Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 52 (5/52): Lonely Island Feat. Akon - Just Had Sex

.:Project 52 (5/52): Lonely Island Feat. Akon – I Just Had Sex:.

Randomicity At Three In The Morning...

.:A Storm Of Commentary:.

I’ve been having some moments of inspiration while writing for The POC lately, so I managed to cover Noynoy’s new Porsche as well as the Big Bad Blogger.

On the showbiz front, my good friend, Fabucelles, came up with an inimitable take on the disbanding of Bamboo and the departure of Ebe from Sugarfree. Pretty interesting stuff, and I’m at a point where more and more, I do want to take some of my commentary onscreen because I know I can pull it off.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last Home Tonight!

.:We Love Lucas: A Last Home Fundraiser:.

As most of you know, I normally do shows for a cause, and this is one of those shows where I definitely am behind the cause 100%. This is for Lucas’s open-heart surgery, and as you can see in the poster, Lucas is a very young child, and as his life hangs in the balance, what’s 200 bucks to give him a fighting chance?

Well, the show is happening tonight! What else can I say? Catch it, and oh, by the way, here’s an interesting writeup about it in the newspapers...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 52 (4/52): Antipara - The Itchyworms

.:Project 52 (4/52): Antipara – The Itchyworms:.

Let me tell you a not-really-a secret about myself: I am a huge fan of the OPM scene, especially when it comes to bands. And in my list, the Itchyworms is easily among my favourite groups.

During a time where music was all about heavy riffs, near-growing vocals, and incredibly serious lyrics, the Itchyworms came in as everything the popular scene wasn’t: insanely radio-friendly, harmonizing voices, playful lyrics, and even a whimsical air to their musicality. Despite that, they definitely found quite a following because these four guys were simply great musicians who loved doing what they do, and it showed in their craft.

I know Itchyworms personally and have even had the honor of opening for them during one of their gigs in the past. It was quite an experience, and truth be told, I’m a big fan of a lot of their songs, especially “Love Team” mainly because the music video featured Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. I think overall, I really love their style and the way their songs can tackle pretty much any topic but at no point does it ever get too heavy. There’s always a whimsical air to their music that keeps it light and breezy no matter what the subject matter is, and it’s the perfect mix between being dramatic and being fun-loving.

This song in particular was one of their earlier hits, and one of my personal favourites, simply because it really has that kind of riff to it that just makes you think it’s such an upbeat song – until you begin to listen to the lyrics. And that’s when it sets in just what kind of lyrical masters the ‘Worms really are, as they weave a very intriguing tale of a person who’s already so blind to the world, yet still refuses to wear glasses of any sort. Obviously very metaphorical, kind of the opposite of ignorance is bliss, saying that when the pain is there but you’re too blind to it, you may as well open your eyes, because behind those glasses, those tears aren’t going to be nearly as easy to see.

It seems the past two weeks has been about blindness and refusing to see what’s plainly there to see. I guess it can’t be helped, considering how the past few weeks have exactly been how it’s been for me. Truth be told, I have this feeling that perhaps, burning certain bridges has been the smartest thing I have ever done in years. After being an emotional punching bag, after being badmouthed behind my back, after everything that has been said and done, this was one time I don’t quite think I’ve ever been able to forgive, and I just kept looking the other way while hurt after hurt has been piled on.

But I’m getting too deep into this, and it’s not really a good idea to associate one of my favourite songs with a lousy two-bit excuse for a “friend”. The Itchyworms have always been reliable for good music and great times, so you can be sure that over the year, there will definitely be more of the same for these guys, to say the least.

Backblog: Despedida Night!

.:Despedida Night!:.

It was a nice party a couple of weeks ago with the Nuffies as we hung out in honor of Patty and Dani, who are embarking on their own endeavours in the near future. V8 served as the scene of the crime as we put our musical chops to the test in a free-for-all videoke night.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The CamSur Megapost!

.:My CamSur Adventure Megapost: A World Beyond Words:.

