Friday, February 10, 2012

This Week. What A Dramatic...

.:Dear Past Week...:.

... thank you.

I think you have been a week of catharsis, so I'm grateful you came along. Thanks for forcing me on my feet because I didn't have the strength to walk away on my own. And for giving me the sheer bull-headedness I needed to get things done in many aspects of my life because I realized I needed to go big or go home at this point.

I'm still a tad disappointed I had to lose a friend (And then some.) rather conclusively this week, but I think it's for the best, for the both of us. We owed it to ourselves to not let the sham continue, because it felt like an embarrassment for us to carry on in a sham of a "friendship" that was an insult to everything we shared before that. There is no blame to go around this time. It simply is what it is, and I understand that now, and can sleep soundly knowing that it's no longer anybody's fault. I hope she sees that, too.

And week, thanks for letting me know that fewer things are more therapeutic than walking a dog around Eastwood at night, even if it wasn't actually my dog. Interesting conversation and interaction with a newfound friend was certainly welcome, but I have to admit, the resemblance is a wee bit uncanny. Still, I guess I really should get myself a dog, soon.

This past week, I was stressed, I was down and out, I was really feeling the crunch. I'm just grateful the universe decided to throw me a bone, because on the work front, I told myself that if I didn't close anything this week, I would heavily consider tendering already before the axe comes swooping down on my head. It looks like I can hold off on doing that for now.

So for now, I guess I can hold off on the vitriol and bask in the fruits of a job well done, even if the results are a bit too slow in springing forth.

Thank you, universe. I get to keep my head for a while longer.

That being said, while my head is still decidedly on straight, let me signpost that these are some topics I intend to discuss soon, be it on this blog, the POC, or the Filipino Freethinkers, whenever and wherever appropriate:

1. This awesome old dude, and how gay marriage, while still far from a topic for discussion in firmly Catholic Taliban Philippines, will crop up sooner than later.

2. This article from a guest contributor on Forbes. Now, admittedly, both things are old news to people more up to date than I, but they are good touchpoints for me to discuss very real issues about progressive thinking. This will probably go a long way into discussing the concept of an online safe space.

3. Some post about Single Awareness Day. That will probably be bitter and passive-aggressive again.

4. Some stuff about local showbiz.

5. About the Top 10 book.

Quite a backlog, but I know I can pull it off.

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