Saturday, February 26, 2005

.:Ethical Hilarity:.

It has been both an immense pleasure and honor to have had great students this semester for my oral exams. I can only hope that when my time comes to be an actual teacher, I'll find students with insights like a good chunks of the students I ran into during my shift at the oral exams. I fully intend to improve the current answers on my weblog for Dr. Ibana’s students next schoolyear to find. Let’s see if we can push the whole mini-urban legend angle a bit.

In any case, while Jack is more analytic and I am more practical with my line of questioning, the general consensus was Dr. Ibana was “nicer than his teaching assistants”, as most of them assumed that the both of us were brutal people. In fact, one evaluation I had about my line of questioning is that g*g* ako magtanong, which, while is not entirely false, ultimately serves a purpose.

During the past couple of days, it became easy to notice who studied and who didn't. The people who really studied for the test wouldn't be fooled by trick questions, such as when I asked someone if emotions as pointers of values were reliable if they actually conflicted on the same value. He then pointed out that if one were to feel both happiness and envy over a best friend who becomes batch Valedictorian, then two different things are being valued: the best friend, and the distinction of being batch Valedictorian. Very perceptive.

On the other hand, I find that when one doesn't study, Dr. Ibana's analogy of playing dentist really fits. When I ask a question, I am merely rephrasing the question in a more practical or digestable form, and they actually answer the things they couldn't answer when it was Dr. Ibana asking them. Moreover, some students try to mask their lack of preparation through blind assertiveness or sheepishness. Doesn't fool the teacher, much less the teaching assistants, who recently graduated, so the tricks of the trade are still fresh in their minds.

When I talked to some students about thesis statement 6 which concerns the conscience, I asked a few of them why they think the conscience is considered one's “true self”. After they answer that, I then ask them about Batman's nemesis, Two-Face. It's interesting, really. Is Two Face's coin, the one that he uses to deliberate upon his actions, really him? Or is the coin merely a scapegoat that his true self hides behind? Answers were varied and rather interesting.

One student particularly got a kick about Dr. Ibana's story regarding Max Scheler: it turns out that Scheler's philosophy of emotions being the indicator of value came from his philandering ways.

When I asked some students about thesis statement 8 which concerns justice, I asked a couple of students how justice could've been exercised in the “Digital Pinay” contest, and how they would've handled it to be more just. Carolyn, one of the CS students, had a brilliant way of answering it which really impressed me.

Another key question I asked on thesis statement 8 was the plane crash scenario: what if a plane was crashing and the plane only had three parachutes? Who among the four shouldn't get a parachute: Angel Locsin (Sometimes, I change this to Richard Gutierrez.), Cardinal Rosales (That I sometimes change to Cardinal Sin.), Joseph Estrada, or a boy scout?

Answers to the question were varied and interesting. Two answered the boy scout, citing the fact that a boy scout is “laging handa”, and so should find a way out of the fix. One answered Richard Gutierrez, citing how bad an actor he is, anyway, so there's no point keeping him alive. Still another said it should be Estrada, as he asserts the former president has done no good for the country. Some other reasons that were touched upon were Angel Locsin because she's a Mulawin, and Cardinal Sin because his cassock can make him like a flying squirrel, or that he is old and has lived a fulfilled life, and he is most likely willing to sacrifice his life instead of any of the other three.


Some Chinese website has my name in their paper or something. I wonder what it's about, though... oh, well.

.:Welcome Back!:.

Other than an Oscar, Halle Berry has nothing on this girl.

Sacha's back, and it's been really great after six months of not seeing her in person, much less hugging her.

I was at her house last Thursday, as I was supposed to drop off Kathy's poi, and then some. It really made me happy to see her, and our conversations were good, particularly the stories Kathy had to tell that I'm sure are more interesting being told in her own inimitable way.

I sort of thought I saw the lead singer of Sugarfree there last night, but I was apparently mistaken. Oh, well. It was still fun, nonetheless. I also liked the little present I got from Sach…

Whee! My favorite character in Sakura Taisen, Li Saoryan.

Welcome back, Sach! You know you've been missed.

.:Ish Her Birthday:.

Oh, yes I did!

Clair had a scavenger hunt party for her birthday celebration, and it was fairly amusing. Thing is, while we were running all over U.P. campus, I was getting to know my groupmates quite a bit. It was a very amusing run-through, and the pictures, which I’m sure Clair would have links to, ought to make that whole deal clear. Nonetheless, conversations were varied, but all in all, it was a very nice way to bring Clair's friends together. I normally don't hug people I haven't been friends with for a long time, but I figured that given how stressed the poor girl seemed to be, I naturally volunteered.

One of the highlights was that I was supposed to pose like the Oblation in U.P. Closer inspection of the task had in parentheses that it must be done with my clothes on. Oh, come on! :P

As payback, Clair then flicked her super-soft, super-beautiful hair, and started singing Sandara Park’s “Walang Sabit”. Heh.

Clair is one amazing birthday host. It was really fun, and the candies were old school to the max! :P

Happy birthday, Clair!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

.:Today’s LSS:.

Obviously goes out to a dear friend of mine…

Welcome Back
by Ma$e

Welcome back, welcome back
Welcome back..

Weclome back (Oh! Oh!)
Yeah man, how you doin' (Come on, come on, come on)
You good? I know you like that (Yeah you good, you doin' good)
I know you like that (Oh!)
How long you been back man?
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome back

I see the girls in the club, they gettin' wild for me
And all the pretty chicks all wanna smile at me
These rap cats man they all got they style from me
And if I ever seen them then they probably bow to me
And when this beat - drop I know they gon' lean
World debut, I know they gon' fiend
Everything, Mississippi to the Palm Springs
Girls from brunettes down to blonde queens
These young boys don't know what a don mean
I'm just a bad boy gone clean
I'm the diamond chain choker, always remain sober
Don't drink liquor and all the games over
Need a plane, I explain it to my broker
Three bots in the hood top down, it ain't nova (My homie)
You know there's more man where that come from
Me and Kunta Love rollin' back to back in one

See the names have all changed since I been around
But the game ain't the same since I left out
Ooh you know we need ya, ooh you know we need ya
Right here's where we need ya, right here's where we need ya
Welcome back..
Welcome back, welcome back, Betha's back (You know you like that)
Welcome back, welcome back, Harlem's back (You know you like that)
You know you like that
Welcome back, welcome back, Betha's back (You know you like that)
You know you like that
Welcome back, welcome back, Harlem's back (You know you like that)

See I rep the most high, still I'm the most fly
I win so much, they wanna know who I'm coached by
Everyday approached by chicks when I was on top
Wanna give me sosa, but I'm like don't try
I see the hisses and the disses when I go by
But see the misses on my wristses when I float by
Self control, and I can't tell you no lie
Tryin' to find a soulmate, you end up being so tired
I make my money man without the coca
Livin' the vida without the loca
I'm down south so they show me country love
And I ain't even country thug
The people give me daps and hugs, so it must be love
And I love the country grub
It feel good to hear people singing welcome back
And I ain't even sellin' the track, cause I'm that Harlem cat

[Chorus x2]
See the names have all changed since I been around
But the game ain't the same since I left out
Ooh you know we need ya, ooh you know we need ya
Right here's where we need ya, right here's where we need ya
Welcome back..
Welcome back, welcome back, Betha's back (You know you like that)
Welcome back, welcome back, Harlem's back (You know you like that)
You know you like that
Welcome back, welcome back, Betha's back (You know you like that)
You know you like that
Welcome back, welcome back, Harlem's back (You know you like that)

.:Getting Testy?:.

I was listening to the Morning Rush trio today when I heard them making jokes about being “testy”, and how they were trying to skirt around saying something obscene about it. Later on, Chico reminds them about a guy in Survivor Outback named “Kel”, and asked them how it would be if he got testy…

Oh, look. My on-air name in WAVE is Kel. Should I have a new nickname as “Kel the Testy”, then? It has a nice ring to it….

Laugh trip…


Saw Takashi Miike’s “Audition” last night. I’ll review it soon, but let me just point out that it was one effing creepy film…

.:Oh, Well:.

In any case, I think she has no clue who gave it to her.

Now she does.

Not exactly how it was supposed to go, but I was hoping to let her know at one point or another, anyways who gave those. You might say that I figured this was really the best way to let her know, as it was highly unlikely I'd meet her again until she already graduates.

I don't know how she'd take it, or if she appreciates it. Needless to say, if she feels threatened, I could at the very least tell her that she made this semester a brighter one with her presence. Consider it my way of expressing my gratitude to her for that.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


.:Thesis Statements:.

Dahil medyo ginanahan ako, naisipan kong sagutin ang ilan sa (Hindi lahat!) mga thesis statements ni Doc dito. Hindi ko sasagutin ng buo ang mga tesis, lalo na kung kailangang hanguin ang sagot mula sa libro. Simpleng pagpapaliwanag at mga halimbawa lamang ang balak kong ibigay, at ituturo ko na rin kayo sa mga nauna kong mas detalyadong mga sagot ukol kina Aristoteteles at Kant noong si G. Bulaong pa ang guro ko sa Ph 104.

Mangyari lamang na pagbigyan ako sa tatlong mga hiling:

1.Huwag ninyong ulitin
verbatim ang mga sagot na aking ibibigay. Unang-una, hindi ko sasagutan ang mga tesis sa paraang makapagbibigay ng “A” (Dahil tinatamad ako. Bwehehehe.). Ikalawa, binabasa ito ni Doc, kaya alam na alam niya kapag inulit niyo lamang ang aking sinabi. Ikatlo, kung magagamit ko ang mga Ingles kong sagot noon kay G. Bulaong, gagamitin ko dito bilang hyperlink na lamang kaysa isulat ko pa ulit.

2.Kung may panahon kayo na magbigay ng mga komento sa mga sagot na ito, o sa mga iba pang nilalaman ng
weblog na ito, may comment link sa baba ng bawat mga paksang nais ninyong bigyan ng komento. Maaari ninyo iyang gamitin upang magtanong.

Grad pics. Kung hindi ikabibigat ng inyong mga loob, manghihingi lamang ako ng grad pics sa mga una kong naging estudyante sa aking paumpisa pa lamang na pakikipagsapalaran sa pagtuturo, kahit bilang isang katuwang sa pagtuturo lamang. Hayaan niyo na ako. May pagka-senti din minsan.

1. Nagmumula, subalit lumalampas sa kasaysayan ang mga pagpapahalagang moral. Nagsisilbing uliran ang naunang mga pilosopo para sa mismong pagpapasya ng tao sa sariling kasaysayan.