As a note, if the picture features the CWC logo on it somewhere, then that picture was taken from the official CamSur Watersports Complex website. My lowly phone camera simply can’t do enough justice to the awesomeness of the place.

I didn’t want to leave.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Lip Service

.:On Lip Service:.

There’s a lesson to be learned here somewhere, and I guess it would be this...

... don’t ever believe everything people tell you, no matter how highly you think of them.

It’s really easy to talk about connections and knowing the other person in a way “like never before®” and that said connection is one-in-a-billion, and how all of this would be very hard to ever find again. It’s really easy to say those things because in the end, they’re really just words. One can say them, forget about them, and just ignore everything when things don’t really pan out as one expected.

Thing is, when you’re the kind of person who only ever says what they mean, when you say the same thing, it actually takes on a lot of meaning to you. This is all well and good, until you begin to pin the same expectations on other people, and that’s when you get shocked that hey, maybe it was really just you who felt that way about it.

I’ve always put a lot of stock in friendship, which is why it boggles my mind what happened the past couple of days to me. This, coupled with the fact that I’ve been saying for the past few weeks how this time, it’s gonna be “different,” really does do quite a number on me. The more things I wish were actually different, the more I realize that they’re even more the same. And it’s really one thing to be turned down and rebuffed – I mean, that’s totally normal, but for bridges to be burned over it? Whatever happened to all this “wavelength” and “connection” brouhaha that’s been spouted the past couple of weeks, then? Were they all lies?

I would like to think they weren’t lies. I would like to think that they were merely vestigial gestures whose meaning wasn’t really contemplated, and just said to make sense of the moment. A lie implies that there was a malicious intent or some kind of sinister motive afoot, but perhaps, it would be imprudent to assume that of another person, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to see that perhaps, those words just came just because. No rhyme or reason, just a matter of making small talk and conversation without any regard for the consequences. I mean, why bother with the consequences? You have to be an OC nut who remembers conversations relentlessly for you to... oh, wait.

As a mentalist, one of the skills we have honed is to discover the sincerity of a person. Unfortunately, as a guy whose judgment is undoubtedly clouded in the face of someone he’s attracted to, his guard drops down faster than a lead balloon, and he ends up being surprised by things that, if it didn’t happen to him directly, he would have seen and even predicted a mile away.

Empathy isn’t really a special power, after all. Anyone’s capable of getting it. Unfortunately, when one’s personal biases get in the way, one is willing to overlook a couple of things just because it’s more convenient to turn the other way than to actually face the facts.

And the fact is: people say things they don’t mean. All the time. And holding them to these words could only lead to heartache and disappointment in the end. And in the end, even if it’s unfair that you have to play detective when you’ve been nothing but up front in contrast, you only have yourself to blame if you fell for everything that was said hook, line, and sinker.

I doubt you’d ever be reading this. But though I’ve already apologized to you and you’ve decided to ignore that, I want you to know I’ve still forgiven you, regardless. Though you may never ask for it. I can’t help but regret that things had to turn out this way, though, all because only one of us decided to be honest with the other from the start.

For now, I’d rather walk away with my dignity intact and the knowledge that in this world, words really are only words.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 52 (3/52): 'Til I Hear It From You - Gin Blossoms

.:Project 52 (3/52): ‘Til I Hear It From You – Gin Blossoms:.

The Gin Blossoms recently performed in Manila, and it’s really hard to ignore how popular their music has gotten, whether it be “Hey Jealousy,” “Follow You Down,” or “Found Out About You.” Overall, their music has really gotten over big time in the Philippines, and I may not be a huge fan, but their songs do resonate some with me, and this week, I ended up settling on “Until I Hear It From You” as my song for the week.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ophiuchus: The Zodiac Riddle

.:Ophiuchus: The Zodiac Riddle:.

Nation, according to certain news items, there should now be thirteen zodiac signs instead of twelve. It’s funny how most people who strongly identify with a particular Zodiac sign feel an identity crisis being assigned to a different one all of a sudden. One moment, you’re a Virgo, the next, you’re suddenly a Leo. The change was jarring, and even those who only have a passing interest in astrology certainly did a double-take upon hearing about this news.

