Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Season Of Grace...

.:A Season Of Grace...:.

Now, now. It'd be a good idea to leave the puns at home over this one, though.

It's been a great week so far, even if it's been a tad stressful. Spent yesterday at the Rowdy Empire with King DJ Logan and Dani, and that was pretty interesting, and it sure made me feel very, very happy to still be in radio in some shape or form.

Pictured: JJ Abrams on radio?

Overall, it was a pretty cool show, even if we had to make a lot of adjustments on the fly. It was a fun time for everyone involved, and I must say, the sooner I can do this more often, the happier I would be, definitely. 

Tried not to tackle the downer issue about Carlos Celdran getting sentenced to jail time, as I felt that it didn't really suit the matter. We instead went and discussed how amazingly observant the PNP were when they pointed out that in their expert opinion, security lapses led to the Megamall robbery last Saturday. No, really? That's news to us!

With the explosion in the Fort today (That's like the second one since Judd and I caught one a few years back!) and the other shooting incident in Robinson's Magnolia, it seems there have been a spate of public disturbances lately that might be cause for panic for the fidgety among us.

.:The Thankless Job Of Judging:.

Las week, I actually went and judged a cosplay competition for a certain school, and sourgraping hit myself and my co-judges when the cosplayers didn't agree with our results, essentially saying behind our backs that we "had no idea how to judge." 

The funny thing? 35% of the criteria indeed went to costumes, but just as weighty was the 35% to stage performance. The thing is, none of the cosplayers saw each other perform because they were all behind the stage waiting for their turn, so unless they have X-Ray vision, they were in no position to make these claims, either.

Oh, well.


Also last weekend, I finally went wakeboarding again after a year, and given that My Beloved and I are going to be doing it with some regularity now, you can rest assured I'm going to get the hang of it - even if I did do kneeboarding this time out.

Elegant form as I stumble while not even in the water.

Well, what can I say? With Angel going with us to Deca in Clark last Sunday, I was simply amazed at how accessible wakeboarding has ended up being for us thanks to this new venue. I bet my friends from Japan, Australia, and Taiwan would be so proud to see me finally work towards a goal I set for myself a year ago, and yes, I'm gonna be back in Clark sometime next week!

It's great in Deca Clark, and if you really want to give wakeboarding a try but have no desire to go to CamSur yet, then you should go and give this place a shot!

She is perfect.

The most important thing to note, by the way, is just today, she got the job in Australia that she wanted. I am so proud of My Beloved!!!

You know I am.

.:The 10th Kanto:.

I've been opening for the great Mike Unson for the past couple of years, so it's awesome to be a part of his 10th year anniversary show on February 9. You get to catch awesome performances all around that night, and it would really be awesome and mean so much to me if you guys could come and watch us in Gweilo's on that night.

Mike is, in my book, the premiere standup comic of the Philippines. I have nothing but good things to say about the man, and to see him still standing and an undisputed success after ten years of this is something I am honored to be a part of.

I hope to see you guys there!

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