Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random TL;DR

.:Brain Drain:.

Amid silly Demi Lovato fans whose reading comprehension skills are suspect, I couldn’t help but feel that I need a few days to clear my mind because there’s just so much going on lately.

I’ve been pretty drained on the political climate in the country as well. While the saccharine support for P Noy is overwhelming, I’m still waiting to see exactly what he plans to do. I guess this could only mean that I need to take a hiatus from political writing for about a month, because there has been nothing interesting going on with them lately.

Anyways, it’s been a very low-key weekend for me, but I was pretty stoked about the upcoming week, even if I do believe that the upcoming weekend is going to be another exercise in setting myself up for disappointment.

Nonetheless, enough about the autobiographical stuff for now, and let’s get to the interesting topics for the day, starting with Demi Lovato’s long-ago stint in rehab that I actually reported about. After the exclusive interview I have conducted with the lady, I’m just surprised over the minor cow people are having over the fact that I dared sully the name of their idol. Yes, because I totally have the power to do that and Demi Lovato absolutely feels affected by every word I say about her.

Considering I’m not even a hater of the “Camp Rock” lead star, I don’t even understand what’s going on with these people, except maybe an obvious lack of reading comprehension.

.:All Punched Out:.

Manny Pacquiao’s stint in social media has come to an abrupt end, thanks to his inability to accept criticism from people. Indeed, it has become quite a shocking development for everyone looking on to know that a duly elected official of this great nation is acting like a petulant child.

In other news, water is wet, and night follows day. Who would’ve thunk it, eh?

.:The Race Card And The Black Plague:.

Here comes yet another racist tirade that’s (mistakenly) hurled against Asians, yet actually singles out only Japanese.

Now, I can totally understand how people got ticked off about her not-very-clever rant about the Japanese people who were calling up their families during the time that their people were suffering through one of the worst earthquakes in history, but what really got my goat was that for all of her posturing about being “not racist” at all, you just knew that the minute someone says those fateful words, something definitely racist is going to be said.

Well, I say, she shouldn’t be too surprised at the reaction she’s getting. If she felt so upset by talking Asians in the library, then maybe she could have done a little more than just be passive-aggressive towards them, right?

And really, I’m all for letting her know she goofed, but I’m rather dismayed (Albeit it’s kinda expected, to be honest.) that the responses to her have been mostly racist as well, or worse, sexist. That kinda defeats the whole purpose of things, like saying, “in God’s eyes, we are all equal, you inferior piece of crap!”

I don’t know about this lady, really, and what’s up with her and her intolerance, but y’know what? Considering how many people have been bashing Rebecca Black with so much hatred that certainly seems a tad overkill for a thirteen-year old who just discovered the joys of Autotune, I suppose this world is still an intolerant place underneath it all.

I mean sure, you don’t have to like her music. Heaven knows I don’t. But I don’t think she ruined music. At all. She didn’t come into my house and destroy all my Beatles CD’s or cut up my Itchyworms cassettes. She just made this one song that I can, if I so choose to, not bother ever listening to. Why would I actively seek out something that would aggravate me so, right?

I dunno. Even if I can be a big ball of rage at times, I still feel that there’s no reason for me to look for reasons to be furious. It can be so draining at times, and to be honest, an inconsequential UCLA college student and a kid who thinks she can sing would get a few comments from me at most, but bubbling, boiling hatred? I reserve that kind of stuff for more worthwhile pursuits, because that’s what a human being with INTEGRITY does, yo.

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