But wait, the astrologers are not pleased that the astronomers are stepping into their territory! So out comes some of the most prominent names in astrology, essentially telling the astronomers that the star signs were based on seasons, not on constellations. That being said, they maintain that the zodiac signs will indeed remain the same. It doesn’t matter if Pluto is no longer a planet, and thus, all astrological calculations involving it have become obsolete: as far as they’re concerned, this doesn’t change anything. Heaven forbid they stop with their set patterns about the random bits and pieces of people’s lives, neatly fitting them into twelve different categories. Surely, a thirteenth category would throw everything out of balance, and isn’t good numerology at all. Thirteen is generally considered an unlucky number, whilst twelve is considered the number of organization. Surely, we can’t stand by having an unlucky number guiding the fortunes of the billions of people in this world, right?

Thus, a battle has been waged between the paragons of science, and the paragons of truthiness. It’s an epic, titanic clash of the mind and the gut, and ultimately, the astrologers hold sway by default because it’s highly unlikely that the astronomers would carry this whole mess through and actually create new horoscopes for Ophiuchus, right? If the astrological community would simply refuse to incorporate the thirteenth star sign, then it’s easy to realize that nothing’s going to really change.

This massive confusion at the moment has a few people instead running to the Chinese zodiac for guidance, although yours truly is perturbed since he falls under the year of the Boar, and it becomes especially awkward for myself when I find myself going out with someone who’s year of the Rat. The business of the stars and the planets is rather serious, and anything but the utmost precision will be tolerated for these people who freely choose to cede their free will to the powers of the stars. Because really, nothing says living your life than following what your horoscope tells you to do for the day.

Then again, personally, I’m not really a superstitious person at all. According to my horoscope, we Librans don’t subscribe to that silly horoscope tripe.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Weddings And Votre

.:My Friends Are Getting Married Left And Right...:.

So, around December last year, a longtime friend of mine, Louanne, finally tied the knot with Erl. It was a very simple civil ceremony we weren’t even able to see because we weren’t witnesses, but the reception was nearby, and we were just so pleased to see the newlywed couple so happy and full of life. This wedding has been a long time coming, although all things considered, ever since, it hardly feels like anything changed, as Louanne and Erl have been practically married for years already, with how they absolutely adore each other.


Met a lot of old friends who are part of the cosplay community there, including Kel and Retsu and even Alodia. It was pretty quiet for a wedding reception, but what stood out to me was this seemed to be a chain of weddings among friends that I’ve been privy to.

Just last weekend, blogger and makeup artist extraordinaire Bambi finally got married to Lee, and it was stunning how beautiful the wedding was. It happened in Fernbrook in Alabang, where although we got lost en route to it, our collective jaws just dropped at how enchanting the whole place looked. It really felt like you were right in the middle of a fairy tale, to say the least, and I couldn’t contain how happy I was for Bambi finally getting married, as I’ve shared a ton of adventures and misadventures with her and other blogger friends over the years, and seeing her this happy really does the heart good.

Careful, Lee! It’s a trap! J/K. Picture courtesy of Mike Yu.

Within the rest of 2011, I know a few other friends of mine are getting married, so all in all, it’s been pretty exciting to see them so full of love and happy. The hopeless romantic in me can’t help but wish them all the best, and hope that indeed, their respective love stories will resonate in the hallowed halls of the greatest loves of them all. You can’t really ask for anything more than that from some of your dearest friends as they embark on a lifelong journey of love and togetherness.

Yours truly with Fritz Tentativa.

Coming from less than an exemplary model of a family, I can’t help but project what I would’ve wished for myself upon my friends. Then again, nothing stops me from breaking the pattern of annulments, divorces, and general mishaps when it’s my turn, is there? This is, of course, assuming that I will get married, 12/12/12 notwithstanding.

