Friday, November 29, 2002

As a once-a-week thing (I hope...), I'll just give a top five on anything, in addition to any other posts I may make. Let's see... for today, I'll go for:

IC: The Top Five Reasons Marcelle Feels Life Is Unfair

5. Marcelle plays KOF 2001, uses four random characters, and someone challenges him and chooses his characters. Thank God Marcelle then proceeds to whoop him.

4. Marcelle's D&D character is a Barbarian, and he loses in an arm wrestling match to a frigging Wizard.

3. Marcelle seems to gain the ire of the friends that mean a lot to him (See some of the previous entries for reference.)

2. Marcelle's 14-year old brother gets a Nokia 5510 for his birthday. Marcelle is 19, and had to save up for a year to get his 3350.

1. If Fernando Poe Jr. runs for president, no matter how great his opponents are, he will still win.

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