Thursday, February 13, 2014

So It Was A Great Episode Last Night...

.:The Telegram, The Tips, The Temerity:.

Sheer beauty.

Last night was probably one of my favorite Rowdy Empire episodes in a while, because everything about last night was just special.

It was a great episode cutting it close to February 14, and given my personal disdain for the date, it was pretty good that the whole show was an exercise in having varied topics that didn't have to deal with the day as much as other people would have pushed it.

There was, of course, an interesting conversation about satire, and how So What's News?, my favorite Pinoy fake news website, seemed to be doing satire and inflicting a lot of hatred and anger on the internet, which I pointed out was entirely depended on people who misread the satire and don't understand what it's really about.

But then, I also pointed out that saying the BIR might want to look into Michael Martinez after his skating bid in Sochi is cutting it as a little too plausible to be easily recognized as satire.

From there, we even went with an 8List about how to have a Cheapskate February 14, which I mostly wrote to poke fun at the day, really. Where else do you find tips about riding a bus with a DVD player during rush hour in EDSA to catch a cheap movie for the price of bus tickets, after all?

But the piece d' resistance of last night was absolutely the part where some students from UP Med dropped by and handed Chiqui flowers and even sang for her, as someone sent her a singing telegram by secret. We still have no idea who the guy was.

It was really interesting to see Chiqui all blushing and giddy that night, and believe you me, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving gal.

That's stylin'.

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