But yeah, let’s not get in the way of a heartfelt congratulations to Louanne and Erl, as well as Bambi and Lee!

.:Another Awesome Votre Night!:.

Last Wednesday night, all the comics came out and performed for a red-hot crowd who was just raring to laugh to get over hump-day Wednesday.

From the opener of Chino Liao to the amazing comedy and magic of Andres, to the finale of one Alex Calleja, this was definitely a night to remember as everyone really brought their A-Game in anticipation of a lot of people haven’t ever seen us at work before. I even tried out some of my one-liner gags about music, and I was surprised that some of them actually worked pretty well.

Too bad I won’t be there next week, though... because I’m gonna be in Camarines Sur, bay-buh!

Interesting moment of Zen, though...

Man. Mig. Tight?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bamboo's Disbanding, Too... And Something About NU 107

.:First, Sugarfree, And Now, Bamboo Is Disbanding, Too?!?:.

Yes, guys, it’s official. After months of speculation, the band called “Bamboo” is calling it quits, despite numerous hits, a legion of fans, and strong relevance through their music and message.

It’s a bit sad, really, because any vestiges of the original Rivermaya are now left in the hands of solo artist Rico Blanco, considering that the current incarnation of Rivermaya is nothing but a shadow of what it once was, and Bamboo isn’t going to go the way of Sugarfree and continue on without its frontman. Of course, naming your band after your frontman would result in problems if said frontman left the band, sorta like Jon Bon Jovi leaving Bon Jovi, but them’s the breaks.

We wish the members of Bamboo the best in their future endeavours. And on a personal note, I’d riot if the Itchyworms decide to call it quits soon.

.:And On That Note, On The NU107 Connection...:.

Speculation has been high that with the demise of NU107, some of the bands whose rise to prominence have been in no small way aided by the home of NU Rock are now folding up in recognition of the changing of the guard in the music industry. Gone were the days where there was enough demand for a group’s musicality to shine through despite all the slickly produced matinee-pandering solo acts that come and go in the industry while the workhorse bands provide us with longevity and consistency. Now, it’s all about being able to build something, milking it, then cashing out your chips in record time.

I don’t really know what to make of it. While there have been bands that have tried to fill in the shoes of the greats that came out during the 90’s, the 2000’s were mired with groups that were, whether or not they were truly talented, derided for being “gwapo rockers,” where the music of these performers seemed to take a backseat to their looks. It was akin to the so-called wussifying of gangsta rap in the mid-90’s where guys like Ja Rule started wanting to come off as sensitive guys rather than thugs, and to this day, hip-hop and rap still enjoys mainstream acceptance because it has certainly managed to sweep its urban poor leanings under the rug in favour of bling and schwing.

Are we entering a point where the kind of music borne out of the 90’s no longer has breeding grounds by which it could grow and become a force again? Sure, the business is cyclical, but during the key cycles where band music has been on the up and up, we’ve had vanguards of the genre where they mattered, and in particular, NU107 was there during the Eraserheads era and arguably the one that came the decade before that, and even the succeeding decade where these bands still managed to not only survive, but even thrive in the middle of gwapo rock and novelty hits and remake after remake after remake and crappy Bossa wannabe artists.

With NU107 out of the picture, and with television giants clearly intent on fast-paced moneymaking through their artists, would there arise another venue for new acts to take the place of the Bamboo’s and the Sugarfree’s of this new decade? One worries there might not be, and one worries that we might end up homogenous when it comes to our music and unable to give great indie artists a chance to make a decent living out of their art by welcoming them into the mainstream purely because nobody would be willing to let you into the mainstream if you don’t look good in front of a camera.

This isn’t even considering the piracy problem, or the fact that even among the elite musicians in the country, there seems to be a creative drought when it comes to music, with no end to the drought in sight.

C’mon, OPM! I know you can break free from this rut.

Erasebook: Good Riddance, Facebook!

.:Erasebook: Good Riddance, Facebook!:.

Nation, let’s open things by saying this: I’m glad Facebook is shutting down.

