Sometimes, I wonder if her SONA would've been more entertaining if we simply added a at the end of every sentence. After all, if you want anything you write online sound positively dirty, all you have to do is add that.

Let's see how that works... "To those who wish to become president, one piece of advice: if you want something done, just do it. Do it yourself, do it hard!"

Yeah, I think that works just about right.

Puro palakpak, pero puro naman palpak.

Monday, July 27, 2009

This SONA Will Be A Hot One...

.:House Speaker Prospero Nograles Promises A "Special Surprise" In Lieu Of Con-Ass After SONA...:.

According to very reliable sources, House Speaker Propsero Nograles has assured that there will be no moves to turn the joint house session happening during today's State Of The Nation Address into a Con-Ass, thus allaying the fears of certain sectors that President Arroyo's SONA this year will not be its last.

"We are not going to try to pull a fast one," intimated House Speaker Nograles, who was beaming widely as our reliable source interviewed him. "However, in lieu of pushing for Con-Ass, some of the most esteemed Congressmen in the Lower House have decided to prepare a production number."

While Speaker Nograles kept mum about this apparent surprise, "It's True! It's True!" can now confirm the nature of this special production number, and it's quite a doozy: apparently, in an effort to keep up with the times, they will be singing and dancing to a hit song from Korean Pop Stars "The Wondergirls".

Obviously very much in tune with the pulse of the nation, Speaker Nograles will be flanked by four other Congressmen, namely Mikey Arroyo, Matt Defensor, Ramon Durano, and Ed Zialcita, all glammed up and referring to themselves as "The Wonderboys".

The Wondergirls are, along with fellow K-Pop girl group 2NE1, being regarded as the "second invasion" of Korea on Philippine shores, the first of course, involving various Korean series, beginning with "Lovers In Paris", being a massive hit in the country, as well as the presence of Sandara Park in ABS-CBN, who is now a member of 2NE1.

Asked which particular song they will be performing after the SONA, a very excited Matt Defensor confessed it was the current smash hit playing even on high-end stations like RX 93.1: "Nobody".

"We wish to dedicate this song to our beloved president, because we believe that nobody, nobody but her could possibly do such a great job of leading the country," said Defensor, while he was performing the dance steps of the song's chorus in time with his fellow performing congressmen.

Citing artistic license, here are the slightly modified English lyrics of the Wondergirls hit song:

by the Wonderboys

You know we still love you, Gloria,
And it will never change-ah. (Saranghe)

We want nobody nobody but choo, we want nobody nobody but choo
How can we elect another, we don't even wanna bother
We want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Why are you trying to, to leave Malacanang
We know what you're thinking
To your lines, we are listening
How can we just
Just have elections in 2010
Forget you completely
When we know you still love the country?

Telling us you're not good enough
Our lives with you are just too tough
You know it's not right so
Just stop and come back, Ate Glo
How can this be
When you were meant to be

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Why can't we just, just be like this
Cause it's you that we need and ZTE is our friend
Who else can ever make us feel the way we
We feel when we're with you, Noli will never do

Telling us you're not good enough
We know that bust job was pretty rough
You know you're a handful enough, though
You know what we need, Ate Glo
Right next to you is where we want to be.

(Repeat Chorus)

We don't want no body, body ('Cept your body, baby!)
We don't want no body, body ('Cept your body, baby!)

Honey you know it's you that we want, it's you that we need
Why can't you see~

We want nobody nobody but choo, we want nobody nobody but choo
How can we elect another, We don't even wanna bother
We want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free
Nothing else matters other than you and the economy
So tell us why can't it be
Please let us live our lives our way
Why do you push us away
We don't want nobody nobody nobody nobody but choo!!!

Asked to comment about their song being appropriated by the lower house, the Wondergirls stated how happy they are to be given such an opportunity "bigger than opening for the Jonas brothers."

On the other hand, Sandara Park of 2NE1 declined to comment about the issue, sheepishly admitting that their debut hit "Lollipop" had more relevance to the U.S. political scene during the Clinton administration than anywhere else.

In other news, blogger LA commented that the difference between a fairy tale and a SONA is that "ang fairy tale, isang kwentong hindi totoo na may dwende", while "ang SONA, may dwendeng nagkukwento ng hindi totoo". Pundits seem to agree wholeheartedly.

While they've conveniently ignored surveys and other statistics when they don't favor our beloved president, how much are you willing to bet they will be more than happy to count how many times they get an applause from the audience?

And now, your moment of Zen...

Nobody, nobody but choo!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Boggles The Mind...


For some reason,I had a massive traffic spike the other day thanks to this post, and I don't even get why. I mean, I wasn't the original source of the article. It came from Craigslist, and what I actually read was MGK's point by point retort to the whole bit.

As a guy who averages 30-60 hits a day, I was surprised to see myself get 2000++ hits yesterday, majority of them going to the "Nice Guys" article, and most of them actually agreeing with it.

I looked at myself, knowing full well that I disagree with the notion of "nice guy = someone looking to get physical reciprocation". As a straight-edge person, that's not quite in my itinerary, so I naturally am disinclined to agree that real nice guys act like that.

But you know what? It did make me think some things over...

.:Bitter Ocampo Moment:.

This is no mystery to most of you, but I've been single for a few months already, and I'm not going to take this opportunity to besmirch the person I once called "My Beloved". It really just happens that at some point in one's life, they want to try and make something work so bad, they fool themselves into believing that the person they're with is "the one", and that they're worth the effort.

Looking at the comments on the "Nice Guys" post, I'd like to think that in most respect, I do fall under being a "nice guy," if you strictly meant a "nice guy". Of course, I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I don't fall under the article's definition, as while I do take rejection badly, I still put my neck at risk all the time, thereby ensuring I'm not this kind of a nice guy.

But then, in the end, when you give your all to someone, then realize that you're being asked to change so much that the new "you" is miles and miles away from the old "you", can you really say that you were loved by that person?

