Saturday, November 22, 2003

Marcelle finally got his transcript of grades from school, and you’d be surprised. Here’s the list, sans P.E. and ROTC. And yeah, so Marcelle’s putting himself over again. Big deal…


Eng 12- B
Eng 13- B
Fil 11- C+
E.S. 10- C
E.S. 12- C
Math 11- D


Eng 14- B+
Lit 101- B+
Fil 12- C+
Physics 1- C+
Physics 2- B+
Math 12- B


Filipino 14- B+
Comm 100- A
Comm 101- A
Psych 101- A
Theo 121- B+


German 1- B+
Sci 10- B
Comm 109- A
Comm 160- B+
Hist 15- A
S.A. 21- A


Comm 102- B
Comm 147- A
Comm 170- A
Eco 102- A
Philo 101- B+


Comm 110.7- A
Comm 161- B+
Hist 165- A
Philo 102- A
Theo 131- B+


Comm 103- A
Comm 111- A
Comm 115.5- A
Hist 166- A
Philo 103- B+
Theo 141- B+

Ergo, Marcelle will need a 4.0 this semester for his Cum Laude. Can he do it? He can try…

Anyways, Marcelle managed to talk to *jaded* last Wednesday. It was fun, because they were talking about Marcelle’s “ecchi dog”, as well as the possibilities of kuwatro o kuwarto in U.P., as the Ateneo is a bit too… close-knit. She was assuming Marcelle would be uber-generous to his oriental students, but instead, he was planning on… nah, never mind. The conversation even jumped to ICA, and being a swimming coach for the students there… *jaded* is really being corrupted by the minute… heh. Marcelle even gave the 411 on how he finds certain people’s looks… ah, well.

Marcelle then headed off to La Salle to meet up with Tsumenki, though he played a few games at the arcade first, racking up a neat winning streak with Tessa before losing after 14 wins. And yes, that’s with a mercy round. Tsumenki was great conversation…

Marcelle then heard from Grace, who came back from her three-day retreat. She had a ghost story to share, stories about an ecchi priest, and the fact that some people who did her wrong didn’t use the chance to apologize to her. That’s the problem with people who do you wrong: they expect YOU to be the one to approach them all the time. Ironic, neh? It’s not like you were the one who offended them to begin with. It’s not you who undermined their friendship, nor was it you who disregarded everything they did for you in the past over one perceived mistake. Poor Grace. Nonetheless, her conscience is clean. That’s good enough, no doubt.

So far, it seems as though Marcelle’s only problem subjects may be Theology and Comm 107. Comm 107 provided him with a pretty intimidating teacher who grades with a bell curve. Marcelle has to push himself a bit more with this jabroni, and he shouldn’t look past the other subjects as well, especially not Mr. Bulaong’s Philosophy 104. Just because Marcelle has aced him before does not guarantee he will do it again. He has to watch himself carefully lest he fall into the pit of overconfidence, which is not something Philosophy is about. Philosophy begins by knowing that one does not know anything…

And the most quotable quote so far, from Mr. Bulaong: “My God, we’re using Plato to justify rape!”

Ah, well. Moving on, Grace and Marcelle saw Scary Movie 3 just last night. For a comedy, Marcelle is giving this film a flat A. Amazing comedy, and definitely a step up over the second installment to the series. So here goes another review on the backlog list… ah, well. It’s fine. Funny thing is, prior to watching the film, Grace left Marcelle in the arcade, and when she came back about an hour later, Marcelle was still on his first game, having won nine times against two challengers who, between them, used Iori, Earthquake, Chun Li, and Geese Howard. The copycat Geese who was fighting Marcelle was outclassed on all fronts, from doing the infinite combo (Though Marcelle would only do it twice before ending it. He’s not that evil.), to catching a jumping opponent with Geese’s super, to comboing his Exceed move, the second Geese player was outclassed tremendously. And yes, there WERE mercy rounds.

Nonetheless, things are going fine at this point. Lots of things to accomplish, though. Marcelle can live with all that.

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