Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh. Em. Gee.

.:Oh. Em. Gee.:.

I actually did well for my midterms in Mr. Calasanz's class in advanced metaphysics!!!

I can't believe it!

.:Tomorrow, Destiny Will Unfold.:.

Tomorrow is going to be the day that the Sandiganbayan passes judgment on the drawn-out and extremely volatile case of former president Joseph Estrada.

Will hoping for a "guilty" verdict make me a supporter of the Arroyo administration? Not by any means, which is why I hope that we get a guilty verdict for a man who has exacerbated the rich-poor divide by turning his personal battle with Arroyo into a class battle.

And when we're done with this, one can hope that we can round up the other rotten people in this country who deserve to be punished all the same for their role in this insurmountable schism among people.

I wish I could write at length about this, but I'm really pressed for time at the moment...

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