Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend Recap In Brief


- Met up with Abby in Megamall...

- Hung out with TSC in Starbucks Q. Ave.


- Had a Magic: The Gathering tournament with 60 people involved.

- Came in second.

- Matchups: 1. Sui Black (JM Pecaoco) 2. Flash 3. 5-Color Fish 4. FCG 5. Another Fish deck, I think...

- Note to self: Do not perform for someone in a bad mood. Not a good idea at all.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Abbreviated Thoughts...

.:It's Going To Be Weird...:.

My Beloved and I are currently involved in a setup that's beyond complicated, but somehow, we're finding a way to transition to where we want to, albeit with some measure of difficulty, admittedly.

That being said, I guess it's unavoidable. I really am glad we've still found ways to still be amicable, albeit this isn't a "breakup" in the strictest sense. It's a gradual weaning off, and it's necessary if we intend for her to be all right once she leaves for the United States next year...

I still haven't processed this, to be honest. I don't quite know how to deal with it...

Sometimes, There's Such A Thing As Too Much Advice...


If you really didn't want my company over the holidays and that's your reason for choosing to stay wherever you are, you didn't have to tell my so-called friends about it.

Thanks for giving me even more reason to resenting you and the obvious lack of support you've given me over the years.

Just wonderful. Really. Just wonderful.

I've had it.

I really don't think I need a deluge of "advice" either, when you asked me for a favor. The least you could do is just lay off of me when you noticed I was starting to get miffed by all of this crud already.

Friday, December 28, 2007

One Year!

.:Happy Anniversary To The Person I'm Most Grateful To This Year!:.

1. My Beloved: It's been exactly a year since we got together, and I can't thank you enough for loving me and being my source of strength during the rougher patches of my life. I love you, and though things are changing between us because of the necessity of making adjustments for the time you leave for America next year, I still know that you have a very special place in my heart. We've been together for a year, and I couldn't ask for more from you, for being my Beloved, and for making me happier than I've ever found myself ever.

I can only hope that as our lives continue and as changes continue to happen, we still find ways to matter in each other's lives. I don't know what to call ourselves at this point, but I want you to know, my Beloved, that you are the awesomest best friend and most wonderful girlfriend any guy can hope to ask for.

Thank you for a wonderful year. Your love has made me do things I never thought I could.

In And Out...

.:TX Reunion:.

Had dinner at Metrowalk last night with a couple of members of Team TX. It's a bit sad considering how many of us are hardly playing M:TG nowadays, but it's okay, I guess. The team is still a fairly cool bunch of friends who love hanging out and talking shop, for all intents and purposes. Not a bad thing at all, to say the least.

Afterwards, we went around to check for DVD's, and I found quite a nice armful of 'em to work with. It was fun and enjoyable in my opinion, at least.

.:In And Out:.

It's a bit of a surprise that I actually heard from Pomelo after practically a year of being incommunicado. A few thoughts just popped into my head when I realized that as far as it goes between me and her, that's all she really wrote.

I can't say I blame her, really. I was rash and too short-tempered back then, and at times, I'm still guilty of that. If I've really run out of second chances to be friends with her, I know I've been at peace with myself for long enough to let go. I just needed to find the best time to do it.

Before this year ends, I wanted to deal with the baggage that's been weighing on me for the longest time. While I doubt that can happen with the Divine anytime soon, I can safely say I've exhausted all the means I know of to fix matters with Pomelo, and I simply can do no more. Especially not when the other person is more concerned about not being enemies than about being friends. That's understandable. I respect that.

And with that being said, I can conclusively eradicate her from my life. Not because I resent her or despise her, but because I'm at peace with myself with how that chapter of my life played out. I know she's already moved on as well, even sooner than I did back then, albeit with a different viewpoint over what the aftermath ought have been.

So to end this on a high note, thank you for the memories, but that's all they will be from now on. I say thank you without a hint of anger or irony, but also without any hope that things would change in the future. That's out of my hands now. It *has* been out of my hands for the longest time already, and I'm just making that clear for everyone to know.

Godspeed to you, Pomelo, and my best wishes. That would be all I have left to say to you.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Blame Game...

.:The Blame Game:.

The fact of the matter is, this feud between ABS-CBN and GMA is getting to a ridiculous point if only for how this seems like little more than a wag-the-dog scenario for channel 2, because if there’s one network that knows how to cheat, well, it would appear it’s this one:

Good Lord, this video establishes that Wowowee obviously has the option to cheat if they felt like it. Maybe before ABS-CBN decides to throw allegations about “cheating”, they could address this first, because this wasn’t the first time the Willyonaryo segment was put into question, and this time, the evidence is even more damning.

It’s unbelievable how the network wars would have people sinking to new levels all the time. The ratings have been consistently high in GMA’s favor for nearly two years already. For ABS-CBN to insist on cheating at this point not only earns them two enemies in the form of GMA and AGB Nielsen, but the risk of having them investigated for their own discrepancies as well.

And that being said, there’s no more a glaring discrepancy than this “cheating practice” video for Wowowee, showcasing the cheating option the show actually has if they didn’t want someone in particular to win. This is just deplorable, considering the sheer volume of controversies already surrounding the show as is, from accidental wardrobe malfunctions, to stampedes, to this and the previous cheating scandals, it does look like Wowowee thrives on controversy ala Rockstar games.

That being said, let’s hope this mess comes to a head soon. I can do without having to watch the GMA’s very pandering position statement with regard to the ratings scandal every twenty minutes.

Thanking More People...

.:The Top Five People I’m Most Grateful To This Year!:.

Well, since I missed out on it the past few days, it’s a triple dose for today, so let’s get to it!

4. The Blogging Community: From Jayvee to Aileen to Shari, you can be sure that the Philippine blogging community is never wanting for interesting stories and interesting occurrences (And even controversies at times.).

Through all the tales and conversations we’ve had, one thing was certain about the Philippine Blogging Community: in there, I found a good deal of friends, who never fail to make my day a heckuva lot interesting.

Kudos to you, guys!

3. The Story Circle, Mr. Bing Lim, and Jay Mata: This was a year where I really switched gears and became a full-fledged mentalist. Honing my craft to a high standard, I learned a lot and developed my skills quite a great deal to a point where I can safely say I’ve come a long way. TSC, Bing, and Jay were very much instrumental in my achieving that.

I’m very grateful to them simply because they’ve really helped me improve myself quite a bit. You see, whether as a magician or a mentalist, it is all about entertaining people. Being a “faker” is far from the point. After all, wrestling is scripted, but it’s *still* entertaining, all the same. Magic, more so mentalism, is geared towards similar goals, albeit using different methods.

That being said, this was a good year for unlocking potential.

2. Elbert and the JGL: Out of all my friends, these were the people who really made the biggest difference in my life this year. I don’t think I even need to explain why I think they’ve been awesome all year long. The past blog entries I’ve written involving them would be more than enough evidence, I guess.

Guys, words can’t express how grateful I am to you…

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'd Thank Some More People, But...

... This Christmas is just miserable.

Way to go. Merry Christmas to everyone, indeed.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Top Five People I'm Most Grateful For This Year...

.:The Top Five People I'm Most Grateful To This Year:.

Well, it's that time again when I acknowledge the people who helped me make it through the year.

Let's do this without much ado, neh?

5. The Reedley Family: It's amazing how after three years in WAVE, I find myself in a place where I would've wanted to stay if only I could afford it (Heh.).

Thanks to all the people I've known in Reedley, for making my experience as a high school teacher nothing short of a life-changer. From my boss, Ms. Estrada, to my boss's bosses, to my co-teachers, and especially to my students from Yale, Carnegie, and Columbia, you guys really made a difference in my life this year and I can't tell you enough how grateful I really am that I met you guys.

I may turn emo and rant about being depressed about people and things in Reedley, but at the end of it all, I'm going to miss this place when I leave it at the end of the schoolyear. Thanks for making me feel part of the Reedley family. It's not a perfect place, but it's as close as it can get in this planet.

From A Scrooge To Everyone Else...

... Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


.:If Only There Were More Time…:.

A few days ago, I felt incredibly… disconnected with people in Reedley mainly because I seemed to have missed out on a meeting with my own department while I was sitting in the same room with them. It made me rather… unnerved to find out I was just out of the loop.

But then, things changed quickly, and I don’t know if that’s for better or for worse. With each passing day, I’m realizing that in due time, I would feel like Reedley was genuinely family to me.

From the ecumenical service to the series of Christmas parties I found myself in this past week, I really felt happy about being in Reedley. Never mind the mild hitches I have had to deal with in the school, that would merely be one part of a huge equation there, and quite frankly, one or two “bad” points are massively outweighed by wonderful students (I got a rubik’s cube keychain from one of ‘em!) to great bosses and equally awesome co-workers.

No workplace is ever perfect, but Reedley is a great place to be in. This place challenges people to be even better than their best, and to respect and esteem differences among people. I know I’m not coming back to Reedley next year so I can finish my Masters in Ateneo, and that is why it actually feels rather sad at this point, because unsurprisingly, I’m growing attached to Reedley.

When I left WAVE earlier this year, there was no regret in me when I did that, because for the most part, I was very unhappy where I was in WAVE. With Reedley, things are turned around, because if it weren’t for a lot of hitches, I’d love to stay on, but I have to leave.