Can you say that being a nice guy, being walked all over by someone who doesn't know what the Hades she wants in life, only to be told "it's not what I was looking for" after two years, was really worth it? That you gave everything, and have nothing to show for it?

I always believed that good things happen to good people, but I guess a dash of cynicism and realism woke me up to the realization that for some people, being nice is an excuse for them to walk all over you, to take you for granted, and ultimately, to even question your worth because hey, you're unfailingly there for them. I shudder to think that you'd have to be a little aloof, a little stand-offish, and perhaps even a bit of a douchebag just so you can catch the attention of certain people.

It's hard to paint in broad strokes, really. I don't think it's true that women in general want the bad boy types, but certainly, some of them do. Conversely, I see some who try to finally give the "nice guy" a try, but are ultimately turned off by the banality of everything, when it comes down to it. Perhaps it's just me, but there's still a bitter taste left in my mouth when I realized that after two years, I'm just really not what she was looking for. That all the supposed affection and effort was merely an act of self-delusion on her part that I was actually worth anything, to begin with.

But again, it would be unfair to resent her for that, as painful as it may be, because I know she wanted it to work. Against all odds, she tried. But sometimes, wanting something can only take you so far, if you simply don't love that person. It's inevitable. It's terrible. But it's reality.

And as I always say, of course I understand her, far better than I thought I possibly could. But understanding doesn't make it hurt any less.

And now that "she" has happened to me, does that mean I stop being a "nice guy"? Does it mean I just start being a bastard, disrespecting women, even being misogynistic?

Of course not. That would be a disservice to one who found me worth two years of her effort, and having been a douchebag to her would've certainly assured me that I'd get zero seconds of her time. I wanted to be good for her. I wanted to be the one who can make her happy. I cannot erase who I really am: a hopeless romantic, as stupid as that may make me.

And so, this "nice guy" is still recovering. Bitter, yes. Angry, no. She deserved the effort I gave her, and though the future remains unclear, I believe that I'd be hard-pressed to find a single person in this planet who is completely unworthy of love and affection, no matter what.

... except myself, of course.

I guess they're right. Nice guys do finish last. But this is what I chose to be, no matter what the consequences may be.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 30, Mag:Net Katipunan: The Story Circle Night!

.:Story Circle's Showcase Night!:.

This July 30, the Story Circle will be featuring stellar performers Nomer, Carl, Anthony, and yours truly in a night of magic, comedy, and mentalism. It's happening at Mag:Net Katipunan, so you know that for a mere 150 pesos with a consumable drink, you are in for quite a treat, as four top performers come together to entertain you.

Do drop in, and see you there next Thursday! I'm sure it's going to be a great show.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Fixation...

.:If There's One Thing I Can't Shake Off, It's...:.

A couple of weeks after Cosplay Fusion, and I'm still thinking of the amazing roast porkloin we had for dinner after the event.

I don't know about you, but I have to say, that was the best roast pork I have ever had in my life, and I don't know how I could've been missing out on it for the past 25 years of my humble existence.

Mmm. Roast pork.

.:Of Course, You Know, This Means Thesis > Blog:.

Will probably take a blogging hiatus as I work on my thesis.

This probably means you'd see nothing beyond headlines of stuff I plan to write about as the days go by. This'll turn my blog into a headline blog of sorts, until I can sort out my thesis. Once that's done, then I suppose I can start going somewhere with this.

Monday, July 20, 2009

She's Baaaaaacccckkk!!!


My mom's dropping in again after a looooong while.

I doubt that means she'll be back for keeps, but it's awesome knowing that she's coming back, as we definitely missed her.

Welcome back, mom!!!

.:Akantor-Hunting I Will Go...:.

Spent some time with Cher today, as I helped her kill Akantor. Well, I must say that was quite an experience, as I had to fight Akantor with her character.

Surprisingly, I managed to pull it off, with no Cool Drinks to help me out. By sheer dodging and hit and run tactics, I managed to kill Akantor with a longsword, something I've never attempted before.

The Weekend...

- Harry Potter 6 was a great film, although the book, in my opinion was better.

- My show last Sunday went well. I mainly hosted, and of course, the great Herman Aquino did an awesome stage show that really had the kids on the edge of their seats...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Storm? Ha! I S.P.I.T. At You!

.:Dropping By WAVE...:.

Swung by WAVE 89.1 in the morning before dropping by the people upstairs in RX to say hi to my friend, Alodia, who guested along with her sister, Ashley, for the Morning League's "Talk Of Fame".

Only then did I find out that not only was Eri trying to see if he can get into the Comedy Cartel, he already is a member of Silly People's Improv Theater. Hmm... very interesting, indeed.

Anyways, the interview was fun, and I ended up having to coach them as to who the Yuti Yatballs were supposed to be during their controversial skit in Toycon the last time out... heh.

.:Mag:Net Overruled Toyz For One Night Due To The Weather...:.

Image courtesy of Judd Sta. Maria.

While open mic night happens every Thursday at Toyz Cafe, I had no choice but to miss out on it because the weather conditions were just particularly prohibitive, and no taxi driver wanted to go around town with their meters on.

Having said that, I decided to instead catch S.P.I.T. that night with my colleague, Judd, even if the other people from the Cartel who wanted to watch were obviously forced to stay in due to the rain instead.

Since we worked at Bonifacio High Street, it wasn't particularly difficult to get to the venue. Mag:Net was just a stone's throw away, so I was really keen on seeing how improv is in the country, what with me having very fond memories of Drew Carey's "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

The night was quite an interesting one, as I saw how quick-witted the members of S.P.I.T. could really get, and this was especially highlighted during the last segment of the show, where one of the performers said something so funny/disturbing, it took the audience a few seconds before it sank in what they just heard. You just had to be there to appreciate it.

To compare this brand of comedy to that of the Cartel would be rather unfair. It's all apples and oranges. That being said, I'd definitely love to drop by their shows, happening every Thursday nights at Mag:Net Katips and Mag:Net BHS... if it weren't for the fact that we do open mic at Toyz Cafe every Thursday night, all the same. Well, what can I say? It was an enjoyable night to watch the people of Silly People's Improv Theater strutting their stuff, as nebulous as the performance last night may have been.