Hindi nakukuha mula sa kawalan, o sa isang “
vacuum” ang mga pagpapahalagang moral. Malinaw na malinaw ito sapagkat sumasailalim ang lahat ng tao sa daloy ng panahon, at kung gayon, sumasailalim ang lahat sa daloy ng kasaysayan. Katulad ng tao, may iba't-ibang mga pagpapahalagang moral na lumalabas nang naaayon sa panahong kinasasangkutan nito, subalit gaya ng nakita natin kina Aristoteles, Sto. Tomas, Kant, at Scheler, lumalampas sa kasaysayan ang mga pagpapahalagang moral na ito. Nagmumula ang lahat sa mga tawag ng kani-kanilang panahon, maging ang sinasabing “a priori” ni Kant na kategorikong imperatibo, na kanyang naisip dahil sa rebolusyong Pranses.

Ilang libong taon na ba ang nakaraan mula ng nailahad ni Aristoteles ang kanyang mga kaisipan sa Etikang Nikomakeo? Maaaring naidulot ang kanyang sistema ng pagpapahalagang moral ng kasaysayan, ngunit malinaw na lumalampas ito sa kasaysayan, sapagkat akma pa rin ang kanyang mga kaisipan maging sa kasalukuyang panahon.

Hindi naman natin masasabing walang palugit ang mga sistema ng pagpapahalagang moral sapagkat kung ito ang mangyayari, ating tatalikuran ang pagiging malikhain ng tao at ng mga mismong unang nakapaglahad ng mga sistemang ito. Samakatuwid, nagiging huwaran ang mga naunang mga pilosopo para sa mismong pagpapasya ng tao sa kanyang kinagagalawang panahon.

Pag-isipan: sa ating pagtalima sa mga naunang pilosopo, masasabi ba nating ginagamit lamang natin sila bilang pamamaraan at hindi natin iginagalang ang sangkatauhan sa kanila?

2. Likas na mabuti ang tao; subalit aktibong pinipili ang pagpapakabuti. Nagiging maladiyos ang nagpapakamakadiyos.

Kung ating ipagpapalagay na nilikha tayo ng Diyos at mabuti ang Diyos, hindi mahirap ipagpalagay na mabuti ang kanyang mga nilikha, kabilang na siyempre ang tao.

Kung gayon, bakit maraming masasamang bagay sa mundo? Kung talagang mabuti ang lahat ng nilikha, bakit nakukuha ng ibang mga nilalang na gumawa ng mga karumal-dumal na mga kilos, katulad na lamang ni Hitler?

Sa ubod ng kabutihan ng siyang Maylikha, ipinagkaloob Niya sa kanyang mga nilikha, higit na sa sangkatauhan, ang kabutihan ng kalayaan. Higit na mas mabuti ang kalayaan kaysa ang paggawa ng pawang kabutihan dahil sa hindi ka malayang tumanggi dito.

Subalit hindi iyan ang punto na nais nating mailahad. Sa halip, mahalagang isipin na kahit na likas ang kabutihan sa tao, nararapat na aktibong piliin pa rin ang pagpapakabuti, hindi dahil hindi natin ito talagang kalikasan, subalit dahil bahagi ng ating mabuting kalikasan ang kalayaan, at ang paggawa ng mabuti ng mula sa kalayaan ang siyang pagpapatibay ng kalikasan ng tao. Sa Teolohiya, marahil malapit ang ganitong ideya sa “
Fundamental Option”.

Sa ating pagpapakatao, o sa ating pagtalima sa ating kalikasan, higit tayong nagiging maladiyos, sapagkat nilikha Niya tayo ayon sa kanyang wangis, na pawang kabutihan rin. Hindi natin maipaghihiwalay kung gayon na pagpapakadiyos na rin ang pagpapakatao. Kahit na ganito ang kaso, hindi pa rin malayong isipin na kinakailangang kumilos ang tao sapagkat hindi katulad ng Diyos, hindi pa ganap ang pagktao ng isang tao.

Pag-isipan: kung ayon kay Aristoteles, hindi ka maaaring lumabag sa iyong kalikasan, gaya ng batong hindi maaaring masanay lumipad kahit ihinahagis ito ng paulit-ulit, bakit nakakayanan ng taong tumanggi sa kanyang kalikasan?

3. May obhetibong kaayusan ang pagpapahalaga na matatalikuran lamang kung lalabagin ng tao ang kanyang sarili. Matatandaan ang pagtalikod na ito ng pagkalimot, kahayupan, pagwawala, pagkabagabag, pagkaalipin, at pagkamanhid.

Marahil naiisip ng isang estudyante ng Ph 104 kung minsan na kanya-kanya lamang ang moralidad, na pawang subhetibo lamang ito at relatibo sa kung anong sistema ang iyong inaayunan.

Maling-malin ang ganitong pagtingin.

Maaaring sabihin na may pagka-subhetibo ang mga pagpapahalaga sapagkat talagang may pagkakaiba ang mga pagpapahalaga ng mga tao, ngunit hindi maaaring ikaila na may obhetibong kaayusan ito. Hindi maaaring sabihin basta-basta na tama ang pumatay dahil lamang iyon ang punto de vista ng isang subheto. Nakikita nating mayroong mga malilinaw na patakarang ginagalawan ang mga pagpapahalaga.

Kung nakapaglaro ka na ng isang “
Role Playing Game”, hindi mahirap unawain ang konseptong ito. Maaaring matatapos mo ang larong iyon, at iyon nga ang obhetibong kaayusan nito, subalit ginawa mo pa rin ito sa iyong sariling paraan, gamit ang iyong sariling “character”, ang iyong sariling mga kagamitan, at iba pang mga bagay na nagmamarka sa iyong mga kilos bilang iyong-iyo lamang.

Dahil sa kalikasan ng tao, higit na nagpapalaya sa kanya ang pagsunod sa kung ano siya mismo: isang taong mayroong mga pagpapahalaga, at likas na mabuti. Kung ating gagamitin ang mga termino ni Padre Ferriols, bahagi ito ng kanyang pagmemeron. Sa kanyang pagmemeron, nararapat siyang umayon sa kanyang kalikasan, ngunit dahil sa kalayaan niya, may kapasidad siyang talikuran ito.

Kung itatanong natin sa ating sarili, talaga bang as higit kang lalaya sa sandaling talikuran mo ang iyong kalikasan? Kung sasagutin natin sa napakabruskong analohiya, mas saging ba ang isang saging na lasang napakasarap na mansanas, o isang saging na lasang saging? Hindi nakakapagpalaya ang pagtalikod sa sariling kalikasan, sapagkat ang iyong kalikasana ang batayan ng iyong pagmemeron. Sa sandaling talikuran mo iyon, kabaligtaran ng pagmemeron ang nangyayari: pagwawala. Napakaangkop ng salitang ito sa ating talakayan, sapagkat sa sandaling tinalikuran mo ang kung sino ka talaga, nagwawala ka at hindi ka nagmemeron.

Pag-isipan: gaano kadali ba ang talikuran kung ano ka talaga?

4. Arete: Ugaling pinipili mula sa medyo-medyang kaugnay ng nagpapasya nang ayon sa katwiran ng karunungang prakitikal. Apat ang kardinal na birtud: prudencia, katarungan, hinahon, lakas-loob.

Tingnan ang mahaba-habang paliwanag DITO.

Pag-isipan: Para sa iyo, ano ang pinakamahalagang kardinal na birtud? Bakit?

5. Katulad ng sining ang pagpapakabuti; subalit hindi ito basta sining.

Simpleng tanong lamang muna, bago ko masagot ng lubusan ito: paano nagkakapareho ang sining at pagkakabuti? Hindi ba't pareho silang pagsasanay at pagpapakahusay? Kung gayon, saan naman sila nagkakaiba?

Unang-una, ano ba ang sining? Masasabi nating isa itong kalinangan sa isang bagay, halimbawa, ang sining ng pagpipinta. Kung ating iisipin, walang manlilikha ng sining na hindi naglilikha ng sining. Malamang. Hindi ka matataguriang “magaling na pintor” kung hindi ka nagpipinta, kahit gaano pa karami ang iyong talento sa pagpipinta.

Ganito rin ang pagpapakabuti: para itong sining na nililinang sa ating buhay dahil hindi tayo maaaring maging mabuti kung hindi tayo gumagawa ng mabuti. Isa itong pagsasanay na sinasaklaw ang kabuuan ng ating pagkatao na siyang nagiging hamon ng ating panahon.

Nagkakapareho ang pagpapakabuti sa sining sa dahilang pareho silang kailangang gawin upang malinang, at hindi nasusukat ng pawang potensyal o talento lamang na hindi man lamang ginagamit upang linangin ang sining. Subalit, saan nagkakaiba ang sining at ang pagpapakabuti?

Malinaw na sa bawat sining, mayroong isang aspeto ng pagkatao na sinasaklaw. Hindi lamang isang pintor ang taong nagpipinta: marami pa siyang ibang mga bagay na ginagawa na hindi nasasaklaw ng kanyang pagiging pintor. Iyan ang pagkakaiba ng pagpapakabuti: nasasaklaw nito ang kabuuan ng pagkatao at hindi lamang isang aspeto nito. Kung isa kang mabuting tao, nakikita ito kahit na maging isa kang pintor, o musikero, o macho dancer (Uhh... siguro.). Dahil dito, masasabi nating mas malaki ang sakop ng pagpapakabuti dahil ang buong pagkatao natin mismo ang nakasalalalay dito.

Pag-isipan: kung papalitan natin ang salitang “sining” sa tesis na ito, anong salita ang maaari mong ipalit?

6. Konsiyensiya: ang paghatol ng katwiran na nakatuon sa mismong pagpapakatao. Sinasabi nito: “Ito ang kabutihang dapat mong gawin; ito ang masamang dapat mong iwasan.” Upang tumubo ang konsiyensiya, kinakailangan ang pagkaamo ng sarili, ang pagtataya sa kabutihan, ang isang mayamang karanasan sa buhay at ang personal na pag-ako sa halaga ng sarili.

Marahil napagdaanan na rin natin ang salitang konsiyensiya ng ilang beses na rin. Kapag may nagawa tayong bagay na hindi tayo mapalagay sa kakaisip, sinasabi nating nakokonsiyensiya tayo. Minsan, iniisip natin na napakalaya natin bilang tao kung wala tayong mga konsiyensiya.

