Thursday, November 28, 2002

Haha-haha-haha! I aced Fr. Reyes' quiz today! I finally got the hang of knowing what to expect from him. I hope this continues, and I may still end up seeing a perfect semester for myself... haha-haha-haha!!!

Let's get one thing straight about yesterday's problem, and why I chose to blog in the first place: yesterday was really messed up. Fact is, even today, I deliberately decided not to approach her when I saw her. I feel that she hasn't been herself lately, and I'd give her some time to revert back to herself. I choose to blog not because I'm so totally depressed I'll be engaging myself in a downward spiral (The title of my in-the-works short story, btw.), but so I can get it out of my system, and hence, you wouldn't hear me talk about it in other venues much...

Maia, you gave good advice. It wasn't bad. What was bad was how she ran away from a problem. I didn't. She did. My fault? Not in this respect. Thus, I took your advice because I knew it was the right thing to do. Oh, and sorry if I've been texting you a lot lately... just making my monthly bill hit a nice, round figure. Seriously, nagpaparamdam lang ako, at ganun talaga ako. If it's a little too much... I'll ease off a bit, don't worry... methinks overtexting is what got her so hot under the collar (In a non-sensual kind of way.) with me... And thanx for the advice. The same gratitude goes out to the other people who gave advice: Madame no Miko, and Lizard.

On the lighter side, funny stuff on the Otaku Boards right now... a gossip thread, with one of them most likely pointing at me and my so-called non-existent girlfriend. Here's a hint: you guys have seen her already. Trust me.

One more thing: me and my so-called non-existent girlfriend, Mary Grace, ate at Aling Banang's for the umpteenth time last night. Anyone in the Centerpoint area, I highly recommend you to eat there. Imagine: halo-halo for only 30 bucks! The catch: instead of shaved ice, it's ice cream! how about that? It's near N. Domingo street, if you're wondering. Do try it out there. Recommended meals: Tapsilog, Litsong Kawali, at Porksilog.

See you later, jabronis!

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