Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TV Thoughts...

.:It's Interesting...:.

Believe it or not, I really feel that Zaido has been doing really well as a series so far. I haven't seen ABS-CBN's "Lastikman", but what I'm seeing from Zaido has been interesting for the most part, and I'm really glad to see nods here and there to the original.

Paolo Ballesteros as Ida is really disorienting. It does make you think, huh?

.:Outside Of That...:.

All this hoopla over the remakes being "rip-offs" have been unfounded, for the most part. Super Twins was rather different from Sailor Moon outside of their costumes. Lupin was critically praised, if only for the depth of Lupin's pathos, and it worked out pretty well. Asian Treasures was an ambitious foray that paid off well, albeit seeing Angel Locsin in ABS-CBN now is a bit sad.

Marimar is okay for the most part. It does make me wonder though about the series, because for all intents and purposes, Marimar's appeal back in the day was its fast pacing. This rendition does not have that feature.

Well, it remains to be seen...

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