Kung ating bibigyan ng isang bansag sa Ingles ang konsiyensiya, ito ang madalas kong tawaging “
moral compass”. Hindi siya isang depenitibong mapa na nagtuturo sa atin kung ano ang dapat eksaktong gawin, ngunit ginigiya tayo nito sa tamang direksyon upang gawin kung ano ang dapat nating gawin at iwasan kung ano ang dapat nating iwasan.

Kung iisipin nating nakakapagpalaya ang kawalan ng konsiyensiya, maling-mali ito. Sa simpleng pagtingin pa lamang, malinaw na isang mapagpalayang disiplina ang konsiyensiya. Kung titingnan natin ang naging mga pagmumuni ko ukol kay Kant sa ika-7 tanong, makikita ang kontrol sa sarili ng taong may konsiyensiya. Hindi mula sa labas dapat ang konsiyensiya, kundi isang “pagkaamo sa sarili”, na nangangahulugang hindi tayo magpapadala sa kung anu-anong mga bagay sa labas ng ating pagkatao na makaka-kontrol sa atin.

Sa ating pagpapapatubo ng konsiyensiya, higit tayong tumataya sa kabutihan, sapagkat nagiging bahagi na rin ng ating kasanayan ang paggawa ng mabuti, hindi dahil sa ito ang inaatas sa atin ng ating magulang o ng batas, kundi dahil ating pinili ito. Hindi ito pagpapahirap sa sarili, kundi pag-ako ng halaga sa sarili. Tayo ang sarili nating “
boss”, at hindi kung sino lamang na nagpapataw ng tungkulin sa atin, sapagkat inako na natin ang mga tungkuling ito bilang sariling atin. Sa ating mga karanasan sa buhay, ating napapatubo ang ating konsiyensiya.

Pag-isipan: Kung ang konsiyensiya ang talagang ikaw, paano natin maipapaliwanag ang mga taong nagpapakonsiyensiya sa ibang tao, o mas kakatwa pa, sa mga manika na akala mo namang kinakausap sila?

7. Sistematiko ang pilosopiyang moral ni Kant; subalit matutupad lamang ito sa masusing paggamit ng deliberasyon sa pang-araw-araw na buhay. May tatlong pagpapaliwanag sa imperatibong kategoriko: ang pagkaunibersal ng batas-moral, ang pagturing sa tao bilang dulo ng mga layunin, at ang awtonomiya ng pagpasya.

Tingnan ang mahaba-habang paliwanag DITO.

Pag-isipan: isipin ang iyong kurso. Isipin ang iyong nais marating sa buhay. Magagawa mo bang isang unibersal na batas ang bagay na nais mong gawin sa iyong buhay? Kung hindi, nangangahulugan bang hindi moral ang iyong pagnanais na maging doktor/abogado/macho dancer/atbp? Paano ang pagkamatay ni Kristo sa krus? Moral ba ito?

8. Katarungan: isang wastong sukat sa pakikipag-ugnayan na naaayon sa minimum na pagkapantay-pantay at maximum na proporsyon ng bukod-tanging galing at pangangailangan ng bawat isa.

Napakalawak ng usapin ukol sa katarungan. Unang-una, nakapagsulat ng isang buong aklat si Platon ukol dito. Ikalawa, napakaraming mga bagay ang isinasaalang-alang pagdating sa katarungan. Subalit sa kadulu-duluhan, makikita nating mahalagang bigyan ng pansin ang katarungan.

Sa sandaling nag-uugnayan ang mga tao, nararapat pag-usapan ang katarungan, sapagkat malaya man tayo, hindi tayo maaaring yumurak sa kalayaan ng iba. Iba-iba man ang mga tao, kinakailangan pa rin nating bigyan ng minimum na pagkapantay-pantay ang lahat ng tao: walang hindi nasasaklaw ng katarungan. Subalit, may pagka-relatibo pa rin ang katarungan, na nakikitang maksimum na proporsyon ng bukod-tanging galing at pangangailangan ng bawat isa.

Kung mayroong mag-aaral na nagkasakit sa araw ng kanyang bigkasang pagsusulit, halimbawa, nawalan ng boses, hindi makatarungang ibagsak na lamang siya dahil maaari mang pantay siya sa lahat ng mga mag-aaral bilang kapwa estudyante, ngunit sa pagtingin sa kaso mismo, bukod-tangi ang pangangailangan niya: paano siya makakapagsalita sa isang bigkasang pagsusulit? Kung gayon, nakikita natin na nagkakaiba talaga sila sa ganitong punto.

Ganito rin ang sistema ng edukasyon, masasabi mo bang makatarungang ituro sa mga batang limang taon ang edad kung paano isinasagawa ang sistemang moral ni Immanuel Kant? Siyempre, dahil kulang sila ng mayamang karanasan sa buhay, hindi ito maari, ngunit sa kabilang dako, mas makatarungang turuan ang isang bata na napakatalino ng ayon sa kanyang katalinuhan, upang mapagpatuloy ang paglilinang sa kanya. Muli, isa itong pagtingin sa kanyang pagkabukod-tangi.

Hindi naman natin sinasabing dapat bigyan ang lahat ng pagpapaliban. Hindi rin tayo tumataliwas kay Kant sa kanyang kategorikong imperatibo dahil maari namang ipataw ang unibersal na batas na “magkakaroon ng espesyal na konsiderasyon ang lahat ng taong mawalan ng boses sa araw ng bigkasang pagsusulit”. Pumapasa pa rin ito sa pagsubok ng unibersal na batas. Binibigyan lamang natin ng angkop na konsiderasyon ang pagkakaiba-iba ng tao, kung gagamitin ang lente ni Kant, upang magkaroon ng ayon na pagtingin sa tao bilang mga dulo at hindi lamang pamamaraan, at bilang pagpupugay sa pagkatao ng tao: sa kaniyang pagkabukod-tangi.

Pag-isipan: Paumanhin sa mga may kaibigang nag-aaral sa La Salle sa halimbawang ito. May mga kaibigan din akong La Sallista. Isiping huling laro ng Ateneo-La Salle sa kampeonato ng UAAP
Basketball. Halimbawang nawala ang jersey ni L.A. Tenorio at napilitan siyang magnakaw sa Blue Shop ng isa upang makapaglaro. Paano siya nagkakapareho at naiiba sa isang La Sallistang nagalit kay Tenorio dahil sa mga nagawa niyang puntos sa huling laro na iyon, at kanyang pinagnanakaw ang lahat ng mga jersey ni L.A. mula sa tindahan upang sunugin ito?

9. Itinuturo ng mga damdamin ang pagpapahalaga; subalit hindi ito ang halaga mismo. May lohika ang puso na iba sa lohika ng katwiran; bagaman hindi ito labag sa katwiran. Nagbubunga ng kapayapaan ang solidaridad ng mga pagpapahalaga.

Maraming pinapahalagahan ang tao. Sa kanyang mga pagpapahalaga, nakikita natin ang mga bahagi ng kanyang pagkatao na hindi natin basta mapupuna sa ibang mga paraan.

Sa sandaling hindi kumukuha ng
attendance ang guro, nakikita kaagad kung sino ang nagpapahalaga sa kanyang klase: ang mga pumapasok sa abot ng kanilang makakaya, kahit na alam naman nilang hindi sila mamarkahang lumiban. Ano pa man ang kanilang motibasyon upang pahalagahan ang pag-aaral, sa kanilang pagkakabahala sa pagliliban, nakikita na pinahahalagahan nila ang pag-aaral.

Masasabing nagiging tagapagturo ng pagpapahalaga ang damdamin, ngunit hindi mismong halaga ang galit, o ang takot, o ang pagkabahala. Itinituro ng karamihan o lahat (Hindi ko masiguro na lahat, dahil mayroon minsang mga damdamin na tila walang kinalaman sa pagpapahalaga, tulad ng gulat.) ng damdamin kung anu-ano ang mahalaga at hindi mahalaga sa atin. Manghihinayang ka ba sa isang bagay na hindi mo nakuha kung hindi ito mahalaga sa iyo?

Halimbawa, noong hindi pa ako nakakapagtapos ng kolehiyo, napakahalaga sa akin ng mga grado. Dahil nangailangan ako ng QPI ng 4.0 sa huli kong semestre upang maging cum laude, kinailangan kong gawin ang lahat ng makakaya ko upang maabot ito, at laking tuwa ko ng nakamit ko ito. Kung hindi ko pinahahalagahan ang grado, gagawin ko ba ang mga ginawa ko? Ikatutuwa ko ba ang pagiging cum laude? Siyempre, hindi.

Sa pagkakataon namang hindi ko makamit ang pagiging cum laude, malulungkot ba ako kung hindi ito mahalaga sa akin? Siyempre, hindi rin.

May lohika ang puso. Hindi lamang ito simpleng pagpapadala sa ating mga damdamin, sapagkat nagiging indikasyon lamang ang ating mga damdamin ng ating mga pagpapahalaga na nakasalalay rin naman sa lohika ng ating pag-iisip. Dahil dito, madaling makita na talagang madalas magkakatugma ang dalawa, ngunit iba lamang ang kanilang pinanggagalingan.

So lohika ng katwiran ng isang nag-aaral ng Pilosopiya upang maging abogado, masasabing itinuturo ng kanyang isip ang mga ideya, ang mga pamamaraan, at mga iba pang bagay na kanyang mahahalaw mula sa Pilosopiya sa kanyang pag-aabogado. Mula sa lohika ng puso, nadarama niya ang matinding saya sa sandaling nauunawaan niya ang kanyang mga pinag-aaralan, at siyempre, higit na saya sa sandaling matanggap siya sa Ateneo Rockwell o sa U.P. o kung saan mang paaralan para sa pag-aabogado.

Nakikita natin kung gayon na iba ang kanilang pinanggagalingan, ngunit hindi nangangahulugang nagkakasalungat ang dalawa. Nakatitiyak ako na mayroong mga mas mainam na halimbawa ukol dito na hindi ko pa napag-iisipan, ngunit malinaw naman ang pagkakaiba at pagkakapareho ng lohika ng puso at lohika ng katwiran.

Sa sandaling nagkakaroon ng solidaridad ang mga pagpapahalaga, sa sandaling hindi nagtutunggali ang mga pagpapahalaga, nagkakaroon ng kalayaan. Kitang-kita ito dahil sa sandaling nagtutunggali ang ating mga pagpapahalaga sa indibidwal na nibel, nagkakaroon tayo ng pag-aagam sa ating sarili sapagkat hindi natin ganap na malaman ang tamang patutunguhan, kung halimbawang nais nating magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan ngunit nais din nating maging artista na walang kasiguruhan.