I can’t say enough how radically disconcerting it is, but it’s comforting and upsetting all at the same time. Paradox of paradoxes, I really am going to miss Reedley when I go at the end of this schoolyear.

I wish for more time, but I guess time is something we will never have enough of.

Sad Goodbyes... Optimistic Hopes

.:We’ll Miss You…:.

To three of my students, D, C, and L, we’ll be missing you guys. Hopefully, when you’re back in Korea and making it big there, you won’t forget us here.

To D, you were awfully quiet in class, but everything you did, you did in earnest. You knew what your weaknesses were, and you kept pressing on to better yourself as the months went by. I can’t tell you enough how great it is knowing that you have what it takes to make it.

To C, while I often picked on you jocularly in class, you took it in stride as a challenge to show that you’re a great person nobody should ever look past. For every single time I had something negative to say about you, I found a thousand good things to say about you. Your sheer determination of stepping beyond what people box you in is an admirable trait very few people possess.

To L, you are the bright ray of sunshine in the class. From the first day where you gave myself and your class an “awwwww…” moment, I knew you were someone to look out for. One of the most affectionate people I will ever meet, your personality can open doors nobody thought could ever be opened, and I can’t tell you enough how optimistic I am that you will be blazing a trail wherever you go when your time comes.

I know I didn’t spend as much time with you as the other people in school did, but I hope that somehow, I’ve helped arm you for the years to come with the values that the people around you espoused and aspired for you to possess. You guys were invaluable assets to Reedley, but in moving back to Korea, you will inevitably prove that you are invaluable assets to the rest of the world as well.


Everyone's A Critic...

.:Everyone’s A Critic:.

Well, a new commenter on my blog decided to talk smack on my time, on my personal space, and while I have to admit it’s amusing that someone who clearly doesn’t like me much would take the time out to actually hound me about it, it does make you wonder why these idiots feel so courageous only when they’re behind a code name and a computer screen.

Seriously, if your only claim to fame is to call me “vain”, when it’s my own personal space where I very well have the right to be so, and if it “entertains” you so much, then maybe if you really disliked me, then you could just, oh, I don’t know… stop reading my blog?

Because really now, I’m far from a democratic person here. So read and rant all you want, but I’m not going to bother giving you the time of day. My space, my rules. As long as you keep on reading my blog, I couldn’t give a damn what else you think about me.

Of course, you could always just GTFO my blog. That’d be nice, too.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Can't wait for the weekend. Then, the storm of posts can begin.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Been To Two Parties Today...

... posting about it next time.

Of course. Let me finish this week first in one piece, mmkay?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What Happened To All The Nice Guys?

It's not my original, it's from some writer on craigslist, and I think that there's a lot of truth to this... although I'm not too keen on the notion that Mr. "Nice" Guy should get credit for things he's supposed to do, as MGK kindly pointed out in his post.

.:What Happened To All The Nice Guys?:.

I see this question posted with some regularity in the personals section, so I thought I'd take a minute to explain things to the ladies out there that haven't figured it out.

What happened to all the nice guys?

The answer is simple: you did.

See, if you think back, really hard, you might vaguely remember a Platonic guy pal who always seemed to want to spend time with you. He'd tag along with you when you went shopping, stop by your place for a movie when you were lonely but didn't feel like going out, or even sit there and hold you while you sobbed and told him about how horribly the (other) guy that you were effing treated you.

At the time, you probably joked with your girlfriends about how he was a little puppy dog, always following you around, trying to do things to get you to pay attention to him. They probably teased you because they thought he had a crush on you. Given that his behavior was, admittedly, a little pathetic, you vehemently denied having any romantic feelings for him, and buttressed your position by claiming that you were "just friends." Besides, he totally wasn't your type. I mean, he was a little too short, or too bald, or too fat, or too poor, or didn't know how to dress himself, or basically be or do any of the things that your tall, good-looking, fit, rich, stylish boyfriend at the time pulled off with such ease.

Eventually, your Platonic buddy drifted away, as your relationship with the boyfriend got more serious and spending time with this other guy was, admittedly, a little weird, if you werent dating him. More time passed, and the boyfriend eventually cheated on you, or became boring, or you realized that the things that attracted you to him weren't the kinds of things that make for a good, long-term relationship. So, now, you're single again, and after having tried the bar scene for several months having only encountered players and douchebags, you wonder, "What happened to all the nice guys?"

Well, once again, you did.

You ignored the nice guy. You used him for emotional intimacy without reciprocating, in kind, with physical intimacy
(Waitaminute. Why SHOULD you reciprocate in kind? Obviously, Mr. "Nice" Guy just wanted to get some. Yeesh. - Marcelle). You laughed at his consideration and resented his devotion. You valued the aloof boyfriend more than the attentive "just-a-" friend. Eventually, he took the hint and moved on with his life. He probably came to realize, one day, that women aren't really attracted to guys who hold doors open; or make dinners just because; or buy you a Christmas gift that you mentioned, in passing, that you really wanted five months ago; or listen when you're upset; or hold you when you cry. He came to realize that, if he wanted a woman like you, he'd have to act more like the boyfriend that you had. He probably cleaned up his look, started making some money, and generally acted like more of an asshole than he ever wanted to be.

Fact is, now, he's probably getting laid, and in a way, your ultimate rejection of him is to thank for that. And I'm sorry that it took the complete absence of "nice guys" in your life for you to realize that you missed them and wanted them. Most women will only have a handful of nice guys stumble into their lives, if that.

So, if you're looking for a nice guy, here's what you do:

1.) Build a time machine.
2.) Go back a few years and pull your head out of your @$$.
3.) Take a look at what's right in front of you and grab ahold of it.

I suppose the other possibility is that you STILL don't really want a nice guy, but you feel the social pressure to at least appear to have matured beyond your infantile taste in men. In which case, you might be in luck, because the nice guy you claim to want has, in reality, shed his nice guy mantle and is out there looking to unleash his cynicism and resentment onto someone just like you.

If you were five years younger.

So, please: either stop misrepresenting what you want, or own up to the fact that you've effed yourself over. You're getting older, after all. It's time to excise the bs and deal with reality. You didn't want a nice guy then, and he certainly doesn't effing want you, now.


A Recovering Nice Guy


.:Mr. Bulaong's Back In Town For A Bit...:.

Jon Bulaong's back in town until Sunday, and it was great hearing from him again. He delivered a lecture about the relevance of Immanuel Kant in today's post-modern world, and his ideas were incredibly thought-provoking.

While I didn't get to spend much time speaking to him, it was definitely amazing, to say the least, that after two years or so of studying in Germany, he still hasn't changed at all, and that's a good thing.

Jon's one of the people I always looked up to, so I'm extremely happy for him, knowing he's doing very well in Germany.

Bah, Humbug...

.:Welcome To Santamas...:.

By now, people know my massive amount of disdain for Christmas.

Well, seeing how I'm staying home for the holidays because my passport won't be ready in time despite going through hell and back at DFA, I guess there's more of this disdain to go around...

Bah, humbug.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Throwback

.:Finally Putting This One Up...:.

One of my older videos. First time I was recorded on camera doing a performance...


The Past Shows...

Yes, this will be a mentalism-driven post.

.:Sapulso, Finally:.

If you still haven't seen the clip, you can check it out here.

Well, they finally aired the episode of Sapulso where I was featured as a mentalist along with street magician/former child star Lester Llansang and The Story Circle member Crizz. While we weren't shot together, it was fun watching the episode, definitely.

I met the crew of Sapulso a few weeks ago to shoot my segment, as I went through Starbucks Katipunan, UP Sunken Garden, and TIP Aurora to demonstrate a wide range of mentalism effects including Positive-Negative, Liquid Metal, PK Touch, and the ORBS (Osterlind Rubiks Blindfold Solve). It was a fairly lengthy shoot for a two to five-minute segment, but it was well worth it, as the results were pleasant and I got a pretty good reaction from the people. Mentalism is akin to Puroresu compared to Magic's "sports entertainment". In Japan, the audience isn't as rowdy, but you know they appreciate the show.

It was a really good run. I could've fixed some glitches here and there, but for the most part, I had no regrets. It's not everyday I get good feedback from my mentor, so I'm taking that for sure.

.:Kurismas Pangkalawakan:.

Last Saturday was party-time for, and I must say, it was a great party at Joy's place, and I've run into a lot of awesome members of the Philippine cosplay community, including "Hard Gay" Khel (I need the h in there to distinguish him from me. Heh.), Nissie, Jewel, Adz, Robert, and of course, Markpoa.

That being said, I walked into a trap, as I found myself part of group 5 (Starship Santas FTW!), getting myself involved in everything from doing macho dancing to dressing up one of our co-members for "Pretty Crossplayer", which was a riot and a half, as we saw things we unfortunately can't unsee.

After great food, great stories, a round of "Jeopardy" where nobody seemed to remember that you answer in the form of a question, I was called upon to do my routine. I didn't keep things long, and just went for some predictions, coins, numbers, and then following up with metal bending, and concluding the presentation with some mass hypnosis and a book test.

In any case, I made some new friends that day, and it was an awesome time, as I went off to meet up with TSC immediately after the party... although being browbeat by Jewel to get a Nintendo DS was an unusual way to cap my day off... heh.

When Skeptics Attack!

This interestingly clueless tidbit just in...

