Sunday, December 23, 2007


.:If Only There Were More Time…:.

A few days ago, I felt incredibly… disconnected with people in Reedley mainly because I seemed to have missed out on a meeting with my own department while I was sitting in the same room with them. It made me rather… unnerved to find out I was just out of the loop.

But then, things changed quickly, and I don’t know if that’s for better or for worse. With each passing day, I’m realizing that in due time, I would feel like Reedley was genuinely family to me.

From the ecumenical service to the series of Christmas parties I found myself in this past week, I really felt happy about being in Reedley. Never mind the mild hitches I have had to deal with in the school, that would merely be one part of a huge equation there, and quite frankly, one or two “bad” points are massively outweighed by wonderful students (I got a rubik’s cube keychain from one of ‘em!) to great bosses and equally awesome co-workers.

No workplace is ever perfect, but Reedley is a great place to be in. This place challenges people to be even better than their best, and to respect and esteem differences among people. I know I’m not coming back to Reedley next year so I can finish my Masters in Ateneo, and that is why it actually feels rather sad at this point, because unsurprisingly, I’m growing attached to Reedley.

When I left WAVE earlier this year, there was no regret in me when I did that, because for the most part, I was very unhappy where I was in WAVE. With Reedley, things are turned around, because if it weren’t for a lot of hitches, I’d love to stay on, but I have to leave.

I can’t say enough how radically disconcerting it is, but it’s comforting and upsetting all at the same time. Paradox of paradoxes, I really am going to miss Reedley when I go at the end of this schoolyear.

I wish for more time, but I guess time is something we will never have enough of.

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