Well, if you're in the area for either set of performers, then feel free to give it a shot. It's definitely going to be a great experience for you either way. =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So 2000 And 8, So 2000 And L8...

.:2000 And Eight, So 2000 And Late...:.

A comment I saw on One Tamad's blog just made me take notice...

Son, you're complaining about lost patrons and gained enemies over "lies"? I deal with that at work in Nuffnang. Every. Single. Day. I go take it on the chin, and move on, because such is life. It isn't fair, and most of the well-paying jobs are the thankless ones. Does everything unfavorable about you have to be a "lie"? I think not.

How about your lies and accusations about the integrity of last year's blog awards, an event I happened to be a volunteer for? Should we just sweep that little transgression under the rug? Can't take it the way you dish it out?

While you can say "but this is JUST my blog, not my job," then I guess that should mean you should take it less seriously, right?

And since I've shown I can walk a mile in your shoes just now, my original point stands: this issue is so 2000 and late. Time to move on to 2000 and fine.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Barking Up Only One Tree... And The Wrong Tree, At That!

.:Barking Up Only One Tree: The Law Applies To All, Otherwise, To None At All:.

First of all, as a guy known for the straight edge lifestyle, let’s face it: I’m not a patron of Flesh Asia Daily, as I honestly don’t have much use for their material.

However, I believe in the saying, “Walang basagan ng trip!” While I may not be a patron of the fine arts of FAD, I do not hold it against anyone who does, and given how my understanding of the entire Hayden Kho hoopla has resulted in me being far more sympathetic to one Maricar Reyes than one Katrina Halili, I do have a certain stand on the issue, albeit it mostly boils down to this: we’re spending too much energy on this.

Suddenly, piracy busts have been exclusively for the extermination of the scandal videos. Never mind the stacks upon stacks of pirated DVD’s they’re rummaging through, but the minute they find one scandal vid, it’s gone.

Why is the law being selectively enacted now? Why the special treatment? Quite frankly, I find that this only underscores the politicking and grandstanding at work nowadays, what with everyone trying to jump on the “Lynch Hayden” bandwagon, never mind that there are other pressing issues that need to be addressed.

The recent attempt to pretend that something’s happening has resulted in Mike Chanco’s residence being raided, and subsequently charges being prepared against him, all the while ignoring the pressing issue: why are we seemingly ignoring this man’s rights? Why the sudden arbitrary enactment of a law that is, currently, at best, only vaguely tangential to what has truly transpired?

I don’t know Mike Chanco. I don’t owe him anything, nor does he owe me anything. But as a fellow Filipino, I see that his rights to due process are obviously being trampled upon, and I look at that and feel: dammit, that could be me, next time. I don’t think I wish to be in a country where caprice and arbitrariness determine the law of the land. I honestly feel that is dangerous to the rights and liberties our forefathers have fought and had board meetings about.

I can’t help but facepalm over the trolls over at Jester’s and One Tamad’s blogs who are acting with even less morals than Hayden Kho, resorting to a stream of four-letter words, and internet tough-guy posturing from behind a computer.

Newsflash, kiddies: “lust” is but one of the seven deadly sins. The way you’re frothing at the mouth right now, you’re pretty much guilty of “wrath”, “pride”, and by the looks of how you talk so big only behind an anonymous nick, probably “sloth” and “gluttony”, too. Nothing makes you look more of a hypocrite than hiding behind anonymity, hurling invectives, all the while pretending to be guardians of morality. Thanks for completely missing the point of Jester’s post: it was never about saying porn is cool and okay. It was the fact that someone’s rights were apparently trampled upon, and we cannot allow for shortcuts in due process just because we don’t like somebody. Justice is supposed to be blind.

As an ethicist as opposed to a moralist, I have no say on the nobility of FAD’s site. I wouldn’t know, it’s not my cup of tea. It’s not my place to judge, but let’s face it: the rain falls on the just and the licentious alike. If for some reason they believe Mr. Chanco is guilty of whatever they’re trying to trump up against him, why are they barking up only one tree?

Oh, right. Because it’s posturing, more than actual action. While we still don’t know who killed Nida Blanca, we already know who sent the first video to FAD. Doesn’t this seem rather off to you?

Stop making it an issue of morality, when it is primarily an issue of due process. Even if it were an issue of morality, since when did being immoral guarantee you jail time? Erap had how many mistresses again? Even from a Christian standpoint, Christ didn’t come down to save the righteous. They don’t need saving now, do they? He came down to save the sinners. It’s funny how these zealots thump their Bibles so much, they forget to read it from time to time.

We worry so much about the immorality of one website, when the gross immorality of our current dispensation should alarm us more. The Puritanist values should really be given a rest already.

Unless the NBI people are willing to play nice, and willing to give this due process, then I guess it’s obvious what the cry has to be... FREE FAD!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here, We Get Autobiographical...

.:It’s The Weekend Blur!:.

I had a pretty fast-paced weekend, and I’m still not quite over it, considering how loaded Saturday and Sunday turned out to be.

Last Saturday was the first leg of my bi-weekly street magic tour at Robinson’s Forum, and I was quite pleased with the result, as I managed to entertain the patrons of the store fairly well, including a very insistent group of Korean kids who almost made me exhaust my entire arsenal of routines for walkaround that day.

To cap off the tour, the Midnight Cosplay Society even dropped in on me, and I was more than happy to be a part of Louanne’s birthday celebration for the day. We poked fun at anything and everything, so needless to say, we were having a really good time, letting our hair down and being the incorrigible bastiches that we really were.

Sunday was punctuated by meeting one of Danes and her friend, Kenchi, who proved to be a very interesting and amazing person. If it weren’t for the geographical constraints, I must say, Kenchi and I would’ve been really good friends, considering how we have similar tastes in anything but music. Ice Age 3 was a welcome distraction, as was originally going for Sbarro’s before settling on House Of Minis when we realized there was no Sbarro’s in the area – only to see it taunting us from the foodcourt window, as it now displays itself prominently in Glorietta 5. Guhhh...

