Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Why Chito Miranda Doesn't Need Our Help

.:Why Chito Miranda Doesn't Need Our Help:.

I'm not here to point fingers, or to laugh at what happened to Chito Miranda, the rock star who (obviously) has a sex life with his (beautiful) girlfriend. If finding out that he does the deed with someone he loves is such a surprise for you, then maybe you should really get out more.

But truth be told, I'm also mildly bemused when people say that in these so-called dark times for Chito, he needs our help. No, he doesn't.

Chito Miranda is a rock icon. He will probably go down in history as one of the all-time greats. His so-called scandal, while unfortunate, does nothing to erase that, nor should it in any way affect his girlfriend, if we were half-decent people who knew better than to judge other people for what they do in the privacy of their bedroom.

He deserves a bit of sympathy for the unfortunate leak of his video (which I haven't seen, since I like my eyes the way they are), sure. But our help? Hell, no.

The ones who need help are the people who are laughing at Chito right now, completely forgetting that no matter how "burnificating" he may look in that video, he's still in that video with someone who's probably hotter than 90% of us sitting here right now have ever dated. And she loves him. Are they really sure that the joke isn't on them?

The ones who need help are the people who think this is such a stain on Chito or Neri. Why? Because they did what any two consenting adults are wont to do when they are in a relationship? The only difference is we know this happens for a fact, but who knows what goes on behind everyone else's closed doors, and why should we care?

The ones who need help are the people who are making a huge stink out of two people screwing, while not making a single peep about how our country is being massively screwed over and yet we still let it happen right before our very eyes.

Chito deserves sympathy, but to have to think he's the one who needs help, when there is absolutely nothing wrong with him or what he has done is just being patently ridiculous. Before we even claim we have the ability to help a rock legend, maybe we should think about the opportunity cost we're incurring by letting this minor blip wag the dog on the people who deserve to be put to justice and called to question for the crimes they have actually done to this nation.

I don't care if it's a fallacy and people are perfectly capable of multi-tasking both fighting corruption and spreading Chito's video. The point still stands.

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Euri said...

Gawwwdd, what's so wrong with a man having sex with his girlfriend?! D:

Hirap sa mga tao, pa-conservative kuno, akala mo kung sino silang mga malilinis. Mga hypocrites!