Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Project 52 (6/52): On The (Inordinate) Focus On The President’s Lovelife

.:Project 52 (6/52): On The (Inordinate) Focus On The President’s Lovelife:.

Now, most people who know me also know that when it comes to the current administration, I have consistently been underwhelmed by what the president has been doing. I don’t really hate the guy per se, but I just find that his work ethic is sorely lacking, especially since his predecessor left a rather hefty mess that needs to be cleaned up, and it’s pretty obvious P Noy isn’t quite up to the job on his own. That’s fine. I doubt anyone is, which is why he needs to surround himself with people who can handle things just as well, or preferably, better than he does.

I’ve really been ambivalent about P Noy at the best, mainly because he wasn’t exactly my guy during the elections, and I wasn’t too swayed by his “Daang Matuwid” rhetoric. I think I am not being harsh when I point out that our current president is simply not a man with a plan, and he’s far more of a figurehead being surrounded by people whom we can only hope are competent enough not to run this country down into the ground even more than it already is.

So yeah, my expectations are astronomically low when it comes to our current president. I think I’ve already decided I’m not willing to set myself up for disappointment, or buy into his faux Messianic Complex lest I end up just drinking the Kool-Aid for no good reason. I’m not a P Noy fan. Never was, never will be.

And yet, despite my low expectations, despite the massive berth I afford the man, he still manages to find a way to disappoint me. Not that he should care what my opinion about him happens to be, mind you, but I’m mostly just astounded at this uncanny talent of his.

Surely, it isn’t such a difficult job to be mostly a figurehead with some executive functions thrown into the pot. You can do your goodwill things like helping out victims of natural disasters, maybe even get away with a bit of personal vendetta by trying to remove a Chief Justice from power for being a thorn in your side, not to mention, seemingly guilty of impeachable offenses, to begin with. You’d just rely on your advisers, and if you know how to pick ‘em, they won’t show up to work drunk, troll the press, or get caught buying pirated DVD’s in their spare time. I mean, these aren’t walks in the park, really, but it doesn’t take a hardworking Senator, who happened to be the son of a former president, who was the wife of a career politician, whose death sparked a revolution to pull it off, right? I mean, obviously. It’s not like he’s hardworking.

But that’s just conjecture. How hard he works as a president, I may never know. What I do know, unfortunately, is how hard he works on his lovelife. Just ask Grace Lee.

Who’s guilty of yellow fever here again?

Now, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and admiring this lovely Korean lass for a few years already. She’s brilliant, well-spoken, and in general, one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known. When the Disenchanted Kingdom was still a morning show, I would see her often enough, and hey, she was always a bright ball of sunshine. To this day, she still is awesome. I can’t say I would blame our president for being particularly enamored by her, either.

But all pipe dreams of wooing Grace Lee for myself aside, I just can’t help but feel that this inordinate amount of effort going into P Noy’s lovelife, both from Noynoy himself and from the rabid press trying to cover it, directly detracts from issues that need to be addressed first. Yes, it’s opportunity cost, but what a high price we’re paying.

I know it’s a funnier story to tell if I pretended to be a jilted admirer of Grace Lee, fuming over the fact that I lost out to the president of the Philippines, but I find myself incapable of making that joke right now, especially since I have nothing but the utmost respect for Ms. Grace Lee. Ultimately, I just feel that the emphasis on P Noy’s lovelife, and the apparent amount of effort he puts into it, is just way more than the apparent effort he puts into doing the job he was elected to actually do.

Personally, I think we’re just barely lucky that P Noy is surrounded by a few competent, even honourable people, like Ruffy Biazon or TG Guingona. Because seriously, if we were to evaluate just Noynoy on his own? He’d be a heaping pile of failure, in my opinion.

But really, that’s just me. I know it sounds like an entitlement complex and what not for me to want the president to focus on matters of the state first before bothering with matters of the heart, but what do i know, right? That’s what a boss would do, and I distinctly remember him telling me I happen to be one of his bosses...

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