"Mornings at ANC is just a show and like any other show they aim for high ratings, there is a possibility that the production crew are accomplices to the act, while the fact that the show 'maybe' shot live which removes the possibility of camera tricks and special effects for the fork bending it is still possible that the forks used are trick forks. There is also a possibility that the positioning of the glass of water was pre-determined"

Obviously, the person placing these suggestions is being facetious, because...

1. Trick forks? Who needs trick forks? This is just highly amusing.

2. Pre-determined glasses? I'm sure it was also a pre-determined cube done with a blindfold, right?

Skepticism with no amount of knowledge whatsoever? Just sheer hilarity. The best skeptics are born because they know better, not because they don't know a single thing.

Well, that being said, it's a bit sad that the challenge for the Psychic Entertainment Network under test conditions will simply be, well, put off for until next year.

.:DFA Sucks!:.

I'm sitting here, waiting for my chance to get my records at 2 in the freaking afternoon. Wonderful. What a waste of a morning here.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

An Open Letter To Mr. Mon Tulfo...

Dear Mr. Tulfo,

While I am in no position to challenge another man's sincerity, I believe that the issue isn't *what* happens with the land, but *WHO* owns the land.

The Sumilao farmers have been denied the land that was rightfully theirs due to willful negligence during Ruben Torres' time of the rights of the farmers that were trampled upon.

The land sold to SMF is *disputed* land, and thus, should not have been sold in the first place. Like any stolen property, selling it and using it for good does not absolve you from the fact that you purchased stolen property.

At the end of the day, the Sumilao farmers are still without land, when they should have this land to begin with. If they wish to sell their land to SMF, so be it! But it should be *their* call and not the clearly illegitimate owner Quisumbing.

And that's the bigger picture: they deserve that land, and it should be their call what to do with it.

Good, sincere intentions, though they may be, we know all too well what the road to hell is paved with, sadly.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Backblogging Lineup...

1. The offhand "racist" joke in Sapulso last Monday.

2. The fact that we throw a hissy fit that the American soldier got off easy in the Subic rape case, but we're happy, so happy, that a convicted murderer's death sentence got commuted simply because she's Filipina. Hooray, double standards.

3. The spin machine that went in high gear when we acquired the dubious honor of rising ten spots among the elite countries in the world deemed as "the most corrupt".

4. The Sumilao farmer's plight.

5. Stuff that happened in today's class, especially when it comes to the fact that I'm catching on as a mentalist and all...

Darn it, I never have enough time to write...

I'm Emo Again...

.:Let Me Expound Next Time:.

Other than Red Kryptonite, here are a few things at work that have made me feel... well, not happy...

1. Three of my students are going back to Korea by the end of this month.

2. The memory card fiasco.

3. Parols.

4. DFA Hades...

Posting Next Time...

...way too busy...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My TV Appearance!

.:It's On YouTube, guys! Enjoy!:.

It's my TV appearance last Monday. Hope you guys like it. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Anyone watched last night? How'd you like it? :D

Monday, December 10, 2007

Once More, With Feeling...

.:It's Tonight!:.

Don't miss out on Monday's telecast of my mentalism, at QTV-11, Sapulso, 10PM.

Hope you guys would enjoy it!

Settling The Golden Compass Brouhaha...

From Sally Sensational of Comic Book Resources:

Many of you may not have been flooded like I have with forwarded emails reiterating - in increasing stridence - that The Golden Compass is BAD and will TURN YOUR CHILDREN BAD!

But I have. And I got sick of it.

What follows is my rebuttal. Now, I don't ask any of you to agree with me. I wrote this from the perspective of a Christian parent trying to answer a kid's questions and from the perspective of an open-minded school librarian trying to quell some of the stupid "let's ban it" talk about a book and movie.

If you have a problem with what I've recommended for CHRISTIAN parents here, well, I'm sorry. I'm not a very good Christian myself, but I am a believer and I do believe that just about anything can be used to teach our kids good lessons. Some of what follows is just what I see as good character building stuff. Other stuff is more overtly Christian. Take what you like, leave what you don't and for pity's sake, let's not turn this into a flame war.

Please forward the following BACK to the sources of the forwards regarding The Golden Compass:

Hi folks!

I have recently been the recipient of several forwarded emails and links about The Golden Compass – both the film and the trilogy of novels. Being a school librarian, I thought it would be a good idea for me to find out for myself what the controversy was about, so I went back to the source and read the first installment of the trilogy, which is the novel on which the film was based.

Now, I do not dispute the author’s viewpoints or the things he has said about his personal lack of belief. What I do dispute is that this book and film are so devastatingly dangerous that they must be avoided at all costs by Christian families.

To that end, I have prepared a brief guide – broken down by age group – to The Golden Compass for Christian families. I started by asking myself what various age groups of kids are most likely to notice and pay close attention to and then asked myself how those things could be used to teach positive and faith-supporting, not destroying, lessons to Christian kids.

The first age group I considered is the youngest set that would be likely to understand the plot of the movie well enough to want to see it based on the previews – I place these kids in the 6-8 age group (full disclosure: my own daughter is 7).

What 6-8 year olds are most likely to notice and pay attention to in this film:

1. Talking polar bears!

2. Talking pet animals called Daemons (pronounced DAY-mun and not to be confused with demons)

3. Hot Air balloons

4. Lyra goes off on her big adventure to help save her friend.

1. So, how can we use these things to help our children learn good lessons and grow in their faith? Let’s start with the talking polar bear. Lyra quickly learns that, despite his fearsome reputation and frightening appearance, Iorek is a trusted ally and trustable friend. We can use this to teach our children about looking beyond appearances and apparent reputations to seeing the good inside people. Refer them to the stories of Matthew, the tax collector, Zacheus, Rahab, Paul, etc. to underline that Christians look beyond the surface to the heart of a person.

2. Alright, what about the daemons? Well, our youngest kids aren’t likely to understand their symbolism. But they do understand having a beloved pet. They also understand that people have lots of different things they like to do and be and lots of different sides to their personalities. Talk to them about how the daemons can change forms when the kids are young and how the people who have had their daemons removed are less than what they were. Use this as a way to talk about how God wants us to use and explore all of the gifts and talents that He has given us and how no one can take away God’s gifts. Teach them the song “This little light of mine” if they don’t already know it.

3. Hot Air Balloons? Well, hot air balloons are neat. They don’t really aid much in spiritual development, but they’re great for getting your kids talking about science.

4. Last but not least, there’s a treasure trove in Lyra’s motivations to go off and find her friend. The obvious one, of course, is that we take care of our friends. The next good lesson here is that people who hurt children need to be stopped and kids can help. No, your kid can’t go off like Lyra did and save the lives of kids. But your kid CAN tell an adult if he or she knows of another child who’s being harmed. Your kid CAN donate part of his or her spending money to help needy kids in other places.

Let’s move on to the next group of kids. This is actually the movie’s target audience – the “tweens” – kids aged 9-12 or so.

What tweens are most likely – in addition to the things above – to notice and pay attention to in The Golden Compass:

1. Lyra’s relationship with her “parents”, Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter

2. The alethiometer and what it can do

3. How removing the daemon affects children

4. The similarities and differences between Lyra’s world and ours.

1. Lyra’s relationship with her parents? Kids this age understand that not all parents are good parents. Lyra’s parents aren’t even really parents to her. But she has other people in her life that are good and loving. This is a prime opportunity to teach kids about loving others. We never know when we might be the only person in someone’s life to show them loving care and concern.

2. The alethiometer and what it does: This one seems a bit tough on the exterior, but kids of tween age are old enough to understand metaphors and symbols. Call their attention to how Lyra has to be still and quiet and pay close attention to what she sees on the alethiometer in order to understand its meaning. Talk to them about how we should approach our quiet time with the Bible in the same way. Reinforce that the only “thing” in our world that can help us with every problem is God and His word and that, like Lyra turns to her “thing”, we can turn to the Bible in all situations.

3. How removing the daemon affects children: Children of the tween age are fast approaching the time in their lives – if they are not there already – when they will be realising that God doesn’t move people like dolls, but rather gives them free will to choose their path. Explain to the children that the daemon and its changeability represents that free will and that taking away an individual’s free will leaves them empty. Stress to them that God gave us our free will and that He wants us to come to Him out of that free will, not as empty robots, but as full participants in His kingdom.

4. The similarities and differences between Lyra’s world and ours: This is a good opportunity to reinforce the differences between fact and fiction. Remind kids that the differences in Lyra’s world underline the fact that the movie and book are a story.
And now for the last, and eldest, group of kids – the teens – ages 13 and up.

Teens are going to notice all of the things we’ve already talked about. Depending on their backgrounds in literature and science, other things they may notice are:

1. The similarity of the Magisterium to an organized church.

2. The attempts by the Magisterium to prevent discoveries that might “harm” their organization.

1. Yes, the Magisterium does indeed resemble an organized church. However, The Golden Compass does not insist on throwing aside all organized religion. What it does insist upon is resisting an authoritarian regime. Teenagers are ready for a little church history. Discuss with them how the Church has changed and how Christians are now encouraged to read and study the scriptures themselves. Talk to your kids about American history and how the pilgrims fled the same type of authoritarian church regimes. Remind your teenagers that only God is infallible, not man, and certainly not man’s organizations.