According to Weekly World News, Facebook is shutting down on March 15. Of course, if anyone with half a brain could read that article, they could also read the other blurbs on top of the website, such as “US Trades Carrot Top For Canadian Pennies.” Just like The Onion, Weekly World News is certainly a reputable resource that we need to pay close attention to, lest we be caught unawares about the latest UFO invasion or the newest Michael Jackson sighting while he’s hanging out with Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Manila Bulletin's Night To Remember

.:Manila Bulletin’s Unparalleled Night For Bloggers:.

A whole new dimension. Picture courtesy of Wild About Retail.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but nobody expected Manila Bulletin to make a memorable night for the bloggers happen as well last November.

With the Picasso Boutique serving as the venue, with Hannah and Vince, and with prizes galore to give away, the bloggers were extremely excited to hear what the Philippines’ leading newspaper had to say, and boy, was it a blockbuster of a night.

So you know that the 3D newspapers are out there for everyone to get already, right? Well, what you might not know is that Manila Bulletin has a special app you can download for your iPhone or iPad so you can access the news with the touch of your fingertips. It’s pretty awesome, actually, as Manila Bulletin has demonstrated how ahead of the curve they are when it comes to technology.

Nonetheless, the festivities of the night really got the bloggers pumped up, and in a rare occasion, some of my very good friends, such as Abby and birthday boy Marf, actually showed up to an event, whereas neither person would normally go. I guess this was, indeed, a worthy exception.

That night, an acoustic duo performed and sang some great covers and originals, and they really made the ladies swoon. They were so in demand that had it not been for the men in attendance, the females would have just forgotten all about the awesome prizes to give away and just begged the guys to keep serenading them.

And speaking of the awesome prizes, oh my! First, they raffled off some designer shades and a few gadgets, but soon enough, things started getting more interesting as they awarded the last three major prizes on a dare each. That spiced up the night quite a lot, and everyone had a great time with it.

Overall, this event definitely lived up to the hype, and all things considered, I’m glad that I was there, because it definitely was made of awesome.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 52 (2/52): When I Met You - APO Hiking Society

.:Project 52 (2/52): When I Met You – APO Hiking Society:.

I couldn’t find a music video of the song, so I hope that one works just as well. Either way, I’ve always been a huge fan of Buboy, Danny, and (sir) Jim, so it didn’t take too long for me to tip my hat to these guys, especially since my week pretty much started off with this song playing in my head.

“When I Met You” by the APO Hiking Society has got to be one of the best songs I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. There’s just something about its light melody and the very catchy lyrics that just makes one’s spirits soar whenever one hears it. It’s a great song, yet it’s one of the least demanding of songs in the videoke machine, so I always tend to go for it if I wanted to sing something well within my vocal range but didn’t want to sing Jose Mari Chan.

So here’s a tip to would-be serenaders: if you want to win the heart of your lady love, but you’re not sure if you can hack singing a song, you can count on “When I Met You” to bail you out, because the song is pretty easy to sing – if you skip the bridge.

In any case, close your eyes, give the song a listen, and let it take you away from the hurly-burly of the day. That’s what I did, and the whole botched trip to SSS just took a backseat to the music. So did missing out on visiting Don Bosco’s relic in Don Bosco Mandaluyong because I got there about a half hour late. So did losing to a deck I was heavily favoured against in yesterday’s Legacy tournament due to lousy draws.

The term “OPM” originated from APO, in case you didn’t know the term’s origins. That being said, indeed, Buboy, Danny, and Jim were pioneers of modern Philippine music, and through them, we’ve found our own musicality, our own voice, and our own rhythm in our own time. I’d love to wax poetic about the now-defunct group, but I don’t really have to because everyone knows that their contributions to the local music scene are legion whether or not I try to explain it.

So, yeah... this is definitely one of the most special songs in the soundtrack of my life. Have you ever given your life’s soundtrack any thought yet? I know I have.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Sugarfree Disbanding, And More Philo-Sophizing...

