Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project 52 2012 (4/52): On Why Mush Is Icky (Unless It's Coming From You)

.:Project 52 2012 (4/52): On Why Mush Is Icky (Unless It's Coming From You):.

But, but... how is this icky?

Regardless of our own relationship status, fewer things cloy us and make us feel uncomfortable than seeing other couples all lovey-dovey and mushy-mushy right before our very eyes. It annoys more than a few of us, and you will always hear that omnipresent line, "get a room!" when the situation gets just a bit too awkward for everybody else to take.

For some odd reason, happy couples bring out the cynic in us, and this is whether or not we're part of a happy couple setup ourselves. For the most part, we can't seem to just find love on display cute or touching or sweet anymore.

Why is that?

It's not a mystery, when you think about it, but it does feel a bit strange that we only care about the mush when it's happening to us. Sure, we like seeing the Kimeralds and the Guy and Pips of our world have their moment in the sun, but if we don't find it vicarious enough, we don't just cease to regard it, we instead choose to revile it. Indifference rarely, if ever, seems to be a choice response to mushy couples, and instead, we just end up having very strong reactions either way.

Cases in point: Melason. Bieber-Gomez. Ashton-Demi.

Best game of "Alin ang naiba" ever? Or worst? You decide.
It's odd, really. And I say this as someone who has had more than his fair share of bitterness over seeing himself surrounded by happy couples all around. I feel a tad claustrophobic when that happens, yet at the same time, it's doubly cruel not just because you're reminded of what you don't have at this point, but also the fact that at some point, you did have precisely this. A vicious cycle of sorts, if you will.
I think that really, when it comes to love, we collectively need a little less cynicism to go around. And that advice definitely goes double for me. It's pretty easy to get all negative and all suspicious of every good thing in our life, but you know the hard part? Just shutting up, grinning, and enjoying the good things for once.

Try it. It might surprise you.

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