2. The attempts by the Magisterium to prevent discoveries that might “harm” their organization: Here’s another opportunity to bring a little history up. Many, many, many of the world’s great scientists and thinkers were and are also people of Faith. Some of them faced an organized church that was very resistant to their ideas. Have your teens research scientists like Newton and Copernicus, men of faith whose goal was to understand the glory of God’s creation, not to undermine His people. Talk about the intersection of faith and science. After all, even Einstein believed in miracles!

Digging a little deeper:

If all of the above doesn’t give you enough to talk about on the ride home from the movie theater, here’s a few more ideas for older audience members:

1. The Golden Compass was turned into a movie in part based on the success of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. How do the two movies compare? Pullman has suggested that his books are an agnostic/atheist reaction to C.S. Lewis’s overtly Christian series. Do you think Pullman will ever be as widely read as Lewis? Why or why not?

2. What do YOU think the “dust” is? Why do you think it mainly concentrates on children, rather than adults?

3. How do the intentions of the Gobblers to remove the innocence of the children compare to the intentions of the serpent in the Book of Genesis? Do you think Pullman intends for his audience to believe that childlike innocence is truly bad?

I hope that this helps you to look at The Golden Compass in a bit of a different light. Books and movies are only dangerous if we allow them to be and this one is no different.

I am not recommending that you go and pay for tickets to see this movie. What I am recommending – and I always do – is that you understand what it’s about and base your decision on all of the available information rather than someone else’s panic.

Thanks for your kind attention!

Taken From Scans Daily...

He has needs, I tell you! Needs!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

TV Plug!

.:Still Exhausted!:.

That field trip really got me out of sorts, but I'm managing.

Nonetheless, don't miss out on Monday's telecast of my mentalism, at QTV-11, Sapulso, 10PM.

Hope you guys would enjoy it!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007



Any system, when overridden with numerous flaws, will almost always meet resistance. This is true for technology, this is most certainly true for politics and governance. The ability of a government to stem these insurgencies is almost always commensurate to what kind of resistance the government is meeting. Over the course of history, there have been three forms of resistance in general, and for the most part, each of them have been a product of their times.

When one talks about a people's army, it's inevitable to conjure thoughts of the CPP-NPA if you happen to be Filipino, if only for the "PA" part of "NPA". That being said, a people's army is easily characterized by its organization, similar to a conventional army, albeit obviously often lower in numbers, and government fiat. The people's army was historically formed as a reaction to a civil dispute, such as against a tyrannical king (p.68) or sovereign, and as such, had its own hierarchy mimicking that of a conventional army. At this point, a people's army is almost cut off at the knees the moment its leaders are subdued, as was the case of the steady decline of the New People's Army since the self-imposed exile of Jose Maria Sison.

The people's army is characteristic of a reaction to a ruling paradigm, be it a civil despot, or a colonizer, and is effective insofar as its support base is concerned. Unlike guerilla warfare or network struggles, however, the success of a people's army is almost exclusively a number's game, whereas guerilla warfare has the element of surprise in its favor, and network struggles focus on coordination about as much as its numbers. The worry for the people's army is once "victory" is achieved. In being a centralized power, they are looked upon as the de facto substitute for the status quo, and this is where whatever flaws of the people's army come to the fore, oftentimes proving themselves no better than the status quo they replaced (p.72).

Guerilla warfare is similar to a people's army in that it is generally confined to one particular country, but unlike a people's army, despite a possibly large organization in total, guerilla warfare's advantage is in its numerous factions, thus all but negating the potential of an organization's collapse if its "leaders" were subdued. This is because guerilla warfare as a form of resistance is characterized by its being splintered and relatively disorganized. Almost operating as individuals, guerillas, though they may all be part of a particular organization, are certainly operating towards a goal with no attempt to fully supersede the status quo, knowing they are incapable of doing this. This is why their resistance is more disruptive or even destructive, than reconstructive, as is the case with a people's army.

A network struggle is, in contrast, one that takes place on the biopolitical terrain: it directly produces new subjectivities and new forms of life (p. 83). In place of the emphasis on numbers or the element of surprise, networks rely on "creativity, communication, and self-organized cooperation" (p. 83). This results in an overarching system of resistance that is more organized than a people's army, yet more persistent than guerilla warfare. In being an evolution of the two earlier forms of resistance we see a form of resistance greater than the sum of its parts: in its ability to coordinate and communicate, the network manages to strengthen and perpetuate itself.

Time can only tell if this form of resistance, that which seems to be the resistance in the era of the multitude, will succeed where its predecessors have failed.

The Clash Of The Times

.:A Clash Of The Times:.

All references to book pages are for "Multitude" by Hardt and Negri...

To say that the military, given the new face of war, is polarized in support or in opposition to the so-called Revolution in Military Affairs, would be an understatement. As technology continues to improve, and as the ties between technology and the machinations of war grow stronger, we clearly see a slow and gradual shift of dependence from the soldier to the weapon (Paraphrased, p.42). This glaring change is particularly reflected by the ability of the United States to wage wars with minimal casualties on their side when they choose to.

The new war is viewed from two sides by the military: the technologists, and the traditionalists (p.42). The former believes in making war as small-scale and as close to zero casualties as possible (p. 41), while the latter believes that forging the importance of the soldier in favor of the weapon has its disastrous effects, ranging from the counterpoint of suicide bombers to the theoretical but logical conclusion of an entirely virtual war, giving no motivation for a war to end if its horrors and inherent disadvantages become null (p.45-46).

The military sees war becoming "bodyless" (p.44), and this in turn results in a very skewed outlook of war, because aside from the United States, not too many countries have this luxurious option of not needing to expend soldiers in order to achieve victory in a war. Furthermore, it is ludicrous that a majority of the actual troops in current wars who are in the middle of the battlefield are actually allied forces, essentially, people from other countries functionally fighting a war for America. The other brunt of these troops are contracted from private military companies, making for an army composed of outsourced soldiers and mercenaries. This completely breaks the rules of war in half, not because some noble code of honor is being trampled upon (Not necessarily something everyone subscribes to.), but because logistically, you are padding an army with unstable support.

The military's outlook in this new war is mixed with optimism and pessimism, insofar as technology undeniably improves the efficiency of the military to wage war, but as this efficiency approaches perfection, what becomes an inherent deterrent to waging war on practically defenseless countries? The answer is sadly also approaching "none".

As such, while the technologists and the traditionalists may disagree on the merits of this new war, neither side can possibly deny that we are indeed coming closer to a new faceless war in the age of technology. For as long as war is stripped of its horrors, like Counterstrike or Battlefield 1942, these wars become alarmingly "fun" in the eyes of those who have the edge.

Moo... I'm Hunger...

I should really eat, but I'm just too mired in work to get around to it...


At least my day started off right since I hitched a ride to Reedley with my Beloved...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm A Bit Miffed Over This, But Hey, What Can I Do?

.:I'll Be On TV Next Monday, December 10!:.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sapulso episode yours truly will be featured in is happening next Monday, at 10 PM, still on QTV 11.

I don't know if I should be miffed that the show was postponed, or that next to nobody watched last night that they didn't even know it was postponed... =(

Yes, it's still the magic/mentalism feature, and I'm representing the mentalism side of the spectrum.

.:Nice Seeing You Again...:.

Hi Crissie! Bye Crissie! =P

Monday, December 03, 2007

Still Shilling For Tonight!

Yes, I'm shilling again. I'll be on TV, Channel 11, QTV, tonight, at 10PM. Don't miss it!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My TV Appearance Tomorrow...

.:Watch Out For Me Tomorrow On TV!!!:.

Don't miss out on Kapulso, Monday night on QTV Channel 11, at 10PM! I'll be featured as a street mentalist, performing as well as having an interview of sorts.

It'll be loads of fun, rest assured!

.:Thoughts On Things I Have To Accomplish...:.

1. A performance guide...
2. A frank essay on my thoughts on the state of Philippine magic, or at least, the magic groups I'm in the proximity of. It will step on a few toes, but it will all be honest and recommendatory, more than anything else.



Been a while since I've seen Clair, Krisette, and Kathy, so it was great just going to the Chua residence after a while and hanging out with them and even having a bit of poi, as Clair started to learn how to work them out, albeit without fire.

I haven't missed a beat when I got around to playing with the poi again, although I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to light it, and I haven't improved at all in the two or so years that I've been doing poi...

Oh, well.

.:My Beloved!:.

Lately, my "dates" with my Beloved have simply been opportunities for us to hang out at home and watch movies, which works real well for me...

For the most part, I know I've been missing out on blogging as well as a load of blogging events lately, but I'll have you know that would change soon enough... trust me.

I love you, my Beloved! And I miss you a heckuva lot already!

.:Thoughts On The Coup?:.

I'll pass. I can only smirk and say, "I could've sworn I've seen this all before..."

Clearly, statistics don't mean jack, especially once you start calling on the masses to go to MANILA PEN with you.


.:That's Snide...:.

So I got my hands on Ellusionist's coin-in-bottle tutorials, "Factory Sealed", and "Bullet". It's pretty sad how the fall from grace for the E has resulted in them taking a potshot at former E-member Wayne Houchin (Now of Theory 11.)has led to them taking what I view to be a veiled swipe at Houchin at one of the videos.

