Monday, March 14, 2011

Project 52 (11/52): Overdrive - Eraserheads

.:Project 52 (11/52): Overdrive – The Eraserheads:.

Had my second ever stint behind the wheel last Sunday as my cousin, Nino, tried to teach me how to drive around a small area in Tierra Pura, where I had to maneuver myself around a short stretch of road, shift gears rapidly, and make sure I don’t go too fast when hitting humps. It was a pretty interesting driving course to try out, and I’m just glad I’m still alive to tell the tale. Thankfully, the lesson has made a true-blue defensive driver out of me. Maybe a bit too defensive, if anything. At one point, I even went on Congressional Road to see how fast I can go while shifting gears and not looking at the stick at all. I got up to fourth gear before the speed made me a wee bit uncomfortable.

Having said that, what better song could come to my mind than that ditty by the deified Eraserheads called “Overdrive?” One of the best songs from their best album ever, the song definitely feels like a great song to listen to while behind the wheel, and is even the proud recipient of a backmasking rumor that doesn’t sound like much when you actually bother to listen to it.

If I'm not mistaken, Overdrive was the first single off of Cutterpillow, and it set the tone for the band to gain legendary status. They were already popular since their debut, but they just kept on getting better, and personally, I don't think they ever managed to top their output in this third album, whether as a whole or even within their individual projects.

I’m a fan of the Eraserheads, but certainly not one of their biggest fans. Having said that, I definitely liked Overdrive, and last Sunday’s driving excursion conjured up pretty fond memories of that song, which I am now carrying with me for the rest of this week. Man, just listen to that song. Doesn't it just make you want to go behind the wheel and take a road trip for the rest of the day?

I have to say this much, though: that remake of Overdrive by Barbie Almalbis was terrible.

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