All in all, it was a crazy weekend, and I’m not complaining about it at all. Good friends, great company, and getting paid to do what I love doing? Sign me up anytime!

.:Mondazed, Original Glazed:.

Monday proved to be quite a day as well, as I had to weather a storm to get to work, and then weather the storm all over again to get to a battery of meetings, then punctuate it with a chance encounter with some bloggers at Krispy Kreme in Bonifacio High Street.

Thing is, I went to Krispy Kreme to eat before heading out to a meeting, and next thing I knew, the awesome people of Geiser Maclang actually went ahead and let me know that in celebration of the 6th dozenth anniversary of Krispy Kreme, they were treating bloggers to some special goodies for patronizing their store. Now, as a guy well on his way to diabetes, you just know how much I love Krispy Kreme in the first place, and I was especially grateful that the fine people of the establishment accommodated me so well despite telling them that I really just swung in for a quick bite before heading out to my meeting.

I was still treated like royalty, regardless, and you can’t beat quality value-added service like that. As is, I already like Krispy Kreme. It’s one of the few places that still sells A&W Cream Soda, for one, and their donuts are just heavenly delights. That they offer free donuts periodically throughout the day is just icing on the cake, but this? This, to me, is the pinnacle of value-added service. I walked in there as a patron, not as a blogger, but they still gave me the royal treatment, regardless, and I’d be remiss not to thank them for something like that.

Amusingly enough, by the time I got to my meeting, I ended up sharing my dozen original glazed donuts with them. Will this little “bribe” assure me a sale? No, not really, but hey, I couldn’t finish a dozen donuts on my own! Those donuts are meant for sharing, like smiles and laughter and fun.

Derf Was On Fire Last Night, And Other Quick Bites...

.:Comedy Cartel: Growing And Growing:.

Last Monday, it was Mike Unson’s turn to headline the Cartel show at Spicy Fingers, and they even gave us a sneak peek into the news that they will be having a massive show this coming November 27 in Music Museum.

Performer of the night was Derf Hebrado. He was absolutely on fire last night, to say the least.

Things are looking up for the Cartel, as bigger and better things are definitely in the horizon. I can only hope that as I continue to work on my standup, I’d find myself part of this illustrious lineup in the near future. A mere three months ago, it felt like a pipe dream, truth be told...

Nonetheless, I’m happy that the Cartel has been growing by leaps and bounds. There’s no question that this could only mean bigger and better things for Philippine standup comedy, and the elevation of this artform as time passes is something that the people who have pulled their share in raising the bar for standup comedy are finally beginning to reap what they’ve sown.

Speaking of sowing, what’s showing this Sunday? Well, you guessed it: the first episode of “Front Act” featuring Mike and Stanley, 5:30PM on TV5. It’s right before “Wow Mali”.

Uyyyy!!! Bagay sila!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Comedy And Srs Bizns

.:A Bro Code Realization:.

So after Stanley Chi has poked fun over “FLAMES” with my name and Achie’s, and after he’s used me a bunch of other times for his punchlines recently, I suppose it’s fair enough payback since I sorta ruined his “stylings” last Monday at Spicy Fingers. ;)

Having said that, catch the upcoming show from Mike and Stanley on TV5, July 19, 5:30 PM. It’s called “Front Act”, and it promises to be a load of fun.

Hope you like the preview! I’m stoked to see what these two have up their sleeve.

.:Deep Thinking:.

So last night’s open mic went well, especially since there’s a possibility for more opportunities to do open mic thanks to G.B. coming back after a long hiatus from standup. It was the first time I met him, but I found his set pretty cool, to say the least.

Anyways, after the set, we had our usual discussions with each other afterwards, but one thing that stood out was the conversation Drei and I had while we were in a cab on our way home. I guess it did really make me think about how the media really can set the agenda, and thus, it’s really easy to call attention to things and to bury others at the same time.

Discussions of how good Marcos and GMA were as opposed to Cory were undertaken, and I really got to thinking about her points, particularly with the potentiality of an artificially inflated population on paper in order to achieve city status for certain locales who would like the funding. When you think about the possibility that there are in reality only 75 million Filipinos as opposed to 90 million, it does make you think sometimes...

Are we all truly shackled by an oligopoly that doesn’t present us with any genuine choices to speak of?

Random News Bits


Maybe this isn’t true at all, but I find it amusing that Rain is rejecting Megan Fox’s advances.

The young star, who’s had many people comparing her to Angelina Jolie, has supposedly expressed interest in the Korean superstar, only to be rebuffed because he’s apparently “not interested”.

Well, when the running joke about Ms. Fox is that she’s more charitable than Angelina Jolie because while Jolie does Unicef stuff, Ms. Fox is getting it on with Brian Austin Green, I suppose that’s a mildly dubious distinction for Rain to earn. That, and hey, look, Megan’s taken, and possibly, so is Rain!

I seriously doubt it’s because Rain is gay, or anything like that, because I personally can say “no” to a date with Megan Fox, not because I think I’m too hot for her, but simply because I really only ever date Chinese or Korean girls. It’s a simple matter of preference.

Having said that, if this report is indeed true, I wonder if Megan would keep on pressing the issue? Will she get Rain to yield to dinner? Only time can tell.

Then again, I think I know now why Rain isn’t going for Megan at all...

... it’s because Megan isn’t black!

Shocking, huh?

.:Lady, I Got News For Ya...:.

A woman is suing an Egyptian hotel for supposedly getting her daughter pregnant via stray bodily fluids in their pool.

It doesn’t get any dumber than this, folks.

I hate to break it to you, lady, but unless your daughter still has her hymen intact, there is no way you can possibly prove that this pregnancy was caused by stray bodily fluids in a pool when chlorine and simply being exposed to air can kill those little tadpoles in a matter of minutes. Unless there was some really sick stuff going on in the pool area, it’s a safe bet your daughter got pregnant the traditional way.

