Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Enough Already, Geez!


Ever since the whole Wowowee Hoopla, I've been less and less enamored with the state of Philippine television.

Now, while I am a very GMA-centric kind of guy, I don't think there was any intent to cheat on the part of Willie Revillame, as far as the 2 million goes. For all we know, it could've been a plain "mechanical glitch", as they claim, and you know what? It's anyone's right to call that out on their own time if they wanted to.

Joey de Leon made some snide comments about the matter, but as the video will show you, not once, on his show, did he mention Willie's name. Willie was nowhere nearly as charitable, as he launched into a diatribe against Joey, repeatedly mentioning his name, and channeling his anger at the Eat Bulaga host.

Joey had a very simple reply to Willie: explain before you complain.

Shortly afterwards, a gag order was issued by the MTRCB on both parties just so they wouldn't have to continue taking potshots at each other, and thank God for that. We don't need any more of this mess, so let's leave it at that, and let the proper avenues investigate the matter further.

Whether or not there was an intent to cheat, this so-called mechanical glitch is inexcusable on national television, the stage where, to paraphrase Willie, "nagpapaligaya siya ng mga tao". What kind of enjoyment and fun do people get from a segment where two million pesos was on the line, and the outcome was highly questionable?

Quite frankly, before Willie cries his crocodile tears, he should stop lashing out at people calling him out on his blunder, and instead focus on the issue: after issue after issue after issue hounding his show, why does he never learn?!? Why turn the attention from the blunder to Joey de Leon, who was expressing his view without even resorting to mentioning Willie's name? The obvious attempt to sweep things under the rug by changing the real issue of the matter is alarming.

But now that the issue has blown over and all concerned sides have aired out their views, then let the investigation run its course, and prevent something like this from happening again? It's bad enough we condone this mendicancy on national television, but do we have to screw even these people out of it through sheer carelessness, regardless of intent?

So fine, the investigation is running its course, can we now politely ask the Senate and the Lower House to step away from the proceedings? The problem with some of these people is that in an effort to make a name for themselves, they'd rather just go ahead and throw the whole lawmaking task of their office and instead do "investigation in aid of legislation", which is little more than an opportunity for grandstanding and jockeying for renown and higher political positions in due time.

Let the DTI or the MTRCB, or Hades, if needed be, even the DOJ handle this. Let both houses of Congress do their job instead.

.:And Even More Reason Why I've Been Hating Philippine Television Lately...:.

From the TV show entitled, "Mga Mata Ni Anghelita" (The Eyes Of Anghelita):

Dapat gawing santa si Anghelita! Si Mother Teresa wala namang ginawang milagro nuong buhay siya pero ginagawa siyang santa!

(They should make Anghelita a saint! Mother Teresa never did any miracles when she was alive, and yet they're making her one!)

I don't know about you, but this line just reeks of tastelessness. I can't even begin to explain how annoyed I am just now...

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