Friday, March 03, 2006


.:Still No LSS For Today:.

My lack of a laptop for about a month or so has led me to just not bother with LSS lyrics until I finally get it back...

It's all good, regardless.

.:Pardon The 2's...:.

If you happen to catch this post riddled w2ith that number, it's be2cause the office2 keyboard loves acting up. It presse2s the2 numb2e2r2 on its own.... Grrr...


Ms. Maan, the Philosophy Department secretary, was telling me a student actually had the gall to expect her to fax him a copy of the course description for Philosophy 101. Even more incred2ulous, when asked2 why he w2ou2ldn't just go to Ateneo to get it hims2e2lf, h2e2 re2plied2...

"What? Ateneo? That's too far!!!"

I can completely understand why Ms. Maan can get really annoyed with some of these students...

.:Fight Night Round 3:.

Awesome game for the PSP! If you have a PSP, this game's a must-have.

Now, to make the PSP even more enticing, guess what game's coming out late this year?

Yep. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. Talk about wow...

.:Oh, Boy...:.

Starting Monday, I'm no longer just a jock for WAVE 89.1. I'm also their Chief Coordinating Officer, aka the frontman of the company for tie-ups and other similar things.

Furthermore, I'll also be in charge of relaunching the station's student DJ program. Hopefully, that one turns out fine, as I really am unsure how to carry out the plans that sir Joe wanted me to carry out when we had a meeting.

The thing is, I didn't even know the meeting we'd have that day was about this. I was seriously just scared that they wanted to meet me because I did something wrong or they didn't like my performance during my timeslot.

Instead, they told me that they actually appreciate the loyalty I have shown when I chose them over GMA recently, and my sheer determination to offer my services for WAVE essentially told them I'm currently the one person they can count on to pull this off, because nobody else has ever so much as made them feel like they wanted this job.

And I know I want to pull this off.

I won't spill any more details for now. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.

At least, the financial considerations will be less problematic now...

.:The Teacher...:.

My mom suggested that I try my luck in teaching Kindergarten in Japan. The pay is definitely good, and the change of scenery isn't a problem at all. Furthermore, according to Ms. Maan, my Masters in Philosophy isn't in jeopardy, either, since residency rules are loosely observed, if at all.

So what's stopping me from going to Japan to teach there for a couple of years, make enough money to buy a house, a car, and have enough money leftover for anything else?

For one, Education units. I am completely clueless what I'm going to teach. Am I going to teach English? Art? English with Japanese translations?

For another, Pomelo. Do I really want to leave the most wonderful thing going on in my life right now? Do I really want to spend so much time away from this wonderful, beautiful, and heavensent girl, even though what I am actually doing would be for the both of us in the end?

And of course, my work with WAVE. I love my job here. Sure, I don't make as much money as I wish I could, but then, this is a job that I've grown to love and appreciate...

I guess I really have to weigh my options carefully before I proceed... it's not easy, but that's the way things are.

So what do you think? Is it worth a shot?


abby said...

you know what i think about this. anyway, my phone got lost last week. i have a sun company phone, but since i share that with an officemate, i don't want to use it for personal stuff. fyi.

Anonymous said...

Congats for getting that promotion at Wave 89.1.

I think you indeed made some good changes in their programming by voicing out your ideas. No more mentioning that thing about working late (health hazards) and them not noticing suggestions.

Good job and just keep it up. I honestly think you deserve it.

I already left Ortigas and yuppie life last month to find my own place as well. It's not there for sure but I surely enjoyed my stay while it lasted.

Congats again and big thanks!