Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Blame Game...

.:The Blame Game:.

The fact of the matter is, this feud between ABS-CBN and GMA is getting to a ridiculous point if only for how this seems like little more than a wag-the-dog scenario for channel 2, because if there’s one network that knows how to cheat, well, it would appear it’s this one:

Good Lord, this video establishes that Wowowee obviously has the option to cheat if they felt like it. Maybe before ABS-CBN decides to throw allegations about “cheating”, they could address this first, because this wasn’t the first time the Willyonaryo segment was put into question, and this time, the evidence is even more damning.

It’s unbelievable how the network wars would have people sinking to new levels all the time. The ratings have been consistently high in GMA’s favor for nearly two years already. For ABS-CBN to insist on cheating at this point not only earns them two enemies in the form of GMA and AGB Nielsen, but the risk of having them investigated for their own discrepancies as well.

And that being said, there’s no more a glaring discrepancy than this “cheating practice” video for Wowowee, showcasing the cheating option the show actually has if they didn’t want someone in particular to win. This is just deplorable, considering the sheer volume of controversies already surrounding the show as is, from accidental wardrobe malfunctions, to stampedes, to this and the previous cheating scandals, it does look like Wowowee thrives on controversy ala Rockstar games.

That being said, let’s hope this mess comes to a head soon. I can do without having to watch the GMA’s very pandering position statement with regard to the ratings scandal every twenty minutes.

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