Wednesday, June 22, 2005

.:Today's LSS:.

I can't help but have this song as an LSS. I just love the beat, and it's hard to get it out of my head.


I knew it was there
Though I tried to hide it
The feeling just kept on shining through
Haven’t known you that long
So I try to deny it
But the feeling was much too much too strong

Could this be love
Deep down inside
Tearing me apart
I feel it in my heart

Constantly, you’re on my mind
Thinking about you all the time
I can’t sleep no matter what I do
I just keep on thinking ’bout you

Why do I feel this way
When I know you have someone
That you’re seeing each and every day
Should I play this game
Of just being your friend
When I know that’s not where I want it to end

How could this be wrong
When the feeling’s so strong
Tearing me apart
I feel it in my heart

Chorus 2x

No I don’t want to start no trouble
Between you and I and your lover
But I must tell you what I’m going through
Everytime you walk by I see love in your eyes

.:Wrapped Around Your Finger:.
a Story Fragment, Part VII of the Not-So-Unsent Series, and an installment to the Suman Sa Latik Webring

(Would this be better in first person, or is third person just fine? What do you think? - Marcelle)

It's been two hours, and they've been walking around the mall all this time. There's so much to talk about. There's so much going on right now that just seems to be a complete blur. Everything's been going in hyper-time since the moment they last met up, and the way they've gone around the mall, you'd think they were lost. It was a slightly amusing scene.

Martin offered a snack Choco Nut, as both of them felt rather bushed with what seems to be an unproductive meeting for the both of them so far. Sandy smiled and went with him. They made a few orders and resumed talking.

“Sandy,” began Martin. “I don't know how to begin to tell you how I feel. I've given this much thought...”

Sandy fidgeted uncomfortably. She was always this nervous whenever Martin started getting serious. Martin was incredibly flustered as well, which may very well be a first. Sandy piped up. “What about the whole episode with Geneva? Maybe you're just settling for someone else?”

Martin shook his head furiously. “O-of course not! I... I... I'm sorry. I just don't quite know what to say right now. Hard to imagine that I'm struggling for words for once...”

Sandy smirked at how out of character all of this was for Martin. She was usually the one who was always struggling for words. As the hustle and bustle of Choco Nut continued, Martin thought to how this whole thing started, and how it started with a restaurant with Geneva as well. The whole whirlwind that happened had undoubtedly changed him, and he realized that Sandy, in spite of the short time they've known each other has helped him get out of the qagmire he found himself in. Unrequited love is a curse he didn't have to saddle himself with, after all.

But he couldn't speak. Each time he tries to open his mouth, words get in the way of what he really wants to say, until finally, their orders arrived. In a moment of inspiration, Martin suddenly talks.

“Sandy, I realize how soon this might seem to you. But I really want to take a chance. I want to be able to be there for you, to go against the odds, and to be someone you can call your own.”

He opens up his snack and looks at it carefully. “Sandy, I'm like suman to you.”

Sandy blinked. Suman?”

“Yes. Suman.”

“But how?”

Martin noticed Sandy grinning uncontrollably at the idea. “No, it's not a pha... err... it's not what you think.”

“Martin, when it comes to you, it's always what I think.”

“No. Hear me out. You see this suman? It's wrapped up. Like a present. But you know it has so much to offer when you open it up. I've held myself back for so long. I have so much love to give. But only you had to courage to unwrap me. Nobody else did. For that, I thank you. You made me feel something I never thought I could possibly feel.”

Sandy raised an eyebrow but still smiled. “You realize this analogy is getting incredibly disturbing, don't you?”

“It doesn't matter. You know what I mean. You have me wrapped around your finger. The beauty of it all is that you knew how to unwrap me. You knew how to make it right. And now, I know one thing for sure: I love you. I am so in love with you. You're suman I love so much. I thank you for seeing within me all the love I had to give, and it's you I know I truly love.”

Sandy suddenly stopped smiling. Martin felt a pang of concern. “Martin,” she began. “Notwithstanding the fact that your analogy is rather disturbing, and notwithstanding the fact that unlike this suman, I won't eat you, I'm still the brown sugar to your suman.”

It was Martin's turn to look incredulous. “Eh?”

“Martin, we go so well together. And though I know you have so much love to give, I know I can't quite say it, but the mere fact that I'm here and I'm so sweet to you all the time, you just know I feel the same way. Like the sugar to the suman, I'll stick with you.”

“Umm... is that a yes? Tayo na?”

Tayo na.”

Martin held Sandy's hand and smiled. A calm serenity came over him, a sort of redemption in knowing that he truly has someone to love now. Someone who is special in her own way. At this very moment, nothing but Sandy matters. His world revolves around her now. He has found an Earthly center.

“Thank you, Sandy. I'm happy...”

“I'm glad you're happy. But that analogy was just scary!”

“Ha! Wait 'til you hear my popcorn analogy...”

“The thought of it alone sends shivers down my spine...”

The End?

.:What The…? (Part III): The Origin Of Batman!:.

I’ll give a couple of sample images from Jay Pinkerton’s website, and you tell me if this stuff isn’t funny. I love his sense of humor. If you want the full story, check the site yourself.

And as usual, tell me what you think. I don’t know what Jay Pinkerton is smoking, but I’ll have some of that, too. =P

Image hosted by
The fight on crime begins.

Image hosted by
Hmm… that gives me ideas…

.:The Incredible Frustration:.

New schedules for the jocks in WAVE have happened, and I'm particularly annoyed. It seems that the new jock is in prime time, with Robi. What gets to me is that I'm still stuck in the graveyard shift after all this realignment going on. It's just crazy, to say the least. I don't particularly like how the turn of events have worked out, and I feel particularly left out with how this has been going as of late.

I just wish things would get a bit better soon enough... I'm so bushed with work already. The least they could do is just not add to my troubles any longer...

.:The Effort Is Unbelievable:.

She now calls me by name whenever the opportunity presents itself. It makes me feel exceptionally happy to see how much she wants to make this work.

Heaven knows I do, too…

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