Picard, take it away.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


.:Bonding Time:.

Met up with Cher last Tuesday because it was a good time to catch up on each other. She’s been handling a lot on her plate lately, especially with work, but it was good to see her in high spirits despite the crunch of employment.

Anyways, this is really only the second time we’ve met, as the first time I ran into her was during Fashion Art, but we’ve been talking a lot online in recent weeks, and I’ve found her a very fascinating person, to say the least. So when she told me while we were in Starbucks that she was going to go to a party for her friend’s birthday at 77 Bar and she asked me to go with her, it was a no-brainer for me to agree.

So there we were, and I made the cardinal mistake of introducing myself as a magician in a frigging birthday party. That obviously meant I was going to have to perform that night, but hey, it’s an excuse to do Lady and the Rope on Cher, so who am I to complain? LOL.

Anyways, her friends were mostly entertained by the performance, so I’m pleased as punch with how that turned out. Sarah’s brother, Ace, was apparently there that night, so he saw me at work as well, and I found it cool to discover that apparently, 77 Bar is where Bagetsafonik would usually hang out when not doing a gig.

All in all, it was a great chance to get to know a great person better, and I’d be remiss to not thank her for the wonderful company.

And, oh, yeah, lemme share this one again: me performing Lady And The Rope at Fashion Art some time back, with Cher.

.:Once A Bosconian, Always A Bosconian:.

Last Wednesday, I was talking to Noel Gascon, and I realized that Don Bosco has had such a profound impact on the both of us, we were talking almost as if we had a shared history.

It was really cool, as we talked about our electronics experiences, how our stand on religion was formed by a very liberal but still unmistakably Catholic point of view. Being a Bosconian meant we would question our faith not because we were afraid to find ourselves sorely mistaken, but because we were thoroughly convinced that putting our beliefs through the wringer could only make us more sure-footed on where we stand.

We talked about masses, and the unique songs we heard while we were Bosconians, and how different the environment was for us when we ended up in Ateneo after Don Bosco, and how being a Bosconian meant that the way we looked at the world was shaped in a way that could only be tempered by an Ateneo education, but never supplanted, much less superceded.

It was surreal talking about this stuff with him, because not only was he not in my batch in Don Bosco, he actually came from Don Bosco Makati, and I, from Don Bosco Mandaluyong. The way our personal philosophies in life seem to overlap as we talked about social justice, “walang basagan ng trip”, and apathy versus activism just floored me. It felt like I was talking to myself a few years from now, and it really showed me how powerful an impact our Bosconian upbringing had on the both of us. It may have been different schools geographically, but the values inculcated in us were unmistakably Bosconian.

It was really eye-opening to hear him talk about how Amici started during his time, and how they used the student body as a cheap form of R and D. It was equally surprising to him when he discovered the existence of Don Bosco Sta. Mesa, a rarity in that it’s a Don Bosco school exclusively for girls. I remember one of the nuns there first getting me interested in magic way back in Grade 3.

It was also a point of interest to Noel to find out that Don Bosco is actually the patron saint for magicians. Given how I’ve used magic to entertain and to educate at times, I know all too well the power a performer has when he steps up onstage and tries to wow an audience. That kind of power cannot be taken for granted, and as a fairly accomplished standup comedian, Noel also realized this pretty early on. It’s such a rarity to find a Bosconian-Atenean, and it’s really amazing to know someone like Noel, who is definitely one of the deepest thinkers I have ever encountered.

Once a Bosconian, always a Bosconian.

On Leakages And The Signs Of The Times...


.:A Leakage Is Plugging A Hole:.

Lest we lose ourselves in unsavoury jokes about our dear president’s chest, maybe we should pay more attention to the fact that a report of interest has recently come out.

Behold, a full presentation on the Electoral Fraud. I think if people checked this out and analyzed it more than they analyzed the presidential bikini pictures, then maybe we can verify the veracity of this presentation, and once and for all decry the clear lack of moral ascendancy this country’s leadership has had since 2004, or arguably even earlier than that.

I look back at my younger years when I wished to disprove the notion that Ateneans are apathetic with a sheepish grin. I regret having been at EDSA 2.

From all the scandals that has beset this country, to the clear-cut PR spin that is being employed in practically every single correspondence of the government, to the fact that the so-called spokespersons for the president don’t even know if their boss had a boob job or not, 2010 cannot come soon enough. Let’s get this god-forsaken term over with, and find someone else to screw us over.

Or maybe, just maybe, we’d finally see a good candidate arise from the muck known as Philippine politics. I know there are plenty of luminaries in their ranks, yet why is it that more often than not, their names are not the ones being floated about when election time draws near?

As I mutter a prayer for our former president Corazon Aquino and her health woes, I wonder if this is really the kind of Filipino her late husband wanted to die for.

Perhaps, with what I, and other like-minded people can do, we could indeed prove ourselves worthy of Ninoy’s ultimate sacrifice.

.:Why I Believe Reproductive Health And Gay Marriage Should Be Looked Into:.

This country does not sport an official religion. Statistics does not an official religion make. The Constitution enshrines many things, but to say that it is inherently Christian or Catholic is patently hasty, and should be looked at more closely.

As the times change, we hear more and more people lamenting how “the good ol’ values” are being thrown away in favour of tolerance and secularism. Why? What was ever “good” about intolerance and fundamentalism? Did we not fight wars over intolerance? Was intolerance not the key motivation for the countless genocides we’ve experienced over the course of our history? And do you think that just because we uphold pretenses of being a religious country, we become paragons of morality? Are you high, or have you ignored the many times our leaders have used God as an excuse for what they have done, such as when a certain president changed her mind about not running for president in 2004?

