Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let Me Make Something Very Clear...

.:It's Annoying To Keep On Hearing This Over And Over Again...:.

"Sir, can you show me magic?"

"Sir, can you read my mind?"

The answer is simple: yes, I can. But no, I will not.

You see, the problem most people fail to realize is that as a mentalist, I actually get paid to demonstrate my skills. I don't just do it for fun, because I have a hundred other hobbies that I do solely for fun. I actually do mentalism and the like because I get paid very well for my skills.

When I show people something, like, say, a prediction effect, I am doing it to prove a point. I am doing it because I want to, not because I'm asked to.

So let me make it very clear for everyone reading this... yes, I can, but if you think that gives you license to expect a magic show from me at the drop of a hat, no I will not. As someone who has honed his craft since he has started being interested in it since he was eight, I don't want to liken myself to the cheap carnival thrills that unfortunately, the craft is being associated with, thanks to an oversaturation of the market at this point.

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Dominique said...

Whoa! And here I was just about to ask you that very question....

Man! You read my mind!