Thursday, September 20, 2007


.:It's Interesting To Know That...:.

... it's harder to tell someone what they need to get an A in a paper the closer they are to an A. Mr. Calasanz made me realize that it's just a very tricky question to answer, unlike if my paper was simply a C or something. I guess it's just a knack that you develop, where when you see an A paper, you'd know it for sure, but once you're still asking yourself if it's an A paper or not, then it's simply not an A paper yet.

It's a knack I need to develop, I guess. Funny how sir brought up that when I was still a freshman, I was visibly upset over failing a quiz under him back then. It was six or so years ago, and he still remembers it like yesterday, and it's leaps and bounds different from the kind of rapport I find myself having with him nowadays, as I see him as some kind of a mentor who really guides me as I embark on my oft-hazardous philosophical journey.

.:I Love My Students:.

A majority of them are brilliant and funny, but at the same time, I'm glad that most of them really show me that I have much cause for pride in being a teacher here.

Now, if only they could stop with the intrigues, but I guess this is high school... =P


My Beloved and I rarely get to meet each other lately, so I'm just grateful that we found the time yesterday.

While things have been rocky as of late because of my busy schedule, I'm glad that she's still there for me. She's a very wonderful person who has given me great cause for joy in my life, and I love her so much.

I was just glad we had a bit of time with each other to just simply hang out and talk because we really needed to clear the air about a lot of things that have been going on lately, to say the least.

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