Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ooooh. Delinquent.

.:Well, wow.:.

It’s been weeks, and I haven’t realized how delinquent I’ve been with my blogging. It hasn’t been easy, really. Balancing writing for The 8List, dropping in on WAVE, where the one and only King DJ Logan now finds himself, and a host of other things, but most important of them all, finding time to spend with My Beloved, whether I be reading The Kite Runner to her ‘til she falls asleep, or just doing a drive-by hug for all of five minutes.

It’s been difficult, and it has made me reconsider if it’s time to finally call it a day with my blog. It’s not like I’m setting the world on fire with my blogging anyways, and unsurprisingly, I’m too busy living my life to spend an inordinate amount of time writing about it. By now, I’d have written about, say, coral reefs, or Ricky Lo’s interview, or Les Miserables itself, or even the fact that a year from now, we’re likely sending a Filipino to space, courtesy of Axe. Or the funny coincidences involving my old friend, Christine.

And yes, given that the office sponsored Les Mis for all of us and we all pretty much got to watch the same movie, it almost seemed like a sure bet that I was going to a barricaded office the next day, with my co-workers singing "Do You Hear The People Sing" while setting up the barricade. Alack and alas, this did not come to pass. 

Yes! This means I should've taken pictures with my co-workers last night! I was so negligent, and I apologize for that.

Despite all that, despite the see saw of life getting the best of me sometimes, I am happy. Immeasurably so. And that is enough to go by for now. Blogging will follow. There’s always Twitter and Facebook to put my thoughts in for now, I guess?

And yes, I’m enjoying the little gadgets I’ve purchased over the past couple of months. They have definitely served me well. Heh.

My wallet is complaining, though.

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Euri said...

Woah! Your wallet should complain! xD