Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm Alive...

.:Out Of The Hospital, Finally:.

I was out since Tuesday, but I haven't been able to so much as write anything for my LJ, even when my beloved laptop came back already. (Whee.)

So in any case, I want to thank all the people who showed up to visit me in the hospital. My wholehearted gratitude to my grandmother, my mom, my aunt Evelyn, Clair, Ranulf, Carl, Lauren, April, Tita Harvey, and Gyn, I guess.

It was pretty interesting how I ended up there. My grandmother simply wanted me to rest, and we thought I just had the flu. I wanted to stay at my grandmother's place for the moment, as the condo is NOT a good place to recuperate in. She mentioned that my cousin is in the only other room, and since she's only two years old, it's not a good idea to have her around me. She might get sick, too.

Going to the hospital was a blessing in disguise, too. My grandfather suddenly started talking to my grandmother when I called. He was completely depressed because he was sick, too, and practically came back to life when they found out I needed to be rushed to the hospital...

It was a very long weekend for me. I needed the rest, and I'm glad I'm alive again...

.:The End:.

No matter how much pain you have caused me, I thank you for all the love you have given me. I thank you for having made me feel special for ten months, and I still feel strongly about us. Maybe we just had the right love at the wrong time. But as the song goes, sometimes goodbye are not forever. It doesn't matter if you're gone. I still believe in us together.

Maybe we've only just begun.

Maybe the best is yet to come.

But for now, I live. I am not happy, but I am at peace.

That is enough.

Thank you. And you will always have a place in my heart.

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Anonymous said...

never been admitted to a hospital for more than 2 hours and would not prefer to have an extended stay HaHaHa!

well, nice to know you quite sound a bit better now.

slow down for a while. there's probably much you want to accomplish in your lifetime but you have plenty of time. i'm not saying "slack off" but live good moments longer, savor it.

each end is a start of a new beginning. there's no such thing as closure (learned it from you) but let it begin a new chapter in your life. afterall, life is probably just like a storybook - either waiting to be untold or still unfolding small and bigger events. as long as we are alive or maybe even as long as people remember us, the book never closes.

may God give you not just better health but more will to go past through these times!