Monday, April 08, 2013

Out Of Circulation...

.:Yet Another "It's Been A While" Post...:.

Hey. It's been a while.

Well, I wish I could say this is the turning point and I'll be back to my legendary blogging of old, but it isn't. If anything, it's a realization that blogging has become less and less an important part of my life as more things actually happen in it to the point where I can't find time for anything else any longer.

That being said, though, I wish I could make an effort to blog more, really. I want to keep documenting what's been going on in my life and to just see for myself what it all means for me. It's all crazy sometimes, really.

In any case, I'm pretty bushed, and a lot of that is because I had to fix my Australian Visa, as I'm headed to that country sometime next month. That's been eating most of my time, as has been the stuff I've been doing for work, especially with the 8List going into full swing lately. I've been reconnecting with My Beloved, and surprisingly, the Gynius as well. Will wonders never cease.

It's been a crazy time for me, and I'm hoping I can make heads and tails of it soon enough, especially with how I'm trying to get back into the thick of mentalism and everything else in between.

Someday, it'll all make sense. All of it. But for now, I will just remain a tad dazed and confused, I suppose.

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Jerome Lin said...

You should continue blogging. Maybe even consider making your own since you seem to be adept at writing. :)