Sa nibel ng komunidad, sa sandaling nagkakaisa sila sa kanilang mga pagpapahalaga, nagkakaroon ng kapayapaan. Kung pinahahalagahan ng lahat ng tao ang buhay higit sa ideolohiya, hindi sana nangyari ang pambobomba na naganap noong Pebrero 14, na isang napakaliteral na pagpapakita ng kawalan ng kalayaan sa harap ng mga nagtutunggaling mga pagpapahalaga.

Pag-isipan: makapagbibigay ka ba ng sandaling nagkakatugma ang lohika ng puso at ng katwiran? Paano naman ang sandaling hindi sila nagkakatugma? Ano sa dalawa ang dapat mas bigyan ng halaga?

10. “Dayami ang lahat kung ihahambing sa Pag-ibig.”

Sa tingin ko, malinaw naman ang sinabing ito ni Sto. Tomas. Hindi kinakailangang ipaliwanag, sapagkat kung hindi mo kayang maunawaan kung bakit dayami (
hay) ang lahat kung ihahambing sa pag-ibig, nasayang lamang ang apat na semestre mo ng pamimilosopiya.

Hindi naman siguro lingid sa atin na hindi romantikong pag-ibig lamang ang pinapatungkulan ni Sto. Tomas sa kasabihan niyang ito: sa sandaling natuto tayong umibig sa angkop na paraan sa lahat, nakikitang hindi nagiging mahirap ang pagiging moral sa ating mga kilos. Maloloko mo ba ang iyong tunay na iniibig? Mapapatay mo ba ang iyong tunay na iniibig? Matatalikuran mo ba ang iyong tunay na iniibig?

Subalit, huwag lamang kakalimutan ito: kahit na dayami ang lahat kung ihahambing sa Pag-ibig, ginagamit pa rin ang dayami upang ipakain sa kabayo, minsan upang bigyan ng stabilidad ang semento. Nagiging tila mga sangkap ang dayami na nakakapagdagdag sa mahalagang tinutumbok, na siyang nagsasabi sa ating mahalaga pa rin ang lahat ng ating pinag-aralan, sapagkat sa ating pagdaan sa lahat ng ito, nakikita nating tunay na napakahalaga ng Pag-ibig sa kadulu-duluhan, at hindi ito maaaring mangyari kung hindi natin pagdadaanan muna ang dayami nina Aristoteles, o Sto. Tomas, o Kant, o Scheler.

Ika nga ni Lao Tzu, abo lamang ang mga aklat ng mga pilosopo dahil hindi ito sila mismo. Ito lamang ang kanilang “dayami”, ngunit nararapat nating isipin na kung wala ang dayaming ito, hindi natin mauunawaan ang tunay na mahalaga.

Pag-isipan: kung papalitan ang salitang “Pag-ibig” sa tesis na ito, anong salita ang iyong ipapalit?
A Flash Fiction by Marcelle T. Fabie, inspired by Tae-Hyun Cha’s “Crazy First Love”

How could you? I lived my life for you!

I love him.

He doesn’t love you! He just…

I don’t care.

Please. Don’t go through with this.

This isn’t the first time I’m sleeping with him, you know.

Fine! Be that way, then! I hope you’re happy now with what you’ve done to me, after all these years I’ve pined for you!

As he turns to walk away, she lightly wipes a tear from her eye with her handkerchief. The unmistakable stain of blood on the cloth was beginning to spread all over the erstwhile white handkerchief.

.:Film Review: Crazy First Love:.


Crazy First Love
What's with all these three-word titles for these romantic flicks?

In the tradition of the mentally deranged yet endearing male lead characters of Korean romantic comedies, Tae-hyun Cha stars as Sohn Tae-Il in this wackily endearing film, “Crazy First Love”.

The premise is quite simple: Tae-Il and Il-Mae were childhood friends who were both breastfed by Tae-Il's mother. One time, Il-Mae's father promised his daughter's hand to Tae-Il the moment he had reached, err... puberty. Tae-Il kept that promise to heart and took it up with his would-be father-in-law the moment he was thirteen, and then took it upon himself to revolt against Il-Mae's father every chance he got, as he was Tae-Il's homeroom teacher.

Tae-Il was brash, unruly, but affectionate. He really liked Il-Mae and took on Il-Mae's father's challenge: if he were to reach the top 3,000 of the students who'd take entrance tests in Korea, then he would finally win Il-Mae's hand in marriage. Lo and behold, after eating hundreds of pieces of paper and bleeding his nose for two years, he finally succeeded in matching Il-Mae's scores, and even ended up in Law School. In between, he attempts to kidnap Il-Mae because her dad attempted to balk on his promise again, and even had a run-in with a gang boss who laments the sad state of the education system now. At least he finished high school before becoming a gangster...

In college, Tae-Il made a promise to Il-Mae's father to watch his daughter like a hawk and keep her a virgin until Tae-Il could marry her. This situation led to a funny role reversal where Il-Mae was the one who had “too much testosterone” and Tae-Il was the one successfully suppressing his desires.

After some time and Tae-Il finally took the first level bar exam and passed it, he tried to surprise Il-Mae by proposing to her only to find out that she already wants to marry someone else. What Tae-Il doesn't know is that Il-Mae was actually dying of the same sickness that her mother died of. From here, the film turned into a genuine romantic comedy with a heart that really just hit me.

Tae-Il lived his life for Il-Mae, only to find out that she wants to be married to someone else. He never knew of Il-Mae's situation, and decided to let her be happy and leave her alone.

But you see, if you knew that one person you're willing to love for the rest of your life were dying, would that be enough reason to stop you from loving that person? Would you just live happily if you let that one person you truly loved pushed you away to spare you from that kind of pain? Of course not, on both counts.

I really think that this film was a perfect mix of romance, comedy, and drama, although the comedy side left a lot to be desired. Truth be told, I found Tae-Il's brash approach to things to be rather overacting, and I didn't especially appreciate it when he hit Il-Mae at one point in the film, although I realized it was a necessity to advance his character as someone who did all that he did because he loved her. There truly are few people on this planet left who would be capable of doing what he did for her, and sadly, those few people are the very same people who never get loved in return, so his ending was perfect, as they never showed if Il-Mae got cured of her disease.

The film was heartwarming, for the most part. It wasn't heavy on the drama the way “Windstruck” was, nor was it heavy on the theme itself the way “Sex Is Zero” was. In my opinion, though, my favorite character in this film was Il-Mae's father, who loved his daughter and his late wife like no one could. I was amused at how his character progressed from being antagonistic yet fatherly towards Tae-Il to being practically a pimp to his daughter for Tae-Il, although without compromising his clear affection for his daughter, to the point that Il-Mae wished Tae-Il would not be like her father, because she knew that her death would devastate her father. This dad reminds me of someone in real life, though, if only for how wacky this real-life dad really is...

If only the comedy were up to par with this film's heartwarming moments, then maybe I'd have liked it better. I think that the slapstick comedy and the tired and old way of getting laughs from the audience didn't do the trick here, although I'm curious as to whether or not Koreans really eat pieces of paper when studying to memorize it. I saw the same practice in “Please Teach Me English”. Regardless if the comedy wasn't so great, though, the rest of the film worked and delivered quite a strong performance.

Marcelle's “Fun” Rating: A/A+
Marcelle's “Critical” Rating: B+

.:Today's LSS:.

As RX and WAVE are on retro today, this is the obvious LSS of the day...

Never Gonna Give You Up
by Rick Astley

We’re no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do i
A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
Gotta make you understand

* never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We’ve know each other for so long
Your heart’s been aching
But you’re too shy to say it
Inside we both know what’s been going on
We know the game and we’re gonna play it

And if you ask me how I’m feeling
Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

(* repeat)

Give you up. give you up
Give you up, give you up
Never gonna give
Never gonna give, give you up
Never gonna give
Never gonna give, five you up

I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling
Gotta make you understand

(* repeat 3 times)

.:The Challenge:.

And so I was with JM, Dominique, and Clair in Megamall, and I mentioned how my luck is such that I always run into acquaintances in any mall I go to except Megamall.

Dom asked me to put that theory to the test, and within five minutes, I started meeting a flurry of people in Megamall, of all places.

Happily disproved. :)

.:Orals Are Great:.

I meant exams, of course. Get your mind out of the gutter for a moment.

I was hearing oral exams yesterday, and I certainly enjoyed some of the discussions we had.

For instance, one of my students had this cute example about being courted by two guys at the same time, and how emotions points to the measure of value the both of them possess that logical reasoning cannot do if they, on the surface, seem to be equal. I then asked her an equally quirky situation about the V-day bombing if she happened to be PGMA and the culprit happened to be the First Gentleman...

At the same time, another student was talking about how privileged the Atenean is, and how they should learn to appreciate what they have that others don't : Philosophy, Theology, and Accounting. That last one made me laugh. He also used the Smart tagline to justify love: love is all we need.

All in all, while I can't comment on specific grades, inasmuch as there were some disappointments, I think that for the most part, the students did fairly well, but it could've been better. Dr. Ibana's approach at questioning is in questioning the things about the thesis statement people take for granted (After talking about thesis 10, for instance, he'd ask simply what love is.). As a tip in the future, don't assume anything about the thesis statement. Always be meticulous enough to know every nook and cranny of the words used in the thesis statement.

Good luck to the remaining students. Do yourselves proud.

.:To Be Is To Be Substance-In-Relation:.

Before I go on, I'd like to offer a short prayer for Fr. Ferriols. He slipped while on his way out of Dela Costa Hall, and fell face-first on the ground. He is currently under observation, and one can only hope that the fall wouldn't have any long-term effects on him.

In any case, one of the things that we recently talked about in his Metaphysics class was how people commonly perceive things and give meaning or substance to what seems to be a mere conglomeration of sense perceptions.

Call it the rediscovery of substance and accident: that in a being, its substance is that which it is, whilst its accident would be its features in this moment in time, i.e. a chicken's crowing is its accident, and so forth. One of the people who challenged the notion of substance was one of my favorites in the Philosophy of Religion class (But certainly not in Metaphysics, if only for his implausibility.), David Hume.

According to Hume, he believes that there is no such thing as a chicken, or a human being, or anything at all, as whatever this thing happens to be, it is merely a conglomeration of sense perceptions, as was mentioned above. However, he admittedly reverts to conventional comprehension in real life and realizes that this mode of thinking is simply not doable.

