Monday, November 25, 2002

Marcelle could've fallen in love with her, but he didn't.

Yep. He didn't. Despite the fact that she's Chinese, and she wears glasses, and that's exactly his template, he didn't. He's very happy with Grace right now, as they've been together for three years already, so why even fan the flames of regret, to begin with? She's a great person, she'd make a wonderful girlfriend, but Marcelle wouldn't even dare try while he's attached to someone very special...

But let's be clear about one thing: had things been just a little different, he would have fallen for her. But things are not different... so Marcelle is happy with being her friend. Hopefully, Marcelle could even be her close friend. That's why he's been so nice to her, though maybe he's guilty of being a little too sweet, for lack of a better term...

So why in Hades is she ticked off at Marcelle?

Honestly, the logic escapes him... he's been nothing short of gallant towards her, and at each step of the way, he's made it perfectly clear that nothing romantic is to come out of it... they joked about it a lot in the past, and she would be the last person Marcelle would expect to take it seriously. Yet when he called her last night, there was a certain kind of coldness to her voice... and she refused to answer the all-important question: "Did Marcelle do anything wrong to her?"

That very refusal to answer the question, amid all silly excuses to get off of the telephone, was more than enough of a signal to Marcelle that something is wrong. Something is very wrong... but why?

Was it because he was too nice to her? Was it because there was one flirtatious joke too many, and it finally got to her? Was it something stupid that Marcelle did? Something stupid that Marcelle said? Was it something so vile, yet Marcelle has absolutely no idea about it? Or is he just being plain paranoid, to the point that there's nothing to even worry about to begin with (Though this is probably not the case... you had to hear the conversation yourself to agree...)? Or, quite shamelessly, and even less likely so than the latter one, is it because she doesn't want to feel too attached to him? Is this friendship getting too close for comfort?

Marcelle is not going to go out here and tell you that he's innocent, that he did no wrong. For all he knows, he probably did something wrong. All he really wants to know is what. Doesn't everyone deserve to know what?

Marcelle seems to have this sad, sad effect on the people who are close to him...

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