Thursday, February 21, 2013


.:Sa Libu-Libong Pagkakataon Na Tayo'y Nagkasama...:.

Currently have this song on repeat as I fill my head with thoughts of her, as she leaves me on a jetplane for a long, long while.

The things I found out in the time she was here, the things I learned, sent me to a point of anger I never thought I'd reach. Some people just really don't know what they have and choose to squander someone's love, someone's devotion, like some cheap toy they could easily get from anywhere.

She deserved better than that. And she did nothing to ever deserve the kind of hurt and betrayal that came her way after me.

So to you who hurt her, to you who never knew how wonderful a woman she was, and how she meant the world to me, only for you to treat her like dirt, I hope you suffer dearly for that. I hope I never see even just your shadow because you will rue the day that happens.

All I ever wanted was her happiness. Even if it meant somebody else. But you? You ruined that for her. You almost shattered her wide-eyed innocence and her trust in the goodness of the world as you played her for a fool.

And you have the temerity to act like it was nothing, you son of a bitch? This was all a game to you?!? I've never seen anything more deplorable, and quite frankly, I am sickened to the bone by people like you.

I despise you. I despise you with every bone in my body. But for as long as I am here, I will turn all that hatred into good. I will be there for her. I will show her that there is such a thing as true, steadfast love. Because she deserves it. Which is far more than can be said of you, and far more than anything you could ever be capable of giving in your miserable excuse of a life.

You will be forgotten. But she will be loved.

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