At the start of "Bullet", I believe, Justin Miller stomps on a can and says that "bottles are the new cans", which is in allusion to "Sinful" by Houchin, a coin-through-can effect.

Not very amusing at all, E. Not. Very. Amusing. At. All.

.:Brushing Up:.

Treated myself to a whole day of watching instructional videos to brush up on my knowledge base, and it's done me a world of good, to say the least. Needless to say, I'm glad...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mutiny, Ahoy!



Great. More trouble...

More details next time....


After my class at night, I went to Mag:Net Cafe and met up with Honey and Jaycie, and then ran into Jester during the nightcap. 'Twas interesting.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Did You Guys Notice...

... that we had an earthquake today?

I'll Be On TV!!!

.:Mentalism Feature!:.

Next Monday, December 3, I'll be on QTV-11 at 10PM, demonstrating some mentalism.

Hope you guys can catch me there! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

And Now, For More WTFery...

.:The Italian Spider-Man!:.

I need not say anything more.


.:A Near-Perfect Date...:.

That's all I can say about yesterday's time with my Beloved.

We ate at Aveneto, we shopped around for shoes, and it was really awesome.

You can't get any better than that. My Beloved and I really had a great day spent with each other, and I can't be grateful enough for it.

My Beloved, thanks for spending a wonderful day with me. I really wish we had more time with eafch other, but the time we spent was perfect for what it was...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Random Thoughts...

1. The cancelation of the field trip. Looks like Reedley didn't want their students to get wet by the storm while swimming. Lol.

2. My scheduled interview next Tuesday for my Mentalism.

3. More Loli Loves Venom goodness!

4. Stuff that's been happening in Philo class.

5. Moving day for all the teachers.

6. My clubs...

7. Random news stuff...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Random Short Thoughts...

.:It's A Bit Distressing...:.

... finding out that my world is too small to avoid my Red Kryptonite.

Even former co-workers turn out to be undesired connections... grrr...

.:Field Trip Canceled...:.

Well, there you have it.

And that's why I suddenly don't find myself capable of blogging again, because now, I have to plan for my next class... gah.

How Has War Changed?

.:Multitude Has The Answer:.

While the word “war” connotes a very specific image of many different countries fighting over territory by using military force, “Multitude” by Hardt and Negri conjures a very different picture: we instead see these wars, or these state of wars, as it were, as a constant “general global state of war” that happens all over the world, not as a matter of conflict between two or more sovereign powers, but more along the lines of a civil war within only one sovereign territory, as Hardt and Negri put it.

If one were to refer to the discussion of “Empire”, it was made clear that globalization is slowly turning the entire world into one superstructure instead of a conglomeration of different structures, i.e. countries. This in turn would mean that any conflict within the world is a conflict within the workings of said superstructure, thus resulting in what could only be called “civil war”. This is especially clear when we realize that only rarely do we now have wars in order to expand territory, albeit the most high-profile war we are currently involved in, USA's “war on terror”, is, for all intents and purposes, a sliding back into the old kind of war.

Outside of this sliding back, the wars of today are radically different in purpose, and are mostly for policing purposes, instead of for expansion of territory. For an erring country to fall in line with the standard, a powerful country would declare war on it not to conquer the country, but to make it conform to a particular standard or intention, as we have clearly seen in the way the threat of war dissuades countries like North Korea and Cuba from fully exerting their will. No longer can we assume a “unilateral” or a “multilateral” approach, because any attempt by a country like the United States to muscle another country into falling in line has to intrinsically be in accordance with the desires of the rest of the superstructure. America, as Hardt and Negri put it, “cannot go it alone”. This is why the nature of war in this day and age has changed from one of a battle of political wills to an attempt at hegemony and conformity, albeit not in the strictest or most obvious sense. War has become a tool of perpetuating this so-called Empire of which countries like the United States are merely a part of, and not the be-all and end-all of.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let Me Make Something Very Clear...

.:It's Annoying To Keep On Hearing This Over And Over Again...:.

"Sir, can you show me magic?"

"Sir, can you read my mind?"

The answer is simple: yes, I can. But no, I will not.

You see, the problem most people fail to realize is that as a mentalist, I actually get paid to demonstrate my skills. I don't just do it for fun, because I have a hundred other hobbies that I do solely for fun. I actually do mentalism and the like because I get paid very well for my skills.

When I show people something, like, say, a prediction effect, I am doing it to prove a point. I am doing it because I want to, not because I'm asked to.

So let me make it very clear for everyone reading this... yes, I can, but if you think that gives you license to expect a magic show from me at the drop of a hat, no I will not. As someone who has honed his craft since he has started being interested in it since he was eight, I don't want to liken myself to the cheap carnival thrills that unfortunately, the craft is being associated with, thanks to an oversaturation of the market at this point.

Red Kryptonite Just Left...

... and the cloud just lifted from me ever-so-slightly.

And I'm just glad my Beloved showed up yesterday and we got to spend time with each other. Makes me wonder how I'll do when she ends up going to the States in a year's time...

Monday, November 19, 2007

You Are My Kryptonite...

.:My Kryptonite...:.

No, you don't make me weak on the knees.

You're more like red kryptonite.

Being around you makes me sad.

Posting Tomorrow...

... or some other day. This is a heavy week. REAL heavy.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


.:Talecraft FTW!:.

I had my mentalism demonstration using Talecraft at yesterday's Komikon.

It was a smashing success.

Will fill you in on the details next time, but I'm a happy panda.

Friday, November 16, 2007

So Tired...

So as usual, can't blog sensibly.

Can't wait for the chance to be able to breathe.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

WGA Strike Hoopla

.:The Writer's Strike:.

While I am by no means an expert when it comes to the whole issue of this strike, I think it's fair to say that the writers have every right to call a strike, given how screwed they have been of residuals from DVD's and the like that they should've been getting all these years.

The networks are shafting these writers by doing what they do. It is very clear that they are making money from downloads and netcasts of their programming, yet the writers do not receive anything for it. When an episode of "Heroes" gets downloaded off of I-Tunes, it makes absolutely no sense for the writers not to get any money off of that, either. They are intellectually and morally entitled to a share of the pie because that is *their* idea on the line right there. They wrote the script, and they deserve compensation for any subsequent uses of their "product", if you will.

There are two big arguments against the WGA strike, and I will proceed to outline them for you. The first argument is simplistic, and selfish. Most strike naysayers are merely concerned with the fact that they are not going to be able to watch their favorite show if the strike persists, and are completely oblivious, or worse, apathetic, to the issues at hand. Such thinking deserves no endeavor to rectify, since it's obvious what's wrong there.

The second argument goes as such: writers are an overpaid lot, who are throwing their weight around and in the end, the small people get hurt, such as the poor lightsman, the grip guy, and so forth, since there's no show for them to tape since there's nobody writing the show they work in. It's a two-pronged argument, both glossing over very important facts. Let's break them down very carefully...

Are writers an overpaid lot? Quite frankly, to say this is to paint in broad strokes. Not everyone is a Joss Whedon or a Steve Carell or even a JK Rowling. Those people are the upper echelon who command high incomes. They skew the average, because the true average writer probably only makes one million pesos a year, in a country where the cost of living is at least five times as high as the Philippines. It's not minimum wage, but it's not mansion money, either.

Is it the writer's fault if mr. lightsman or mr. grip guy loses their job? No, it's not. To say that is to say that it's okay for writers to be trampled upon to protect other people's interests, instead of pressuring networks and studios to do what is right for everyone. If your favorite show gets canceled because the writer went on strike, to say it's the writer's fault your show got canceled and their fault that every bit player behind the camera lost their job is ludicrous. The networks and the studios brought it upon everyone, and these bit players are not the direct responsibility of the writers, either. If anything, they're the direct responsibility of the negligent and malingering studios that hired them.

So yes, I support the writer's strike. Let them strike for as long as they need. Without writers, there are no shows or even movies to be made. To eff them over is one of the worst things you could do.

Makes you wonder how the actors and directors will be mobilizing when the ball is in their court...

.:In Da Clubs:.

Well, looks like I'm moderating two clubs for Reedley for the next two quarters... things ought to be interesting.


Elbert Or, belated happy birthday!

Horrible Rain...

Wonder if they'll cancel classes?


Friday, November 09, 2007

Random Grab Bag...

.:Hi, Bessy Moo!:.

Met up with my best friend last night. I missed her quite a bit...

.:Don't. Ever. Do. That.:.

I will not tolerate that kind of behavior.

.:Everyone's A Critic...:.

Skeptics are funny. That is all I have to say about that.

.:Fell Down Real Hard...:.

So I was in the faculty room with one of my co-teachers...

Anyways, she asked if she could use my comp, as she wanted to send an e-mail to someone, so I gladly complied.

Next thing I knew, she took the seat I was going to seat myself in, and I promptly landed hard on my backside.

It still hurts, hours from the fateful event.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Starting PEN...

.:Time For PEN...:.

I met up last night with Nomer and David Elefant to discuss how things should go for PEN, and I must say that it's looking real good.

We'll keep you posted what's next on our agenda...

A Week Without You...

... seems like an eternity.

I miss you already.

But I guess it must be done. For our sakes.

I still love you.

Monday, November 05, 2007

It's Oh So Quiet...

.:Today's LSS: It's Oh So Quiet...:.

So sue me, this is all that's on my mind right now...