For Hume, it is merely convenience that tells us to label this thing that makes a crowing sound, that has so-and-so colors, as a “rooster”. It isn't a rooster. There is no such thing as a rooster. Our minds merely perceive some things that when put together signifies what is conveniently regarded as a rooster. Sheer atomistic thinking, yet ultimately idiotic.

For one, he himself admits that this mode of thinking is not something the conventional man can do. Considering how Philosophy has been showing time and again that it's not just a head trip and is about doing Philosophy for the most part, this mode of (non) thinking that he persists on is plainly useless. Even he cannot do it, and even he will move out of the way when he sees something that he conveniently calls a car speeding in his direction.

Moreover, his notion is clearly a denial of the self. The self cannot be perceived by the senses. Looking in the mirror is already looking at a replica of the self, and not the self. If that were the case, and the senses cannot perceive the self, does that mean that there is nothing that can “conveniently” be referred to as the self? Is this not absurd, as even the most skeptical of thinkers, Rene Descartes, affirms that the one thing that cannot be denied is the self that attempts to deny everything? If even the self is being repudiated in Hume's line of thinking, then something is clearly wrong with his idea.

Lastly, and this is what I pointed out to Fr. Ferriols (He still doesn't know who I am... sigh.): inasmuch as Hume denies the capability of assigning genuine meaning or concepts to anything our senses can perceive, the mere fact that he perceives this or that color or this or that sound already presupposes concepts all their own. His line of thinking is atomistically incorrect, as he must now go regressing ad infinitum if he wanted to show the most basic of things the senses can perceive. If the senses can perceive red, it is because it can perceive color. If the senses can perceive color, then these are merely gradiations of light or the lack of it. If the senses can perceive gradiations of light or the lack of it, then so forth, yadda yadda.

Clearly, Hume's mode of thinking is unfeasible, because his mode of thinking requires us to break down what our senses perceive to the most basic level (Which requires so much effort.), and even the most basic level is still an admittance of some concept that is already taken as true.

“Redness” is a concept. For him to distinguish the color red from a rooster is absurd, because red is still a concept that he intuitively knows and understands as red. Hume's mode of thinking, therefore, is fallacious from the get-go, simply because in its attempt to deny the existence of substance, it affirms the existence of other substances, anyway, albeit more basic ones.

What's the point, then? If we can bridge the gap from the most basic substance that we at this point don't even know to one level lower than the actual concept of the thing itself based on our perceptions, shouldn't it be logically palatable to accept the thing we perceive itself if we can accept everything that makes it up?

Interesting... I never thought I'd notice something like this and manage to point it out to Fr. Ferriols and actually make him agree with me...

.:The Professor In The Making:.

Given the other day's mishaps, I have more or less realized that I do have what it takes to be a professor...

... I mean, I'm already absent-minded, for starters.

That being said, I guess this simply means that all I need is funkier hair and even more quirkiness and I'd be a bona fide professor in no time at all... heh.

.:Hell Week:.

With all these things I'm doing for school, I guess it's no mystery that my blogging has certainly been taking quite a hit. Rest assured that after this week, things ought to normalize somewhat...

.:Should I?:.

Dr. Ibana wants me to go and try out for that scholarship on Applied Ethics in Europe.

Of course, that'd mean leaving the country for at least a full year.

I'm tempted. Maybe this is precisely what I needed to finally break free from this crunch of an impending burnout, assuming I'm not burnt out already.

But then, there's the consideration of losing my job in WAVE.

If my job were to remain secure, I doubt I'd think twice about this... oh, well.

.:Ethically Speaking:.

Here's an essay I'm writing for Grace...

When we speak about ethics and the medical profession, there is clearly no question that the two must go together. In and by itself there is a lot of confidence placed upon practitioners of the medical profession, such that it is certainly a normal expectation for them to be worthy of such confidence. The Hippocratic Oath strongly affirms the sacred cloak that protects the confidence between the doctor and the patient. It is quite apparent that the necessity for this confidence is currently being undermined by the evolution of the medical profession, but steps are still required to be taken in order to prevent the eradication of this appropriate course of action.

Inasmuch as computerized databases have made medical information of patients more accessible to anyone, inasmuch as medicine has become socialized over the years, it is still plausible to keep these things in check. Ethics in the medical profession come under fire and undermine the integrity of the industry as a whole, which is not what the industry needs. It's not entirely about being idealistic, in fact. It would be pragmatically sound to uphold ethical practices in order to continue meriting the trust and confidence of the patients in the industry itself, a lack of which would cause the industry to collapse from within.

We could use the Kantian Categorical Imperative in order to guide our ethical practices in medicine: a hard and fast system of determination that is a priori of any circumstances that may affect our decisions. However, given the lack of motivation idealism tends to pass forth due to our contemporary pragmatic needs, at the very least, if we cannot do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing, it ought to be done to maintain confidence in the medical profession itself, lest this lack of confidence prevent us from practicing our profession, and thus curtailing our means to our pragmatic ends.

However, in all cases, leave us not forget to never treat a human being as merely a means to an end, if this were to be the one thing we should follow from the Kantian system.

That being said, while professional secrecy is indeed one of the most sacred and fundamental values of medicine, it is not the only value of the profession. For one, insofar as health is a fundamental right of any individual that society must provide for, those who are tasked to provide for health, i.e., the medical profession, must be competent and consistent with their administration of these health needs of those who require it. Because the individual has a right to expect these general and specific measures, then it is up to the medical practitioners to find the appropriate means to provide them.

Moreover, no matter how you look at it, the medical profession is a noble profession whose purpose of primacy is to provide competent and compassionate medical care, which simply underscores that the medical profession, while sometimes shamelessly meant for profit by others, is either being paid more than enough or more ideally, more than benevolent enough to provide such care. Because the medical practitioner wishes to hone his or her skills in the profession, then it is imperative for the practitioner to be constantly reminded to look after the best interests of the patient, lest he forget that in any industry, the customer is given primacy above all. It's a shame when we see people who try this or that new medical procedure no matter how unstable, if only to make a name for one's self in the medical industry, and by doing it unscrupulously to the patient who has become little more than a guinea pig for the practitioner's purposes.

In dealing with a code of ethics for the medical profession, we clearly see both the metaphysical and pragmatic concerns that these ethical practices seek to address. It cannot be denied that any persistence to do otherwise undermines both the very purpose of the profession itself: the patient's best interests, above all, as well as destroys the means by which the medical profession could sustain its commitment to these patients: their confidence. The moment either or heaven forbid, both, are compromised, the medical profession would certainly stand in jeopardy all the same, and these ethical norms are in place to somehow prevent such a collapse from happening.

.:On Why Korean Romantic Comedies Can Be Cathartic:.

Warning: This vituperation will contain spoilers to "Windstruck", "Sex Is Zero", and "Crazy First Love".

I'd be lying if I said that I could relate square-on to every Korean film that really pulled at my hearstrings. I haven't had someone very dear to me die yet (And I'm not hoping for it anytime soon.), so “Windstruck” doesn't really hit home in that way. I haven't had someone I love end up wrecking her life with some other guy, so “Sex Is Zero” isn't really that 100% speaking out to me, either. Neither have I ever had someone who would lie to me about not loving me because she wants me to be happy, so even “Crazy First Love” doesn't quite cut the mustard.

But you see, in all three films, there was one common denominator that I never quite shared with any of them all the time that yields quite a catharsis for me...

Their love stories weren't stories of unrequited love.

Truth be told, my situation in life isn't entirely one of completely unrequited love. Hades, I'm still technically in a relationship, to begin with. But for the most part, I think experience has allowed me to know what unrequited love is all about, and that experience remains to this day. These films unwittingly point me back to the moments when I loved and did not get loved in return. To moments that happen even to this day.

It's cathartic when I see Il-Mae crying for Tae-Il's sake in “Crazy First Love”. I can't quite see anyone crying for me the way she did, barring one person. It's cathartic when I see the camera panning around Kyunjin while she tearfully calls out Myung-Woo's name in “Windstruck”. It's cathartic when I see Eunsik trying to cheer up a secretly still-pregnant Eunhyo in “Sex Is Zero” by trying to make her laugh, yet the both of them end up crying because of the situation.

Korean romantic comedies never seem to stick to making people laugh and then feel giddy. Excluding “Everybody Has Secrets”, just about every Korean romantic comedy I've seen attempted to pull at my hearstrings, with varying degrees of success. The point of all this, after all is said and done, is simply that I'm a sucker for a good love story. And in the end, I flagellate myself when these wonderful love stories remind me of how miserable my so-called batting average really is.

And then I see those people whom I used to love get torn apart by the people they chose to love, and it hurts me further.

Or I see those people whom I wish not to love be so happy in love, completely oblivious to how I feel about them. Completely oblivious to this invisible war I wage between my head and my heart.

At the same time, I'm pretty much like all those male leads, in some respect: they're all mentally deranged, willing to go out on a limb for the one they love. Myung-Woo died for Kyunjin in “Windstruck”. Tae-Il made a complete fool of himself for Il-Mae in “Crazy First Love”. Eunsik took Eunhyo's ignorance of his affection and even accompanied her to an abortion clinic in “Sex Is Zero”. The only difference is that they all got lucky in the end. Or in the middle. I don't know if I ever will.

Okay, I'm done vituperating. Let me get back to watching “100 Days With Mr. Arrogant” or something.

Monday, February 21, 2005

.:The Good News:.

I finished answering all the thesis statements for Philosophy 104!

.:The Bad News:.

I left the diskette at home. Will try uploading this afternoon or something.

.:I'm So Absent-Minded:.

Was with Grace yesterday, as we tried looking for the Black Lotus in ATC then Festival Mall, to no avail. Unfortunately, I was being stupid and I forgot my sunglasses while playing EZ2Dancer in Festival Mall. To compound that, I left my GBA case in the LRT this morning en route to school... how annoying... sigh.

This is not my day... so not my day.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

.:What The...?:.

Check this LINK. What a travesty!!!


These past few days revolved around meeting people for the most part, but other than that, nothing really big has been happening.

Met up with Dominique and Clair last Friday. It was fun for the most part, although tiring. It was some sort of E-Exhibit at Edsa Shang-rila. I was completely drained, and it was Sacha who suggested I meet up with these people. It sort of helped, I guess. Made a new acquaintance, all the same.

Met up with Krisette and Grace on Saturday to go DVD hunting. Grace and I then watched "My Wife Is A Gangster", but the DVD skipped at the end of the film, so I can't possibly review it... oh, well. Krisette wasn't in high spirits, either.