As a citizen of this country, I wholeheartedly support the Reproductive Health bill, and in line with progressive thinking and a belief in giving everyone a fair shake, I also support eventual legislation in favour of gay marriage. This afternoon, I was watching a particular video that just really tickled me pink, and I’d like to share it with you:

I smell a load of bullcrap, and I am beyond happy to see Stephen Colbert address this. While I’d like to go at length on this topic, I’ll just put it this way... allowing gay people to be who they are does not turn you gay. And if it did, I don’t see what’s wrong with being gay. You can point to the Bible all you want, but I believe in a God who would not deliberately create someone as “evil”, as we have already proven that homosexuality is natural, not merely a lifestyle choice. I never chose to be straight. I always was. Don’t assume gay people had the luxury to choose they were gay.

Because quite sadly, with the way they’re being oppressed in this day and age, some of them certainly would rather be straight if it were merely a matter of choice.

Let’s save this discussion for another day, though, and focus on what is currently on our plate: the fact that the government has a pending law known as the “Reproductive Health Bill”, and we have lobby groups who are reacting instinctively against the law, outright condemning it on mere principle.

Why is that, you ask? Because it will promote promiscuity, they say. Because it will contribute to moral degradation, they say. Because it will undermine the value of marriage, since hey, if the government educates us about sex and contraception, everyone’s gonna want to have sex now.

When I was a high school student and we actually had sex education, there were fewer things I found UNsexier than having one of our not-so-attractive female teachers talk about sex clinically, stifling her embarrassment as hormone-crazy students hooted over words like “smegma” and “vagina”. I don’t know about you, but that experience has assured me I’d stay straight-edge by choice for quite a long while, simply because knowing about sex made me realize it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

I can tell you right now that if I didn’t know what I knew thanks to sex education, I wouldn’t have the same point of view, and would want to find out more about it as soon as possible – firsthand.

But don’t take anecdotal evidence on its own. Simply understand how knowledge is indeed power, and educating the youth on the responsibility involved in sexual intercourse will go a long way to making sure that they don’t just treat it like a game.

Personally, I have nothing against people who can’t keep it in their pants. What I do have something against are people who can’t deal with the consequences afterwards. Sex education is one of the best ways to alleviate that problem, because I hate to break it to ya, guys, but no matter how much religious pressure you exert on kids, if they wanna get it on, they will get it on. Now, you can either let them drive the car full speed and just say their prayers at the moment of impact, or you can give them a seatbelt.

That’s where contraceptives come in.

Now, for the record, I do not approve of abortion. I believe that while the woman does have a choice, it should be a choice to use contraceptives, rather than to kill a kid who’s too young to have a say on the matter. I draw the line at that, but anything prior to that is fair game in my eyes.

For people to insinuate that contraceptives contribute to moral degeneracy because it makes sex become merely an instrument for pleasure, they should look a little more closely at the Bible they’re thumping on. Maybe they should read this book closer because it sure as Hades sounds like sex is fun and exciting there.

Now, sure, I understand if people don’t like the notion of fornication, and would want to preserve the sanctity of sex only after marriage, but hey, you know what? That doesn’t make sex dirty. It just makes it more special. We’ve moved beyond Greek dualism of body and soul at least two millennia ago. Can we stop calling sex “dirty” and “sinful”? Isn’t it responsible for new life, and can we not agree, coming from a pro-life perspective that any life is good and sacred? So why is something “sacred” springing forth from something “sinful”? It makes no sense whatsoever, kids!

Fornication will happen with or without the RH bill in effect. There is no logical connection between knowing you can use contraception and suddenly wanting to fornicate. This is shaky logic at best, and clearly does not follow. What the RH bill offers, though, is a chance to keep the population at bay, and while we can keep on insisting overpopulation is not an issue, it’s fairly obvious it is. Ever notice how the poorer the couples are, the more kids they most likely have?

Whether it be about population control, or about preventing sexually transmitted diseases, there simply is no reason other than sheer selfishness and close-mindedness for the RH bill to be rejected. As our country keeps on plunging to economic lows, more and more people find out firsthand that there is a woeful lack of information and (ahem) dissemination going on when it comes to know-how about sexuality. Would it not be a good idea to let people know what’s at stake before they jam it in? Would it not be prudent to give them an informed choice, rather than rely merely on hearsay and old wives’ tales.

It’s high time we realized that the more we adhere to our so-called “good ol’ values”, the less likely we’d ever see this country get anywhere, as we bury ourselves knee-deep in ignorance, intolerance, and arbitrariness. To say that contraceptives are wrong because it undermines the life-giving power of the sexual encounter is akin to telling infertile couples that they shouldn’t ever have sexual encounters. It has always been a biological affair, and it’s time to dispel its mystique, and instead make it what it is: a monumental responsibility, and one that, in a progressive world with a country refusing to change with the times, is becoming more and more trivialized, ironically.

The RH bill has to come to pass. Everyone covered by it needs to know that there is a choice and they should be free to make such a choice, and be equally equipped to deal with the consequences of their choices. To deny the RH bill is to deny these people that opportunity to make a choice when the time is right. Whether it’s a teenager who needs to understand ramifications of sexual relations, or married couples who have had five kids too many, the RH bill is not there to impose immorality, but to prevent irresponsibility.

Let’s not allow knee-jerk reactionism to cloud our judgment. From one Catholic to a Church I am a part of, are we not a church for the poor? Is it not the case that the RH bill will benefit, more than anyone else, the very same poor that our leaders vow to help and to empower?


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

27 June: Cosplay Fusion!

.:Cosplay Fusion: The Aftermath:.

Myself with my co-hosts, Alodia and Ashley. Picture taken from Alodia

Cosplay Fusion has come and gone, and I must say that it was an enjoyable event. Considering that it was not anywhere near the scale of ToyCon, the fact that Powerplant management were awed by the sheer number of people who have gone to this three-day event is only testament to an awesome rookie outing for the people of Cosplay Circle.

With a Butler/Maid Cafe, toy exhibits, and a host of other activities, the highlight for last June 27 was the cosplay event, with one of the biggest payouts for cosplayers I’ve seen: 15,000 going to the best costume for the day. There were scads of controversy, what with the after-hours occurrence at the Cafe and some of your regular haters for the sake of hating and hypersensitive people, but in the end, the event was quite a success, and it was a chance for me to continue expressing my mini-tribute to Michael Jackson, as I was in full regalia that day.

