Friday, February 17, 2012

Project 52 (7/52): On Why I Hate February 14 (Even When I Wasn't Single)

.:Project 52 (7/52): On Why I Hate February 14 (Even When I Wasn't Single):.

The crass commercialism present during February 14 has always been mercilessly pummeled by cynical people, but really, there's nothing surprising about that at all. Ultimately, it is what it is, and it's an excuse for people to really lay on the romance thick for a day.

Which is fine, if it weren't for the fact that February 14 is just utterly ruthless to your average loveless person, and with that in mind, I couldn't help but feel guilty about the day, even during the points where I actually had someone to spend February 14 with. It just seemed like a particularly painful thing to go through, and I took no happiness in seeing the misery around me. It certainly did its job of dampening my own spirits along the way.

Of course, by now, anyone who's known me well enough knows that February 14 in 2010 was flat-out one of the worst days of my life, when somebody just decided to stick the knife into me on the one day I asked her to be kind to me. It certainly didn't do the day any favors with me, because if I hated it then, I utterly loathe it now.

I find that kind of interesting a juxtaposition, when you consider that I'm actually one of the most hopeless romantics out there. In reality, it only goes to show that there must have been a point where February 14 was actually a special, important day in my life, and my embittered position against it only underscores that for me, since others who don't feel much for the day would probably prefer to be merely ambivalent about it.

So yeah, I do hate this day. I hate it because it's crass and exploitative. I hate it because it's insensitive to people who aren't with anyone. And I hate it because it was the day my heart was broken like never before. Had the last thing not happened, I'd probably merely be ambivalent about this day, but alack and alas, that is not the case at all.

February 14 will forever be known as “Single Awareness Day” for me, no matter how well my lovelife turns out. I feel that it's the least I could do to make this day less painful for those who dread waking up to an endless barrage of chocolates, flowers, and dates, none meant for them at all.

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