Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Was An Urban Legend For A Day!


So there was this one time I substituted for Berkeley, and of course, I did a bit of magic for them while I was at it.

A few weeks later, they tell their Social Studies teacher about me. Ms. Rillo promptly asks, "who?" and she feigns complete ignorance about me, as if I didn't exist.

Soon enough, all the other Berkeley teachers were in on the joke. Mr. Javier was asking them who this "Mr. Fabie" was, since he's from the English department and he's never seen this "Mr. Fabie". Mr. Quijano acts surprised about it and asks the students if this "Mr.Fabie" apparates. Ms. Tong was in on the joke, too.

It took a while before Berkeley caught on that they were being taken for a ride, courtesy of Ms. Rillo, but I must admit that it was fun knowing that I was an urban legend of sorts for a few moments in the eyes of the Berkeley kids...

Short but sweet... =P

.:Loli Loves Venom!!!:.

And since I don't know if it's cool to gank her images, I'm just linking here: Loli loves Venom!

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