By the way, speaking of butlers, lemme show you the ineffable Liezl...

Black or white!

I especially loved the fact that I saw my students from RIS during cosplay, and it was good to know they’re all doing well...

It’s my TIMY moment! Picture taken by Martin Callanta.

Well, this was really a huge effort all around, and the winners were definitely deserving, considering how elaborate their costumes were. The second placer gets a special mention for having been from the Ragnarok manga, even though the event was sponsored by competitor E-Games. (I do hope he’s recuperating well from his bout with leukemia, though. He’s too young to go the way of Francis M., who himself was too young to go as well to begin with.)

My thanks to Alodia and Ashley for having me over. I definitely had a great time, and it was good to know I wasn’t the only one who was sweltering in my outfit that day.

The winners! Picture from Alodia again.

Here’s a recap:

1st Place - Abraham Cruz (brambear) as Mechagodzilla Kiryu from Godzilla
2nd Place - Cykah Malagad as Skurai of Ragnarok Manga
3rd place - Marx Ian Rulloda as War Machine of Ironman

Crowd Favorite - # 16 Michael Jan Geti-Ayon (Bordz) as Spartan from 300
Best Performer - #23 Kathleen Alfafara (Kia) as Chunli of Street Fighter
Youngest cosplayer - #35 Paulo Catibayan (12 yrs old) as Kakashi from Naruto
Special Transformers Award - Rommel Sales as Optimus Prime of Transformers
Best Anime - #19 Jazmine Huang (Jaz) as Ranpha Frontier of Galaxy Angels

Best Male Costripper - Vladimir Sanchez as Michael Jackson
Best Female Costripper - Mia Marquez as Gothic Lolita Girl
Best Kid Costripper - Sales kids sa Tiny Titans
Best Crossdresser Costripper - Ally Cosculluela as Female Joker

And of course, a couple of other pictures, because as you can tell, I really like my white suit...

That’s not garbage. That’s a body bag. ‘Cause he’s sleepin’ with the fishes now, you see? Picture by Martin.

I am impossible to find in this picture. LOL.

13-14 June: ToyCon Megapost!

.:The ToyCon 2009 Megapost:.

Pedobear with some guy in a brown costume...

For the past few Toycons, I have shown my support for the massive event as a street magician, entertaining patrons and cosplayers alike, whether alone or with my partner, Jay Mata.

Imagine my surprise when this year, instead of going back there to do another street magic tour, I was asked to host the event.

Now, you have to understand, although I’ve been hosting for years, and though I did host The TOEI-nty celebration in Eastwood, I haven’t hosted too many cosplay events in my career. This one would probably officially only count as the third ever, in fact.

But what can I say? I’ve always loved the ToyCon, and it was one of the best ways to give back to the convention that has given me a playground where I honed and developed my magic craft for the past three years or so.

Having said that, you’ve seen reviews and albums of the event from various points of view already, but what I’m going to cover would have to be the backstage and onstage shenanigans that we’ve had over that amazing weekend. I’d remember my quips much better than anybody else, after all...

The Opening

The opening was a bit slow, but the fact that Santino from “May Bukas Pa” was there more than made up for it. He’s obviously a big Transformers fan, so it was definitely fun to see that side of him, practically beaming with delight over the Transformers toys all around him.

My co-host was Fatima, who definitely played an amazing foil to my zaniness. As we’ve worked with each other twice over three weeks prior to that, we already had a good feel for each other’s quirks, and it was going to be a piece of cake synergizing with her, as we really knew how to feed off of each other’s energies throughout those two days.

After the opening, things were mostly about us coasting along, as we introduced speakers, bands, and the like. My mic woes were a tad amusing, as I kept on talking even if the mic was dead, but all in all, things were running pretty smoothly, for the most part. It all started to get interesting, though, just immediately before the individual cosplay competition happened.

Blown Fuse, Hard Ruse

The rope routine was meant for Edjie, but I wasn’t keen on risking bodily harm upon myself...

While Japan Baby was performing, a huge puff of smoke happened during their third song, then the power completely went out. Apparently, we blew a fuse, and this delay was definitely going to set back the cosplay event even more.

The judges were already seated and primed for the cosplay competition, but with the power out, we needed to buy time while they were fixing the problem. That was my cue to do a bit of magic to buy us time, and it definitely resulted in a lot of fan service for the audiences, as I opened with the Shanghai Shackles, then seeing how unwilling Alodia was to do my next routine, I ended up calling on Hard Gay for the infamous “Lady” and the Rope routine.

Looking back, I think that was really the better choice for me, though, considering how good the crowd reactions were. Not to mention the fact that doing the rope routine on HG instead of Alodia assured me that I will not be in any danger of bodily harm after the fact.

From that point, it was time for the cosplayers to strut their stuff, and boy, did they!

Individual Cosplay

Yours truly with one of the judges, Alodia.

Five contestants in, and I noticed an alarming trend... it appeared to me that a lot of them were sporting swords. I just realized it, and it was unmistakable, to say the least.

I’d talk about the multiple punchlines I shamelessly hurled in their direction, but let’s face it, other than the quip about Crissey sending me a “Chala Head Chala” track that broke my ears, I’ll just let the 9-part video of the cosplay do the talking. Am I a rascal? Oh, yes I am. There’s a reason why I’m regarded as a loose cannon, after all.

I even had “feedback” from an unexpected sector that I found rather amusing, to say the least. It was also a bit awkward to have to start the cosplay bit after the Chongkeez performed “Diksyonaryo”, as I had to clarify the last line of their song with the parents.

In the end, we had Bumblechi, Darna, Rock Lee, and Samus as our winners.

Careless Whisper

I heard this song ten times too many on Day 2. On the second day, I got there late, and looking for a way to get the audience alive, we were asked to come up with a game for Mindstyle. Something. Anything.

So I went ahead and asked them to do a dance showdown.

