Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Another Magic Monday: Priorities, Priorities...

.:Priorities, Priorities...:.

... so.

There was a cosplay event over the weekend, and it coincided with Sachika's trip to CamSur. Thankfully, she'll be coming back this February, so I can prepare better, since she kinda informed me about her trip to CamSur a bit too late.

I ended up choosing the Otaku Con instead, since I wanted to meet up with one of my favorite cosplayer friends, Kristell. It was pretty funny when I was looking for her, because all Erving Go, cosplay photographer extraordinaire, gave me for advice, was to "follow the legion of fanboys tailing her." Lo and behold, this was a very accurate picture of what ended up happening anyways.

I also got introduced to her cousin, who was a pretty cool guy, all the same. I think there'd be some pictures of the whole thing later on, but for now, I'm in no rush to do any of that. I'm taking things easy at the moment, what with all the hurly-burly at work at the moment. I can't even do my essays properly at this point, but whatever, it's all good.

Anyways, I had a show for an old client recently, and it was one of the most amazing times I've ever had. You see, about four years ago, this client booked me and I just went nuts and tried a whole bunch of material as I was still at that point in my career where I was trying things left and right to see what worked for me.

Thing is, shortly after the show I did for that client, I did end up figuring out where to take my magic, comedy, and mentalism career, and I haven't looked back since. I managed to come up with a very good combination of routines for children and adults alike, but when I went to perform for this old client of mine, she told me she hoped for more mentalism, really.

At some point after the children's party, it occurred to her to invite me to their house and have a special show for the adults, which ended up being quite an experience for me, as I went there without my standard mentalism stuff. That's not really a problem, tbough, if you know how mentalists are, since we just ended up taking random stuff from the house that I proceeded to use for my act. Psychokinesis was fun, but you had, on top of that, remote viewing, classic card routines, standup comedy, and even a Q and A session. The Oracle act has got to flat-out be one of the best bits I've ever done in my mentalism career, least of all because it was the first time I ended a show with it.

After that performance, we just enjoyed our time with dinner and conversation and whatnot. It was quite an experience, to say the least, and I'm glad I managed to prove myself adequate to the task.

Pretty great long weekend I had, really. One of the best.

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