Friday, December 28, 2007

In And Out...

.:TX Reunion:.

Had dinner at Metrowalk last night with a couple of members of Team TX. It's a bit sad considering how many of us are hardly playing M:TG nowadays, but it's okay, I guess. The team is still a fairly cool bunch of friends who love hanging out and talking shop, for all intents and purposes. Not a bad thing at all, to say the least.

Afterwards, we went around to check for DVD's, and I found quite a nice armful of 'em to work with. It was fun and enjoyable in my opinion, at least.

.:In And Out:.

It's a bit of a surprise that I actually heard from Pomelo after practically a year of being incommunicado. A few thoughts just popped into my head when I realized that as far as it goes between me and her, that's all she really wrote.

I can't say I blame her, really. I was rash and too short-tempered back then, and at times, I'm still guilty of that. If I've really run out of second chances to be friends with her, I know I've been at peace with myself for long enough to let go. I just needed to find the best time to do it.

Before this year ends, I wanted to deal with the baggage that's been weighing on me for the longest time. While I doubt that can happen with the Divine anytime soon, I can safely say I've exhausted all the means I know of to fix matters with Pomelo, and I simply can do no more. Especially not when the other person is more concerned about not being enemies than about being friends. That's understandable. I respect that.

And with that being said, I can conclusively eradicate her from my life. Not because I resent her or despise her, but because I'm at peace with myself with how that chapter of my life played out. I know she's already moved on as well, even sooner than I did back then, albeit with a different viewpoint over what the aftermath ought have been.

So to end this on a high note, thank you for the memories, but that's all they will be from now on. I say thank you without a hint of anger or irony, but also without any hope that things would change in the future. That's out of my hands now. It *has* been out of my hands for the longest time already, and I'm just making that clear for everyone to know.

Godspeed to you, Pomelo, and my best wishes. That would be all I have left to say to you.

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