I'm so tired... when this coming week is over, I guess I can normalize...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

.:Nothing Big Happened. Really!:.

Other than the fact that I lent Grace my laptop and just tried scrounging up some sidelines to recover my money... sigh...

In any case, Grace and I enjoyed each other's company yesterday. Not much happened for the most part, as I was bereft of anything interesting to do, except a bit more playtesting with my deck, and Lotus rumors running around... I hope that Lotus is still around.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

A song I throw into the air...

Heaven Knows
by Rick Price

She's always on my mind
From the time I wake up,
Till I close my eyes.
She's everywhere I go
She's all I know.
And though she's so far away,
It just keeps getting stronger everyday
And even now she's gone
I'm still holding on
So tell me, where do I start
'Coz it's breakin' my heart
Don't wanna let her go

Maybe my love will come back someday
Only heaven knows
And maybe our hearts will find a way
But only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope & pray
'Coz heaven knows.

My friends keep telling me
That if you really love her,
You've gotta set her free
And if she returns in time
I'll know she's mine

But tell me, where do I start
'Coz it's breakin' my heart
Don't wanna let her go

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

'Coz heaven knows
Why I live in despair
'Coz wide awake or dreamin',
I know she's never there
And all the time I act so brave,
I'm shakin' inside
Why does it hurt me so?

(Repeat Chorus)

Heaven knows... heaven knows.

.:Film Review: Zatoichi:.

Is it just me, or is this blog turning into 75% film reviews? Heh. Looks like Avenida has its influences…

In any case, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

You can’t see me, you can’t see me.

I’m a huge fan of Beat Takeshi. Not big enough a fan to get all of his films, but he did quite excellently in “Battle Royale”, and I heard a lot of good things about this remake of a 60’s film series about a blind swordsman named Ichi. While searching for films in Avenida, I came across the older “Zatoichi” films, and was extremely pleased when I saw Beat Takeshi’s telltale face on one of the covers with “Zatoichi” on it.

Anyways, this film is the story of Ichi, a blind masseur who wanders around and stumbles across a quiet town somewhere in Japan where a kindly woman accommodates him. Having a keen liking for gambling, he enjoys playing dice, using his keen sense of hearing to tell whether the dice will turn out to be odd or even.

Meanwhile, a pair of geisha are attempting to gain revenge on the murderers of their parents. masterminded by the Kuchima boss. It turns out that the two are siblings, one of them male, and their quest for revenge lets them cross paths with Ichi and ???.

In the middle of the violent takeover of the Ginzo and Ogi gang through the aid of a skilled ronin, Ichi and company run their heads against the gangs, further cementing the fact that the blind masseur is more skilled than he lets on.

The action comes to a head when the siblings finally discover that Ginzo was Inosuke, the leader of the group that murdered their family. Ichi makes it in time to save them, and take down the gang single-handedly. He then confronts the ronin in what seemed like a fatal game of chess as both men discerned each other’s technique before engaging in a swordfight that lasted a mere five seconds.

At the end of the film, the identity of the Kuchima boss is revealed, in what is an unexpected but welcome twist. Apparently, there is more to a lot people than meets the eye, including Ichi… wow. I didn’t spoil it! ;)

It’s not hard to see that I liked this movie a lot. The storytelling was excellent, as they paced the story’s development very well. The scoring that made use of tools was also very entertaining, as when the farmers were striking the ground with their hoes, it seemed as though they were playing instruments. It really was a little thing in the film that enhanced my enjoyment of the whole thing all the more.

Furthermore, the fight scenes may have been anti-climactic, but they were still very crisp and swift. For a blind man to be fighting the way Ichi did was simply amazing, as Beat Takeshi needed to have his eyes closed during those fight sequences. The sheer deftness of Ichi’s swordsmanship was a sight to behold, and there was still ample tension to work with despite his seemingly invulnerable style.

The comedy in the film was all right as well, although a bit overplayed. I personally think that the comedy had its moments, and held the film together in some transitions. It could’ve been better, though.

Lastly, the ending was brilliant. It reminded me of those cheesy 1980’s dance sequences almost all Filipino films seemed to have during those times, that they just really had to squeeze in somewhere within the film. It felt like a throwback to that, but it was working in good juxtaposition with the metamorphosis of the lead characters in the film, particularly Ichi, as he was walking back to the town, and tripped on a stone. His last line just really summed it all up for me, and even had very excellent philosophical undertones about blindness and sight, but nothing we haven’t heard before.

This movie was splendid. I sure am glad I found it, and it’s pretty obvious by now what I’m going to be giving this film…

Marcelle’s “Fun” Evaluation: A+
Marcelle’s “Critical Evaluation: A+


Still destitute. The gig I was supposed to have to finally recoup the money that got stolen has been called off for me. I guess someone up there really hates me… sigh.

If I find out who stole from me, that person will regret it. Completely.


I had my friend, TJ, deliver a rose to Elgine in my class. I don’t think she has any idea it came from me, and I could tell she was a bit pleasantly surprised to get the rose… Carolyn, her thesis partner, was on to me, though. Regardless, as long as she keeps quiet, I don’t think Gyn would have a clue…


So I met up with Kathy and Krisette last night in Tia Maria’s Cantina, as Kath introduced me to two of her friends. It was a fairly enjoyable night as we were just talking with one another about stuff, singing “Let The Love Begin” and other songs like that, and drinking beer. I had two glasses last night. Nothing happened to me.

In any case, I initially sat between Kath and Krisette, and while they were both smoking, I had this perfect photo-caption idea in my head, with my arm around both of them while they were both taking a puff…

Two satisfied women.

I have a picture to upload for that, by the way. Heh.

In any case, so there we were, and Hrbz was supposed to meet us in Tia Maria’s. Turns out that he was a bit too slow to get there, so I texted him…

Hi there, sweetie! :) What’re you wearing right now? :) Meet you at Tia Maria’s Cantina in Katipunan! :X :X :X

Krisette was laughing her head off, and was wondering how Hrbz would’ve reacted to that. I then added to the whole situation further after he replied and asked me why I was wondering about him…

Wala lang. :) Miss lang kita. :)

I think he’d have to grab a smoke after that one…

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

No LSS for today... I'm too drained.

.:The Finger Of Shame:.

On the perpetrators of the Valentine's Day bombing at Ayala, Davao, and Gen San yesterday. Shame on you for doing these things. Don't even think for a moment you did it for some splendid cause or some other. You did it for yourselves. And then what?

Go to Hades, the lot of you.

.:A Promise To Review:.

I shall review This Blog, not just because it's a mission I decided to take part in for BlogShares, but also it's because the blog is really nice. At the same time, I do like her layout quite a bit... heh.

.:The Wave Of Hearts:.

Yesterday was *almost* a great day for me, as it was the Wave Of Hearts Valentine special for the station. I was on board all by my lonesome, so I got to play a lot of songs.

Guidlines for yesterday's playlist:

- Only slow songs. (Yay!)
- Alternate between Regular Playlist and Waveback Playlist (Double Yay!)

That being said, with no partner to monitor my uber-slow songs, I got away with playing stuff like "Hiding Inside Myself", "Without You", "In My Life", and all those really mushy songs that I just really love... the listeners had a blast, too.

One of the listeners actually found my real blog, while another called me up, and it felt weird. She was asking me about Michael Buble, and when I told her that we didn't have it on our playlist, she wondered why. I reminded her of the fact that we're an R and B station, and then she promptly called herself an "eediot". Thrice. And then she told me she was crushing on me and liked my voice a lot, and wished I was single...


Anyways, I then left the station after my lovely boardwork (Even quoted Trina B's song...), and then dropped off "My Sassy Girl" at JayBee's office. Not a bad day, really.

.:Divine Providence:.

As most of you know by now, someone in our house stole $105 from me. I am still hoping that I'd find that money, but Kathy has been such an angel to me, and given me an opportunity to recoup that money, and then some...

I owe you big time, Kath. Thank you very much...

Monday, February 14, 2005

.:Film Review: Sex Is Zero:.

As usual, SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Despite that, I think a further warning is necessary for this film, as it just so happens to be a surprisingly explicit Korean sex comedy...


Sex Is Zero
The ultimate emotional rollercoaster film.

In the vein of the “American Pie” series, “Sex Is Zero” is one of those sex comedies whose laughs tend to come from the simply unbelievable sexual situations involving the characters in the film. What makes this film different from those types is that the lead character isn't the regular cute but goofy type, but the old, gross, but kindhearted type that can potentially appeal to the viewer.

I think this movie was a combination of two parts: the sex comedy, and the sex critique. Inasmuch as the film had its laughs, the film also showed some heart, bordering on melodrama, towards the second half of the film.

In any case, this is mainly the story of Eunsik, a 28-year old Law student who shares a room with two guys and a homosexual. He is part of a performing troupe of martial artists who like hitting themselves with various weapons, among other things.

Given his personality, Eunsik is simply the disgusting type. In one of the most off-color gags I've ever been witness to, one of his roommates decided to experiment with his protein shake by frying it in a pan, as he wanted to see if it would look like an egg if that happened. After their gay roommate got them rat poison, they put the makeshift egg and the poison in one sandwich, and Eunsik promptly swipes the sandwich and eats it. Other equally disgusting scenes happen, but they mostly feel forced and do not contribute much to the story except underscore how weird Eunsik happens to be.

Now, on the other hand, Eunhyo is a pretty girl (Same lead star in “My Crazy Love”, aka “100 Days With Mr. Arrogant”. She can actually be hot if she wants to.) who happens to be a gymanst. The two of them cross paths often enough, and become good friends, despite their situation. Eunhyo is the type who falls for the cute type of guy, though, and her rival's boyfriend, Sangok, proved to be to her liking.

Unfortunately, in a rather crazy sequence, a bed scene (!) between Eunhyo and Sangok happens, and this gets her pregnant. On her birthday, Eunsik gives her a ring that cost him an arm and a leg, but his crazy antics led her to be more ticked off with him than anything else. By the way, he and his friends had to do some strip dancing just to get the ring...

Shortly afterwards, the movie made a turn to being dramatic. Abortion was implied in another scene, and poor Eunsik, ever the martyr, was misled to think he was going on a date with Eunhyo only to accompany her to the abortion clinic. With under a week to go before the aerobics competition, Eunhyo had a lot of things on her plate. Finally, the competition arrives, and as all parties perform, it turns out a short while later that Eunhyo didn't push through with the abortion, as she suffered a miscarriage from her performance, and Eunsik rushed her to the hospital. I found this to be a very sad scene, as it makes the long scene where Eunsik was trying to entertain Eunhyo after her “abortion” come full circle, to explain why Eunhyo was crying all that time.

