Wednesday, March 01, 2006


.:It's About Time:.

So I didn't go to the WWE RAW Live Tour...

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So freaking what? ;)

.:Battle Scars:.

With a stubbed toe, a bruised and scraped shoulder, and an upset stomach...

... I have survived Eurostar.

Yes, I've ridden every scary ride.

Yes, I've ridden the scariest ride there, the Joker/G-Force, and I rode it twice. It was pretty much a Ferris Wheel ride at 100 Km/H, and with your seat spinning wildly out of control. I was beginning to wonder if the Russian Cosmonauts would call me up after having survived riding it twice.

I even took a spin on the Booster, which saw me getting into a chair which is on a circular disc, which is on a LARGER circular disc. And all three things, chair, disc, and larger disc all spin in different directions at ridiculous speeds. It was a crazy experience, to say the least. The rapid spinning made me hit my harness repeatedly, resulting in the bruise and scrape on my shoulder.

The Horror House was meh. I saw some girls running like mad out of it, though. One of them was this affable-looking girl I ran into twice in bump cars.

Bump cars was easily the best ride of the lot. :P

I stubbed my toe on the Jungle Log Jam-type ride they had. I slid on the way down from the back of the thing I was riding to the front, ramming my toe to the front of the thing in the process.

The Flipper was pretty wild, too, but I don't think it was nearly as crazy as Booster or Joker.

Ranger was simply Anchors Aweigh gone wrong. It takes full 360-degree turns, and won't even hesitate to hold us upside down for close to a minute before going backwards afterwards.

Heck, even the Ferris Wheel freaked me out a bit, since I was comparing it a lot to G-Force. That's probably because I am REALLY afraid of heights, and when G-Force stopped with me at the top to get new passengers on, I wasn't too pleased...

And I met a couple of new people there, aside from the affable girl. I met two Ateneans at the Ranger, then rode with them on the G-Force when I got there the second time. So to Bianca and Spike, thanks for keeping me company, if only for a few minutes. :P

.:Won My First Magic Tournament With Doomsday...:.

Wow. It was a tough win, but I scraped through.

.:Might End Up Working In Japan For A Year...:.

Talking about it tomorrow... sigh...

.:Would Really Make For A Funny Avatar...:.

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