Friday, June 20, 2014

Project 52 2014 (25/52): King Of Anything

.:Project 52 2014 (25/52): King Of Anything:.

Keep drinkin' coffee...

Why is it that when these blowhard politicians get all caught up in their web of lies, suddenly they're the "victims?" And yet life goes on for them, even while incarcerated. Look at Bong Revilla, telling everyone how ready he is to go to jail, yet immediately petitioning for request of detention center after his bid for house arrest didn't quite pan out? How about Senator Enrile, who is asking for bail or something just because he's 90 years old? These people don't know how to handle the consequences of what they've done. At all.

And who pays for this folly? We, the people, do. When they bring a camera crew to cover their every move and hopefully reuse the footage when they run for president in 2016, we have this sinking feeling that the money to pay for all that bullsh!t came from us.

Stare me down across the table while I look outside...

Yet somehow, when we, the common people, speak out against these travesties, somehow, we are "oppressing" them. How the Hades do you expect to "oppress" people worth 169 million pesos, pray tell? It's ridiculous, and the way they drag God into everything they talk about has become so tiresome. That sh!t never made Mayor Sanchez any less a murderer and rapist, did it? So quit playing that card because even Satan himself knew how to quote himself some scripture.

So I just glare. And roll my eyes. But if I rolled my eyes any harder, I might end up looking at the back of my skull.

Or become the Undertaker.

So many things I'd say if  only I were able but I just keep quiet...

And you think I'm already being vocal as it stands? Well, you'd be surprised, because there is so much more that remains unsaid when it comes to these fatcat politicians who think they're all that. One can't help but be appalled at the sheer nerve they have, doing what they do, but then, does it really surprise anyone anymonre?

And count the cars that pass by...

That's all I could do, really, because it boggles my mind how the good Senators have managed to make this issue about them, instead of the f#$%ng 10 Billion Pesos that have been stolen from this nation's coffers. You know why you're being arrested, right? If you really cared about this country, that's what you should be railing against, not the fact that you don't have air conditioning in your goddamned jail cell, which you totally shouldn't have, by the way.

I realize SJW's use "check your privilege" all the time when it comes to racial, gender, or sexual issues, but when it comes to economic issues, these well-to-do senators really have to check their privilege, because a combined income of almost 400 Million Pesos between Senators Revilla and Estrada alone should seriously qualify as being "privileged."

You've got opinions, man, we're all entitled to 'em, but I never asked...

And so these so-called leaders feel oppressed and maltreated because they get singled out for doing something countless other politicians no doubt are doing, too. Here's a secret: saying other people are doing it too doesn't make you innocent of the act. It just meant you weren't alone. Nobody's saying you were alone, and only your political enemies want it that way. But we, the people? We want every single one of you to pay through the nose for taking our money and turning it into your own personal bank account.

So feel free to think you're being oppressed, but we don't care. Because we couldn't oppress you even if we tried.

Here. Play the world's smallest violin yourself. I don't have the energy.

So let me thank you for your time, and try to not waste any more of mine...

Not just time, but money, too. Stop wasting our money with your stupid press conferences, your press coverages, your trumped up entourage, all paid for on our dime, just because you think you're above the common folk.

I can bet you that if I ever go to jail, guilty or innocent, I won't be getting that kind of media coverage, I wouldn't have supporters fighting tooth and nail to keep me out of jail, nor would I even have the temerity much less the opportunity to ask for air conditioning in my jail cell.

Get out of here fast...

And don't come back. But leave your money at the door, because that's our money right there.

I hate to break it to you, babe, but I'm not drowning. There's no one here to save...

The Filipino people doesn't need saving from the likes of you. We could have had savings, in fact, if you didn't take them from us and spent them on yourself, you dolts. We're fine counting on ourselves, because it didn't take too long for us to realize that we couldn't count on you for anything at all.

So stop invoking God as if He gave you the right to be a self-appointed martyr. The only altar you're sacrificing yourself at is your own.

Every single time you use His name in vain, He facepalms.

Who cares if you disagree? You are not me. Who made you king of anything?

You may have been elected by the people, but that doesn't put you above the people. Not in the least. For you to live in that kind of opulence while your constituents are starving to death, wondering where their next meal is going to come from is a shame that is telling. Because that money came from your constituents. You took it from them in the implicit promise that they will see the fruits of that money returned unto them, yet here we all are, putting up with monster traffic jams, a continuous problem with peace and order, and no clear solution in sight.

So don't tell us about how it's the implementing body's fault that you gave your pork barrel money to a bogus NGO. At best, you are idiots who should never have been trusted with our money in the first place. Why are you even still in power, then?

So you dare tell me who to be, who died and made you king of anything?

If anyone should die to make you king of anything, it should be you. Angelo Reyes got it right. You can do it!

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