Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project 52 2014 (15/52): Don't Look Back In Anger

.:Project 52 2014 (15/52): Don't Look Back In Anger:.

Slip inside the eye of your mind, don't you know you might find a better place to play?

Ah, yes. The daily grind. The crunch of the routine. The ennui that consumes us all, and keeps us from looking at things in a different way. It isn't crushing or overwhelming so much as it permeates every aspect of our life to the point where it is inescapable and we take it for granted and stop asking questions.

It's the norm. It's what's expected. That's exactly why it's so easy for us to go around here in circles and just take it as fact without really thinking about it for a moment. We are so used to things just working their way in and out of our lives with little consequence, and only begin to take notice when something big is coming our way. That's really how it works.

You said that you've never been, but all the things you've said, they slowly fade away...

Oh, I know. I realize all too well that the things people say and do are things we all just commit and then forget. It's so easy when we're all walking around here, running purely on autopilot. That's how it is. That's how it's always been. We take things for granted. We take things as they come without a second thought, because everything feels so ridiculously normal and routine.

And that's how we all fall apart, really. People always think that relationships collapse because of one big thing, when it's a million tiny things nobody thought was worth bringing up. When putting up becomes less sensible than giving up, simply because all the tiny details are too much of a fuss to work on. Whether in friendship or in love, that's always how it's been.

It's a war. An invisible war nobody realizes we're fighting. But the casualties still remain at the end of it all.

So I'll start a revolution from my bed, 'cause you said the brains I had went to my head. 

I can only fight what I can see. But it's there. It's really there, and it's so hard to open my eyes to realize it happening. How does one arrest a death by a million pinpricks? How does one even begin to stop it?

Step outside, summertime's in bloom.

So maybe the reality is, I have to do something far more meaningful, far more substantial, than to just patch up something after it has been damaged. Is it time to be proactive? But how can one be proactive when what is essential is indeed invisible to the eye?

And so, Sally can wait, She knows it's too late as we're walking on by...

There's a pressing need for change. There's a sense of urgency. But it shouldn't distract us from what needs to be done otherwise, in the meantime. Do it, but do it right. Don't rush into it. Don't force yourself when you can't even think straight at the moment.

Wait, if you have to.

And only when it's too late would there be room for regret. But that time for regret isn't here yet, so it's best to keep on keeping on, rather than to paralyze yourself in despair.

Her soul slides away...

As they drift apart, maybe you begin to realize there's a reason for that. Some people in your life come in for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, after all. That's really how it works, and that's really where it all ends up.

So much to do, so little time. So much to think about, yet in the end, when we walk away, when we end up going our own ways, the biggest challenge would be...

But don't look back in anger, that's what they say...

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