.:Smooth Sailing:.

Got home early and met up with a friend along Katipunan, along with her mom, her sister, and a couple of their friends from Fordham who were in town. We had a very interesting time, considering how much cultural exchange happened within our conversations, aside from the requisite metal-bending I had to do for everyone, by Sophie’s request.

It was pretty funny, too, because shortly after talking about Filipino stereotypes of Caucasian foreigners, I walked back home with Sophie in tow and finally got to introduce her to my mom, who just quietly smiled at me while they made acquaintance with each other. Sophie gushed how young my mom looked and she was shocked to find out that my mom is already middle-aged but certainly doesn’t look it at all.

Shortly afterwards, I walked her to McDonald’s where her mom picked her up for them to go home, and I was all smiles for the rest of the evening, knowing how well things turned out.

Anyways, I'll tell you more next time, but I have dinner with her and a couple other people, so... ciao!

.:Heart-Breaking News...:.

Ebe Dancel has declared he is leaving Sugarfree at the end of February.

As a big fan of the group, and having caught their Dekada concert in Music Museum, this is devastating news to me. At gigs, I only ever catch Sugarfree, Itchworms, Radioactive Sago, Giniling Festival, and soon, Tanya Markova. That’s one less band for me to probably go to if this happens, and I feel really bad about it, although I can’t really blame him if he’s launching himself into a bigger solo career or something now.

Was it unexpected? Not really. Ebe has the chops to make it on his own, and we're not really sure what happens to the band afterwards, although it's clear that they will continue without Ebe. I hope that they still meet success even with a new lead singer, and I hope that if Ebe goes solo, he would also meet success as well.

It wasn't unexpected, but certainly, it's sad news.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Post-Wednesday Quick Bites

.:Loaded Wednesday:.

A night of radio hilarity, followed by good standup comedy performed for audiences expecting to have a great time. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Hanging out with the Disenchanted Kingdom and trading barbs with them has become quite the pastime, to say the least. It’s even more amusing to know that Alodia was listening yet again, and they actually asked me on the air why I’m not trying to hit on her, and I had to go all showbiz on them just to dodge that pretty awkward question. Heh.

‘Sides, someone else was listening, and I didn’t need to stress her out over it... heh.

On top of that, I'm extremely grateful to Anna because she gave me a nice post-Christmas present...

Overall, there were a lot of laughs to be had, and when coupled with the awesome standup comedy night we had where I tried some of my new material to some measure of success, I must say I’m pretty happy that Wednesdays have been my refuge from the insanity and hurly-burly of the work week. It’s been great, no question about it.

Y’know, it actually feels nice to be able to do these super-short but autobiographical blogposts every now and then. It only means there isn’t much stressing me, and I’m just taking bits and pieces of time to write what’s up with me.

.:Another Article On The POC!:.

This time, I cover show business, as I write: What Is Essential Is Invisible To The Ai. Hope you jabronis like it!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wednesday Night Kickbacks!

.:More Articles On The POC!:.

Got published again on the POC, this time about our officials who have decided to make some new year resolutions to start 2011 off right. Me? I don't have any resolutions - except maybe to finally collect on some longstanding debts owed to me.

.:Hitting The Route:.

I swung by Route 196 last night with a couple of officemates, but I met a few other friends as well from other sectors. As usual, I didn't really take pictures, but Sugarfree, Cambio, and Peryodiko were all playing that night, so there was a lot of fun to be had.

.:The Wednesday Night Routine:.

Every Wednesday night, I make it a point to drop by 99.5 RT on the Disenchanted Kingdom, from 6-10 PM. Then, I head off to Votre Bar in the ABS-CBN area to perform with the Comedy Cartel on their open mic nights. All this stuff is free, so I definitely implore you guys to come on down and catch us in Votre, or just tune in to 99.5RT tonight. Forget Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Tony Tony for now, and just enjoy your time with King DJ Logan and the rest of the Kingdom.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

DK Hilarity And POC Madness

.:Disenchanted Hilarity:.