It's Oh So Quiet
by Bjork

It's, oh, so quiet
It's, oh, so still
You're all alone
And so peaceful until...

You fall in love
Zing boom
The sky up above
Zing boom
Is caving in
Wow bam
You've never been so nuts about a guy
You wanna laugh you wanna cry
You cross your heart and hope to die

'til it's over and then
It's nice and quiet
But soon again
Starts another big riot

You blow a fuse
Zing boom
The devil cuts loose
Zing boom
So what's the use
Wow bam
Of falling in love

It's, oh, so quiet
It's, oh, so still
You're all alone
And so peaceful until...

You ring the bell
Bim bam
You shout and you yell
Hi ho ho
You broke the spell
Gee, this is swell you almost have a fit
This guy is 'gorge' and i got hit
There's no mistake this is it

'til it's over and then
It's nice and quiet
But soon again
Starts another big riot

You blow a fuse
Zing boom
The devil cuts loose
Zing boom
What's the use
Wow bam
Of falling in love
The sky caves in
The devil cuts loose
You blow blow blow blow your fuse
When you've fallen in love


Sunday, November 04, 2007

TV Appearance Here...

.:And Here We Are... My TV Appearance...:.

Well, as you can see, it's not like I claimed any special powers. As I always say, my abilities are always in the realm of psychology and humanism, and hey, it works just fine for me.

Part one...

Part two...


Friday, November 02, 2007

Press Release...

Much credit to Richard Osterlind for the format of this announcement.

What Is The Psychic Entertainment Network?

The Psychic Entertainment Network, or P.E.N. for short, is the tentative name for a collective of Psychic Entertainers. It is the first and only one of its kind in the Philippines.

But talk is cheap. Just watch this video and find out for yourself:

What Is Psychic Entertainment?

Psychic Entertainment is the use of widely discussed skills of the mind, such as telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, and so forth. Unlike others, however, this is done mainly for entertainment purposes.

Psychic Entertainment is one of the most sought-after attractions in corporate events, trade shows, private parties, and even at times in mall tours. To say that there is a steadily increasing buzz about the craft is an understatement, and the credentials of these psychic entertainers with their own personal specialties, more than speak for itself. Collectively, they have done shows for the likes of SM North EDSA, SM Mall Of Asia, Podium, EDSA Shangrila, Hyatt Hotel, Eastwood City, I-Blog 3, Ayala Aeon, and the Philippine Toy Convention.

Who’s Who In The Psychic Entertainment Network?

Nomer Lasala is an accomplished Aura Reader and Psychokinetic who has been doing psychic entertainment for years. His ability to move objects with but a mere thought has been the subject of much debate and consternation among some of his contemporaries, who are practically unilaterally admirers of his work. One of his most well-known talents is metal bending, where he demonstrates his ability to move silverware without exerting physical force or the like.

Kel Fabie is the master of Remote Viewing: the ability to see through other people’s eyes. Through this gift, he has demonstrated in numerous public performances his ability to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. Others who do blindfolded solutions require some time to study the shuffled cube before applying a blindfold. In contrast, Kel solves the cube by mentally visualizing the colors of the cube through the eyes of another person observing the cube with him. He applies the blindfold before the cube is shuffled.

Lei Sarmiento is a Wiccan who practices the art of the occult. He is also a member and writer for the Wiccan community in the country. His skill at gaining powerful insights into other people is also exhibited when he does Tarot card readings and the like. Few people can match Lei when it comes to his apparent connection with the intriguing and mysterious world of the occult and paranormal.

Sonny Minoza is a well-known Psychic Entertainer who specializes in Clairvoyance: the ability to foretell something before it even happens. With his nuanced performances involving psychology and outright uncanny intuition, his hit rate of getting predictions correct is as accurate as any quack fortune teller telling us that “the elections will be messy”. Given his impressive repertoire and resume, it is easy to imagine why he is practically a household name in the Psychic Entertainment circles.

David Elefant has been a Psychic Entertainer since the 1970’s, and he has written books on the topic in the past. His knowledge of the art is virtually unmatched, and his range of abilities is the stuff of legend. To describe his range of abilities to you would not do enough justice to his over three decades of experience as well as expertise in the field.

How Can We Entertain You?

Whether individually or collectively, these Psychic Entertainers are available for numerous different functions, including but not limited to parties, corporate events, trade shows, and lectures. Given the versatility of these Psychic Entertainers, they are capable of entertaining all sorts of people, from children to adults, in all types of venues, from hotels to trade floors, and are fully capable of incorporating some other forms of entertainment to further enhance the experience.

These performers have the ability to perform in several diverse albeit complimentary formats. They are flexible and adaptable and through this they ensure that clients maximize their entertainment investment, and reap unparalleled returns from the astonishment and profound entertainment of attendees.

In a nutshell, these Psychic Entertainers will pull out all the stops in order to entertain you and your attendees. Why bother with the same old song and dance routine? Think- and let your audience think as well! Give them an experience that they will continue talking about long after the party’s over.

Close-Up (Walkaround): The performer/s will approach tables or individuals and demonstrate their skills through a variety of simple tests in order to entertain them through feats of psychokinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, and the like. This is perfect for quiet dinner parties, or even in between sets of stage performers or entertainers.

Stage Show: The stage show typically follows dinner, and often as one of the highlights of any program. Here, the performer/s will conduct several tests of his skills onstage and ask the audience to participate as he does it. The stage show can also be confined into a parlor show, to demonstrate these skills even to children at children’s parties with more visual implements in order to attract their attention.

Trade Show : Whether as a booth where the performer/s will entertain your audience, or even as the attraction of choice at your hospitality suites, Psychic Entertainment at Trade Shows is definitely a big deal. Be it through various tests of skill, or even Aura readings or Tarot Card readings, these performers are fully capable of drawing traffic to your Trade Show.

Don’t Be Left Behind!

Don’t be fooled. Settle for nothing less. The Psychic Entertainment Network is available for bookings for a wide variety of audiences and functions, from stage shows to lectures to birthday parties. If you want top-notch entertainment that grabs everyone’s attention, then get in touch with us.

… In fact, we already know you want to get in touch with us. ;)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


.:The TV Appearance Of The Ages...:.

Well, guys, it looks like the Psychic Entertainment Network was a hit this morning at ANC.

Three guests were there: Nomer, David Elefant, and myself.

While I really wanted to do my effect on television in its unadulterated glory, the floor director didn't like the idea of me potentially drinking acid instead of milk, and so they opted to go for water instead. Be that as it may, the effect still worked to good effect, and it still had some measure of suspense to it. They even showed some clips of me solving a rubik's cube while blindfolded.

While David didn't do anything for the people on the air, his air of authority really helped carry the point across, as Nomer proceeded to demonstrate Liquid Metal to the hosts.

After the show, Nomer was literally swamped with text messages asking about us and if they could book us.

Well, looks like we're off to a good start. Perfect way to start off November, what with yesterday being an awesome day spent with My Beloved... we just pigged out on movies, as we watched three movies at home.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You Gotta Love Zaido...

... They just found an excuse within the show's storyline to feature a scene where Dennis Trillo dances the Robot, Disco, and Breakdancing.

Wow. Just wow.

Lemme Reiterate...

.:TV Appearance Tomorrow!:.

Tomorrow, I'll be making an appearance for an interview regarding psychic phenomena in ANC around 9:30 AM or so. I'll be doing the Acid Test, so this will be a doozy that you better not miss out on!

.:What Business Do They Have Exposing The Art?:.

Last Saturday, GMA-7's program, "Imbestigador", had a segment where they exposed several magic illusions including the Zig-Zag Lady, the Linking Rings, and even a locally devised effect known as "Burikadabra".

For a program that prides itself in bringing to justice the less desirable elements of our society, it boggles the mind why they would make it a point to disrespect the art of magic and expose these effects? Has it ever occurred to them that these people perform and keep a code of secrecy to preserve the integrity of the art? Or are they too concerned in exposing magic for no other reason than to just bring the craft down even further?

Programs like these are not unlikely to find themselves at odds with pirates: people with no regard for intellectual property and profit off of it. Isn't that what they just did here? Did they ever care about the livelihood of magicians whose credibility they undermined with their exposure? Did they even care that they were divulging ideas that they did not themselves own, and almost assuredly did not pay for either?

It's a slap in the face of an art that has made it clear that they deal in deception to begin with. People pay to be deceived. To even compare the art of magic to street hustlers and swindlers is an outright insult to magic as a whole.

What business does Imbestigador, a show meant as a public service, in sticking their noses into someone's decent, honest livelihood? If they want to do a witch-hunt of quacks and frauds whose claims bite off more than they can choose, sure thing, but expose magic wantonly and irregardless of the fact that people pay their bills through it? That's just uncalled for, especially when it even goes as far as to trample over intellectual property rights?

This isn't just a protest over something petty. It's a protest over a very unethical, unscrupulous, and willful exposure of an art whose key to success is secrecy, for no malicious reason, but simply to entertain. It honestly makes no sense why a reputable program like Imbestigador would go against its own principles of fair play and justice and flat-out ignore the welfare of magicians trying to make a living all for the sake of what? For the sake of ratings?

Count me in as someone who wishes to file my indignation against this program.

TV Appearance!

.:A Discussion On Psychic Phenomena...:.