The moment Eunhyo's mother confronts her and mistakenly confronts Eunsik, Eunsik had enough, and beat the living Hades out of Sangok to make him own up to what happened.

Some time later, we see Eunsik trying to spread hot sauce on a pizza. Unfortunately, as his hot sauce bottle was almost empty, he had to shake it vigorously, and its contents spilled across the crotch of the girl in the poster on his wall. He was trying to lick off the hot sauce when Eunkyo walked in, and they finally ended up together after some dialog.

It was fun seeing some stars I've seen in other films before. For instance, that guy in “Everybody Has Secrets” is also in this film, and he's not the least bit suave in this role he's playing, which is quite a turnaround. Girly and conservative as Eunkyo may have been in “My Crazy Love”, she is so sexy in this film, though I suspect she was using a body double for some scenes, although she didn't seem to mind going braless in a key sequence in the film. Lots of nudity left and right, but what made this movie unique is how the emotions were played out in the latter half of the film.

While I was watching the first half of the film, I was all set to write the film off as just some tasteless sex comedy with gratuitous Korean nudity (Yay.). However, the moment the whole pregnancy angle kicked in and Eunsik's character slowly developed from being an idiotic friend to Eunhyo to being a fool for her, I felt a lot of affinity for Eunsik. He was the type who would want the person he cares about to be happy, even at his own expense. That, I believe, is what made his character just flat-out work, and save this film from being just another sex comedy (Which in and by itself wouldn't have been so bad, really.).

That being said, I loved this film. It took me on a laugh trip, then got me to thinking towards the end, and feeling very sorry for both Eunsik and Eunhyo. The movie was just really a genuine emotional rollercoaster, and I don't think I'd have it any other way. I have to admit that I'm a bit biased in handing out this rating.

Marcelle's “Fun” Evaluation: A
Marcelle's “Critical” Evaluation: A

.:Today’s LSS:.

Of course, this is the song to beat when it comes to Valentine’s Days…

Happy Valentine’s Day
by Trina Bellamide

It's Valentine's Day again
Chocolates and roses, dinner by candelight
But not for everybody
There'll be three less roses given away tonight
'Coz Jimmy's girl got on a plane
He tried to stop her from leaving but tried in vain
And he'd hand her three roses now
But she lives so far away
To a lonely heart, how does one say
Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day again
Long-time lovers lighting the fire once more
But it's gonna be cold tonight
For someone whose lover walked right out the door
See, Anna's fighting back the tears
Broke up with her beau for nine long years
And she's throwing her dreams of walking down the aisle away
To a broken heart, how does one say
Happy Valentine's Day

Cruel, oh so cruel
Be with your lover and be glad
And if you're without a lover
Well, that's just too bad
Cruel, oh so cruel
No other day like this
Can make you long so much
For the one you miss

It's Valentine's Day again
Jay's got the flowers, but somehow it's not the same
Though he knows April's happy
'Coz all he can do is set them on her grave
It's been two years since she passed on
But somehow the pain still lingers on
And no other day can magnify it like this day
To a grieving heart, how does one say
Happy Valentine's Day

How do you say
Happy Valentine's Day


I didn't have Jean for company yesterday morning, so I did the show on my own. Truth be told, I found that to be rather amusing, as I mainly went and had fun with the playlist, finally getting to play “Without You” after the longest time... heh.

Today, the playlist ought to be equally interesting. We're supposed to play super slow and mushy songs due to the occasion. My specialty. It's going to be the WAVE of Hearts special.

On board right now, and I love it. Even if I’m missing $105… sigh…

.:More DVD's:.

Avenida's DVD stores are amazing. Grace and I swung by the place again yesterday, and we found a 3-in-1 DVD of Windstruck, My Sassy Girl, and 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant. We also found more Korean films like Sex Is Zero and Love's Concierto. On the Japanese side of things, we found the new Zatoichi with Beat Takeshi. Heh.

I'm loaded with films to watch... yay.


Help! I have no idea how to run things in a stock market! This game is so addictive, but I don't know how to play too well...

.:An Eye Opener:.

A snippet of dialog from me and my friends over dinner last Thursday night...

Marcelle, pabukas mo na third eye mo!

Huwag na lang.

Alam mo namang gusto nga niyang paliitin yung mata niya para singkit, tapos pabubukas mo third eye niya?


.:Single Awareness Day:.

It's that time of year again when lovers get together and tell sweet nothings to each other. It's that time of year again where flower shops, confectioneries, and motels make a killing financially. It's what we've come to know as Valentine's day, or to be more politically correct, Single Awareness Day. That's S.A.D. for short.

Today is a day like no other for that man on the street who's picking up flowers to give to a special someone tonight. Today is a day like no other for that girl who got a box of chocolates from a secret admirer. Today is a day like no other for that couple walking along Sta. Mesa as the sun sets. Today is a day like no other for all of them. They are happy, they are loved, they are blessed.

Today is a day like no other for that man who is holding the engagement ring his ex-fiancee sent back to him. Today is a day like no other for that girl who only hears through the grapevine that her boyfriend of eight years now has somebody else in Canada. Today is a day like no other for that forlorn person by the cemetery, kneeling in front of the grave of his one true love. Today is a day like no other for all of them. They are broken, they are lonely, they are miserable.

Today is a day like no other for me. I know someone loves me, and I love her too. For one magical day, she is my girlfriend again. I will treasure that day, and treat it so specially, dahil alam kong may taning ang pag-ibig na ito. At the end of the day, I go back home, sad, disillusioned, and lonely. We're not apart, yet we're not together. It's the right thing to do at the time, but the occasional crossing of lines does take its toll on the both of us.

Today is a day like no other for me. I still catch myself pining for her, even though I know it's just a heartache for me waiting to happen. For this one day, I ask myself what might have been, if we actually had anything special between us, after all has been said and done. Pangarap na lang ba, o maging katotohanan pa? In the end, I can only let time reveal what is truly in store for me and her. I can only pray that I am not waiting in vain.

I've seen that side of me before: the one who wishes the best for the ones whom he cares about, even at the cost of his own happiness. Today is a day that magnifies like no other the pain such sacrifices entail.

It's Single Awareness Day today. Enjoy it to the fullest if you love someone and that someone loves you.

On the other hand, it doesn't pay to get out of bed today if you don't or they don't.

Either way, today is a day like no other. Or is it?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Tomorrow is Single Awareness Day. I will have something special to write about again.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Oh, my. I just saw the commercials for Wrestlemania 21...

Sigh. Stacy Keibler smokes.
A trio of film reviews... SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

.:Film Review: The House Of Flying Daggers:.

The House Of Flying Daggers
Should've been the “House of Flying Logic”

Lots of people were saying that this film was far better than “Hero” or “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, but I definitely disagree with that. Truth is, the former two films had quite a good story going for it, while this film was too focused on twist after twist after twist, and when you strip the story down to its bare essentials, it becomes quite disappointing. Hades, even their fight scenes weren't half as splendid as that of “Hero” or “Crouching Tiger...”.

In any case, this film is about Xiao Mei (Zhang Ziyi. One of the few reasons Koreans haven't completely eradicated the Chinese from my books. Just kidding.), who was a blind woman who seemed to be the daughter of the leader of the revolutionary Flying Dagger sect. In order to kill the leader of the sect, the constable conspired with another agent in a different area to rescue Xiao Mei from prison and help her get to the sect's hideout and fulfill their mission.

Along the way, the constable's feelings seem to be getting in the way of his progress, and Xiao Mei likewise seems to be taken in by the constable. Beneath all of these emotions is a web of deceit, as nobody knows who's playing who by the end of it all.

It turns out that the constable was led into a trap. Xiao Mei was not blind, and the agent the constable conspired with was a spy for the Flying Dagger sect. Apparently, the agent has loved Xiao Mei for a long time, but along the way, since Xiao Mei falls for the constable, a crease in the well-laid plans becomes clear. This leads into a fatal confrontation between the trio, leading into a tragic ending.

First of all, this love story was convoluted at the least, and bordered on out and out lying to the audience, considering the interaction between the agent and Xiao Mei during the first scene at the brothel. Moreover, the twists were coming one after the other to the point that it didn't make sense anymore what was going on. The only nice thing about the movie were the “dagger time” sequences, and some of the fight scenes, but as I said, I've seen far better fight scenes. These ones were nice, but not enough for me to overlook the glaring shallow story. There was no room for philosophizing, no room for political commentary, as the focus on the love story was put in a shallow light.

And Zhang Ziyi is one of the biggest teases ever. :P

Marcelle's “Fun” Evaluation: B+
Marcelle's “Critical” Evaluation: B/B+

.:Film Review: Lost In Translation:.

Lost In Translation
Found a great movie.

If there's one thing I could say about this gem of a film, it has to be the fact that it's a film that I've been dying to see for the longest time, after having heard so many good things about it. Watching the film has not disappointed my expectations one bit.

Lost In Translation is a film set in Japan, where Bob Harris, an actor who was once famous in Hollywood, was slated to do an advertising campaign for a whiskey. While finding himself stuck and alone in Japan, a deep and, I'd daresay metaphysical longing strikes him from the blue, and he is forlorn in his stay in Japan for the most part.

At the same time, Charlotte, a woman who married a photographer, was also in Japan and she likewise feels a numbing loneliness as her husband gets increasingly busy with work and further neglects her completely. When two lonely people get together, you just know sparks are going to fly.

While the film made no blatant attempts to put Bob and Charlotte together as a couple, the underlying insinuation and the sheer romantic tension that was being insinuated in between the lines said it all. Bob and Charlotte were both married to different partners. They were both in Japan for only a temporary time, and they had rather different personalities that is no concrete indication of their compatibility.

Despite all these things, the whole story of two lonely people finding each other in a different country where they manage to develop a special kind of relationship is just a touching premise in and by itself. The fact that Scarlet Johannson and Bill Murray are no slouches when it comes to acting talent further accentuates the beauty of this movie.

I really liked the way they played off of each other. There was just something about the onscreen chemistry between Murray and Johannson that really clicked and made you wish they'd just end up together, although that possibility was left open, nonetheless. It's a very sly poke at infidelity that doesn't in any way offend one's sensibilities, which is testament to the subtle ingenuity of Sophia Ford Copolla in making this film.

I like it a lot, although I must say that you have to take this film as a whole to appreciate it. It's not meant to be a film taken in doses, and it's an acquired taste, for the most part.