With people dancing “Pokerface”, “Careless Whisper”, “Single Ladies”, and the like, you just know that it was a fun time for everyone, to say the least, although a bit traumatic at times.

During group cosplay, I ended up hearing the song a total of 6 times. It was crazy, and the Yuti Yatballs will forever scar me after what they’ve done. Seriously. Having said that, I was pleased as punch to see the very well-made costumes of the Soul Calibur group pay off for them, as they walked off with the honors.

Afterwards, I just rubbed elbows with the ToyCon volunteers, and they were really fun to talk to, without a doubt.

Well, all in all, I must say that ToyCon was a very pleasant experience for myself, and it was definitely a blast.

And now, your moment of Zen:

Tsk, tsk, tsk...

June 6: L'Arc Con 2009!

.:The L’Arc Con 2009...:.

Was a blast. Though I passed up on a huge gig to host it, I still had fun because it was a really lively audience that greeted me and Fatima in Katips that night. Needless to say, I was overjoyed at being given the honor of hosting an event I honestly had next to no experience in and still managing to have the audience on my side.

I never really knew much about L’arc, much less J-Rock in general, but it was quite a fun event to host, because the audience was just so appreciative of all the efforts of the people involved. The bands were on fire, and even if I don’t recognize 90% of the songs there, the beat was still catchy and transcended language barriers.

I was one of four hosts, although Fatima and I teamed up again, just like we did for the Jack TV event a few weeks back. It was all good for the most part, until we got to the point where she decided to leave me alone onstage to ad lib without her help...

It was at that point where I started doing standup while the bands were setting up, and I couldn’t believe that my jokes were working that night. I have to admit that I was genuinely surprised at the reaction I got, because I was totally expecting to bomb that night, but lo and behold, I didn’t.

I even managed to have some quips that got over, especially the one where I told them that the fashion show was going to be 1% costume, 99% audience impact. At some point, we noticed only one group was loudly applauding for all the contestants, and I had to ask if there was some “Laruku Mafia” I didn’t know about. The reactions were priceless.

And of course, when the lead singer of Blasters was onstage, he looked so purty that I just had to ask him if he sparkles in the sunlight. LOL.

In any case, I also ended up doing the Lady and the Rope, and that naturally elicited a lot of big reactions from the audience as well, but none of my antics onstage could possibly match, what I believe, was simply the best band of the night, Dou’ Ahou, whose animetal performance of Daimos, Voltes V, Shaider, and a host of other themes really got the crowd on their feet, to a rousing standing ovation after their set.

With 14 bands, a fashion show, and a raffle, you can’t go wrong with the L’Arc Con. I had a great time hosting, and I’m glad the people were so appreciative, all the same.

June 26: Casino Royale Night!

.:Casino Royale: The Grandest Of The Grand:.

Pimptastic! Photo by Faeie

Newport City pulled out all the stops for the Casino Royale blogger’s night, as we found ourselves surrounded by people dressed to the nines, and simply looking stunning. Don’t believe me? Let me show you it!

Gorgeuous doesn’t even begin to cover it. Picture by Jen.

It was a night filled with fun and excitement, and I went with my Achie Rochelle, who was the picture of perfection that night. Seriously. She was just so glamorous, and I never felt prouder to be her Sioti than I did that night.

It was also wonderful to see other bloggers dressed in their finest, such as Aileen and Jay, and of course, Jane and Chris. Even Poyt was looking mighty sharp. There were so many amazing people there, and I have to say that this event really brought out the inner fashion plates in us.

What made the event even cooler was that it was hosted by one of my contemporaries, one of the best hosts you will ever meet, Apollo...

Apollo is made of win. Picture from Faiye.

So I didn’t just have an awesome time with one of the most beautiful ladies you will ever lay your eyes upon dressed to the nines, or cool moments hanging out with bloggers looking their best, I even had the experience of being a roulette dealer, as I actually tried my hand at being a dealer for the roulette table, which was a very exciting experience for me. Amid all the jokes about letting a magician lose in a casino, we genuinely had a great time, and are looking forward to the official launch of Newport City hopefully around August.

I did decently during the Baccarat fun tournament, but I didn’t care much about winning, as I would rather spend time with my Achie, and that’s what I did. What happened next surprised me as Nuffnang’s blogger of the month for July, Jen, was named “Queen of the Night”, and I was apparently ajudged “King of the Night”.

I didn’t anticipate that they’d be awarding the best-dressed for the night, but I was definitely happy about it.

Picture borrowed from Jen again. Talk about color contrast!

Anyways, shortly afterwards, Achie had to leave, so we left slightly earlier, albeit that’s not a bad thing at all. It was a good opportunity to bond with my Achie, and I couldn’t be any prouder to have gone to Casino Royale night with her.

Mucho thanks to Jonas Diego for cooking this up with the generous people from Newport City! I leave you with my prom pic moment with myself and my Achie Rochelle, who may not have won “queen of the night” honors, but was certainly elegant and drop-dead gorgeous in her own right, and was simply peerless in my eyes, as far as I was concerned...

Need I say more?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

First Circle Was Made Of Win!

.:After Comedy Cartel, We Had First Circle...:.

... and they were awesome!

Monday, July 06, 2009

One Step At A Time...

.:Long, Boring, But Overall...:.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Na na na na na na na, na na na na na na...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Marocharim!

.:That's All I Have To Say For Today...:.

It's the 4th of July, and my good friend Marocharim is celebrating his 24th birthday.

It was great seeing him and some of my other online friends today, including my former teacher, Ms. Karen Tecson, who looked positively stunning. :P

Friday, July 03, 2009

Tonight Was My 9th Ever Standup Set...


I'd like to think I did extra well tonight. Really. I think I did, and I rarely am pleased with myself when it comes to this stuff.

Still a lot of stuff to trim down and polish, but I have a routine that flows well and has a good amount of laughs all around.

To the Cartel people, you have no idea how grateful I am to all of you. :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Transformers 2...

... I won't spoil the movie, but after watching it last night, I found myself very agitated.

It's an okay movie, but the tension o