Monday, August 19, 2013

Just A Brief Update...

.:So Here We Go...:.The weather hasn't been good lately, and it's definitely taken a bit off of us when we would do our improv shows in The Fort. Nonetheless, Switch has been making a lot of strides lately, and I'm excited to discover where the group goes from here. It definitely feels like exciting times are upon us in this regard.

I think writing about improv has taken a backseat to plain living out improv. That's good, I guess.

.:The Weekend...:.

Well, it was fairly weird. Glad to hear our new restaurant, Burger Company, has been doing well, though. That being said, between hanging out with fellow Switch members as we just went ahead to make fun of each other in between random bouts of hilarity. Saturday was definitely amazing though, because after a looong time, I finally met some of the JGL (No, not Joseph Gordon-Levitt, sorry.) as we went out to celebrate Sacha's birthday over an awesome Skype party. I was a bit saddened to discover, though, that Lucas, the awesomest labrador ever, passed away and I never even knew.

It was really interesting seeing how things have changed for the JGL in the past decade or so. It's really hard to imagine that after all this time, this barkada is still around, older and wiser. Some are married. Some already have kids. Some are about to blaze a trail abroad. Some already are. And some, like myself, are underachieving as all get out.

It's all good, though.

.:Politics Is Depressing, No?:.
Here we are, feeling hot under the collar because these rains and floods are a sign that the Philippine government is still woefully inadequate at dealing with calamities. If only we had ten billion pesos to go into... oh, wait. We probably did. Except a bunch of politicians decided that they don't have time for that, and funneled their money into Janet Napoles, who decided to disappear into the night, and all I could think was if only we had Batman on our side, he'd probably capture her and send her to our doorstep, or something like that.

I'm down on this whole thing, really, but I can't let my cynicism get in the way of actually doing things in my own capacity to make things better. I have no plans to be a part of the problem, only a part of the solution. Eventually.    

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