Monday night, I swung by the DK for the first time in 2011, and it ended up being quite a laugh trip, as they touched on the whole 12/12/12 bit, and then things took an interesting turn when I mentioned that I’m not so keen on looking because I recently met someone, and our timeline doesn’t look too favourable to 12/12/12.

Project 52 (1/52): Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

.:Project 52 (1/52): Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley:.

So, after a very lengthy Project 365 that definitely had its share of memorable moments, I wanted to take things easier on myself this 2011, and I also decided not to focus on magic for my regular 2011 project this year, although I will still write about magic here and there when the need for it arises.

Monday, January 03, 2011

2010-2011 Transition Roundup

.:Back On The Poc!:.

It’s missing one particular visual gag, but my latest article is up on the POC now. Pretty fun stuff, if I do say so myself.

.:The New Year Roundup:.

That’s how you spend New Year’s Eve Eve. Yep. Eve Eve. Not a typo.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

12/12/12: A Wedding Proposal For No One

.:12/12/12: A Wedding Proposal For No One:.

Beautiful girl, wherever you are...

To whom it may concern,

If John Mayer could do it in a song, I figured I could take it to a whole 'nother level in prose.

I don’t know how you’d take it, but over a year before you or I even contemplated marriage, I already booked a church for you and I on this date, 12 December, 2012. It’s our last chance to have a wedding date as symbolic as this until 12 December, 2112, which I doubt either of us would live to see. Given that we’re together, I’d like to think that you and I are both sentimental fools who would certainly want nothing more than a date like that. At worst, I doubt I’d ever forget an anniversary as significant as 12/12/12 no matter how senile I may get.

But hey, don’t get me wrong: this is a wedding proposal, and that means you're free to reject me and break my heart into a million pieces. I’d be the last person to force anyone into something they don’t want to do, and quite honestly, it may strike you as a bit strange that I would do this, but I figured that being married on 12/12/12 would mean as much to you as it would to me.

As I write this right now, I have no idea who you are, or if I’d actually just be wasting at least half a hundred grand on a church I would never get to use by the end of it all. All I know is that you would probably feel overwhelmed at all the effort I’m putting out for someone whom I may not have even met yet, if only to give you a special day and arguably the luckiest three numbers of this century.

And that’s really how crazy love is. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, and while some people may find it weird or even pathetic, those who know me would realize that it’s a sincere and grand gesture coming from a very good place. I’m building this future for someone, because by the time that future becomes my present, it would all be worth it just to see the look in her eyes to know that I anticipated her all this time, and I stopped at nothing to give her the wedding date of the century – not even her apparent non-existence in my life while I write this.

All I know is, by the time all of this becomes reality, I will be loving you more than I have ever loved anyone else, and will be more than willing to keep it that way for the rest of my life. Maybe we’ve been friends for years, or we just met a few days ago from when I publish this, or I will meet you tomorrow from when I publish this, or you came back into my life just when I thought you were going to be just a memory, but it’s not the gesture or the number or the church I’ve reserved for us way before I should’ve that I hope you take away from all of this. It would be my willingness to do this for someone who will receive all the love I’ve had to give all my life. The kind of love I’ve been longing to shower upon someone who could love me as well, imperfections, quirks, and sappiness not aside, but well-accepted as part and parcel of who I am.

So to my dearest future bride, if you do exist and exist in time for this wonderful once-in-a-century date, I hope you don’t mind that I took the liberty of making this special, although really, none of this is really special unless you say “yes.” One word. Three letters. That takes on far more meaning than a very early reservation for a church for a would-be bride I have yet to be with.

Or perhaps, I could simply be fooling myself into thinking that I will find you. It matters not. This world is filled with cynics and misers, myself included, and lest I get swept into that Einerlei of cynicism and misery, I choose to keep just one beacon of hope lit in my heart for you. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Whenever you are.

And so to you, my dearest, my most beloved, I give to you my heart, my soul, my world, my everything. All you need do is come into my life and accept it.