Marcelle's “Fun” Evaluation: B+
Marcelle's “Critical” Evaluation: A+

.:Film Review: Please Teach Me English:.

Please Teach Me English
Don't mind if I do.

As you can tell by now, I'm quite a fan of the Korean romantic comedy genre. That being said, this is one of the more comedic than romantic films I've seen in that genre, and it genuinely works.

This is the story about Candy and Elvis (I'll use their American nicknames for clarity's sake.), two Koreans who cross paths in an English tutorial class because both of them want to learn how to speak English, for varied reasons. Amusingly enough, Candy is of the geeky yet not-so-smart archetype: she wears glasses, has weird hair, and gushes over Elvis the first time they meet. Elvis, on the other hand, is aggressively flirting with their American teacher, Cathy. Add in a few other Koreans who have their own reasons to want to learn how to speak English, and you have the makings of a whole mess waiting to happen.

The romance is built up very slowly. At first, Candy likes Elvis, but Elvis is fixated with Cathy. Slowly, Elvis notices Candy, and they become good friends in spite of Candy's horrible progress with speaking English. Soon enough, things really get good between the two of them, but a misunderstanding tears them apart, and Elvis, now completely in love with Candy, moves heaven and earth just to find a way to make things right between the two of them. Well, sort of.

You see, this is a movie you watch to feel good after seeing it. You don't see it to find the deeper meaning of life, or to find for yourself acting par excellence. I personally found Candy's acting to be a bit on the hammy side, if only for how over the top her acting can be for the most part, as she reminded me strongly of Abby Yao's “Michiko” character in those two Bobby Bonifacio short films.

Elvis, on the other hand, got his role down to pat. I really like the way he mixes being sweet and obnoxious, and being romantic yet insensitive at times. The whole line about saying “I love you” in English instead of Korean was also a nice touch, especially when he ended up saying it to Candy in Korean at the end anyways.

This is a nice film, no question about it. It's just that I've seen much better from Jeon Jihyun, so I'm not exactly a big fan of this film in particular, although I certainly enjoyed it, for what it's worth. The girl was cute, for one... in a geeky kind of way.

Marcelle's “Fun” Evaluation: A-
Marcelle's “Critical” Evaluation: B/B+

.:Today’s LSS:.

Kept on hearing this song recently, for some strange reason. It’s nice, though.

You’ll Be Safe Here
by Rivermaya

Nobody knows
Just why we’re here
Could it be fate
Or random circumstance
At the right place
At the right time
Two roads intertwine

And if the universe conspired
To meld our lives
To make us
Fuel and fire
Then know
Where ever you will be
So too shall I be


Close your eyes
Dry your tears
Coz when nothing seems clear
You’ll be safe here

From the sheer weight
Of your doubts and fears
Weary heart
You’ll be safe here

Remember how we laughed
Until we cried
At the most stupid things
Like we were so high
But love was all that we were on
We belong

And though the world would
Never understand
This unlikely union
And why it still stands
Someday we will be set free.
Pray and believe


When the light disappears
And when this world’s insincere
You’ll be safe here
When nobody hears you scream
I?ll scream with you
You?ll be safe here

Save your eyes
From your tears
When everything’s unclear
You’ll be safe here

From the sheer weight
Of your doubts and fears
Wounded heart

When the light disappears
And when this world’s insincere
You’ll be safe here

When nobody hears you scream
I’ll scream with you
You’ll be safe here

In my arms
Through the long cold night
Sleep tight
You’ll be safe here

When no one understands
I’ll believe
You’ll be safe,
You’ll be safe
You’ll be safe here
Put your heart in my hands
You’ll be safe here


I understand she and I really don’t have a future as a couple. We don’t agree on a lot of things. There are certain fatal differences that only a non-romantic relationship can overlook. Moreover, the attraction is mutually not there at present.

However, for her to seemingly push me away when she has no need for me does hurt. It does feel rather insulting to be talked down the way she did to me last night.

I guess some things will never change. Nice guys do finish last. People like her are people I really should get used to. After all, it’s not so difficult to imagine myself falling in love with someone who has so much power over me to hurt me like that.


It’s True! It’s True!, my main weblog open to public access, is currently number 68 in the top 100 Philippine weblogs on This Website. Interesting, really.


Looks like I’m doing pretty well with my Magic deck now that the Ancestral Recall is there… heh.

.:Draw Some Maps:.

Doctor Miroy asked us to draw maps of Manila as a requirement on Tuesday. Funny thing is that we have to draw the map from our imagination. I was suggesting a map that consisted of only Avenida, Quezon Avenue, Makati Avenue, Ermita, and Bonifacio. Heh. Goes to show what places someone knows of if that were the case…

Friday, February 11, 2005

Will upload the movie reviews next time. I had three of those. :D


It was a Waveback Wednesday last Wednesday, and I just found it a bit dismaying that I couldn't play certain slow songs that I wanted to play, such as “Hiding Inside Myself” and “In My Life”. Oh, well. Gia had a zinger yesterday which did get to me... heh.

“Why don't you play good songs?”

Ouch. I like those songs... heh.

In any case, Keiko was there, and chatting with the listeners proved to be very amusing. Moreover, in addition to Chinese New Year and Ash Wednesday, it was also Mandaluyong Day yesterday, so it was quite interesting in that respect. Nonetheless, there really isn't much to talk about when it comes to what happened yesterday...


According to Ray, my co-T.A. in the department and my classmate in Levinas, I was being extremely smooth last night.

So I walked into class, and Adrian and Ray were shaking my hand because apparently, TJ said I “made a breakthrough” with someone last week. I laughed it off, then just sat in the room.

I was still a bit smarting from being described as “old” in Medieval Philosophy, though. When they asked, “What is Marcelle?”, some people answered that “Marcelle is old”. Ouch. And then Dr. Miroy chuckled and said, “What does that make me?”

Dr. Miroy used that as a springboard to talk about what is essential about Marcelle, and being old or tall is not the essence, as Marcelle was only “old” in reference to the sophomores, but the senior who was ribbing Marcelle about being “old” was actually older than Marcelle was… sweet justice.

Anyways, back to the real story…

I had a hankering for yema, so I went to the rolling canteen to get one more. I thought about it, and got an extra one for Ces, as she was awfully nice conversation recently.

So I go to her, and I tell her, “Advanced happy Single Awareness Day. Flowers are so passé.”

We chuckle about it, and Levinas class begins. The sugar rush gives me an inexplicable spurt of ideas that just made our teacher look at me quizzically. My odd acts were compounded when I realized that there was no balut in the rolling canteen.

Anyways, after the class ended, while we were walking and Ray, TJ, and Adrian were ribbing me about it, Dr. Garcia gets himself involved in the conversation and wonders about “Marcelle L’amour”. I mutter to him that the object of the discussion is right behind us, and I joked that maybe I’m better off giving flowers to one of my students instead, knowing full well that the Dean heard me all too well.

All the while, Ray was telling me I was being smooth. I told the three guys to go grab a smoke and tell me when they’re done, so I spent the time to bond a bit with Ces again. It was interesting, really. She’s a person who likes reading books, I’m more of an audiovisual person, although I do read. I found out that Dione and Wilfred were together, but even more amusing was when I told her about the horrible first impression I gave Dione when I hitched with her and out of habit, rode in the back seat. Major boo-boo. Heh.

In any case, Ces noticed that Ray and company were taking too long to get a smoke, and it was getting quite amusing at that point. Nonetheless, we really had an interesting bonding session, and I left her when the guys started honking the horn for me to go to them already.

I SMS’d her afterwards for the nice conversation that made my otherwise wretched day. Ray commented how smooth that was, too, and when I told them about certain things I could do if I wanted to, they realized I practically wrote the book on smoothness, but just refuse to carry the moves out.

We had an interesting dinner for the most part, as TJ was talking about having his third eye opened, though. The food was pretty good, and they realized how deep my fascination for the oriental ran when I really told them that if possible, I’d want to set myself up to be able to teach Chinese Philosophy. That’s when we got to talking about how the moment you institutionalize Eastern thinking, you destroy its essence. It was a long discussion about martial arts and the like.

Something about that Shaolin monk story got to me, though… I’ll tell it to you if you remind me to tell you next time I meet you. :D

.:Coincidence? And More Ismootness:.

I was in the LRT-2 this morning, rushing to get to school. In front of me was a cute Chinese girl, and I correctly guessed she was Atenean, given her bag, and the book she was reading.

So the moment we started walking to the tricycle station, I struck up a conversation with her. Turns out her name was Anne, and she was a junior student who is taking up Chemistry but will double-degree in something else. She was in ICA in high school, which I guessed when she mentioned that she can debate.

After I told her that I used to be a debater and still want to go back next schoolyear, she asked me if I knew any undergrads. Then…

Do you know Cecille Lao?

Boom. Apparently, the very person I was bonding with last night is Anne’s kabarkada. Heh. Interesting way to start the day, neh?

.:GTO Revisited:.

I was re-watching the last few episodes of the Great Teacher Onizuka animated series, and I really felt quite a rush of emotions during the arc with Uehara and Yoshikawa having their romance develop so slowly but surely, and how the whole Aizawa Miyabi arc turned out when Eikichi Onizuka finally won her over after everything.

One thing the Director of Forest Academy said in that mini-marathon I had really struck me. Teachers are indeed Seikokusha: teachers entered into a vocation. To be a teacher is a calling. Inasmuch as I do joke around often about wanting to use teaching as “hunting grounds” for myself, I realize I probably don't have enough gall to even attempt something like that.

Besides, what really got me into teaching to begin with was the sheer pleasure I got from knowing how much I could help, as that's precisely what I did for my classmates as an undergrad when I helped some of them review for oral exams. The fact that GTO managed to help his students despite the way he is really gives me hope. Heh.

It’s funny, because there I was, during our little break in Levinas class, and a girl says hi to me. Apparently, she still remembers me as Mr. Bulaong’s substitute teacher that one time. A few moments later, a friend of mine walks up to me and tells me that her roommate had my answers to Mr. Bulaong’s thesis statements in her computer, and I end up wondering how these people found out about it, considering I really only told my batchmates about it. It’s becoming an amusing kind of urban legend… heh.

Teaching is indeed a vocation. There is quite no other way for me to sum it up. On a personal note, I do have far greater respect for grade school and high school teachers than college teachers, though. I don't think I can ever do what these people do, considering the sheer pressure of the job itself.

Seikokusha. That word has a nice ring to it.