I'll be at ANC tomorrow around 9:30 AM, for the November 1 episode where I and fellow TSC member Nomer will be interviewed about psychich phenomena. =)


This Saturday, I'll be on Lovely Day as well, on GMA 7.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quick Update...

.:Jon Stewart, The Green Lantern...:.

Picture from Shaft Agents...

.:Bookings Galore!:.

I'm booked to go and do magic every Sunday at Global Fun Carnival in Mall of Asia...

And then, I'm doing mentalism in The Block tomorrow and Tuesday. Real awesome, to say the least... I have a bunch of gigs after a long time...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007



In other news, I got Akantor for MHF2 already.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


.:Feel The Pain!:.

WWE, hire that commentary guy. Nao!

.:Can't Wait For Sembreak!:.

When will this pain end? x_x

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


.:Busy, Busy, Busy.:.

Columbia found me an E-Copy of To Kill A Mockingbird.

They're really cool.

.:El And Charles...:.

... saw them both last night. Heh.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Weekend Was Quiet, But Whoah!


I don't wanna talk about last Friday's bombing event anymore. It's sad, and it's really just bewildering why they did it... more economic sabotage, perhaps?

My prayers go out to the affected families...

.:Isn't It Lovely?:.

My mom really likes my Beloved, so I can see...

.:Match Of The Yearu!:.

Somewhere around 0:50, prepare to see something that'd make your jaw drop.

Friday, October 19, 2007


.:MHF2 FTW!:.

Got together with Diane, Mark, and Joey for a bit of Monster Hunter 2, and it went pretty well. I'm glad things are going just fine in that regard.

Even went to Greenhills to have a co-teacher's PSP modded too...

.:Weekly Plan Time!:.

Time for me to start doing the weekly plan, heh.


Here we go... looks like I have my work cut out for me, but I'm managing just fine, regardless. :)

.:The Icon Meme...:.

Credit of suggestion goes to Mlina.

: This image is my default image. Found it someplace on Scans Daily. Since I'm Mister Vader, I think it suits me just fine. While Darth Vader is evil, he's positively cuddly. And cute. :P

: Well, more Darth Vader love, of course. It's just perfect.

: Because you have to stop, collaborate and listen. It's Hammertime! I just found this picture, and it just reminded me of the 90's so much... heh.

: Batman loves Robin. What else can I say?

: Great Teacher Onizuka is one of my favorite anime of all time, and I just needed to have a userpic with him in it. He's the inspiration for my teaching career.

: A picture of The Rock, the Brahma Bull. One of my favorite WWE Wrestlers of all time, along with The Undertaker. Everyone knows I've been a fan of wrestling since time immemorial.

: Barry White is god! I'd kill just to have a voice like his when I'm trying to talk to someone on the phone. If you don't know who Barry White is, look him up.

Comment to this post and I will reply back with seven of your icons from your icon gallery. You then have to put a post in your Livejournal explaining the background of these icons and why you love and keep them. And the cycle continues!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Was An Urban Legend For A Day!


So there was this one time I substituted for Berkeley, and of course, I did a bit of magic for them while I was at it.

A few weeks later, they tell their Social Studies teacher about me. Ms. Rillo promptly asks, "who?" and she feigns complete ignorance about me, as if I didn't exist.

Soon enough, all the other Berkeley teachers were in on the joke. Mr. Javier was asking them who this "Mr. Fabie" was, since he's from the English department and he's never seen this "Mr. Fabie". Mr. Quijano acts surprised about it and asks the students if this "Mr.Fabie" apparates. Ms. Tong was in on the joke, too.

It took a while before Berkeley caught on that they were being taken for a ride, courtesy of Ms. Rillo, but I must admit that it was fun knowing that I was an urban legend of sorts for a few moments in the eyes of the Berkeley kids...

Short but sweet... =P

.:Loli Loves Venom!!!:.

And since I don't know if it's cool to gank her images, I'm just linking here: Loli loves Venom!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Finally Finished Recording, So Paying Something Forward...

Finished recording grades, so time to relax a bit!

Reply to this post, and I will list three things I love about you. Maybe more than three. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Must Share This Before I Go To Bed...

Clair, this is for you!



While I was with my Beloved in Greenhills yesterday, we ran into a couple of my students, and it was really amusing how they gushed over Row...

"You're his... girlfriend?"

"Oh! You're sooo beautiful!"

"You're too big for him!"

The last statement made me do a double take. I'm 6', and my Beloved is a waif 5'2, and barely over 100 pounds (I'm not telling. She might get mad I revealed her weight.). How the heck could she be "too big"? Or did they mean it the other way around?



Didn't realize my Beloved is close friends with Aiza Seguerra. That being said, I ended up hanging out with Row's friends at Greenhills. We ate at CPK, and conversations were pretty okay...

It was fun, really. I kept a low profile for the most part, and I think that it was all good and I didn't do anything to make them dislike me or something...

That is all I have to say for now.

And, oh. We have internet again. Thank God for that, too.

I hope that means my blogging can go back to being sensible after months of being little more than shout-outs.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I R Dedz

.:I... I... Failed?!?:.

I froze up during an oral exam?

What is this world coming to?!?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random Emo-Ness...

Ahh, Alcohol and Audacity, how you torment me...javascript:void(0)

TV Thoughts...

.:It's Interesting...:.

Believe it or not, I really feel that Zaido has been doing really well as a series so far. I haven't seen ABS-CBN's "Lastikman", but what I'm seeing from Zaido has been interesting for the most part, and I'm really glad to see nods here and there to the original.

Paolo Ballesteros as Ida is really disorienting. It does make you think, huh?

.:Outside Of That...:.

All this hoopla over the remakes being "rip-offs" have been unfounded, for the most part. Super Twins was rather different from Sailor Moon outside of their costumes. Lupin was critically praised, if only for the depth of Lupin's pathos, and it worked out pretty well. Asian Treasures was an ambitious foray that paid off well, albeit seeing Angel Locsin in ABS-CBN now is a bit sad.

Marimar is okay for the most part. It does make me wonder though about the series, because for all intents and purposes, Marimar's appeal back in the day was its fast pacing. This rendition does not have that feature.

Well, it remains to be seen...

Woes Of News...

.:You Call This News?!?:.

So yeah, Manny Pacquiao won again, but given the lead-up to the fight, do you call this newsworthy?

It's ridiculous how even Manny Pacquiao's dinner menu makes it to the headlines. I don't need to know about this pompous, self-deluded bastich when there are people trying to ferret out what's going on in Burma and are in dire need of airtime, dammit.

.:You Let This Guy Go Out On Bail?:.

Welcome to the justice system. For a measly 80,000 pesos, Atty. Manuel Hernandez gets to walk around before his day in court on bail, despite killing two people in broad daylight over a traffic altercation.

Apparently, they are downgrading his case from murder to a homicide, and quite frankly, I am incensed they are doing this.

The man shot a total of eight bullets into two people, six of them on one person. If this were merely homicide, then he could've stopped after shooting, once, maybe even twice. Shooting someone in cold blood six times betrays that this was no longer a spur of the moment thing. He had four shots after the first two to change his mind, but he didn't.

There is a strong case against him, and for good reason. That man should not be out on bail. He really shouldn't.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Finals Week For Me And My Students...

For me, and for my students.

Expect miniscule posting from me today, if at all...

Friday, October 05, 2007

What's This? Be Mean To Filipinos Week?

.:The Daily Show Poked Fun At Cory Aquino? Gasp!:.

Got this from bluegenesis. Lemme know what you think.

Looks like there's a small rumbling going on right now, as Jon Stewart, one of my absolute favorite "newscasters" ever, may have had a moment in his show where Cory Aquino was referred to as a "slut".

Now, while it's not a joke at the expense of the Philippines, it's a joke at the expense of one of the personalities in this country whom a lot of us look up to even to this very day.

I refuse to pass judgment until I've got sound back in my comp so I can hear what they're saying.

Look! Fanfiction!

.:This Made Me Laugh...:.

Thanks to cmarguel, I am now privy to some of the most ridiculous drivel I have ever heard...

See the government make a fool out of themselves, as they make a heavy-handed call to completely turn around the whole Desperate Housewives brouhaha with an equally sweeping generalization that is just laughable at best...

"What should happen is Desperate Housewives should have a future episode where Teri Hatcher says she wants to have a Filipino doctor because she heard that they're the best. Something that would come close to undoing the damage that was done," Rodis told the ABS-CBN North America Bureau."

Amid this, and the call for "scholarships", it looks like some really shortsighted people are trying to grandstand themselves into the spotlight once more.

Ridiculously enough, some people are even calling for a ban of the show! I don't know about you, but this pandering is really hitting classic levels of idiocy already.

Enough's enough! They already apologized? Now, can we get on with our lives already?!?

Longing For The Weekend...


Thursday, October 04, 2007


According to this blog entry, it looks like our very own Senator Miriam Santiago has thrown a racial slur against the Chinese as well.

I don't see the Chinese, or Hades, even the Filipino-Chinese community demanding an apology, do I?

There seems to be a double-standard at work here...

It's Never Too Late...

Of Desperate Housewives And Wagging The Dog...

.:Balat-Sibuyas: Lyrically Speaking Scribbles, Part VI:.

“Ethnic jokes may seem uncouth, but we laugh because it’s based on truth.”

- Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist, Avenue Q

A recent episode of “Desperate Housewives” saw actress Teri Hatcher making a throwaway joke to a doctor, worried that he got his diploma “from some med school in the Philippines.” Almost immediately, an uproar from bloggers and in a matter of two days, even media outfits and the government, engulfed the country.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard denigrating remarks in reference to Filipinos, but as if on cue, we still react to these remarks in the exact same way we’ve always reacted to any attempt to put the Filipino down: with indignant disdain.

Recall when Clair Danes called Manila “a ghastly place”. Recall when we discovered a brand of cookies called “Filipinos”. Recall when Jay Leno slammed Filipinos after we pulled our troops out of Iraq. Recall movies like “Jarhead” and dictionaries like Oxford, who referred to Filipinas either as mail-order brides or domestic helpers. Recall “Man On The Moon”, where Andy Kauffman went to the Philippines to be healed, only to find out that the faith healer was a quack.

Any which way you look at it, our only course of action is to throw a hissy fit and sic the PC dogs on our so-called oppressor, never mind the fact that any corner you turn to, Filipinos are just as guilty of racism (Chinese-Filipinos, Koreans, and Indians could tell you as much.), and even on television, with the jokes we love to hurl at other races.

Sad to say, a good chunk of us can’t take it the way we dish it out.

When you make an attempt to define the Filipino or particularly, the Filipina, the way Oxford Dictionary did, or the way a cursory Google search bombards people with the wrong notions about what it means to be a Filipina, then you know there is something that needs to be done about it. There’s a huge gap between a throwaway joke in a throwaway segment of some soon-to-be throwaway television show and a completely malicious depiction of the Philippines as characterized by a Google search for the word “Filipina”.

Furthermore, it’s ridiculous to call for Teri Hatcher’s head in a scripted show, when she was just saying her lines. For all I know, racial jokes are being thrown on that program on a regular basis, and it’s only the Filipinos who are too sensitive to take a joke. It’s a bit sad how being PC is slowly eradicating our sense of humor.

But then, doesn’t making a specific issue a general matter constitute a good deal of humor? When we make jokes about how Indians supposedly stink, or about how supposedly money-grubbing the Chinese are, or how supposedly stingy the Ilocanos are, aren’t these stereotypes in place precisely because there’s a smidgen of truth in them?

It’s easy to decry being looked down upon, but did we ever check to see why we were being looked down upon? Or do we gloss over the fact that we have more than an our fair share of stalls in Recto that sell forged diplomas? Or do we forget the fact that quite a few of our medical institutions here are far from stellar? Or do we just ignore that just last year, the Philippine Nursing bar exams were marred by a leakage, thereby staining our reputation internationally, knowing full well that other countries get nurses from our country, and they discover, to their horror, that there was a leakage that marred the results.

We gave the writers of “Desperate Housewives” every reason to make a joke at our expense. And I am willing to bet you that a lot of people would even let it slide if one of the writers claimed Filipino lineage and only used the joke as a shout-out to Filipinos out there. Rex Navarette makes a lot of Pinoy-centric jokes, but he gets a free pass no matter how offensive or raunchy he might get at times simply because he’s Filipino. It’s the same reason Chris Rock gets to make black jokes, because he’s black. For a bunch of people who decry being treated unequally, the special treatment of “one of their own” is just ridiculous… or is it?

It’s not ridiculous because it’s in the context of humor. A throwaway joke with some measure of truth, the kind of truth that people in other countries are privy to because the whole nursing fiasco made international news, and thereby, extending it even to our doctors and other medical practitioners. Is this joke going to mark a decline in regard for the Filipino medical practitioner? No, it already declined the moment the nursing leakage happened. Jokes about it were made precisely because it happened. Call it tacky humor if you will, but it’s the freedom of speech, and it’s not even hateful speech, the way you hear members of the KKK rattle on and on about white supremacy.

So how was this different from the Malou Fernandez issue? Well, allow me to illustrate:

1. Malou Fernandez wrote her diatribe against OFW’s. Teri Hatcher didn’t.

2. Malou Fernandez was “one of our own”, but unlike Rex Navarette, she certainly didn’t act like it. Rex Navarette’s deprecative humor of Filipinos has always been self-referential, which is why he gets a pass. Malou didn’t for that.

3. Malou Fernandez’s statements were clearly hateful, and idiotically enough, targeted to a Filipino market. “Desperate Housewives” is marketed internationally.

4. And, oh. This just in. ABC apologized for the comment. Malou Fernandez didn't until it was way too late.

I can only imagine how many people would decry our programs if they found out that we throw out stereotypes and racial slurs on a regular basis. Anyone remember Michael V’s “DJ Bumbay”? That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Y’know, the problem right now is we’re too busy trying to find out what other countries think about us instead of trying to fix ourselves so that other countries would have better things to say about us. Do Italians have to raise their arms up in protest everytime someone refers to the “Italian solution?” Do the French have to declare war on America every time they’re called “cowards?” Heck, just to throw in another developing country in there, does Cuba start an uproar when they’re referred to as a smuggler’s haven? No they don’t, so what makes Filipinos so special that they have to throw a hissy fit every single time a negative reference is made to them? The obvious answer, is none. We already stained our legacy with the likes of the nursing exam leakage. If Japan and Germany can’t shake off the WWII stigma sixty years hence, don’t think the Philippines can shake off the nursing fiasco in a little over a year’s time.

I’m proud to be Filipino, all good qualities and bad considered. Just because I'm not offended does not mean I'm ashamed to be a Filipino (Why am I not surprised to hear *that* stereotype everytime something like this happens.) To get mad at some line of dialogue in a television show without so much as asking where it came from is tantamount to wagging the dog. The line, no matter how insignificant, is referring to an issue that the Filipinos have a long way to address, the way Nazi jokes still haunt Germany to this day. Nazism was Germany’s national shame. At this point, the Philippines is riddled with a myriad sources of national shame, and instead of doing anything about it, we just whine when someone calls us out on it. Feel free to whine, but if that's all you're going to do, you're not helping at all.

So in closing, yeah, some of us took offense, and while I respect that, and your right to ask for a public apology from the producers of “Desperate Housewives”, can we just screw our heads on straight and not get lost in our furor?

First of all, Teri Hatcher didn’t write what she said, and when you’re paid close to a million an episode, the last thing you’d want to do is to question an almost insignificant line in a dialogue.

Second, being politically correct kills off our sense of humor. Offensive? Debatable. Funny? Equally debatable.

Thirdly, it’s ridiculous how we protest when we ourselves are guilty of stereotyping. Saying “all Filipinos should be offended, and anyone who isn't offended is not proud to be Filipino” is just ridiculously painting in broad strokes.
Lastly, it’s our own damned fault, what with the nursing board fiasco. Yes, I know nurses are not the same as doctors, but they’re both medical practitioners, and that was the point of the line in the show.

Who was it who recently said, “explain before you complain?” Tsk, tsk.

Everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes. It doesn’t mean we go around committing hate crimes.

P.S. So we got an apology now, and all is good, for the most part. But can I just say that for Nadal to demand “a more substantial” apology in the form of donations and scholarships is just being too heavy-handed?

People already got what they wanted. No need to milk the cow even further and give people a new stereotypes to brand Filipinos with...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Song For Ana...

Indulge me...

by Eduardo Calasanz

Walang ginagawa ang mga bituin
Kundi pagmasdan ang mga mangingibig.

Isang gabi, kapag ikaw ay umiibig,
Tumingala ka sa mga bituin.
Malasin mo ang kanilang ningning,
Ligaya mo'y sinasalamin.

Mabait ang mga bituin.
Sa mga mgangingibig
Isa lamang ang hiling:
Umibig, umibig, umibig
Nang may magawa ang mga bituin.

Walang ginagawa ang mga bituin
Kundi pagmasdan ang mga mangingibig.

Isang gabi, kung masawi ka sa pag-ibig
Tumingala kang muli sa mga bituin;
Pati liwanag, nagiging dilim
At tamis ng puso'y dahan-dahang umaasim.

Malupit ang mga bituin.
Sa mga bigo sa pag-ibig
Labis ang hinihiling:
Umibig, umibig, umibig pa rin
Nang may magawa ang mga bituin.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Too Sick...

... I was actually falling asleep during Metaphysics class!

It was so embarrassing. I know Mr. Calasanz understands what I'm going through, but I felt so guilty.

And thanks to that, well, I guess you can tell that I missed my double quiz in Epistemology this morning.

When it rains, it really pours.

Monday, October 01, 2007


.:Whoop De Doo...:.

Back to the grind, and it's a Monday. Had my substitute class for Princeton and I definitely enjoyed their company. Now, if only one of the students would stop getting himself in trouble by bringing playing cards to school... heh.

Columbia was fun to be around with as well. I gave them back their Persuasive essay drafts, and it was a bit off-putting to find out about an event that happened over the weekend involving one of my students.

Ah, well. The day has been long and busy. I'm just glad I can rest easy at this point.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Heartfelt Thanks!

To everyone who made it to my celebration yesterday, my thanks to all of you!

My thanks to PJ and Alliver...
JM and Clair...
Mark and Diane...
Carlo and Mich...
Elbert and Estelle...
Shari and Robby...
Markpoa and Mario (Yihee!!!)...

And of course, to my Beloved. I love you so much, and thank you for making my birthday a very happy one.